by Franz J. T. Lee

September 20, 2001

Folks, just allow me a very brief introduction. If you read carefully all our nearly
200 chats and documents, discussed and debated between 1999 and today, at: ,
also our correspondence, our Pandemonium Watch, and university lectures, at: , and  ,
then nothing that is happening at this moment would really surprise you at all. -----

It is incredible how up-to-date, in fact, how ahead, we were with our anticipatory deliberations. And, in essence, we surely do know what is going on at present; of course, nothing about "terrorism", or the "war against terrorism", or or even the search for Bin Laden: "Dead Or Alive". How do you sentence to death, a living corpse, a dead "human bomb", a US MK-Ultra "sleeper", a CIA-trained Dracula, a Zombie? In fact, don't waste your precious time, listening to all the CNN "news", to "newspeak", and to the "crocodile tears", and ideological lies and manipulation that go with it. In fact, as I said in a chat with Iris a while ago,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
Algeria, Libya, all, in reality, the whole Central Asia and the Mideast will have to believe in it, later will come the rest of Africa, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Latin America, etc.  ----

The power elites of the "civilized" world know exactly what is going on, and what
precisely they are doing right now. They know what is happening within their  "energy crisis", to the water, to the air, to the ozone layer, to the oxygen, to their toxic wastes, to their nuclear plants, ..... Also, future communication, by Internet, by TV, by plane, by satellite, all will undergo fundamental surveillance adjustments. -----

Look what the experts say: "Of course, the economy was already teetering on the brink of recession before the attacks. " (Alan B. Krueger, NYT, 20/09/01)  .... Concerning predominant, predominating Intellectual Labour, he continues: "...The conventional wisdom is that disasters, natural and otherwise, typically have only a modest effect on economic activity because human capital the knowledge and skills embodied in the citizenry survives intact. In modern economies, human capital accounts for as much as 70 percent of national income. ..."  -----

Note, Human Capital is no more predominantly "Natural Capital", it is a product of "intellectual labour", it is expressed as accumulated GCh,  as Galactic Chips!  Furthermore, "the United States government would reinvigorate the economy in the not-too-distant future." Well, now we know what "terrorism", "America's New War" and Bin Laden are all about! -----

Even Bin Laden himself is the US postcapitalist, postmodern "prime creation", is part of its global extermination plans and global Orwellian strategies. Just look around, and you'll see the formation of the Brotherhood, the sprouting of its poisonous mushrooms everywhere; all of them "cloned" with fascist and racist strychnine, infecting, injecting  the whole planet, as never ever before.  Even Japan has to change its constitution, just to catch Bin Laden in the Afghan mountains, where a military microscope is necessary to identify any possible targets! Ideology at its best, newspeak lies reach their peak! -----

At top speed, like Mount Etna, they will spew their "anti-terrorist" venomous lava,
in all directions; but it is nearly too late already -- the "Noble Eagle" is already mounting its heavenly flight,  the Illuminazi sewerage rats are already leaving the sinking Poseidon. Bill Lyne has explained how -- but who will believe him, well, soon we'll have to believe in much more absurd insanities and gruesome inanities, in more incredible things; the WTC and the Pentagon were just the beginning of the unimaginable .... in the "Information Age", the commercial planes, the Concord, are all already obsolete; we will soon be travelling in completely different means of communication, using other technologies and forms of "energy".  -----

We, the billion that will be left, after "Noble Eagle" has terminated its Thanatos Flight 666, will not be heliocentric, not earthbound anymore, we will live in another world, in another reality; our universal, unilateral, spatial-temporal, monolithic Weltanschauung will vanish, we will be fully-controlled, guided galactic "citizens".  Strange enough, the very "Holy Bible" prophesied how many of us will really be left: "12 tribes", only
144 000, will enter the New Galactic World Order. Even more bizarre, Nostradamus foretold this Oriental Onslaught, this "Third World War", including its eager combatants, centuries ago. Really, Hamlet, there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than are dreamt of in our Philosophy! -----

We said all this, we explained it all, we warned. We spoke about "the energy crisis", about "global recession" (see: Jutta Schmitt) -- "billions will be spent on replacing technology" (New York Times, 20/09/2001) --  about Bearden's "energetic" warning, before 2007",  about the "Pentagon Aliens" (see: Bill Lyne), about "Wilhelm Reich's Orgone and Nicola Tesla's New Technology" (see: Bill Lyne) , about the "disappearance of countries and continents from the world map" (see: Carl Zimmerman) , about the coming "brutal sacrifice of billions of physical labourers", about "Space Colonies on the Moon and Mars" (see: Carl Zimmerman), about the "Philadelphia Experiment", about the "MK-ULTRA sleeper cells", about "electro-magnetic body, mind and thought control", about "Echelon", about new "mortal weapons",  ----

 ... about the "Flying Saucers of Los Alamos", about "HAARP" and similar projects, about "already genetic-engineered clones and monsters", about "Labour", about a "galactic cosmovision", about "the death agony of capitalism" (see: Leon Trotsky), about "the death agony of obsolete homo sapiens sapiens" (see: Franz Lee) , about the "Dying Culture" (see: Christopher Caudwell), about "Orwell and Huxley", about History and Emancipation, etc., et seq. Perhaps, we were a bit just too crazy, but now, definitely,  it seems that there is a scientific-philosophic, transhistoric method in our madness. But, let's see what an international economics professor has to say about the material basis of these current "historic" global politico-military events. -----

Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, and author of The Globalisation of Poverty: Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms, Third World Network, Penang and Zed Books, London, 1997, in his article, "'Financial warfare' triggers global economic crisis", tells us about the politico-economic root causes, at the turn of the 20th Century, that generated the current terrorist-witch-hunt: "Humanity is undergoing in the post-Cold War era an economic crisis of unprecedented scale leading to the rapid impoverishment of large sectors of the world population. The plunge of national currencies in virtually all major regions of the world has contributed to destabilising national economies while precipitating entire countries into abysmal poverty."

He continues: "This worldwide crisis of the late 20th century is more
 devastating than the Great Depression of the 1930s. It has far-reaching
 geo-political implications; economic dislocation has also been accompanied by the
 outbreak of regional conflicts, the fracturing of national societies and in some
 cases the destruction of entire countries. This is by far the most serious economic
 crisis in modern history.  ... The worldwide scramble to appropriate wealth through
 'financial manipulation' is the driving force behind this crisis. It is also the source of economic turmoil and social devastation."

Concluding his article, inter alia, concerning the "creation of a global financial watchdog", he states:
"As the aggressive scramble for global wealth unfolds and the financial crisis
 reaches dangerous heights, international banks and speculators are anxious to play
 a more direct role in shaping financial structures to their advantage as well as
 'policing' country-level economic reforms. Free-market conservatives in the
 United States (associated with the Republican Party) have blamed the IMF for its
 reckless behaviour. " ( see:

Surely, CNN and the "world press" won't inform us about these aspects of "terrorism". "Ignorance is bliss", especially when one is enjoying one's daily "pan et circenses", celebrating the end of "terrorism" on a sinking Titanic; for billions, it is better so; ignorance is a psychological safe-guard against threatening mass suicide, against the coming mad "Wild West" stampede towards the European and North American "Nirvana".  Furthermore, for all the billions of brain-washed religious believers on this globe, as solace, at least, after death, they would never ever know really and truly how they were bamboozled, fooled, exploited, alienated. -----

Nobody ever returned from the silent grave to enlighten this religiously induced, systemic, systematic, popular ignorance, and we can safely surmise that nobody will ever come, not even Jesus Christ, even less so, the Virgin Mary. However, for us "it is folly, to be wise". It is just impossible to explain to billions precisely what is at stake in this hic et nunc protracted horror of historic transformation and transmutation. -----

Hell, fire and brimstone will break loose, but that what the "Holy Bible" or the "Koran" have described as such, and what billions still believe it to be, compared to the coming global ABCD diluvium, will just be like a small illegal "picnic" fire on Labour Day, carelessly lit somewhere on the US prairie. However,  the real coming "Eclipse of Reason" will simply be the "Absolute Evil" (Chirac). It had predecessors for millions already, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the "Holocaust", for Lumumba, for the African Slaves. Kindly read the "NEW AFRICAN"  articles, that I sent to all of you, to get a glimpse of things to come within the next weeks, months, years. The immediate future is eerie, scary, evil, civilized, cultured, Christian, Western, Democratic, terrorist .... -----

And yet, all these things are not surprising, are not new, are not "news" for a
functioning, sane and healthy mind. All along, this is the universal-unilateral world in which we are born, in which we live formal-logically, in which we die spatial-temporally. Welcoming your comments!