Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2010

Oil leaks in Gulf of Mexico and Niger Delta: Double standard world racism

We are on our way to post-apartheid South Africa, to enjoy the latest pan et circenses, the World Cup, but will the cup of the Niger Delta also pass us by, cross our way?

Once more we witness that racism is an integral element of international relations, an ideological reflex of the corporate imperialist world market. Again the class interests of millions of exploited and dominated African wage slaves who are vegetating in dire poverty simply do not figure in breaking news of the international mass media. Few people know that Africa, specifically Nigeria, is the number one supplier of excellent fine crude oil to the USA. Nigeria has over 600 oilfields which produce 40% of the total oil imports of Washington D.C. One would imagine that the White House would know what is happening in Black Africa, in the Niger Delta where the black gold freely flows; that this delta is the world capital of oil leaks, spills, multinational criminality and pollution of Mother Nature, of Africa.

The Guardian of May 30, 2010, summarized the racist double standard as follows: "Nigeria's Agony Dwarfs the Gulf Oil Spill. The US and Europe Ignore It. ... In fact, [in the Niger Delta] more oil is spilled from the delta's network ... than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico."

Are we still living in the epoch when Hegel stated that we should forget Africa, that she is outside history, when Voltaire and Montesquieu openly declared that black 'Negroes' cannot have a white soul and that they neither serve for the use nor for the abuse of philosophy.

The African 'pack animals,' the modern 'speaking tools' in reality have no human rights, also nature has lost her rights to live.

Work, labor, capital, consumption, wares, power and slavery are eliminating life on planet Earth, the oil leaks are just the beginning of the coming spills of all the nuclear, electromagnetic and extra low frequency weapons of mass destruction.

In the mirror of Africa, in the darkness of the oily mess, we can already see the black future of globalization.