Franz J.T. Lee, September, 2005

Venezuela: Fighting a colonial and neocolonial mental holocaust of five centuries

Under globalization, not only is the world order changing radically from physical to intellectual production, also more and more capitalism ... the "market economy" ... is showing its true social face, the development from economic exploitation to socio-political global domination and oppression, to the "war of ideas," the war on ideas.

The international mass media, the big press agencies and newspapers ... owned and controlled by the global, oligopolic, corporate, industrial and military complexes ... in true Orwellian "Newspeak" tradition (already described by Plato and Hitler) are currently launching a real mental holocaust across the globe ... disinformation wars, especially against Venezuela.

The latest hoaxes and lies with reference to the "Twin Towers," the invasion wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the military threats against North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, and now the racist news coverage of the tragedy in New Orleans ... especially by CNN and Fox News ... all very clearly demonstrate that if you want to control a people,  ideologically, in real belligerent disinformation campaigns you just need to control its education, its information ... the news.

As regular commentarist in, I feel that, within the context of the current international imperialist onslaught against all human rights ... especially against the freedom of the press, of thought, speech and expression, as underlined in the editorial statement of VHeadline itself ... "a wholly independent e-publication promoting democracy in its fullest expression" ... as urgent, revolutionary, theoretical weapons of self-defense have become imperative, and comprise an inalienable necessity for human survival.

Over the last years, valiantly on a global scale VHeadline has definitely defended "the inalienable right of all Venezuelans to self-determination and the pursuit of sovereign independence without interference."

The above are not just empty phrases ... the daily obscene counter-revolutionary attacks, the news coverage of VHeadline on a world scale ... its increasing popularity in independent mass communication ... the growing dissemination of its news, comments and opinions ... can verify any time its democratic role in the vanguard of distributing real, true, independent news about Venezuela ... of inviting constructive critique from all over.

This generalized corrupt middle and upper class mentality, the bureaucratic cancer, the lethargic academic attitude in widespread social and administrative circles in Venezuela, are not personal or special human traits or problems: all this is the logical socialization result of a 500-year lasting colonial and neocolonial mental holocaust.

To understand what is currently happening in Venezuela and Latin America, to see what is happening with its human, humane and humanist face, a sine qua non is the conscientious, scientific and philosophic study of all the necessary historical, personal, national and international objective, subjective and "transjective" conditions and factors that make up current Venezuela, that highlight its emancipatory path.

To achieve this, we need real information, true knowledge, responsible mass media, militant reporters and optimistic commentarists.

And, who must create all the emancipatory conditions and factors?

We, of, by and for ourselves!

This is what revolutionary cadres and the emancipatory vanguard are all about!

In its news, analyses and commentaries, about the above, endlessly, VHeadline always has tried ... and still tries ... to explain its urgency, to make Venezuelans aware of their historic difficulties and of their revolutionary pioneering possibilities.

For these very reasons, in my opinion, as the result of its experience in e-communication and publication, it becomes obvious that finding itself in the frontline of the international attacks of Bush's "War of Ideas," VHeadline merits all the necessary support for the strategic and tactical self-defense of the aims and objectives of Venezuela's future prosperity.

Above all, from Venezuela, from all revolutionaries, VHeadline needs the collective, cooperative, solid help for its very physical and intellectual existence and material survival. In any case, as always, we will continue with our uncompromised, sacred objective to tell the truth, the pre-condition for human freedom.

Especially in the world languages ... among them, firstly, in English ... the current revolutionary vanguard in Venezuela urgently has to create an effective, efficient, international network of real, true information ... ranging from Telesur to VHeadline ... otherwise, lacking such an emancipatory weapon, more easily Northern Orwellian Fascism will nip every individual and social emancipatory effort in the very bud, and will cover the blue planet under a dark blanket of depleted uranium, of eternal radio-active mourning.

Of course, no individuals make or break history ... this is a social venture, a matter of global, globalized class struggle.

However, in historic times of ultra-urgency, of imminent apocalyptic danger of extinction, qualitatively, individuals become highly socialized, and society itself becomes extremely individualized. In the era of decay of imperialism, this is the current situation in Venezuela with Chavez, in Cuba with Fidel.

Like the events of April 2002 and the oil sabotage, the phenomenon Chavez, has to be studied stringently, for the sake of permanent revolutionary praxis and theory.

Revolutionaries do not sprout up like mushrooms over night ... not even in 6 years!  This is why the government and its institutions are filled with many Punto Fijista-produced monsters of the past, who will not lose so easily and readily their corruptibility, their counter-revolutionary identity, their racist, fascist mentality, their parasitic modus vivendi and their murderous modus operandi.

However, with 12 valiant revolutionaries the conquest of Havana began, also with less than 1,000 Bolsheviki, months before the October Revolution, Lenin eventually stormed the Winter Palace. As vanguard so much we do not need in Venezuela; in fact, with 1,000 socialized and globalized, scientific and philosophic New Bolivarians, with a new world outlook and a new logic, we could liberate the whole of America ... even the whole world.

Concerning the future, of Venezuela, of Latin America, of the world, who sows revolutionary wind will surely reap fascist hurricanes. Within the Bolivarian Revolution, this coming fascist whip will separate the reformist chaff from the fresh, permanent, revolutionary, germinating wheat.

We never ever doubted that finally victory will survive.

However, we should always remember that the worst corruption is the corruption of the best!  Many "revolutionaries" in wolf's clothing still "Trust in God," trust in the aching, ageing US$.  This global cancer has destroyed many a promising social revolution of the 20th century.

For all these reasons, wholeheartedly we, as VHeadline commentarists, support Venezuela's heroic President Rafael Hugo Chavez Frias, and therewith we unconditionally aid all Venezuelans who fight for all human rights and freedoms ... of the press ... of expression ... of speech ... of information.