Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2005

Dissemination of Knowledge of the Truth is Venezuela's Citizen Power!

Knowledge is Power! This the ancient Greek "Seven Wise Men" already knew. Spearheaded by the Enlightenment, especially by Francis Bacon's empiricism, positivism and pragmatism, this was confirmed by the emergent bourgeois, capitalist, democratic, mechanical, materialist class.

Knowledge and Power ... that are supposed to be synonymous ... have another age-old sine qua non: gnothi seauton! -- Erkenne Dich Selbst! Know Thyself, long ago already inscribed in the Temple of Apollo, in whose shadow Aristotle was teaching ancient political practice and theory to his peripatetic disciples and students.

If the religious myth surrounding Jesus Christ should have any earthly, historical veracity, then nearly two millennia ago, he had underlined that Knowledge of the Truth, and not Truth itself, will make us free, will emancipate us.

But this Knowledge must be known, must be disseminated worldwide.

Within the global context of disinformation campaigns ... the "war of/on ideas" ... of US "Full Spectrum Dominance" over the last decade, revolutionary Venezuela has experienced the energetic forces, the creative results of converting concrete reality into social truth, social truth into historical knowledge, historical knowledge into Citizen Power.

Only as such, she outlived the powerful, merciless attacks of the aborted political coup and economic oil sabotage of 2002, and was able to win a series of decisive, democratic, constitutional, electoral victories in line.

All these legitimized President Hugo Chavez Frias ... in fact ... the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

However, as we can use the technology, the knowledge and power, to think and make a bow and arrow to feed ourselves, to serve use-values for human survival on the other hand, we can also abuse and misuse it as an instrument of war for purposes of natural and human destruction.

Today in world fascism in the making, technology and "information" are being used extensively precisely for the latter aims. In fact, without clear revolutionary practice and theory, it has become well-nigh impossible to distinguish between virtuality and reality.

We, here in Venezuela, have noticed that over the last half a millennium of the permanent Conquest of South America and the Caribbean, that there is nothing that the colonial and neocolonial masters fear more than the flowing, ever-flowing, over-flowing Truth; it is the Achilles Heel of capitalism, imperialism and corporatism; it is the revolutionary nail in the coffin of US world, fascist hegemony.

This is why Big Brother, with his Big Lies, why Newspeak, why the horror stories, the blatant untruths were and are being distributed globally by the national and international mass media, controlled by the powerful mass agencies, by huge corporations and the metropolitan States.

All are backed by the CIA, Pentagon and Giga-Capital, they are free to disseminate anything that serves world fascism in the making.

Our intellectual counter-attack approximates Sisyphus's work.

This the Venezuelan Government knows, has introduced a myriad of informative, rather ex-formative, measures to counter this flood of mortal, fatal Mind and Thought Control, that has already intoxicated millions on a world scale. All sorts of psychological, psychic, psycho-somatic, pathological epidemics are threatening the very "souls," the minds of billions. Especially in the USA itself, millions already suffer from the global, lethal affects of human alienation, from chronic, mental disorders, from the man-on-the-street to the upper echelons of State Power, from contagious, cognitive dissonance, to chronic, psychotic disassociation, to virulent military megalomania.

It is the Era of Permanent Revolutionary Ideas ... not concocted in the ideological ivory-towers of "think-tanks" that formulate a "A Project For A New American Century," of how to declare a Total Global War of Mass Destruction ... It is the age of emancipatory action and thought, of creating praxis and creative theory. In other words, it is high time, either to resuscitate or rejuvenate Trotsky's "Fourth International," or even to found the "Fifth International," the very last one, the Exodus from all modes of production and destruction.

However, because not much space and time, not much life, are left on planet earth, our concrete objectives, our theoretical subjectives and our emancipatory transjectives have to be crystal-clear, and have to move faster than scalar waves.

The future of our grandchildren is a dark, stark, a scourged, scorched reality.

Compared to all past social revolutions against capitalism-imperialism, the Bolivarian Revolution finds itself in a unique, trans-historic, global environment, in a world of neither reform nor revolution, of neither everything nor nothing, but of crossing the Rubicon, towards a real, true Exodus from productive destruction, from destructive production, towards human, creative emancipation, towards emancipatory, creative humanity.

To achieve this "global miracle," where scientifically and philosophically our current Knowledge spotlights doom, apocalypse, Armageddon within the next years, this is more easily said than done.

However, we know that in Nature always it is the darkest before dawn, that every dark social cloud has a silvery lining, and that if we sow revolutionary wind, we will definitely reap the reactionary storm; at this moment, it seems that the Bolivarian Revolution finds itself in the doldrums of national, internal reaction, however, in reality, this is just the passing, momentary calm before the global, momentous, emancipatory storm.


ANSWER: The logical continuation of the three "miracles" mentioned above:

a) to arm the people, to popularize the army, to nip any political or military coup in the bud, by preventing further political assassinations, by the CIA and paramilitary gangs;
(b) to guard and safeguard our economic heart beat, PDVSA, to avoid any new sabotage acts, politically to capture Zulia again, that could be the nodal point of future US military intervention;
(c) to forget myopic triumphalism, to guarantee the political, electoral victory for the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela for 2006.

However, there is a fourth element of revolutionary practice that has somehow been neglected until now: The Permanent Revolutionary Global Information Campaign against the current, International War of Ideas, against the US Disinformation War Machine, of the Hitler, Goebbels and Goering caliber.

As long as it still exists, in this field, the Internet plays a central role.

How is it possible that there are no English translations or versions of central information about Venezuela? The answer is very simple: Lack of funds, lack of financing.

To inform itself the whole world is forced to read English ... only a small section, mainly here in Latin America, can read the news in Spanish. One would imagine that supporting already existing, experienced English websites, that have played central roles in defending the revolution abroad, should be among the top priorities of "deepening the revolution," of carrying forth the "revolution within the revolution" ... but, alas, this has not been the case.

This revolutionary matter, spreading knowledge about the truth in Venezuela, that is, our "ideological" defense internationally, urgently necessitates priority attention.

We are confident that the financial resources for such imperative projects will arrive in time ... before we are being overflowed by the next violent, counter-revolutionary strike against Venezuela, that will be more violent than ever, so that the world can be informed in time to declare itself in solidarity with Venezuela ... and to give all global revolutionary movements the necessary solidarity of the Bolivarian revolution.

This is a significant revolutionary feature of permanent revolution ... dissemination of Knowledge ... of Knowledge of the Truth ... nationally and internationally is Citizen Power!