Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2006

What happened to humanity, brains and the truth?

Today, I will be very brief indeed ... because of its downright, vile baseness, the article that I am commenting on, does not even merit any serious scientific and philosophic reflections.

Currently, all over, the global elite media "Reporters Without Borders" hoaxes and lies are protesting the jailing of a radio news reporter in Venezuela, who in reality is a simple criminal ... accused of fraud ... who was summoned to appear in court, and who neglected his civil democratic duties.

In any "civilized" country of the world, this would normally lead to immediate arrest, without any global circus or political rigmarole.

In Jim Kouri's "Wave Bye-Bye to Freedom and Human Rights in Venezuela," I ask myself how is it possible that an ideologue of corporate imperialism could collect such a galaxy of lies ... and publish them without an infinitesimal human feeling of bad conscience or of self-respect for historic truth.

Either Mr. Kouri is non-existent (in spite of all his qualifications) or he is part of the garbage of the United States Orwellian Newspeak factory ... that is, he deliberately is spewing its obnoxious venom to the four winds, or he is a cloned robot that has received a full dose of Mind & Thought Control, a "Manchurian Candidate" of Mkultra experiments.

In all these possible cases, anyone who reads such propaganda from the Bush-Rumsfeld industrial and war complex (of the worst Goebbels, Goering and Hitler type) and still believes a single word of such diatribal quagmires ... such a person should really seriously consult a psychiatrist of the caliber of Frantz Fanon and/or Wilhelm Reich.

However, look who all talk about "freedom" and "human rights," especially from a State that in its foreign policy (in the name of the US dollar, with full trust in God) has massacred millions of innocent world citizens and has committed horrible crimes against its own "Bill of Rights."

Historically, which all in the metropolitan and "ex-socialist" countries, across the past 500 years have not committed the following heinous crimes against humanity?

* unlawful killings of criminal suspects jailed on trumped up charges
* torture and abuse of detainees
* harsh prison conditions including violence and severe overcrowding
* arbitrary arrests and detentions
* corrupt, inefficient, and highly politicized judicial system characterized by trial delays, impunity, and violations of due process
*dismissal or forced retirements of judges for political reasons
* unlawful taking of private property, including failure to make property restitution in such cases
* illegal wiretapping and searches of private homes and businesses
* official intimidation and attacks on the independent media, the political opposition, labor unions, courts, the Catholic Church, missionary groups, and human rights groups
* widespread corruption at all levels of government
* violence and discrimination against women, abuse of children, discrimination against persons with disabilities, and inadequate protection of the rights of indigenous people
* trafficking in persons
* restrictions on the right of association.

Number One on the list of global terrorism, trafficking in human slaves is precisely the United States itself. And, as elaborated in its "Project for a New American Century," to eliminate its competitors, to retain world hegemony, it is prepared to sacrifice billions of human lives in the near future.

The United States War Moloch has begun already, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran ... Venezuela, Syria...

Whether we believe or not in the fascist propaganda jargon of the global, imperialist, corporate henchmen, world reality, world wars and world nuclear conflagration will leave no doubt about the current mode of destruction, called Globalization, of the mode of corporate, imperialist capitalism.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias is Roman Catholic, believes in Saints, is a Christian socialist, but he never ever claimed that he was a saint, has divine messianic traits, like President Bush, who already walks with God, talks with God, and who receives holy orders to attack Iran or Venezuela.

To believe in such nonsense in the third millennium indicates the sick, alienated state of mind of the military administration in the White House, its total bellicose megalomania. All its own wildest dreams, its own future Nazi projects, it projects on the "scape-goat" Chavez and onto the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Capitalist Truth is always topsy-turvy; if anybody wants to know the reality of the United States Department, then read Kouri's article once more, by substituting Chavez with Bush, and Venezuela with the United States of America.

With reference to President Chavez, this is how Jim Kouri concludes:

"Delusions of grandeur in this volatile leader are creating concerns due to his one precious commodity -- oil. As with leftists in the US and Europe, Chavez often makes outlandish statements hoping something will gain traction. His almost constant verbal attacks on America are the recognized strategy of most repressive dictators -- to keep the focus off what they are doing such as packing the courts with his comrades."

Mr. Jim Kouri, what happened to your humanity, to your brains, to your truth?

In your soul, do you still have an inkling of shame, of Christianity, of civilization?