Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2005

Be prepared for the next violent attack on the Bolivarian Revolution

After a short Christmas honeymoon, for us in Venezuela, the international signs indicate heavy storms and our ship of State, the Bolivarian Revolution, at great velocity is steering straight towards turbulent waters again.

A careful study of the global "winds of change", as Oscar Heck has already warned, indicates strange coincidences.

Furthermore, a sure political indicator of stormy weather to come, is not only the current, natural "bad weather" across Venezuela, but rather the coming massive demonstrations in defense of Venezuela's sovereignty and constitution. That the Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, is adding her toxic garbage onto the American Corporate quagmire, simply belongs to the golden rules of US aggressive foreign policy. To this the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rodriguez Araque has already replied categorically.

Also the current so-called Colombo-Venezuelan conflict, carefully orchestrated by the CIA, forms part of the next US attack on the Bolivarian Revolution, is the colonial essence of imperialist divide and rule, of the strategy to destroy the ALBA, Latin American integration.

President Hugo Chavez Frias himself says that Latin American union is the only answer to stop the USA "eating us up one by one."

Not depending on any previous models ... not to be based on a senile "opposition" anymore. as completely new strategy, so to say, since months, within the Plan Colombia the next onslaught of a coup d'etat, the American, corporate, terrorist Pentagon was brewing directly, trying to avoid another disaster.

However, the core of the current US aggression concerns the world energetic crisis, the inexorable, chronic economic demise of the USA from global hegemony. It concerns the current world arena, the ferocious plans of the fatally wounded lion against its competitors, the European and Asian wolves, it concerns their brutal struggle for survival, their attempts to still save the capitalist system, their megalomaniac avarice to divide the globalized corporate spoils among themselves.

Now that Venezuela has signed bilateral oil agreements with Iran, Russia and China, the Bush administration, the bully Bush sees red ... takes these sovereign acts as a declaration of war ... of open "terrorism", as being sufficient pretext evidence to include Venezuela in the coming holocaust of the "axis of evil."  The only thing that remains for full military intervention, is that Venezuela, like others, as ultima ratio, may be forced to switch over to the Petro-Euro, or to create a own Latin American currency.

What happened across the last five years, and what is currently on the order of the day, is being planned by the remnants of the so-called "opposition," and by the US infiltrated forces of reaction and fascism, the above quoted writing explains with precision, as a premonition of coming doom:

"Although Venezuela has long been one of the US's top four foreign suppliers of crude, relations between the two countries have grown quite acrimonious since the Bush administration's tacit support of the failed coup against populist president Hugo Chavez in April of 2002. How the Bush administration has been dealing with Caracas repeats a well-known cycle to any student of US/Latin American relations: support of overt or covert coups against democratically-elected regimes eventually ignites a backlash of popular support for the embattled government against the "imperialist gringos." This is likely to motivate Washington to even more aggressively back its favored opposition, generating an even stronger wave of popular backlash."

As experts like Thomas Bearden or Michael C. Ruppert have already warned, and as I have explained in my previous commentary "Venezuela's possible black-golden future," the global context of the Bolivarian Revolution is extremely volatile and flammable.

Arguments like those that we hear so often, that the USA cannot involve itself now in a next war, because of its current fiasco in Iraq, are myopic ... they do not see the real Damocles Sword hovering over Venezuela and Latin America ... they do not take into consideration the true world panorama, the apocalyptic atmosphere, the despair of global corporate imperialism, the enormous magnitude of its internal and global contradictions, that endanger the very planet, life itself on earth.

As the Bolivarian Revolution is advancing, as the revolution within the revolution deepens, the more dangerous the situation becomes, the more wounded the ferocious lion becomes, the more vicious the national and international attacks against Venezuela will become.

However, as militant comfort, the more troubles we have, the heavier the imperialist attacks, the more we find ourselves on the direct trail towards global emancipation.