Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2009

The economic third world war has begun long ago already?

Within the current international devouring maelstrom of the breakdown of capitalism, many of us have not yet grasped the magnitude of this economic world war; we are still caught up in the ideological tentacles of the Cold War, of rabid anti-communism, of anti-socialism, of anti-Marxism. It is not the first time that we fear non-existent ideological, diabolical monsters.

Many of us are still hiding our alienated heads in the sands of the Arizona or Nevada deserts and do not notice what is happening next door in "Area 51".  In spite of slow burn, especially in North America, we urgently have to change radically our life styles, beliefs, dolce vita, especially our ignorance about the negation of capitalism, about scientific and philosophic Marxism.

You cannot fight  an enemy if you know absolutely nothing about his thoughts, acts and writings; you are bound to lose the battle. On the other hand, he and Big Brother, across their surveillance and vigilance technology, know everything about you, about capitalists and capitalism.

We have to study Marxism by ourselves, and draw our own conclusions.

A week ago, in the Belfast Telegraph, Mark Steel informed us that "Karl Marx was right after all", is in vogue. Lately most newspapers had articles about Marxism in their business sections, "commending his analysis of booms and slumps, and he was on the front page of The Times."

Well, folks, let us go along with the times. Some of us even fear to utter the word Marx.

Why are global sales of Marx's 'Capital'  at an all-time high? And our knowledge about socialism at an all-time low?

What do we know about the tendential laws of the growth of capital, about competition, concentration, monopolization, about exchange and surplus values, the fall of profit rates, extra profits, the development of the organic composition of capital, of the geometric explosion of global pauperization? In all these, Marx graduated with honors and distinctions. Before talking about obsolescence, we should first inform ourselves about forbidden realities, about our level of economic class consciousness.

Why should we know all this? ... to know what capitalism, what socialism really are all about,  also why capitalism has reached the end of the line, why it is breaking down, and above all, to find solutions for human survival.

All of the Marxist tendential laws of capital are possible now, they spell material doom for the future existence of the capitalist world system. If we really want to know anything about the essence of this economic world war, we better stop listening to the jargon of politicians and start studying Marxist political economy. Extra real information and knowledge will not harm our brains.

Did Marx say that that slumps would make the breakdown of capitalism inevitable?

No, he said that "the outcome wasn't inevitable at all, but depended on whether the poor allow the rich to make them pay for it." (Telegraph)

In other words, whether we like it or not, the outcome of this global collapse of capital will depend on the militant behavior of the international class struggles ... which are raging all over now already, ... and on whether the physical and intellectual workers would allow the capitalist states forever to ransack their tax money, pensions, unemployment funds and Medicare, to continue to bail out gangsters, speculators, bankers and war mongers, to cast millions of laborers into absolute economic misery.

What we warned about practically is already beginning to occur in the USA and Europe, in Denmark, Iceland, Lettland and Sweden, in France and Germany; slowly the situation threatens to get out of hand. Like a wild bush fire the huge depression is spreading and the imperialist chain is slowly breaking at its weakest links.
See: http://info.kopp/

We said:
"In front of our very eyes, the world capitalist economy is breaking down, and therewith is shattering its own global finance system. At the same time, industrial production and world trade are beginning to fall into shambles, mass poverty is befalling the USA, world currencies could tumble, the cost of living could sky-rocket, bankruptcy and corruption are rife already, waves of migrations searching for means of survival could try to reach the empty flesh-pots of North America and Europe. ... The world recession has not yet hit the bottom line, the worst, the political, military and fascist dimensions, the oppressive backlash, are still in the making. Now already economists at Deutsche Bank predict that the US economy will continue to contract at an annual rate of 10 percent. Like in the past, in the 1960s, all over this could generate possible social unrest and upheavals, desperate rioting, burning and plundering."

Really, this mode of self-destruction, called capitalism, in 'peace-time', within the last months, has destroyed values equivalent to tens of trillions of dollars, ... is devouring itself, ... now already at the rate of a gigantic speeds, at a mega value that is equivalent to the global gross international product of the planet for a whole year. This is a sum more than the total destructive value of the two past 'hot' world wars. Just imagine what could happen when this one would really get 'red-hot'.

Or, did we miss out on something? The economic third world war has begun long ago already?

According to the CEOs and VIPs of the 'Blackstone Group', currently over the last months, 45% of the wealth of the whole globe has been destroyed.