Franz J.T. Lee, May, 2005

Mr. Clark ... Man does not live by oil alone!

The function of ideology and its corresponding practice is precisely to distort ideas, acts and events, and to convert them precisely into their opposite, to serve the class interests of rulers or cliques.

How far this ideological confusion concerning socialism could go, at best, can be demonstrated by James Clark's letter Venezuelans should pray that the day USA stops buying its oil will never come.

Sometimes, our radical, dialectical, socialist approach irritates many a one who still struggles to free her/himself in the formal logical capitalist web, but it is necessary to scientifically identify, theoretically to differentiate and, in a real, true revolutionary way, to transcend, to "trifferentiate," to see reality, as a Huge Trinity, as formal logics, as dialectical logics, and, as neither the one nor the other, as Trialogics, as Creativity, Creation, Exodus, as Emancipation.

Only as such our revolutionary acts, actions and práxis can be incisive, can our ideas, thoughts and theory be decisive. Practical and ideological distortion implies confusing everybody, mixing up realities, contradictions and conflicts, hiding evidences and truths, blind-folding millions for centuries, inculcating pre-fabricated religious, alienating beliefs into the minds and souls of billions, converting true, real historic negations, like socialism, into their opposites, into fascism, authoritarianism or nazism.

Theology never ever liberated any poor thing, on the contrary it enriched the religious creme de la creme of this world. It is a dangerous weapon to discredit Socialism and Marxism.

Precisely this is happening in the national and international mass media with reference to "news" and "information" about Venezuela and Cuba. But, also centuries of ideological and religious manipulation and alienation obstruct the revolutionary elimination of obsolete, feudalist, absolutist, Christian beliefs, that have harmed the "Third World" in its very essence and existence.

European colonial and neocolonial ideologies, spearheaded by Christian Religion, have caused a capital, cardinal, criminal Mental Holocaust, especially in Africa and Latin America. As Marx scientifically stated, this is the major obstacle to develop a revolutionary práxis and theory, to engender real, true social critique, to regain our autochthonous, indigenous, original, authentic, socialist and spiritual treasures, that Europe, via a violent, brutal Christianization, has catapulted into the Hereafter, from where nobody ever returned to explain to us the exploitative, authoritarian , patriarchal quintessence of this horrid, transhistoric, European Colonial Big Lie, this merciless Alienation, this feudalist, absolutist, capitalist Mind and Thought Control of billions.

Religious ideology, in any theological form, is strychnine for global permanent revolution, to achieve world socialism.

Beyond doubt, there are hundreds of thousands of Christians who have offered and sacrificed their very lives for human emancipation, we honor them, we recognize their sacred emancipatory efforts.

However, in spite of the fact that over 85% of humanity, in one way or the other are religious, over the last centuries, no prayer, no Christian, no Pope, no God, stopped the forward march of capitalist, imperialist, corporate, global fascism.

Hence, scientifically and philosophically, what and who can still stop Bush, stop capitalism, current corporate imperialism?

Mr. Clark wrote: "Your newspaper often references to Cuba and Castro as a model for socialist country. If Cuba is so good and successful in building socialism, why Cuban citizens are not allowed freely travel and leave Cuba?"

Of course, the author is ideologically confused, at least, deep in his precious soul, either Castro or Cuba, like Chavez and Venezuela, are tyrannical, authoritarian and "socialist," or, he expects socialism as being something totally different from capitalism.

Because of the ideological slackness and wishy-washy content of many of our central revolutionary concepts, firstly, we ourselves, and secondly, the rest of the world, can barely decipher what we mean, for example, by "imperialism" or "socialism."

The transhistoric truth is that Cuba is neither "a model for a socialist country," nor is she "so good and successful in building socialism."

Any serious student of scientific and philosophic socialism ... as a dialectical, historical product of capitalism itself, as its own internal negation, explained by Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto ... would know the difference between global socialist reality, and the various transhistoric appearance forms, the global processes towards socialism. One thing is the possibility of realizing socialism, another matter is the existence of world socialism.

Currently, Cuba and Venezuela, on different levels and degrees of the global, revolutionary process, are negating capitalism, within capitalism itself, within the world market, within the world order; which forms currently the very limits of their heroic liberation endeavors.

Scientific socialism was never conceived as socialism on an island, as socialism in one country or bloc or region; also, it cannot survive as a "Commonpoverty of Nations." This is why originally Marx daydreamed about the realization of socialism, at first, in all technologically advanced industrial countries, in his very life time, and thereafter, even wished for a peaceful global transition.

Of course, if we do not clarify the above, such nonsensical formal logics could result: "... after living several years in socialist society most Cubans will prefer capitalism, the society so hated by Chavez and his cronies. So Castro can keep them under his rule only by force."

Anyhow, the author of this letter is not a fool, he has a historic imperialist social order:

"Sooner or later, President Chavez will fail with his class war ideas like tens of naive revolutionists failed before him. The reference to social democracies in Europe is irrelevant to Venezuela. In no country with real democratic socialism there is a willing to liquidate capitalism, which is the milking cow for any social reform."

The man is against "class war," works for the "failure of Chavez," the man has CIA inclinations. He even identifies European capitalist countries in which "real democratic socialism" exists. So far, ideological confusion has brought all of us, even our adversaries!

Arthur Shaw called Mr. Clark to order, explaining the essence of the global, Venezuelan and Cuban social process towards global socialism: "GOLLY GEE! Well, there's a whole bunch of Cubans in Venezuela and in about 40 other countries around the world ... not there looking for prostitutes or opportunities to pervert, but looking for opportunities to serve and defend humanity from the horror of imperialism."

Mr. Clark, as real, true socialists, all Venezuelans and Latin Americans should stop praying in strange Northern tongues, should stop praying at all. Man does not live by oil alone, but by stopping the US Orwellian Big Brother, at the point of a gun, with the only language that he ever learned and understands.

There is no other road left towards world socialism.

The Metropolitan North has set the world stage for socialist revolution.

This is why President Hugo Chavez Frias in self-defense, constitutionally, logically and urgently has to arm Venezuela's Citizen Power.

The Bolivarian Revolution is everywhere, is there were human beings and existences still fight for human worth, dignity, respect and love.