A Trialogical Approximation

By  Franz J. T. Lee


Volume One


Mérida, Venezuela, 2003.
© 2003 Franz J. T. Lee  All Rights Reserved.





A Simple Approximation  


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Cosmos I : Satz, Postulate
Cosmos II
EINAI -- Acting  a n d  Thinking
COSMOS  a n d  EINAI --
Acting  a n d  Thinking

What is EINAI?
How does EINAI exist?
EINAI: Picking Up The Threads  a n d Trails

Difference AND Trifference --  Preliminary Thoughts

Drawing the Necessary Trialogical Conclusions




A General Introduction

Many of us do not like to think, to theorize, to philosophize, would find this simply a waste of precious time. And yet, we will find no other way of liberating, of emancipating ourselves, unless we begin to learn to act, to think and to excel, of, by and for ourselves. Those who are free already, are living in a free opulent society, of course, have no problem whatsoever anymore. Nonetheless, as we know, billions do not enjoy this capitalist privilege, to them this opus is dedicated.

To learn to act, to think and to excel, of, by and for ourselves, imply that WE do these things ourselves. Until now mainly our official actors, thinkers, teachers, professors and priests have taught us how to develop our human faculties, and even they themselves were taught by others, ad infinitum. Definitely, we also know that the ruling ideas of any epoch have
always been the ruling ideas of the respective ruling classes. Across the millennia official science, philosophy and theology served the ruling class interests of the respective ruling mode of production.

Certainly, all these presuppose other tools of communication, of expression, of incision and precision, however, for the time being, we will use known words, language, symbols, sounds, colours, etc. In this book, what painstakingly has to be understood, be grasped, be excelled, are our very own Acts, Thoughts and Sapience, and not that what is commonly understood by them; in general, we will try to stay as close as possible to the common meanings of current words and concepts, however, our trialogics necessarily will express very intricate formulations and multi-relations, that is, will connote our own specific trialogical interpretations. Thus, it is not necessary to consult any dictionary, text-book or philosophic genius in order to understand our science and philosophy. Just as reality, the truth, flows, ever-flows and over-flows, so our knowledge intensifies, expands, grows, matures and transcends. 

It is of great importance that the reader, the student, the philosopher, take note of these fertile extras; they form important emancipatory elements of our Science, Philosophy and Wisdom. Where necessary we will formulate new words, our own concepts, e.g., like trifference, transjective, percept, transcept, diagory, triagory, mension, unimension, trialogics, etc. For the first time, we act, we think, we excel, hence, we decide what is to be understood by any word or concept: this is our authenticity, originality and novum. Hence, the open-minded student should follow
very carefully our logic, our trialogics, our multi-logics. 

One of the existential conditions, the conditio sine qua non to create ideas -  not words without any ontic content -  to formulate the three "T's", for thinking, thought, and theory, is philosophy. To be able to understand ideas, thought and  theory, one has to be a philosopher, that is, on any level, degree or mension of human endeavours. Children across the globe are excellent philosophers. If we do not even understand our very own method in our own "madness", then, how could we know what we are doing, thinking and surpassing? How could we understand others, anything for that matter?

As a simple guide towards philosophic and emancipatory understanding, we are publishing this introductory philosophic treatise. It reflects serious food for thought, is by no means perfect or absolute; as stated above, permanently
its contents, its truth and beauty lovingly will flow, ever-flow, over-flow. Here we cannot deal fully with the intricate machinations of the globalized Mental Holocaust, of mind and thought control, of human alienation, that have been launched since millennia, as religion, ideology and disinformation; this would presuppose the intelligent creativity of a huge global collective of the best emancipatory brains of mankind,  but, because we do not have any favourable circumstances, no alternative, valiantly we ourselves, with all our human disabilities and disadvantages, must commence, somehow, somewhere. The very earthly essence and existence of the human species, action, thinking and thought, are currently at stake. New acts necessitate new thoughts, and new thoughts generate original actions. What is new is something that has never been done or thought before, and that will not be repeated anymore.

The birth pangs of the trialogical cosmovision is what is in the air, and it is surely not meant to torture, terrify or horrify anybody. It is just a simple, general, tender  approach, an exotic, erotic práxico-theoretical approximation towards a beautiful, true and loving Science  a n d  Philosophy  AND  Emancipation, generated by our transitional era, by our epoch-making solar and galactic realities.  On this daring voyage towards the perilous, unknown aurora, towards other creative modes of transcendence, there are no super-strings attached; consequently, without any hurt heart feelings, anybody who is not interested, cannot accompany us, could capitulate right now already. The sojourn towards other spheres and worlds is gratis, costs nothing. In fact, we should excel the geo- and heliocentric -- the unilateral Above, Here, Below, the formal Macro, Meso and Micro -- cosmovisions, and consider a myriad of other logical and non-logical approaches. 

Certain truths are definite, in global fascism, to survive, to survey "awestruck", to purview "shock and awe", to escape the plutonium depleted cluster-bombs, we have to be adamant, audacious and excellent. In defence, in self-defence, we have to develop our own "full-spectrum-emancipation", our own Invisible, Invulnerable, Invincible Emancipatory Weapons. We have to create the New, the Original, the Authentic, the Superb, in a transvolutionary way, as the world, especially Corporate Capitalism, has never seen them, and will never ever see them again.

Firstly, what's the reason to accomplish all these? Obviously, if we do not know anything about each other's science and philosophy, how will we relate, communicate, discuss and debate with each other? How would we inter-relate our opinions about world events, terrorism, fascism, globalization? Our discussions would just resemble the non-related world news reports on CNN. Otherwise, they will just reflect an intellectual hick-hack, a mental brawl, to prove our own ossified points, a display of how perfectly "right" and "correct" our individual brilliant views are; it would be an eternal, dualistic, formal-logical rigmarole, but will not result in a fructiferous world outlook, in a capitalist exodus at all.

To start, secondly, let us elucidate very briefly the raison d'être of our scientific, philosophy endeavours. Why a New Science and Philosophy? Are the "old" ones not answering all possible universal questions? Yes, they do. We accept, affirm, identify their discoveries and brilliance; consciously and conscientiously, we study their illustrious ideas, theories, knowledge and wisdom, how little they talk about the billions of pauperized masses; also, we register their accumulated wealth, technology, profits and capital. They express our human roots, they form our radix, they determine our radical essence and existence, they exform us how to eradicate the very "root of all evil", contemporary global fascism.  Furthermore, they inform us about the "Discovery of America", Pearl Harbour, about the "Twin Towers", about HAARP, about Mkultra, the "Manchurian Candidate", the Philadelphia Experiments, the Pentagon Aliens, the  "Super-String Theories", ELF and Scalar Waves, Scramjets, etc.

But, even they are renewing, renovating, refreshing themselves, have experienced - and still do -- a Renaissance, Reformation, Revolution and Globalization. However, by affirming all these, we still are not yet negating their invaluable findings, that express and reflect realities, the global reality, past, present and future. With an open mind, with scholarly humility and intellectual nobility, we learn, study and investigate them. We learn to know them, including all their relations and non-relations. This is our "point of departure", but we are not blinded, blind-folded, are not myopic about their eternal, absolute "truths".

We notice that this world, in which we live and die, is basically a two-sided universe ("A", "Non-A"). It is only "A, and is "A" forever more. This universe of the fatherland, cum grano salis, is one simple postulate; it has two sides, but it abhors contradictions, relations. It barely can relate its own, two inner, internal parts, this would be a contradiction ("A  a n d  Non-A"). It basically is dancing a two-by-two dualistic tango; the dancers, "A" and "Non-A", barely touch each other. Universal Man tries to solve, to resolve all contradictions, to change the world into itself, into "A". Motion, progress, development are the spatial auto-productions and temporal self-reflections of its very own inner "Non-A", that "A" itself, by all Maquiavellian means and Orwellian ends, again wants to reduce to its Unity, to its Rest, to its Peace, to its Rest In Peace.

Sapiently, across the millennia ruling class, elitist Man has developed his own Science and Philosophy. He operates with mental or intellectual concepts like God, Spirit, Essence, Being, Society, Theology, Religion, Meditation, Philosophy, Idea, Idea of the Idea, Form, Idealism, Theory, Subject, Good, Quality, Peace, Right, Truth, Hope, Charity, White, Civilized, Developed, Capitalism, Reason, Rich, etc. -- all qualities of the one and only universal postulate, of "A", of its "Affirmation", of its Unomnia, of its Hen Kai Pan.

Reluctantly, he developed, produces and will reproduce terms like Cosmos, Matter, Substance, Nature, Science, Physics, Existence, Act, Action, Content, Quantity, natura naturata, natura naturans, Materialism, Practice, Praxis, Object, Bad, Wrong, Lie, Despair, Vice, War, Terror, Black, Barbarism, Under-Developed, Poor, Communism, Evil, etc. -- all quantities of the universal postulate, "A", as its changing, fading "Non-A", of its "Negation".

In spite of concrete reality, that reflects other realities too, officially, these dualistic human values are being placed in contradiction to each other, the one cannot relate to the other, cannot convert itself into the other -- "we'll always have rich and poor", "everything is relative", never can the closed, limited system "A" convert itself completely into its very own "Non-A", into "communism", into "terrorism"; the status quo, the establishment, the "homeland", the "Patria", the thesis, whether in formal or dialectical logics can never be "Non-A", can impossibly be "A and Non-A", is forbidden ever to be "Neither A Nor Non-A", that is, to be "B", "C", ..., etc. We live in an "A"-, in a Uni-verse, we can only uni-verse with ourselves, we are simply uni-versal.

All this, we note, study, accept and understand. We notice the limits and limitations of such a geocentric and heliocentric formal logical and dialectical, introversial, controversial, universal world outlook. Idealists depart from their single, universal postulate "A", from their "Being", from their "Sein", mainly from God, Spirit, Logos, Idea, Affirmation, Society, Essence, etc., and this they call the flow of History, the Highway towards Liberty and Freedom.

Materialists also depart from their "Being", from a single postulate, "A", from Matter, Substance, Praxis, Nature, etc. -- and this they also call the flow of History. In the former case, Matter is a by-product, an excrement of the Spirit; in the latter case, it is in reverse.

In the final analysis, the whole, dominant Western Philosophy, generated since Thales of Miletus, reflecting the progressive accumulation of Capital,  turns out to be a simple Juliet paradox: "Oh Spirit, oh Spirit, wherefore art thou Spirit? Call thyself by any other name (Matter) and thou shallst sound just as universal!". Thus, just virtually, as virtual reality, Spirit and Matter, Essence and Existence, Society and Nature, Affirmation and Negation, Thesis and Antithesis, Unity and Contradiction, stand in opposition to each other, contradict each other, de facto, they are both dualistic chips of the same lonely, lonesome, universal block.

Philosophically, an apparently third vision appeared, that often is being treated like a step-child of human thought: existentialism and/or nihilism. According to Existentialism, -- Germany, Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers; France, Gabriel Marcel and Jean-Paul Sartre (personalistic), -- Maurice Merleau-Ponty (phenomenology); Spain, José Ortega y Gasset; Russia, Nikolay Berdyayev; Italy, Nicola Abbagnano -- Existence, not Being, is always particular and individual, is "I and Thou", is a specific "mode of Being'; "my" existence, "your" existence, "her/his" existence. Human Existence, not Human Being, "Dasein", "There-Being" is always Existence as being-in-the-world; hence, the emphasis is on Existence; and Existence is "in", is systemic Being-In-The-World! This is why everybody wants to be "in" -- wants to change the world only from "with-in", is affirming the exploitative, oppressive, discriminating, militarized, alienating status quo

However, although it claims to oppose idealism, that stresses Consciousness, Spirit, Reason, Idea, or God, in the last analysis, existentialists also just have a singular, idealist postulate, Being, Spirit -- because Existence is just a mode, an appearance form of Being-in-the-World. So, here it just seems that we have traces of a "Third Way", but, its postulate is just another variant of Spirit and Matter. Whether you call the philosophic variants Theism or Atheism, Empiricism or Positivism, Cynicism or Scepticism, Determinism or Indeterminism, Gnosticism or Agnosticism, they all meet each other again in a universal, single, closed, spatial, temporal world system, in the One, in the One And All. 

However, the most hated philosophic trend, nihilism, has much more realistic "third way" philosophic tenets; its Ancient Greek Father is the Sophist Gorgias, -- who generally is associated with radical scepticism, or even relativism, -- who negated Being thrice, denying (negating) all Human Being (Essence) and all Human Non-Being (Existence), even all human knowledge and all human reality itself:

Nothing exists, or if it does exist it cannot be known, or if it exists and is knowable it cannot be communicated to another.

Thus, Nihil, Nothing, Nothingness, transcends Being and Existence, it is Neither Being Nor Existence; it is something trifferent, can be postulated as Nothing-In-Itself. That's why Gorgias insisted that chariots do not race across the sea.
Since ages, this is what Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism, what Globalization, Corporate Euro-America, wanted, still want us to believe, across the mass media, forever want to make-believe.
See: Franz J. T. Lee, History of Wisdom, 2003.)

Across the Dark Ages, in spite of the Inquisition, in various heretic movements, camouflaged as mysticism, especially around the teachings of Meister Eckhart ("God and Nothing is the same.") , clandestinely these nihilist ideas survived, eventually reaching 19th-century Russia as "scepticism" in the writings of N. I. Nadezhdin. During the early years of the reign of Alexander II, he applied them to Aleksandr Pushkin, as also V. Bervi did later in 1858. Finally, in philosophic sado-masochism, he succeeded to wedlock nihilism with scepticism. In literature, Ivan Turgenev, in his famous novel Fathers and Sons (1862) popularized the figure of Bazarov as a typical "nihilist", a kind of "devilish" Hussein, Chávez, Castro or bin Laden.

The term "nihilist" itself, like "terrorist" today, became an ideological ad hominem scape-goat attack against the "curse of the time", against all those who were acting and thinking differently than the established global status quo, thus, downgrading all nihilists to crazy, dangerous, dishevelled, untidy, unruly, ragged lumpen-(wo)men, to Chávez followers, to  "recogelatas", who hate the glorious, noble, established tradition and social order. In Russia, it is of interest to note that "nihilism" was precisely associated with "terrorism", and the revolutionary movements against Czarism, eventually turned the tables and accused the very regicide of Alexander II (1881) itself of "terrorism", a similar global phenomenon we could witness concerning the current democratic "anti-terrorism" of the United States. The USA and Europe turn out to be the greatest terrorists of all times.

Here is a general explanation of what nihilism is all about:

"Fundamentally, nihilism represented a philosophy of negation of all forms of aestheticism; it advocated utilitarianism and scientific rationalism. The social sciences and classical philosophical systems were rejected entirely. Nihilism represented a crude form of positivism and materialism, a revolt against the established social order; it negated all authority exercised by the state, by the church, or by the family. It based its belief on nothing but scientific truth; science became the cure-all for social problems. All evils, nihilists believed, derived from a single source - ignorance - which science alone would overcome."
( )

Again, we affirm, study and accept all these interesting nihilist and scepticist ideas, with all their natural, social and historical complications and implications. We include them in our philosophic deliberations. In fact, as Step One, we have become intellectually "enriched", affirming Idealism, Materialism, Existentialism, Nihilism, including their philosophic tinctures and mixtures. Precisely this never ever happens in the global superstructure of being eternally only "correct", "right" or "wrong", or even being just down-right "contradictory".

We go even much further: escaping from the universal, unitary jail of the fatherland, -- following the sapient advice of Bias of Priene, in true omnia mea mecum porto style, we carry all that we have, with us -- we leave the Sphere of Universal Science and Philosophy, of Unilateral Knowledge and Uniform Wisdom. Transversally, trialogically, we postulate the totality of Being and/or Essence of precisely these seemingly different world outlooks, separately, as independent, non-related, identifiable entities, as not being derived from each other; as trifferent postulates: as Cosmos, Einai, Nothing; - as Science, Philosophy, Wisdom; - as Matter, Spirit, Nihil; - as Nature, Society, History;- as Affirmation, Negation, Superation, etc.