Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2004

Stark, dark realities facing Latin America and the World

Nationally and internationally, studying the latest urgent actions of the Venezuelan government, definitely, life in sheer ad hoc probabilities and mere pro forma possibilities is ending here and now.

Stark, dark, stormy, Orwellian realities are spreading very fast across Latin America and the world.

Millions and millions across the globe are already vegetating in sub-human life conditions, generated by corporate, imperialist ultra-exploitation and by bellicose, merciless oppression.

There is not much time left ... not much space to procrastinate anymore ... right in front of our very eyes are unfolding the Orwellian, fascist realities that we have described so often in previous commentaries.

This has nothing to do with "end times," with "Armageddon," with "Apocalypse," with painting Saddam or Bin Laden on the Mideast Wall of Woe ... rather it concerns extreme, alienated human production and virulent, globalized mass destruction.

Just to mention one of the acute dangers, ravaging continents already. AIDS, probably, as many scientists suspect, is one of the galaxy of US WMD's.  As everybody should know by now, it is part of the age-old, sinister UN population reduction plan, of the ruthless, corporate elimination of billions of already obsolete physical laborers.

As far as we can gather, like the US "Spanish Flu Virus" project mentioned in a previous commentary, it has been developed in military laboratories, and is presently being tested and experimented in Africa and elsewhere. Furthermore, it is "big business" and a significant part of the repressive instruments of Bush's foreign policy. Within the next two decades, it is programmed to produce the desired results: 55 million dead in Africa, and to reduce life expectancy to 33 years.

This is practically planned perennial genocide by global, fascist, social order, being committed by Corporate America and Europe, not only of infecting mercilessly innocent mothers and children, but also of brutally destroying half of their possible life span on earth, while in the major metropolitan countries for decades more, individual, elitist, virility and senility will continue to reign the world. Under Apartheid, this genocide by social order, this reduction of African poverty, was perfectly experimented and practiced for decades.

This is the silent "Fallujah," the Auschwitz, the My Lai, in Southern Africa that very few people notice. The "Plan Colombia," inter alia eliminating biodiversity, poisoning plants and animals, and destroying the natural habitat of millions, right here on the border of Venezuela, is part of these plans of population annihilation, camouflaged as "poverty elimination," as the "war against drug trafficking" and now as the "war against terrorism."

Furthermore, lest we forget, inexorably "shock and awe," "regime change," "collateral damage" continue every second ... soon it will be Iran's turn ... then Venezuela will follow once again. The USA, and its allies, now megalomaniac over the Ukraine, are permanently power-drunk when they sense black gold, see "terrorists" in oil-rich countries. Venezuela with its huge oil resources is one of the top targets for future fascist intervention.

And, as urgent as the following may seem, since decades many of us are endlessly still busy discussing Washington's favorite topics, its ideological "scapegoats": "civilization," "democracy," "peace," "human rights," "freedom," "populism," "nationalism" and "ideology" itself.

Nowadays in such critical times, in South Africa ... for example, the "freedom fighter" of yesteryear, in the true style of modern, pragmatic realpolitik ... Thabo Mbeki, visiting the bombastic, pharisaic funeral festival of a well-known US apartheid presidential veteran, still preoccupies himself with archaic, religious rites and political rituals, when, in reality, Africa swill soon be barren, desolate, that is, millions, whole nations, will be eradicated by AIDS.

An economic "sell-out," fighting for generic medicine against a weapon of mass destruction, vaccination, that probably brought AIDS to Africa, surely are not appropriate remedies to eliminate the corporate, imperialist plague. The total annihilation of the whole capitalist system in Africa is the only viable antidote against AIDS, parasites and blood-suckers.

The above is also valid for the aims and tasks of the Bolivarian Revolution in Latin America. This is the only way to stop the "death squads," the US-sponsored mercenaries, who are out to kill again, to bring about "regime change," to assassinate revolutionary leaders like Hugo Chavez Frias, Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe.

Just imagine, on the lives of these three presidents alone, over 600 attempts by the CIA have already been made. Fidel Castro is the top favorite for US manslaughter, is a candidate for the Book of Guinness. This is what Washington calls true "civilization" and "democracy."

Surely, within the current capitalist system, we have to attend to all our daily, immediate necessities ... to see, that the Russian arms sales for urgent self-defense will go according to plans, before the "Marines" enter Zulia; that the oil and gas of the Orinoco will be exploited as soon as possible, before oil itself becomes obsolete as source of global energy; while they still last, to protect the remaining natural environment and biodiversity there, to watch, that the natural hens of the indigenous peoples living in that region will continue to lay fine, delicious, Creole eggs; in Venezuela itself, not to place our democratic eggs all in one, single basket, and, in general, to note, that we should not count our revolutionary chickens before they are hatched, etc. As far as business, job opportunities, food production, profits, housing, health, pragmatism and realpolitik are concerned, all these are top priorities are vital, all are fine...

But, what is also revolutionary? What is making the revolution?

If we do not tell our peoples, the sovereign, the real, global, trans-historic truth ... for example, in detail, what precisely is capitalism, what is capitalist production in Venezuela, we are going to miss the trans-galactic emancipatory express train.

What should differentiate us from previous capitalist, reformist educators? Allow me to explain this philosophically in a compound, logical, picturesque framework.

Especially now at Christmas time ... when preferably we should celebrate our sacred Bolivar, Guaicaipuro, Lumumba, Allende, Ali Primera, Ho Chi Minh or Che Guevara, and preferably inform the whole world about our human beauty, humane truth and humanistic love ... will we support saintly Coca-Cola colored, capitalist consumption again?

If we do not inform our peoples daily about the uniform, capitalist, religious and ideological Mind and Thought Control mechanisms ... and, if our peoples themselves, by free choice, by free will ... do not transcend their eternal, ruminated "Si Dios lo quiere!" ... do not stop genuflecting in front of jealous, wrathful God-Men, like Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney ... do not begin to act, to think of, by and for themselves, then all our daily efforts, all our projects, all our self-sacrifices and revolutionary daydreams will be in vain, will end up in the next belligerent, globalized ashes and rubble of the current North American corporate imperialist holocaust, like it is happening right now in Iraq, and what is prepared next for Iran and North Korea.

This has to be done someday, when will we begin? Well, Franz, hic Rhodus, hic salta, here is the rose, dance! Even Jesus Christ demanded this: Knoweth Ye the Truth, and the Truth shall make Thee Free!"

For us, only Scientific Truth can be Human Power!

It is our only emancipatory hope to stop this coming Global Holocaust. In the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were forced to take this North American, fascist hemlock already.

Hence, as a result of millennia of capitalist pillage and rampage, in the name of crucified humanity, in the current, heartless world, in soulless conditions, logically, our flowing, multi-facetical, trans-historical Truth, the "Sigh of the Oppressed Creature" has become most unbearable, is most painful and deeply hurtful, has become part and parcel of our "revolution within the revolution" ... yet life under capitalist lies and imperialist hoaxes, based on a galaxy of mortal WMD's, is zillion times worse, see Fallujah! Here and now, when the very existence of the human species is at stake, really no reckless ideological rigmaroles should be possible anymore.

Ever since September 11, 2001, when the dust of the imploding "Twin Towers" did not subside as yet, we told our readers with scientific precision who did it, also why it had to be done. Repeatedly we have warned that the Truth is the Achilles' Heel of the USA -- there is nothing in the universe that it fears more.

While half of the globe, and certainly half of North America today still believe in Bush's horror fairy tale, the Germans, experts in such matters, were among the first not to buy the grandiose North American nazi hoax:

"BERLIN, July 23 (Reuters) - Almost one in three Germans below the age of 30 believes the US government may have sponsored the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, according to a poll published on Wednesday. And about 20% of Germans in all age groups hold this view, a survey of 1,000 people conducted for the weekly 'Die Zeit' said. It also said 68% of all Germans felt the media had not reported the full truth behind the attacks..."

Eighteen months ago, Jutta Schmitt asked the following, directly to the point, questions:

"How far is it from stealing an election, going to war on grounds of public deceit -- a war or rather military first strike assault that cynically broke international law and in which thousands of people have died --, to orchestrate the "spectacular" September 11th terrorist attacks, that have turned out to be the main and foremost political capital of the Bush Administration? Formulated in a different way: If the rights of ninety thousand American voters, the lives of uncounted Afghanis, thousands of Iraqis and some two hundred American military men are not worth a farthing for the Bush administration, why then should three thousand American civilian lives, lost on September 11, have bothered them?"

Anybody who would check out our web sites, chats, correspondence and debates, over the last three years, could easily verify what we said, and what today we still maintain concerning "September 11."

It was a typical Pearl Harbor, a Reichtagsbrand hoax to test atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to usher in fascism, German nazism, and now, to launch Global Fascism, the US "Fourth Empire", all these, just to try to save the capitalist mode of production, to stop the very world corporate imperialist system from crashing to pieces. The Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and Hussein fairy tales, "Human Trafficking in Venezuela", all form part of the Big Fascist Lie, of Newspeak, of Global Mind and Thought Control.

Finally, as Jutta Schmitt, on July 25, 2003, has commented in her article, "9/11 - Bush's main political asset is Death":

"Remains the huge question, after all that has been revealed about the Bush Junta's modus operandi and modus mentirandi in these past couple of weeks and months, beginning with the very presidential elections, what it still takes to rip off the veil and see the full extent of cynical planning that has been done and keeps being done to go through with what they themselves have called "Project for a New American Century" (which is nothing less than the project for the American-based, transnational corporations)?

Profit, as long as it still lasts, goes over people, their lives, efforts, hopes, aspirations and ... illusions.