Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2008

The Crack of Wall Street is not a Cause, is an Effect of an obsolete world order

As Karl Marx pointed out long ago, the major weapon that modern ruling class ideology, fascist brain-washing and corporate terrorism of the global mass media utilizes is simply to turn the historic truth upside down, and thus to cause mob pathology, mafia megalomania and finally it succeeds to blur and confuse causes and effects of global and globalized exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation.

In this way, currently, Bush suffered a divine transubstantiation ... and became a humane Chavez and Chavez is being ostracized and condemned as a tyrannical, dictatorial prince of darkness to the netherworld of international terrorism.

In fact, to regain their very own capitalist insanity, the global fascist ideologues and 'think tanks' themselves are becoming so confused that they have to study Marx' "Capital" to transcend their 'postmodern' obsolescence. Contrary to the ailing global stock markets, like in the late sixties, the global sales of Marxist works experience an unprecedented boom, a political renaissance as seldom before.

With reference to the ideological and religious confusion of dialectical cause and effect social relations and historic processes, in July 1842, in an editorial of the "Kölnische Zeitung," Marx explained that it was not the fall of the ancient religions that caused the decline of the ancient States; on the contrary, it was the fall of the ancient States that caused the decline of the ancient religions. (See, Karl Marx, Editorial en el periodico, Kölnische Zeitung, N° 79, julio de 1842.

Thus, as Alan Woods pointed out recently, the fall of the global stock markets is not the cause of the decline of the capitalist world economy, rather, globalization, the vertical decline of the corporate world economy is the cause of the abysmal fall of the international stock markets.

In "Capital" and other economic works, Marx explained the development of the tendential laws of capitalism, which eventually would cause the inexorable decline and fall of world capitalism. This time it is not a simple formal logical crash of the stock markets (1929), then would follow a fascist world war, militarism (1939), and thereafter would be resolved with two atomic bombs (1945), hence, Uncle Sam could "adapt" himself to an eternal mode of capitalism again.

This time the world crisis is worse, it is a disaster of 1929 to the nth hegemonic military power. This debacle occurs at the Rubicon, in globalization; of course, logically and immediately the world solution must be the urgent introduction of anti-capitalism, of socialism

However, global capitalism is now void of its own Hegelian and Kantian dialectics, it is dying away in moribund absolute truths.

At a long range, towards a new future, it is as Marx stated:  neither reform nor revolution, but creative, creating Human Emancipation. However, at this very moment, secretly global megalomaniac military fascists are preparing a devastating nuclear world war. The current dimensions of the raging economic world war give us an apocalyptic glimpse of a possible coming politico-military global assault, of desperate corporate hara kiri.

To counter this heinous capital crime against humanity, we urgently need true, global, scientific and philosophic socialists -- a global workers and proletarian self-defense by all means necessary. The Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch, who himself was a victim of Hitler Nazism and Stalinist fascism, reminded us that nowadays a Marxist can only be a philosopher and that a philosopher has no alternative but to be a Marxist.

In the editorial mentioned before, what did Marx explain about revolutionary socialists and emancipatory philosophers?

Unequivocally he stated that philosophers (revolutionaries and socialists) do not spring up over night like mushrooms from the soil; in reality, they simply are social products of their epoch, of the nation whose most subtle, invaluable and invisible juices flow into the very ideas of philosophy.

This is why it is imperative for a revolutionary to be a socialist, for a Marxist to be a philosopher. It follows that nowadays it is necessary for a Bolivarian to be a Marxist, scientific, philosophic revolutionary, that is, a real, true anti-capitalist.  Anything else very well could open the capitalist flood gates and tsunamis of fatal revisionism, renewed fatalism and petty-bourgeois reformism.

Without materialist dialectics how on earth a CEO of Chevron or Exxon Mobil would ever be able to understand what Marx is saying in his work "Capital"! For this he needs a functioning, dialectical, Marxist, philosophic and scientific brain. This is also valid for all our Bolivarian comrades. Words in the book "Capital" do not and can not think for us, there is no substitute for praxical, emancipatory thought. To save life on planet Earth, we, as workers of the world, that is, we ourselves in dialectical unison have to act, think and venture beyond, all of, by and for ourselves, here and now!

Marx explained that philosophy is not ivory tower rigmarole or pipe dreams, it is the quintessence of its epoch; also it has a praxical link to concrete reality. According to him, our thinking brains do not exist outside of our body, but very well protected within our cranium; if it would have been located in excessive consumption, in our epicurean stomach, well, then we surely would lose it next time when we visit the toilette room.

Proverbially, it seems that a cat has nine lives, it always falls firmly on its four paws, however, it is high time that humanity in upright gait with dignity and worth learns from its own capitalist history, from current bourgeois fraternity and solidarity, from the latest warning 'nines': 1929, 1939, 9/11 and 2009. Decades ago, Lenin in his work "Imperialism" diagnosed the decay of imperialism; in 1938, at the eve of World War II,  in the "Transitional Program" of the Fourth International, Trotsky warned that the progressive decomposition of the capitalist system eventually would have horrible consequences and that the global proletariat urgently necessitates Marxist, scientific and philosophic  leadership within the context of permanent global revolution. Over the last decades many serious activists and thinkers have also warned about the rotten objective factors of world capitalism, about putrefied living conditions and about the current ill-fated results that could be mortal within decades for the whole of humanity.  

At any event, the crash or crack of Wall Street is not a cause, it is the effect of an obsolete world order which urgently has to be negated, annihilated and surpassed towards a world worth living in, void of masters and slaves, exploitation, domination, discrimination assassination and alienation. These are all man-made crosses, hence man can get rid of them all, all by himself.