Cosmos I : Satz, Postulate

Before we proceed, just a few words concerning Satz, concerning a Postulate. In order to philosophize, a priori we have to put, to set, to place Something, as premise, as principle. A posteriori, our very philosophy will verify this postulate. As stated before, the "Presocratics" have postulated the arché, hyle, hydor, apeiron, aer, pyr, hen kai pan, sphairos, atomos, etc.; Plato settled the issue with the "idea", and Aristotle elevated it to the "morphé". (See: Franz J. T. Lee, History of Wisdom, Vol. I)

Summarizing the above: the crux of the matter is: if we do not think for ourselves, if we do not state our scientific principles, if we do not set our philosophical postulates ourselves, then we have to be happy that someone else does this for us, then we have to accept the principles and premises of others, without any rational possibility of ever questioning them or criticizing them at all. And, even if we should try to do so, then, in academic circles, we will never ever be "philosophically correct".  Obviously, in this case, we will become very easy prey for the gaping Mental Holocaust, become barbarian victims, "speaking tools" (Aristotle) of the international mass media, of "information", indoctrination, manipulation, mind and thought control, of current, global, Orwellian "Newspeak".

Furthermore, because billions of us have never been taught to act and to think for ourselves, hence, on which scientific and philosophic grounds could we develop a creative world outlook, when we do not even have a single principle or postulate whatsoever, when we ourselves are not able even to formulate a single, authentic, original idea? And, even if we should try to do so, then it will be classified as being "wrong" or  "false". Id est: how can we think of, by and for ourselves, when we adopt a pure, receptive, passive, beggar-like intellectual attitude towards the very basics of action, thought and excellence? Here, we ourselves learn to think for ourselves, we set the rules, the principles, the methods, the logics.  What the Imperialist and Corporate World fears since ages is the Truth, is that billions will discover the truth about capitalism, will begin to think, will see the inherent systemic, systematic lies, the exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation, will use the Truth to emancipate themselves. This is what the USA fear most in the current Cuban and Venezuelan Revolutions. This is why they have to be crushed, why urgent "regime change" is top priority.
For example, President Hugo Chávez Frías honoured and guaranteed oil deliveries, signed contracts with the USA, offering them all the oil they need for the next decades, but they want more, the very Bolivarian revolutionary spirit, that is yearning for thought, education, emancipation.

Besides, how can we think and know with incisive precision those premises which others have postulated void of our intellectual participation or rational contribution, and how can we verify the veracity of our knowledge and thoughts concerning these very theorems which form the basis of Patrian tradition, culture and civilization? About Oriental, Arab, African, South American or Southern Science and Philosophy, we barely know anything at all. In this "spirit", here you have our postulates -- separate, independent, non-related, not derived or derivable from each other, affirmative, identifiable, not identical, different, trifferent, etc.

Very simplified, let's follow the various steps, the train of thought.


COSMOS (Green);


At a later stage, in our Multi-Logics or Non-Logics,  we could postulate or non-postulate more, much more.

Note that we use the tools of language (all genres), of words, speech, symbols, sounds, images, etc. -- but they are just vehicles of action, thought and excellence; they themselves are not identical to the above-mentioned phenomena; they themselves do not act, think or excel anything, e.g., they do not think for us. Also they could express anyone of the three: e.g., Act, Thought or Excellence. Acts formulated in Words, giving Orders, are not necessarily identical to Thoughts reflected in Speech, expressing Philosophy. Not even Scientific and Philosophic Terms, even if both of them use the same concept, Matter, are identical. What Aristotle understood by the concept "Matter" is completely different from Einstein's idea of "Matter". Also, Prayers directed towards the transcendental Heavenly Father, written in Words in the Holy Bible, express neither Praxis nor Theory, rather a very special divine "relation" or rather "non-relation" to the Far Beyond, to Belief, to ruling class Make-Believe.



At whim, at random, because the "order" of our postulates has very little to do with first, primordial, archaic or original things, in spatial and temporal parameters, rather let's look in a non-related manner at one of our postulates, at Cosmos. Don't forget, it is postulated, it is formulated in language, words, symbols, colours. Hence, we think it, we express it in words, in language, in something alien to itself.

Thus, Cosmos is, not itself, is a Thought-Thing, our "Gedankending". It is an Idea, a Thought about a Thing. It is not the Thing Itself, not the Thing-In-Itself, is not the Kantian "Ding-An-Sich". It is our postulate, we have to verify it, discover scientifically and philosophically what it really and truly is all about. This Thing that we are approximating, as telos, as objective, as anticipation, as expectation, we could call  Kosmos, or anything else for that matter, but it is not the Cosmos, that we talk about here. Our Unilogics or Trialogics have to approximate its real, true Essence. To know the Thing-In.Itself, to know Kosmos, we have to be Cosmos ourselves, must participate in Kosmos itself. Meanwhile, we are just identifying our Thought-Thing, our Cosmos. We are trying to identify our myriad of thought-things, trees, cows, stones, moons, planets, stars, atoms, scalar waves, ELF waves, Pentagon Aliens, etc. We have been cut off from Kosmos, across our Labour relation, our perverse Non-Relation, "Nature - Society"; hence, invented space and time barriers separate us, alienate us from Kosmos, have isolated, insulated us, hence we need space ships, Scramjets, huge laboratories of atom physics, the MIT, to reach Kosmos, that, in reality, finds itself right here in front of our very noses, in our very Human Being, in our Natural Essence. 

About Kosmos itself, as Gorgias formulated it, all of us, in all probability, do not have the slightest notion. However, as we will see later, at the trialogical mension of Nothing, triagorically, we will challenge this patrian alienated state of affairs. Furthermore, note that in our Cosmos all the connotations of Being, of Essence, that we mentioned before, are included. Cosmos is not a rock, a dead duck, vulgar materialism; it is not the formal-logical "A", it is our epistemological premise.

Although artificially we are defining, isolating Cosmos here, it is important to note that for us, Cosmos is not that what is designated in everyday language as "objective reality", "external reality", "physical world", "explicate order", some dualistically separated entity, as something totally excluded from the wonderful "internal or spiritual world" of Man, of the Human Being. As Thought-Thing, it is related to Thought, to our other Postulate, to EINAI:


In the following chapter we will learn that Cosmos acts, that We act.