Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2007

After Venezuela's Referendum the greatest enemy is Capitalism...

At last, something 'New in Venezuela appears again on the political horizon. 'Yes, Yes', Chavez, Gramsci and all of us were right, the 'New' is being born ... the 'No, No', the opposite of this very same 'New' ... the 'Old is still going very strong.

All 'New' is strange, surprising, radical ... it is double affirmation, is double negation.

Sometimes when we lose, we win, and vice versa ... the 'opposition' wanted to lose, Chavez made it win, by throwing it into political Nirvana.

These are political and logical lessons for us to learn urgently:

* Why was Sunday, the second of December, so different, so beyond nearly all expectations?
* Why did it break all forms of formal logics and dialectics? Why did it surpass absolute truths?
* What is happening with our intelligence?
* What is going wrong?
* What should be changed and improved immediately?

Within the next weeks and months all these themes will be the talk of the town. We will just spotlight a few ad hoc considerations here.

As a result of their 'Pyrrhic' victory, in the referendum of December 2, 2007, various opposing political forces to President Chavez' constitutional reforms, inside and outside of the Bolivarian government, dumb-folded with joy, with barrels of booze and anti-socialist slogans hilariously are celebrating across the country the coming era of 'Chavism without Chavez.'

The most sober and far-sighted opponents are already scanning the 'golpista' skies for a possible presidential candidate for 2012 (Baduel, Nixon, Stalin?) to replace Chavez, should a planned recall referendum in about two years time not give the early desired 'knock-out' result.

Yes, as always, the quintessence of Venezuelan opposition politics is 'away with Chavez'!

In this they failed again.

Chavez took the wind out of their 'golpista' sails, a check-mate move that they did not expect. Dialectically, defeat is just the other side of the very same victory.

This global crux of the matter many can barely fathom, probably only Chavez himself and a few of us really have an inkling of an idea trans-historically what the latest events are all depicting. Most of our true Bolivarian comrades are still crying, because in the eleventh round, at the eleventh hour, the 'no easy serpentine trail' towards socialism in Venezuela has become very dark, thorny, very real, very praxical.

The affirmative political flavor, our 'Si - Si', has turned bitter, bitterly serious, it tastes like the Socratic hemlock, and 'por ahora,' for now, seems to have plunged millions of us into the roaring whirlpool of an ocean of careless triumphalism and myopic defeatism.

It seems that the devil is loose, that all good spirits have abandoned us. On Monday morning, millions of Florentinas let their red petals down, were gazing towards Miraflores, and in the spirit of Joan Baez permanently were asking: Where have all the red flowers gone?

What happened to nearly three million Chavist voters who abstained, and who did not jump into the opposition 'kraal' (domain)?

The majority of them warned us, reminded us, how we came into democratic political power in the first place. The Venezuelan workers were fed up with the Janus-faced Adeco-Copei governments, with the 'Caracazo,' with the corruption, lies, murder and theft. In the polls, nine years ago, the masses showed their class wrath against 'puntofijismo' and with immense tolerance they gave us, themselves, they gave President Chavez a real proletarian, socialist message and historic task: in class struggle to assist Venezuela and the world by means of a revolutionary exodus to realize human emancipation, that is, to pave our road towards proletarian global victory.

The working wage slaves are sick and tired of 'mas de lo mismo,' of doing the same old nonsense all over and over again (practice, lies, theft and murder), of repeating the very same old crap over and over again (ideology: liberty, equality, fraternity, democracy and justice). They do not want to see the rise of a new opulent political class, which could form a future government, driving 'hummer' and devouring tons of imported whisky. They had sufficient drunk presidents and ministers in Miraflores in the past already.

Let us summarize:

* The exploited, dominated, discriminated, massacred and alienated classes of Venezuela, especially the three million who have abstained, want to hear something new, original and authentic, not from President Chavez alone, from all of us clad in red, from the true revolutionaries and socialists.
* Furthermore, the referendum indicates that Venezuelan workers already politicized are sick and tired of Cold War anti-communism, anti-Marxism, products of bourgeois ideology, of McCarthyism, Zionism, Stalinism, Apartheid and 'puntofijismo.' All over they are being faced with 'socialist' and 'communist' scarecrows which want to devour their 'private property'. This fact probably eliminated the constitutional reform.
* By means of education in modern political economy, the workers want to know the truth, what is capitalism, what is its opposite, Marxism; what is dialectics, what really is socialism, in order to face it, to decide its future in Venezuela and to organize a referendum of urgent global importance, that is, in defense of the workers class struggles against capitalism, imperialism and corporatism, against globalized fascism.
* Why are we afraid to inform the workers in capitalist Venezuela about capitalism, by means of a Marxist analysis, to highlight their real class relations and interests, contained in global class struggles and permanent revolutions?
* Is the Bolivarian Revolution not an intrinsic part of global emancipation?
* What could happen if the workers, the voters, would know what is raging capitalism in Venezuela?
* What would they demand? Constitutional reform again? According to the current Constitution and laws, the people can demand anytime many reforms to the Constitution. Only Chavez cannot do it in this period of government. The people could demand by constitutional reform that Chavez stays as long as they wish. Hence, where is the problem, why is Bush celebrating?
* Where is the 'mission' for this, for the greatest educational program that we ever could launch?

As President Chavez warns all the time, it is a burning issue that concerns the Marxist Rosa Luxemburg who stated that 'freedom is the freedom of dissenters': that is, it concerns the apocalyptic dilemma: socialism or barbarism. She explained what patriarchal and oligarchic religion and original Christians are all about, but she also described the radical difference between 'Christian socialism' and 'Marxist socialism'; the latter has the historic task to stop capitalist and imperialist barbarism.

The greatest enemy of Venezuela, of Socialism, is Capitalism.

Finally, the results of the referendum should wake us up out of our recent slumber of triumphalism; we should be happy that this is happening now.

We have still all the real possibilities to steer our trans-historic life boats towards real, true socialist waters, to something that never existed before, to something truly utopian that is rising out of our oceans of human class struggles, inasmuch as we approximate our emancipatory objective: human creativity and creation, against slave global labor and globalized capital.