Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2006

Why both Iran and Venezuela must expect preemptive military strikes from USA?

Over the past months, many serious writers and scientists like Thomas Bearden, Michael Ruppert or Siegfried Tischler have made us aware of the latest frightening debates and eerie discussions that are taking place around the globe, and which highlight such troublesome phenomena like "global warming," the "unnecessary energy crisis," "Peak Oil," the coming "Big Crash" of the USA, the devaluation of the US$, things like "HAARP," "Mind and Thought Control," "Tesla Technology and Free Energy," the shaky foundations of the world market and the advent of genocidal, fascist world wars.

All these major events of modern history we have related directly to Venezuela and to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Furthermore, unless the USA and/or Israel do not launch military preemptive strikes against Iran within the next weeks, we’ll soon witness an international novelty that many countries will be buying and selling oil and gas for Euros ... this will put the ailing war economy of the USA and its sick US$ in jeopardy.

Till now, this military attack has not materialized itself as yet, because Iran has promised a "crushing response" in some way or the other, it is definitely ready for a heavy retaliation. We know that Iran has ground forces estimated at 800,000 personnel, also it has long-range missiles capable of striking both Israel and Europe.

At least, Al Jazeera is convinced that a joined Venezuelan and Iranian strategy exists:  "By joining forces in a move expected to deal a major blow to the US economy, Iran and Venezuela are encouraging and creating a golden opportunity for other states to shift foreign-exchange holdings out of dollars and into euros or other currencies."

If this is really true, then both Iran and Venezuela could expect United States preemptive military strikes any moment in future.

Why this is so an article "Iran is the Next Battle Field," edited by Elias Akleh, explains very simply: "The Dollar is a fiat currency backed only by oil trade that uses only Dollar as its currency. Every country in the world must hold American Dollars to be able to purchase oil. The more demand for oil the more demand for the Dollar. This demand supports the value of the Dollar, and in turn supports the American economy. Switching oil trade from Dollar to Euro or to any other currency would reduce the demand for the Dollar, cause the reduction of its purchasing power and the inevitable collapse of the American economy."

Thus, seen from a global trans-historic viewpoint, nowadays, more than ever, there are vital, sustaining reasons why we have to recall, to keep in mind, to ponder very seriously about certain basic issues. Certain revolutionary needs like a new culture or a new system of self defense, necessitate immediate, urgent attention, demand praxical solutions, a scientific and philosophic framework, well-organized social projects.

Really, here in Venezuela, we do not have the privilege of living like "noble savages" in Rousseau's World; on the contrary, millions of us in Latin America are vegetating on the "bread line" in an imperialist world of fear, corruption, conspiracy, treason and treachery, i. e., we are living in Bush's Hobbesian Wolf Land.

Furthermore, a lackadaisical, middle class life style towards revolution and emancipation could become fatal for any revolutionary.

In future, by means of a series of commentaries we will address such pertinent global issues that directly affect our lives, our survival and quo vadis. Knowledge about our apocalyptic reality is the major weapon to surpass all our troubles. As emancipatory effect, our objective should be the self-creation of a new wo/man, of a new species, a new world, a new socialism.

In epochs of extreme danger, for example, around 1789 in France or 1917 in Russia, or 1939 in Germany and now between 2006 and 2008 in Venezuela and the whole globe, that is, during "the best of times, and the worst of times" (Charles Dickens), it becomes necessary to summarize, to have afterthoughts, to synchronize, to oscillate, to focus everything that we ever have thought and said, and to place its core in the epicenter of our present and future praxis and theory. In reality this is part and parcel of the creation of a historic memory, of social, class consciousness, of a new science and philosophy of human revolution and emancipation.

Let us commence with "Peak Oil." Like anything in the world, a phenomenon has its affirmation and its negation, some are in favor of something others are against it. This is the dialectical contradictory existence of any thing, of its two related real, true sides.

An expert in this field is Michael C. Ruppert, and a few days ago he informed us that last week CNN aired a special on Peak Oil six times. He reminded the doubting Thomases that they were warned about the coming Oil Crisis.

How are the "energy crisis," the North American war threats, and the new bourse of Iran, affecting the Gulf region, the current most vulnerable sector of the world market?

Over the last years, ever since 2001, the Gulf markets were flourishing, because of the abundance of liquidity, generated by the sharp rise of oil revenues, that lured millions of small investors into the region and they promised lucrative businesses and profits. Now, at the ides of March, 2006, suddenly, everything has changed.

On March 15, again Cassandra was warning us about the coming economic collapse; according to Al Jazeera, the Arab stock market is beginning to implode, this could have a domino effect around the globe. It is no wonder that the USA currently stops publishing its M3 money supply.

Inter alia, Al Jazeera reported: "Stock markets in the Gulf region and Egypt suffered major losses on Tuesday, triggering angry protests in Kuwait and prompting some analysts to forecast a crash after a solid five-year upward run.  The market in OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia, the largest in the Arab world, dropped sharply for the fourth consecutive day, reflecting what analysts said was a sharp correction across the region.  The value of Gulf bourses dropped on Tuesday to just under one trillion dollars, down some $150 billion from their 2005 value and more than $250 billion below the peak."

If this decaying process cannot be halted very soon, and if this virus would be allowed to spread itself worldwide, then the devastating effects would be the same as if an asteroid of a diameter of 5 kilometers has struck the earth. That virus has its headquarters in the White House, it is called the "Bush-Rumsfeld War Virus."

What is the philosophic crux of this apocalyptic threat?

Seen in terms of galactic eons, as a result of the fast growing, unilateral, one-sided, perverse non-relation of Man, of Society, towards Nature over the last millennia, that is, of the process of egoistically satisfying only ruling class "human" needs, and of mercilessly exploiting the physical and intellectual labor forces of billions of chattel and wage slaves, of "speaking tools" (Aristotle), in geometric progression Planet Earth is collapsing under the gigantic, destructive economic burden of global, capitalist, corporate vandalism, in reality, its life flame is being extinguished under the fascist war boot of genocidal Globalization.

In fact, as the result of human labor, ever since the so-called Neolithic revolution, dramatic physical changes took place on Earth. For example, as we know, phytoplankton forms the basis of the whole marine food chain, however, the warming up of the oceans, is now already affecting and infecting everything from zooplankton to the larger fish. The sea currents are being disrupted and global production and consumption of food will soon be affected seriously. This imperialist Behemoth is even destroying the seven seas.

In natural relation with the plankton in the sea, long ago, huge forests, that probably covered a third of the land surface, had absorbed effectively the necessary amount of CO2 that was created by the tons of gas coming from the cracks of the Earth as a result of volcanic action. Some methane gas was caught up under the ice that now escapes as a result of the gradually melting poles, caused by the inexorable warming up of the planet.

An excellent recent article, "Planet collapsing under global warming stress," written and published by Simon Willace on March 17, 2006, informs us as follows: "The gas was exhaust from an engine delivered in inexhaustible supplies after geo-sequestered carbon deposits incinerated beneath the earths crust and were continuously absorbed into carbon sinks on its surface which operated as if their lives depended upon it.  It was a self sustaining mechanism that no longer operates."

Scientists like Siegfried Tischler, have made us aware that in the atmosphere there already exists enough CO2 to keep global warming going for the next 400 years. Furthermore, these scientists are warning that ice thawing at the north pole "will increase runoff to the Arctic Ocean and will release vast amounts of methane into the atmosphere, which of course will lead to greater warming and greater release of methane gases.  This by itself is reason to believe the Global warming tipping point was reached some years ago." (Ibid.)

All this, added to the cosmic danger that comes through the huge holes in the ozone layer around the earth, the inhabitants of Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and even South Africa are already having a very hard time of survival; they are being faced with all kinds of health hazards.

And, who does anything, which democracies and governments care, which United Nations stops which United States?

Because of our own lethargy, our own Socratic death drive, do we really deserve to perish as a species?

And, if we try to do something about it, then immediately we are being branded as "terrorists," are being murdered!

This is the case of President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela!

Concerning Latin America, we in Venezuela should be very careful with our Orinoco and Amazonia industrial projects, with deforestation for stock-breeding and cattle-ranching, including with our gas and oil exploitation and the construction of gas and petroleum pipelines across virgin lands, across the whole South American continent.

"As a sign of the times, rainforests in the Amazon are being sacrificed to the god of Chinese industry so that soya can feed the hungry pigs that grace the plates of the nation’s factory workers." (ibid.)

The war economies of industrial countries and their insatiable production of arms of mass destruction, including their geophysical arms like the HAARP projects, and their manipulation of natural climate, laws, forces and processes, have caused such huge environmental damages and problems, that nowhere on earth the weather is fine anymore, nowhere life itself is safe anymore.

Mother Nature, violated by the exploitative human labor process, cannot sustain herself anymore, cannot create life much longer anymore, as she did it once for millions of years. Polar bears are dying by drowning because global warming has already changed their natural habitat significantly; even the walruses are abandoning their pups, as the ice that once provided nurseries and kindergarten are melting away beneath the breeding population. In the oceans plankton and fish populations are being massacred, Ground cover and forest on land are drying out, rainforests in the Congo and elsewhere have already been affected, and because of capitalist, imperialist vandalism, even Amazonia is recording her driest years.

What the North American genocidal attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq have left behind is just incredible. What damage "Plan Colombia" is already causing to South American flora and fauna, to our food, health, biodiversity, oxygen and water supplies, this every indigenous peasant knows.

What a natural and human disaster North American military invasion in Venezuela would cause is beyond human imagination.

In Venezuela, those "chavistas" who plot against the Bolivarian Revolution, who do not have the foggiest idea about their capital and cardinal crimes against future generations, and against humanity in its entirety: with their horrendous deeds, they are even putting the Devil, Mammon, to shame.

It is not even a case anymore of "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing." Knowingly and consciously, receiving millions of dollars for their overt and covert CIA operations, with manuals in their hands, they are committing unforgivable crimes against life on this planet.

Not even hell fire could burn away the innocent Venezuelan blood on their murderous, treacherous fingers.

Emancipatory History itself will absolve Fidel Castro and Chavez -- History will dissolve these traitors into the galactic black holes of Nothingness..

However, we should not forget, the above is not a personal matter, is not the crime of an elitist gang, it is the bloody trail of globalization, of capitalist, imperialist, world corporatism; this is Orwellian fascism approximating us, human beings, animals, insects, plants, atoms and particles everywhere, also in Iran and Venezuela. At this eleventh hour, it is the Leviathan monster that comes nearer every ticking second, that desperately is devouring everything sacred and human, even its own labor essence.

We have to grasp the many transhistoric reasons and causes why North America has to invade Venezuela and the rest of the subjugated world. It is not only a matter of the "Empire," not only of "Oil," not just to check-mate the other competitors for world hegemony, not mainly to save the petro-dollar against the coming euro-dollar, not just personal megalomania of a Bush clique, not because Chavez "attacks" Bush.

On the contrary, our planetary reality is much more complicated than just studying isolated events, it is not a CNN news reel, a rat race of isolated events, blended out by loud horror music clips. World reality is being reflected by all its existential inter-related elements, and by many other things, that only a sound and sane mind can register, capture and understand.

The obsolete world order, decadent Western culture, archaic world religions, the world market in agony, mortally affected by "Peak Oil," a moribund capitalism and imperialism that is losing its "death-bringing" energy, old fossil energy, a crashing "Fourth Empire," all form part of the signs of our time, of the beginning of the end and of the final demise of all modes of exploitative production and of dominating reproduction.

The ALBA, the dawning on the new horizon of human creation and creativity in Venezuela, the clarion call, the vox populi of "Diana" in all Central and South America, in Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere in the "Third World," that is, the coming into existence of human emancipation ... all these scare the hell out of globalization.

Capitalism came into existence, it has reached its heyday, now, in the 21st century, like anything else it merits its own self-destruction, nothing can save it anymore, together with its lackeys and Quislings, it should now enjoy its own death fangs and pangs, its torturous, terrorist, painful fading away into universal oblivion.

What is fundamental is that we should not nurture a dying capitalism in Venezuela, not follow capitalism into its Draculian grave. Hence, all "chavistas without Chavez" beware! But, even more so, this is also valid for all the "chavistas with Chavez"!

And, Miami lovers, please learn a bitter lesson from the Great Depression of 1929 in Europe: if the USA and the dollar should crash any time, then the greenback will not be worth the paper on which it is printed. Any Yankee lover in Zulia may end up as poor as a skinny church-mouse, making its nest in a million dollar paper garbage trash-can, that will not be worth a dime. Comrades, let us rather stay with Bolivar, with our bolivares. At least, a certain sum of them would still be able to buy a nice passion fruit juice and a huge empanada filled with delicious natural beans.

Finally, here in Venezuela, in the shadow of the North American Sword of Damocles, it is no more an issue of piecemeal dialogues and sweet-tongued "peace-talks" or of neo-liberal reformist palaver, also not of atomized practice, of isolated ideological sophistry and of dispersed religious hopes.

Rather because a large part of humanity does not know how dark the night really can be, also many do not remember the darkest night that industrial humanity ever has experienced in Europe, namely, the night of the Nazi "long knives," that is, the launching of German Nazism, hence, this is the reason why no social earthquake shakes the foundations of America as yet.

Unless the Bolivarian Revolution internationalizes, globalizes itself very rapidly, unless we urgently stop this devouring Moloch, that is active all over already, the destruction of life, of mankind will be a billion-fold worse.

Against the British claim that "it is never too late to mend," we state that it is never too late to save mankind from extinction ... to emancipate ourselves from the ferocious, voracious claws of world fascism.