William Lyne, "OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS:  Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It", Creatopia Productions,
second revised edition, third production, April, 2000, Printed in Canada.

                       P A R T    O N E

Introductory Approach

          by Franz J. T. Lee

Seeing that we are only conscientious students, not experts,  in Physics, we'll deal here mainly with the social, ideological, philosophic and emancipatory aspects of this brilliant, pioneering work. Before we comment, criticize or enrich this work, let us first read it, affirm it, understand it. Let's listen patiently to Bill, whether we agree with him or not. As far as I know him, he always does this, likewise.

On the cover, partially quoting Bill, the publishers explain what Bill's book is all about: "A re-discovery of what the author calls 'occult ether physics', the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as 'flying saucers' or UFOs."

Our world is a dominant and dominating State reality of "top secrets" of "strictly confidential information" and of "classified documents".  During the "Burning of Mississippi", also during the "Hot War" epoch, the political argument for this military "secrecy" was to avoid that the "enemies", the "communists" or "nazis" - who are out there to get us -  would get hold of "security material"; this remained so even during the "Cold War" period, and even more so, nowadays, in the "Reconciliatory Lukewarm Era" of Globalization.

As the publishers remark: "The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, 'space alien' hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media." So, on a global scale, billions, including academic circles, researchers, students, teachers and professors, are being bamboozled, brain-washed, are mentally caught in  an "'UFOlogy', 'new-age', 'paranormalist' and 'pseudo-debunker' network." And, euphemistically all this is called "modern education".

Before, innocent young minds were violated by "flying angels", with "Our Heavenly Father", relaxing and riding on the clouds, by an "ascending Jesus Christ",  by a "flying Father Christmas", dressed in the clothing of Coca-Cola, driven on by reindeer power, by a "flying witch on a broom", nowadays, the poor kids have to believe in "flying aliens" and alien "flying saucers, pots and pans". And all these are entitled "education", "tradition", "culture" and "civilization".

Across the ages, it is really tragic, sad, macabre to see what dominant and dominating religion, ideology, mind and thought control had done to the "consciousness" of billions of members of the sonorous species homo sapiens sapiens. What is worse, you cannot even tell them the flowing truth, cannot explain to them what really has happened to their minds, how sick, how pathological, schizophrenic, paranoiac, alienated they have become. No matter whom you address, an erudite Nobel laureate or a poor Nigerian peasant, as soon as you tell them anything that detonates their personal, private status quo, their Establishment, immediately, all of them would send you directly to the nearest asylum, to the next mind and thought control centre. Sad to say, these billions are the real god forlorn "aliens" on this planet.

Thus "national security laws" eternalize obscurantism, ignorance and arrogance.
Now, why did a small powerful ruling elite, across the 20th century, hide away from us the scientific and philosophic truth about Nikola Tesla's Technology and about Wilhelm Reich's "Orgone"? The latter was even declared "crazy" and was locked up in a United States madhouse. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse stole his Orgone Cheese!

The social, political and economic reasons, and they are fundamental arguments in capitalism and imperialism, are obvious, are self-evident: A technology, based on the scientific discoveries of Tesla and Reich, would strip away the social, parasitic Draculian privileges, the Draconic political  power and the Croesusian economic
wealth of the global profit-mongers, of the giant moguls of monopoly capitalism, of the global power elite.

This would have an immediate anti-capitalist effect, it would set free emancipatory energy that would drive "all swine into the sea", would drown them forever in the
emancipatory typhoon of "Free Energy". Yes, concerning this work, the publishers had made a most interesting prediction:

"Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of scientific dynamite blows apart pseudo-scientific myths and instils the truth."

Well, let's give this stick some light, some fire. There we go ....

In his preface, Bill clarifies some central concepts, among them "cult" and "occult",
and their common meanings, whether of a religious, bacterial, philosophic or organizational nature. In any case, here "occult" is to be understood as "secret" and "hidden".

Bill asks a self-answering rhetoric question: "Is it possible that an entire area of physics has been declared virtually 'occult' and 'off-limits' to the public, or to private individuals, by a powerful group, so that all science education or data generally available to the public has been 'screened' to eliminate references to it?"

He also wants to know whether "the actual science involved in electro-propulsion"
had been replaced by a "bogus science". In other words, on a world scale, he is questioning whether in specific spheres university students of Physics are deliberately being misled, are given hocus-pocus doctorates, are consciously being fed with obsolete, faked data and out-dated research materials. Of course, about this students of Modern History can sing the "Swan's Song"; their research material is already "classified" for the next half-a-century. About our real immediate history of the second half of the 20th century, we have no idea.

Then Bill identifies the "culprits", the "high priests of this occult knowledge":
"the elite owners of the coercive monopolist corporate banking, industrial, mineral and related interests".  And what do they allow? " ... the initiation of certain scientists, military and government officials into their secret teachings".

He mentions some of the theories of "bogus science" in this specific field under investigation: "curved space", "time travel", "alien abduction", "Big Bang", "parallel universe", "interdimensional travel", "little green men", etc.

And then, Bill makes a crucial, fundamental statement:

"Before you decide there is no ether, or no flying saucers, or before you believe the often-told 'prime-time' lies that 'aliens' are here, or that time-travel is possible, you should ask yourself whether or not your thinking on these subjects has been conditioned by Big Brother's Biggest Lies."

Over the last months, during our discussions of the "Orwellian Present", in other related contexts, over and over again, we have asked this very same question!

(to be continued)



William Lyne, "OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS:  Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It", Creatopia Productions,
Second Revised Edition, Third Production, April, 2000, Printed in Canada.

            Part  Two

Tesla And The "Flying Saucer"

          by Franz J. T. Lee

After many years of intensive research and investigation, in 1993, Bill, a member of our "Pandemonium Crew", in his book "Space Aliens From the Pentagon" had arrived at the definite conclusion that "Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Electrical Machines". In "Occult Ether Physics", he explained:

"The flying saucer is a product of Nikola Tesla's life work, his most fundamentally important invention, for which all his other inventions were in pursuit of, .... ."

Bill quoted Gary Taubes (Relativists in Orbit, 1997), who summarized the supposed degree of knowledge about physics on May 29, 1919; inter alia, " ... that we live in a curved four-dimensional space-time", that according to Einstein, a massive body spinning in space " ... would drag space and time around with it", thus, giving rise to the ideas of the so-called "frame-dragging" and "space curvature".

Ever since 1919, Tesla's electropropulsive discoveries were simply suppressed. Bill then went on to explain Tesla's Original 1875 Plan, about his "turbine", about "wireless transmission of power" and what he all had in mind. While working on his "electropropulsive ship", in the 1920's, in great need of money, he approached the U.S. government for financial help but of no avail. Already before, the Morgans and Rockefellers had declared his research work and piles of patents as being "off limits".
After trying everything possible to "market" his patents and inventions, finally, in total despair, "the only power which Tesla seemed to have left, was that of withholding his discoveries from the world, to protect his secrets from the pilfering paws of the looters, unless he could receive the compensation and credit which he deserved, but that didn't matter, because they got it all before his corpse was cool, and never paid him so much as a dime for his trouble."

Over the ages, whether they had affirmed or negated, or even transcended the labour  status quo, this had been the "fate" of so many scientific and philosophic pioneers of knowledge and emancipation. In this transhistoric category, we could identify a huge number of excellent geniuses, who were predicting future events and realities, long before the material, economic basis had been existent for their realization and necessity. They were caught in the arrogant fangs and ignorant pangs of decadent, obsolete modes of production, which were clinging to ruling class privileges, economic exploitation, political power and domination, social discrimination and human dehistorization.

To mention just a few: the Greek astronomer, Aristarchus Of Samos (c. 310-230 BC), had been the first to maintain that the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun. What was his fate? For this very reason, Cleanthes the Stoic declared that he ought to be indicted for impiety, for offending the Olympic Gods; others, having discovered diverse fundamental truths, were Democritus, Archytas of Tarentum, Plato, Aristotle, Spartacus, Bruno, Galileo, Thomas Muenzer, Meister Eckhart, Leonardo da Vinci, Orwell, Huxley, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, etc. In our times, the unknown scientist and philosopher, Don Albert, was simply told that everything was fine, but that he should please come back again with his findings and discoveries in about 300 years from now. Of course, when the time would  be  ripe, when these theories serve their corresponding class interests, then, surreptitiously, they would be adopted and adapted by the establishment, hidden away for decades and centuries from the eyes of the public. Of course, like what is happening already now with the "obsolete" Marx, this very same thing, in a distorted, ideological version, may also happen with our Epistemology and Method, Science and Philosophy. However, it is very doubtful, well-nigh impossible, to accomplish this "miracle" with reference to our emancipatory endeavours.

Returning to Bill, and to Tesla's technological discoveries, the author wrote:
"After becoming aware of the true power of the 'force' - one hundred billion thousand trillion times stronger than gravity - Tesla began to pursue the idea of an 'on-board' power system for a manned craft to be used for transportation, with his 'wireless transmission of power' to be relegated to a robotic, remote controlled, electropropulsive 'missile', for use in warfare, with electric power to be transmitted to missiles from the ground."

What does this imply? This simply means in interplanetary travel, "that, so long as the electrical energy for propulsion could be transmitted from the earth, a space ship would require no fuel tanks."

Now,  let's look at the other side of the State coin, of  "Democracy against Nazism", at the dark side of the Dollar, at its "In God We Trust", at what Herbert Marcuse critically had identified as follows: "The True One Is The Whole One, but the Whole One is the False One!"

Thus, what happened to this great electropropulsive discovery of Tesla? After having performed painstakingly minute and thorough research work, Bill himself made a startling discovery, that it had slipped into the eager hands of the German Nazi Herrenvolk, "when Wernher von Braun acquired and began development of the 'p2' project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1936, taking the project back to Germany in the fall of 1937, where it was developed at Peenemunde in the Baltic, until these secrets and others were traded to American corporations and the U.S. government in exchange, under Operation Paperclip, just after the armistice, for amnesty for many war criminals, along with an agreement for several thousand people to work for the U.S. government and American corporations. Anyone having important technical information was protected."

In Caribbean slang, well, whatamansay!!!

In 1945, Tesla's saucer discovery again came under control of the U.S. government. Everything had to be done to avoid that this technology fell into private hands, to be used by private corporations. Should this technology fall into "false" hands, Bill explained to us the consequences, but also the implications and problems that the current ruling world giant corporations, the giga-oil companies, the mega-motor industry and the Global United States would then have:

" ... a small, privately-owned flying saucer would cost less than an automobile to build, would use practically no fuel, would travel thousands of miles per hour, would last a long time, and would require practically no maintenance."

Imagine the following, no border problems anymore, no passports, no elections, just living anywhere, simply working everywhere, definitely paying no energy bills, taxes and customs duties, no traffic jams and controls, very easily escaping from the cops at 45 000 mph, hiding in the caves of Mars, on the week-end, playing hide and go seek in the Solar System, etc.; well, as its social material foundation, this authoritarian, totalitarian mode of production, this "New World Order" cannot yet allow such liberty, such equality, such fraternity, such a source of energy, free energy for anybody, for everybody. This, "democracy"  -- the  government of the people, of, by and for the people -  can and never would allow.

(to be continued)