Fiat lux! Pánta rhei!

Summing up, talking about "sacred things", as we have noted, Ancient Greek Idealism as Affirmation within the Cradle of "Western Philosophy" was not necessarily a negligible, dangerous counter-praxico-theoretical tendency towards "Nihil", and, vice versa, Materialism was not absolutely the negative denial, the alpha and omega of total disaster. As we pointed out throughout this writing, in History, in the Patria, affirmative and negative, cosmic and ontic dialectical and dialogical processes are at work, and they definitely work, they labour.

Moreover, for us, the Non-Relation between Nature and Society, Labour, Alienation, is not the castigating result of „original sin“, also not that "rats" -- slavocrats, autocrats, aristocrats, democrats and technocrats -- accidentally find themselves on the „negative“, on the "wrong" or "bad" side of human revolution-emancipation. Similarly, it is not a „capital or cardinal crime“, when individual members of the petit-bourgeoisie or middle-class, intellectuals and ideologues of global fascism, suddenly see the light, come to "reason" and decide to commit class-suicide and to throw in their lot with the revolutionary, emancipatory forces of history.

All this is not simply a formal-logical, a normative, ethical issue, a "friend-enemy" constellation. Also, not all members of the lower social classes, not all sectors of the lumpen-proletariat, of the proletariat or peasants are "angels" or "holy cows" per se.

Times of crisis, of social revolution, of transition, bring forth the real, true nature of anything and everybody; they all change themselves to full recognizability. Furthermore, in the transitional epoch from Production towards Creation, although the level of natural perception, the degree of social thought and the dimension of historic excellence are decisive for eventual human successes, yet, in the current global, globalized, equal, unequal, combined and neither-nor nexus of revolutionary and emancipatory relations we are not exempted from doing, thinking and surpassing all the current exploitative, dominating and discriminating relations, all of, by and for ourselves, not only Here and Now, but Anywhere, Anywhen, and Anyhow.

Thus, seen from this micro-meso-macroscopic angle of the total current labour catastrophe, we, the survivors, have no alternative but to surpass, to excel even our very own selves.

As we verified already, historically, in the Graeco-Roman world, it was class relations, positions and interests which had put to terms what was affirmative, „negative“, „positive“ or superlative, more precisely, superative.

And, in the same way, as the later „bourgeois“ of the 18th Century (who was not identical with the „citoyen“) was -- and today still is -- not fundamentally the transhistoric force or cosmic-ontic substratum of human emancipation; equally, the „comrade“ and "compatriota" of the 21st Century, as a consequence of lethal, eternal doses of religion and ideology, of brutal mind and thought control, and of fatal, reactionary malpractices, may very well still form part of the universal, intrinsic, intra-systemic, material and spiritual forces of human annihilation and alienation, might not be able anymore to nurture and cultivate real, revolutionary, proletarian internationalism and true, emancipatory, international proletarianism, might already be totally suffocated by Pessimism, Cynicism, Fatalism, Nihilism, Hedonism and Stoicism, might not be able anymore to accomplish the trialogical leap, the emancipatory exodus from this globalized, anti-historic "Vale of Woes".

To avoid this transhistoric calamity, at the eleventh hour, Humanity -- not doomed Ruling Class Man, and his loyal Henchmen -- has to achieve something new, original and authentic, something that it, she and he, never ever has done before, never ever has thought before, never ever has surmounted until now.

Concerning such sacred endeavours, as we have seen, at least, ab ovo usque ad mala the Ancient Greeks had generated and nurtured Science and Philosophy and Wisdom. Note: Sophía, Wisdom, Sapience -- that has nothing to do with homo sapiens sapiens, that is, with homo homini lupus -- came from the Magna Mater, from Gaia, from Pythia, from Minerva and her Owl, from Mother Nature.

This philosophic writing is a humble contribution, not only to know ourselves, but even more so, to learn to know, to find, and carefully to care our caring, creative Mother, Mater, Matter, Mother Nature; to cultivate, not agricultural feudalism and perverse absolutism, but really beautiful, truly exotic and excellent loving, reciprocal relations with her, not only on Earth, but far beyond the spatial-temporal limits and limitations of the Clouds of Magellan.





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