Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2007

Propaganda prelude to military coup, foreign military intervention in Venezuela

December 7, 2007, in his evening program 'La Hojilla,' Mario Silva showed us a combined 'Opposition'-United States CIA film, 'Crisis in the Americas,' a real nasty, Nazi, psychological propaganda bomb launched against the Bolivarian revolution.

Globally, this species of Goebbels diatribes is rapidly spreading a horrible, terrorist ideology of the most abominable genre.

Urgently we have to counter it with true information about Venezuelan reality.

Like currently in Bolivia, more dangerous is the fact that it is the psychological prelude to a military coup or foreign military intervention in Venezuela.

Global control implies imperialist control, population control, that is, mind and thought control, in other words, Ideology. What did the Nazi mastermind of modern ideology, Adolf Hitler, in his master work, 'Mein Kampf' inform us about the mortal arm of massive mind destruction, of the raging intellectual holocaust, which currently the international ruling class mass media mercilessly is using against the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela?

According to Hitler in his ideological masterpiece:

"The most striking success of a revolution will always have been achieved when the new philosophy of life as far as possible has been taught to all men, and if necessary, later forced upon them." 1)

Really and truly we should be very careful about our usage of revolutionary concepts. To achieve this 'national socialist revolution,' Hitler told his fanatic ideologues how to treat 'human material' and 'human capital,' that is 'speaking tools' (Aristotle):

"to sift the human material it wins into two large groups: supporters and members.... A supporter of a movement is one who declares himself to be in agreement with its aims, a member is one who fights for them.... and corresponds only to the minority of men." 2)

How do fascists disseminate ideology, 'the new doctrine,' lies, hoaxes, mental strychnine?

Hitler: "The first task of propaganda is to win people for subsequent organization.... The second task of propaganda is the disruption of the existing state of affairs and the permeation of this state of affairs with the new doctrine...." 3)

Inter alia, what are the United States and its national and international Nazi lackeys doing against the current democratic governments of Chavez, Evo and Fidel?

* To win people for subsequent fascist organization,
* to disrupt the existing state of affairs, and
* to permeate it with a new doctrine.

Sad to say, urgently we have to learn certain basic lessons from our class enemies:

Hitler: "When a movement harbors the purpose of tearing down a world and building another in its place, complete clarity must reign in the ranks of its own leadership...."4)

For us, this does not mean blind practice and myopic ideology; it means theoretical clarity, Marxist praxical incision and socialist theoretical precision, in short: revolutionary praxis and theory.

Concerning the current student rebellion, on May 1, 1937, Hitler stated:

"The youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow. For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled. This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing." (5)

Currently, the religious and academic oligarchic coup plotters are trying to inoculate the hearts and minds of the youth and to infest their minds with capitalist and imperialist ideas and ideological jargon.

The official Nazi instructors manual for secondary and higher learning read:

"The German school is a part of the National Socialist Educational order. It is its obligation to form the national socialistic personality in cooperation with the other educational powers of the nation, but by its distinctive educational means." 6)

This was and still is a clear case of controlling a people by controlling its cultural, religious, educational, information and socialization processes.

Finally, let the 'Fuehrer' himself tell us what his contemporary fascist followers, the metropolitan coupsters, have in mind for Venezuela and the world:

"On this basis the whole education by the National State must aim primarily not at the stuffing with mere knowledge, but at the building up of bodies which are physically healthy to the core. The development of intellectual faculties comes only after this." 7)

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