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*** Fotos) Contundente marcha de la UNT sepulta de una
vez por todas a la CTV
La marcha realizada en Caracas con motivo del 1 ero de mayo organizada por la Unión  Nacional de Trabajadores UNT.

*** Venezuela: Labour Day, May Day, 2004
  What are we really celebrating?

By Franz J. T. Lee. 

*** General Seeks Boost for Latin American Armies
Top official at U.S. Southern Command wants to wage war
on terror south of border.

*** Venezuela y Argentina pueden transformar al Mercosur.

Fotos) Contundente marcha de la UNT sepulta de una vez por todas a la CTV

Publicado el Sábado, 01/05/04 04:31pm

Nota de aporrea: Durante el transcurso del día de hoy les estaremos colocando otros materiales.

A continuación una muestra fotográfica de la marcha realizada en Caracas con motivo del 1 ero de mayo organizada por la Unión  Nacional de Trabajadores UNT.

Dirigentes de la UNT, Orlando Chirino al centro

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Venezuela: Labour Day, May Day, 2004
Contributed by juttafranz on Saturday, May 01 @ 16:09:28 AST Venezuela and ChavezWhat are we really celebrating?

By Franz J. T. Lee

In many countries of the world, what are we really celebrating today?

Have over 5 billion obsolete labour slaves, on May 1, really something to be joyful about? Are we celebrating the victories of Labour, of the Labour Movement, over Capital, against Capitalism, against Fascism?

At least, today, here in Venezuela, the Bolivarians are celebrating their victories over golpism, sabotage, racism and fascism, generated by Big Brother on a global scale. However, what is Labour, Labour Force, all about? Is it really something to celebrate?

It is no secret at all that the source of wealth, of power and of so-called "progress" is simply physical and/or intellectual Human Labour-Force. It is also amply known that it is Labour-Force, and not labour in itself, which is the generator of Capital and of Giga-Profits, but at the same time, also of the production of arms of mass destruction, of most horrible and abominable misery and poverty. All human problems revolve around the phenomenon of Labour, that is, of exploited Labour-Force.

In Venezuela, in Latin America and the Caribbean, not to take this universal fact into account is equivalent to not to understand, that precisely by means of the economic exploitation of fundamentally Physical Labour-Force, for centuries, the African Continent, including all the millions of its pauperized and dehumanized inhabitants, also in the diaspora, has already been heinously plundered, murdered, and will still be pillaged mercilessly for many decades to come.

In Europe, ever since the XII century until today, Labour transformed itself progressively into Industrial Labour, into Corporate Capital, and it is simply these two formal-logic, dualistic sides of the very same Labour -- Labour and Capital -- which dominate and determine all current global events. Labour is the unilateral, perverse relation between Nature and Society: it is not only alienated, even worse, it is Alienation per se, and has to be eradicated from the very face of the planet, and be replaced by human creativity, creation and emancipation.

Today, as a result of the profound crisis of corporate capitalism, the matter is even more grave, gravelike. Consequently, the only way to annihilate the quintessence of the current labour production is to transcend its economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination (racism), fascist militarization and terrorist dehumanization (alienation).

Economic Eco-Terrorism

We are always talking about an external objective world and an internal subjective world, id est, it would seem that we are captured between two worlds, between a natural-material "diabolic" domain and a spiritual-social "divine" realm. Already Plato described our historic dilemma with the term "soma sema" - the body is the grave of the soul. Existentially, i.e., as to what concerns its Thinking, the human species, homo sapiens sapiens believes to be an earthly thinking-sapient being, in other words, Man exists subjectively, internally, and socially as Society. His principal problem is his relation towards his objective, external, natural essence.

Thus, essentially, Man is natural, and exists natural a n d socially. The specific relation between Nature and Man, i.e., Society, is generally called History. For Man, this natural-social relation is a matter of life or death, of survival, of satisfying his basic human needs, it's a matter of labour, of production, of the historic process. With regard to Labour itself and due to the way Man has been naturalized and socialized, it turns out that the whole world is affirming Labour; it is the (not yet mad) holy cow. As we will see, it is rather a process of denaturalization and dissocialization. Neither slavery, nor feudalism, nor capitalism, nor socialism, nor communism, nor religion, nor democracy, nor terrorism are negating or questioning the given Relation between Society and Nature; in other words, Labour is not being negated or questioned. On the contrary: all across the ages, the whole world has been and still is categorically affirming Labour; the only things which are being criticized, are the economic, political and social conditions of Labour, which are infra-humane, "alienatifying". The socialists and communists for instance desire to liberate Labour from alienation which man suffers under the capitalist mode of production. In the opinion of the absolute majority of all human beings on earth, the "historic" (rather patrian, patriarchal) roots of the entire misery and all the problems given on a world scale have to do with all kinds of things - with money, egoism, evil, atheism - except with Labour itself.

It becomes obvious that the celebration of Labour Day is just as anachronistic as glorifying Race Day, the "discovery of America"; at least, the latter has been eliminated in Venezuela.

Across the ages, an elitist minority elevated itself as true Man, and henceforth, brutally it begun to exploit Human Physical Labour Force itself. All this could easily be verified by any serious study of ancient "civilizations", of European discovery and military conquest, of colonization and democratization of the entire world.

Hence, it is already logically evident that this unilateral, egoistic and destructive relation would lead into a devouring productive-destructive Labour Process, abusing and exploiting Nature, and would terminate finally in contemporary globalized "eco-terrorism". Consequently, up to now - from the viewpoint of natural life, of the plants, trees, insects, animals and also from the physical nature of man itself - a horrible, abominable eco-terrorist crime has been committed against terrestrial life; this global capital crime has been committed by virtue of Labour and its Work Forces - specifically directed against itself, and in general against the totality of terrestrial natural life. All this simply occurred for the sake of unilateral, egoistic enrichment of a minority of powerful parasites, bringing about the global pauperization of "the wretched" and defenceless of the earth, i.e., of economic exploitation, all which form an intrinsic, basic part of Labour, a product of the maltreated and perverted human historic process itself, of global denaturalization and dissocialization of the human species.

Political "État-Terrorism"

As explained, Man and Labour are in a sense synonyms; they are one and the same thing. Thus, it becomes evident in the first place, why a dualistic cosmovision of two worlds was generated: an external-natural objective-violent world (corresponding to Matter and to the Physical Labour Force), and an internal-social subjective-peaceful world (corresponding to the Spirit, to "white collar" work, to Intellectual Labour Force).

In the famous expression of the poet Goethe, that two souls, two contradictory forces, dwell within man's breast, the dispersed, desperate relation of the spritual-intellectual towards its natural-objective part is being expressed, thus, manifesting the formal-logic, dualistic rupture between human Praxis and Theory. Furthermore, a perverse "division of labour" came into existence, which politically has produced dominating and dominated classes, and social institutions which are ruling over the still predominantly natural masses, exploiting thus massively their Physical Labour Force and all natural, terrestrial resources.

Social Intellectual Labour, the original superstructure of the Labour System, constitutes genetically and internally the negation, the dynamo of the closed system. In Hegelian style, all across the ages, thinking, intellect, intellectus, objectivated itself, alienated itself, perverted itself, technologized itself, by producing and reproducing destructive tools and weapons, -- from the stone axe to the bow and arrow, via the steam engine to the computer -- inter alia, it produced virtual and artificial intelligence, surplus value, merchandise, weapons. Amongst other enslaving, alienating chains of mental manipulation and social discrimination, aggressively, conscious Man was inventing, originating his own essential existence, was reproducing his very social life: culture, tradition, civilization, religion, law, ethics, ideology, customs, beliefs, racism, and lately, global "information warfare".

As social reproducer, ruling class Man, Rational Capital, across Intellectual Labour, manifested itself in form of the State, the means of mass communication, the modern church, the family factory, and other dominant social and welfare institutions and "endowment foundations" of a similar kind.

Sociologically, from feudalism to capitalism, Intellectus expressed itself predominantly as social minority ruling classes: as tyrants, slave-owners, clergy, nobility, bourgeoisie, fascists, racists, democrats, Illuminati, communists and terrorists. Thus, for almost three millennia, first in Europe and later on other continents, the most advanced intellectual and rational worker, with different masks as it were -- the Greek logos, the feudalistic intellectus, and the bourgeois ratio, -- all of them, economically, politically, militarily and socially were dominating sensatio, the exploited physical-natural world, destroying her progressively in the name of God, of goodness, of justice, and of peace.

He, preferibly "white" Man, usurped the immense natural powers and resources; globally, he constantly robbed all the social surplus products, acquired diverse social wealth and privileges; and finally, in our times, he is obtaining omnipotent, authoritarian, totalitarian, fascist hegemony. Now, politico-military State horror is being added to economic-exploitative terror. At the moment, the United States of America are in the forefront of this Orwellian Labour Global Fascism. Labour Ratio, Rational Labour, dominates the globe, is the New World Order.

Big Brother Racism

As we already explained, "racism" is the ideological reflex of the "global division of labour", of the world market. In other words, there is no capitalism without "racism", and there is no "racism" without capitalism. Racism is the intrinsic, ideological, superstructural part of the global system, of Intellectual and Rational Labour. Inter alia, as pointed out before, racism is expressed as "civilization", as culture, as philosophy, as religion, as ethics, as ideology, and as "information warfare". It presupposes a formal-logical, dualistic, supposedly non-contradictory world, in which only two things exist at a time, only angels and devils, good and evil, truth and lie, whites and blacks, civilization and barbarism, democracy and terrorism, a Bush and a bin Laden; of course, such a dichotomized world is an appropriate place, a fertile lair of and for fascist vipers, for engendering and promoting social discrimination, apartheid, "racism".

Racial discrimination in form of social prejudice or even religious antipathy already manifested itself overtly throughout the ages -- from the "apartheid" of hierarchically organized social classes -- suggested by Plato in "The Republic" --, from the discriminated slaves, whom Aristotle had denominated as being "speaking tools", via Montesquieu's "black negro bodies that do not merit a good white soul", down to Voltaire's "race of negro 'spaniels', inutile for the use as well as for the abuse of philosophy", any open-minded researcher can trace the venomous racist roots of civilized European ideology, of capitalism, the product of discriminatory, intellectual Social Labour.

After all, there exists no Labour without social discrimination, there exists no Racism without discriminatory Labour; accordingly, there is no emerging mode of production without some level of virulent racism, be it either religious prejudice or social antipathy; consequently, there exists no form of social racism, no social discrimination without its corresponding mode or level of production, without its proper development of labour, and vice versa. To eradicate racism from its roots, it is indispensable to surpass the Labour System, i.e., in our case, to transcend post-modern capitalism immanently -- which, itself already is in the process of transmutation towards possible domains of "transpatrian" prey, trying to invade the galaxies. Whether homo homini lupus could ever transcend himself, could transpatricize himself, this is still written in the stars. But, formal-logically, as he himself maintains: Everything is possible! There is nothing new under the sun! So, be on guard, avoid the galactic wolves and werewolves! Avoid future Gala-Terrorism!

The Transvolution of Labour and Capital

This "end of the world", this inexorable process of Labour, the logical decline of the system, the physical self-destruction of man, his "eclipse of reason", the annihilation of Physical Labour Force, and consequently, the annihilation of the billions of manual workers themselves, all this has been described in detail by the German objectivist-idealist philosopher G. W. F. Hegel in his classical writing "The Phenomenology of the Spirit".

As illustrated by him, at this transhistoric moment which we are witnessing here and now, we could perceive how the Absolute Orwellian-Fascist Idea is terminating its exploitative objectification, its dominant alienation, and how it is accomplishing its terrestrial work. Technologically and militarily, it totally dominates the Earth, Nature, reducing her to rubble, to ashes. Genetically, it is changing the material human structure already, it is conquering space, the stars. With its Intellectual Property Rights, with its infowars, disinformation campaigns, HAARP projects, electromagnetic arms, it controls the human mind. Nobody and nothing is save vis a vis the inexorable, dialectical march of "Big Brother", of the face of his divine, anti-terrorist revenge. Hence, the "Fourth Reich", the Fourth World War, the Age of Information, Globalization, the Unitarian World Order bid us all a cordial "welcome", a happy global stay.

Conclusion: Humanity! Quo Vadis?

How does this transformation of the current capitalist labour system into a future mode of creative post-production affect us? For billions, will it be the end of the world? Might it be the case, that finally the "Antichrist", "Apocalypse", "Armageddon" have all arrived? Can the Bolivarian Revolution stop the inexorable forward march of US world fascism in Latin America and elsewhere? This should be the topic today, the day to celebrate.

Definitely, and beyond doubt, Armageddon was the case for thousands and thousands innocent dead in the "Twin Towers", in the suicide aeroplanes, in the current fascist wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, For their massacred population, this was "Infinite Justice" (Bush) against "Absolute Evil" (Chirac); they directly experienced the "self-defense" of "civilization", the human right of Rumsfeld to "assassinate any enemy" of civilized Northern America, and also the sacred right of "jihad", of the myth of bin Laden, of "killing the enemies of 'Allah'". For all the innocent victims, "full spectrum dominance" was and still is the "end" of capitalist and labour existence on this planet.

As indicated before, what occurs on earth, in the universe, in the galactic multi-spheres, has nothing to do whatsoever with ethics, with norms, with formal-logic, with "human rights", with "absolute evil", with "infinite justice" - all of them are fantastic inventions of megalomaniac, kleptocratic Man, irrational, stoned and drunk as the result of an ever-flowing over dose of Labour, of the venomous superstructure of Labour, of the perverse reflections of economic exploitation, of political domination, social discrimination, human alienation; for millennia already, they are universal, formal-logical chimeras of philosophy, of religion, of ideology, of patriotic, patriarchal and patrimonial tradition, civilization and culture.

However, if we just look around, we'll notice historic emancipatory relations all around us. Seek and ye shall find! Concerning the current transition, the transmutation towards the galactic unseen, beyond the Milky Way, towards the Magellan Clouds, At this very moment, knowingly or unknowingly, the Bolivarian Revolution, objectively, subjectively and transjectively, finds itself in the aurora of revolutionary emancipation. Today, this is really something worthwhile to celebrate wholeheartedly!

General Seeks Boost for Latin American Armies
Top official at U.S. Southern Command wants to wage war
on terror south of border


according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Venezuelan president Chávez is being considered a "radical populist" - the equivalence of an "emerging terrorist" - by the US Southern Command´s chief commander, Gen. James Hill, who also sees Venezuela´s Margarita Island as a dangerous haven for Arab immigrants who help funding Islamic extremist groups and terrorist organizations. The witch hunt is on in Latin America, and the World Champion of Liberty, Democracy and Human Rights is busily drawing up plans of how to finally and definitely bring these enlightening values and blessings of North American Civilization to its obscure, impoverished, terrorist and radically populist backyard.  .... Anybody here got any idea as to why I´m not convinced?
Published on Friday, April 30, 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle
General Seeks Boost for Latin American Armies
Top official at U.S. Southern Command wants to wage war
on terror south of border
by Jack Epstein

The top U.S. general for Latin America wants regional armies to help fight the war on terror -- a strategy that some observers say could result in a return to widespread human rights abuses of past decades.

In the 20th century, all Latin American militaries had to do was call someone a communist, and that person became fair game. With revitalized militaries, terrorism could become the communism of the 21st century that puts someone under a death sentence.

Harley Shaiken, chairman of UC Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies
Last month, Gen. James Hill, head of the government agency most engaged with Latin America, the U.S. Southern Command, told a congressional panel that Washington "must take comprehensive measures in our region to combat international terrorism," which he said included strengthening Latin militaries.

Terrorists throughout Latin America "bomb, murder, kidnap, traffic drugs, transfer arms, launder money and smuggle humans," Hill told the House Armed Services Committee.

He described the threats to the United States as twofold:

-- "Traditional" terrorists, a category that includes drug traffickers, the 25,000 members of urban crime gangs in Central America, and guerrilla and paramilitary groups tied to drug trafficking in Colombia;

-- "Emerging" terrorists -- "radical populists" who tap into "deep-seated frustrations of the failure of democratic reforms to deliver expected goods and services." Hill's apparent reference is to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian indigenous leader Evo Morales.

Hill also noted that "branches of Middle Eastern terrorist organizations conduct support activities in the Southern Command area of responsibility."

To confront these threats, he told the legislators, the United States must "broaden military-to-military contacts" in combating terrorism. He has also said that when "legal boundaries don't make sense anymore given the current threat" (if armed forces are banned from cooperating with police and civilian intelligence agencies), Latin American countries should determine if such restrictions need revision.

Hill's broad-brushed approach alarms Harley Shaiken, chairman of UC Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies.

"In the 20th century, all Latin American militaries had to do was call someone a communist, and that person became fair game," Shaiken said. With revitalized militaries, "terrorism could become the communism of the 21st century that puts someone under a death sentence."

More U.S. troops proposed

A key element of Hill's proposal -- and one sure to stir controversy in Congress -- is to raise the U.S. "troop cap" in Colombia from 400 to 800 and from 400 American civilian contractors to 600 to help that nation's government win a 4-decade-old war against the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN).

In a telephone interview from Miami, Southern Command spokesman Raul Duany said there are hundreds of terrorist incidents yearly -- car bombings, kidnappings, assassinations -- by leftist and rightist armed groups, most of them in Colombia.

He added that Arab immigrants in the tri-border area with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay; Margarita Island in Venezuela; Iquique, Chile; and Maicao, Colombia, have sent funds to Islamic extremist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Duany conceded that "there is no evidence of a direct connection to al Qaeda" in Latin America and added that Hill's statements reflected "more a long-term concern" in an area "ripe for international terrorists."

The Southern Command is certainly influential when it comes to hemispheric policy.

It has more people -- 1,470 -- dealing with Latin American matters than those at the departments of State, Commerce, Treasury and Agriculture, the Pentagon's Joint Staff, and the office of the secretary of defense combined. The command's $800 million annual budget covers 19 countries in Central and South America and 12 in the Caribbean.

Laurie Freeman, a security policy associate for the Washington Office on Latin America, said Hill's remarks to Congress were made during the course of the budget approval process and were intended to justify Southern Command's role.

"In the post-9/11 world, when the U.S. military defines itself in relation to the war on terror, Southcom is the odd man out," she said.

But with the Bush administration consumed with Iraq and Afghanistan, Hill's proposals to protect the U.S. southern flank from possible terrorism should be taken seriously, said Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Walnut Creek, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

"This administration hasn't done much in our own backyard. You can't go on treating Latin America like a trivial part of our foreign policy," Tauscher said. "But I think Gen. Hill is right to raise the issue. Narco-terrorism like in Colombia can fuel networks like al Qaeda."

Tauscher agrees with Hill on increasing the troop cap in Colombia but said it would be a mistake to bolster regional armies.

"We already have significant military-to-military cooperation with Southern Command countries," she said. "And I don't think we should advocate changes in their legal framework that allows their militaries to be a more robust version of their police force."

Miguel Diaz, who heads the South America Project for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C, also agrees with the thrust of Hill's argument.

"If you put it all together -- the lack of rule of law, dysfunctional judicial systems, corruption, the widespread circulation of arms, a culture of impunity and countries that have not been able to get a grip on the poverty problem," Diaz said, "there is a deteriorating security situation that lends itself to terrorist movements gaining a foothold in Latin America."

Poverty called greater threat

But Freeman cautioned that the greatest threat to hemispheric security is not terrorism, but poverty, inequality and injustice. She said endemic poverty draws Latin Americans to drugs, guerrilla groups, urban gangs and such populist politicians as Bolivia's Morales, who regularly leads protests against U.S. policies.

"Failure to distinguish popular unrest from legitimate terrorist threats hinders our government's ability to effectively combat terrorism," she said.

Indeed, Latin America has the world's most egregious inequalities in income distribution, with the richest 10 percent accounting for 35 percent of total earnings. Some 43 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and there are 20 million more poor in 2003 than there were in 1997, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Shaiken, too, hopes the administration eventually will reject Hill's plan to fortify regional armed forces.

"The notion that we should strengthen Latin American armies misses the role they played in human rights abuses in past decades and how Latin American governments have been trying to diminish their role ever since other than being just the army," he said. "In many countries, they were the terrorist organization, killing and disappearing thousands."

©2004 San Francisco Chronicle


1 de mayo del 2004
Venezuela y Argentina pueden transformar al Mercosur

Modesto Emilio Guerrero

Las nuevas relaciones entre el gobierno bolivariano de Venezuela y el de Argentina, han iniciado un camino que podría conducir a un nuevo mapa en la demopolítica de América del sur. No importa si es un propósito conciente de Estado, o no. Lo importante es que el proceso ha comenzado y ya muestra sus signos.

Las coordenadas de este nuevo mapa se llaman gasoil, fueloil, ingeniería satelital y petrolera, agroalimentos, medicinas, coinversiones y accesorios para PDVSA.

Visto como negocio, podría abarcar varios miles de millones de dólares en 5 años. Arranca con 9 millones de barriles de combustible líquido en apenas 5 meses (mayo a octubre de 2004). Sin embargo, el objetivo es que termine redibujando totalmente el pequeño flujo de intercambio comercial entre ambos países, que hasta 2003 no fue mayor al 1% del PBI argentino y menor al 0,5% del PBI venezolano.

De las 142 nomenclatura solicitadas por Venezuela a Argentina, 96 son de alto valor agregado porque van dirigidas a PDVSA, una de las empresas más avanzadas el mundo.

Pero las fronteras de este nuevo mapa no parece ser la facturación comercial, como esperan muchos operadores "del mercado". Por un lado, dependerá de la legitimidad que conquiste entre ambos pueblos, y por el otro, del grado de integración que se alcance con el Mercosur, o sobre sus despojos. Y en ambas cosas no está dicha la última palabra. Lo que sí se observa es una transformación radical que marcha en sentido contrario a los operadores del mercado.

Un encuentro inesperado

Esta posible modificación del mapa subregional se originó en dos hechos tan imprevistos como altamente peligrosos para ambos gobiernos.

En Argentina, la crisis energética develada en enero de 2004, considerada por los expertos la más grave desde 1929, porque amenaza con tirar al piso lo que resta de la estructura productiva y de servicios que se construyó en ese lapso.

En Venezuela fue, en cambio, un hecho fortuito. El más eficaz saboteo a su industria petrolera resultó en la renacionalización de PDVSA. Algo inesperado. La paradoja ocurrió entre diciembre de 2002 y enero de 2003, y es sólo comparable al bloqueo naval de las cañoneras alemanas en 1902, cuando bombardearon el puerto de La Güaira para cobrar deudas al gobierno de Cipriano Castro. La nación perdió unos 7 mil millones de dólares en daños comerciales directos en su facturación de marzo-abril de 2003. Pero PDVSA fue recuperada por la arrogancia popular y puesta al servicio del gobierno, sus planes sociales y sus nuevas relaciones internacionales.

Esta excepcional combinación, ni buscada por Chávez ni prevista por Kirchner, explican la inédita relación abierta entre ambos países. Una dinámica nueva y un desarrollo probable a mediano plazo.

Esto puede alterar el mapa de las relaciones subregionales en todo orden.

La condición será que el contexto internacional se mantenga como hoy: con el gobierno norteamericano resbalando en Irak y Afganistán, atrapado en el ALCA, y con precios petroleros por encima de los 20 dólares, además, claro, de la estabilidad relativa de ambos gobiernos.

No son casuales los movimientos de lobbystas multinacionales que se observan alrededor de los Ministerios y centros de decisión de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay y Paraguay. Todos tendientes a bloquear, frenar o debilitar la integración de Venezuela al Mercosur, asunto que parece, ya comenzó.