Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2005

Bush's Fourth Empire: 'good for the quality of life' for the Americas!

As verified by Hitler's infamous "Third Reich," as explained by George Orwell in his novel "1984" and as analyzed by Wilhelm Reich in his work, Mass Psychology of Fascism, the propaganda machine of nazism always uses the same old disinformation mechanism that colonialism, capitalism and imperialism had taken advantage of long ago and are still applying today, that is, turning the truth upside down and accusing the "enemy" of the atrocities committed precisely by oneself.

This is how war becomes peace and slavery becomes freedom, how dictatorship turns into democracy and the nefarious into the beneficious, in a proper Goering and Goebbels style.

The current propaganda machine of the USA ... spearheaded by the New York Times and its international outlets like the (Caracas) Daily Journal ... works exactly according to this fascist mechanism, with the objective to misinform the world public, to produce an international atmosphere that would accept a future armed invasion of Venezuela, just as happened with the nearly unanimous acceptance on a world scale of the Bush administration's 9/11 tale of Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda gang blowing up the "Twin Towers," when, in reality, this new "Reichtagsbrand" and "Pearl Harbor" was planned in the "Project of a New American Century" long ago by the "think tanks" around the Bush administration.

This is exactly how the myth of "Chavez the Dictator," "Chavez the Tyrant," has been produced and propagated, and how the millions of people who are victims of international, corporate mind and thought control, are falling into the trap and being devoured by the current global Mental Holocaust, engineered by the United States industrial, military complex and its mouthpieces, CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, etc.

Thus, the clue here is to invert the "truths" spit at us by the media so as to be able to see the core of the matter. It is precisely Bush who acts in an anti-democratic and tyrannical manner and when he accuses others of being tyrants and dictators, he speaks but of himself. In tune with proper fascist propaganda, he repeats his ideological manipulative garbage a thousand times, and his lies appear in the international mass media as the plain and crystal "truth."

The following is a stereo-typical example of the above explained, also of journalistic bankruptcy and total human alienation:

According to Bush, hinting at Venezuela's president Chavez, democracy is endangered in Latin America, a retrenchment that would be "playing to fear, pitting neighbor against neighbor, and blaming others for their own failures to provide for their people."

* Is this not exactly what the Bush administration (and others before it) has been doing ever since it came to power?
* Has the Bush administration not been endangering democracy on an international scale, in the very United Nations and at home with its Patriot Acts?
* Has the Bush administration not exactly been playing to fear, pitting neighbor against neighbor and blaming others ("terrorists") for their own failures to provide for their people?!
* And, have the "democratic recipes" of the Bush administration not had outright catastrophic consequences for those who suffered their application, be it in the military or economic realm?!

Here is another bitter taste of Bush's "democratic vocation," of his political lies, of what the North American ALCA has in store for Latin America, for Brazil, for Lula, when he remarks, with regard to the latter:

"He (Brazil's president Lula) has got to be convinced, just like the people of America must be convinced, that a trade arrangement in our hemisphere is good for jobs, is good for the quality of life."

Those of us in South America who want to get an exact impression of any North American suggested, future "good quality of life," should carefully study Afghanistan, Iraq, Kabul, Baghdad and Fallujah, the United States torture chambers, the deaths of its millions of political victims from 1775 till today, its deadly nuclear embrace of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the massacre perpetrated in Indonesia against a million "communists," the Twin Towers, Plan Colombia right here on the border of Venezuela, the financing and directing of the April 2002 military coup against President Chavez, and much more.

Thus, it remains to be seen, if Bush's Fourth Empire really is as "good for the quality of life" for the Americas as propagated by this outstanding "democrat"!