(Videos) What is Revolution? What is Emancipation?

A Brief Introduction by Franz J. T. Lee

To begin. Nearly all the main words, concepts and conceptions that we use to describe modern history, like revolution, renaissance, reformation, religion and reform, were coined and filled with ruling class interests and connotations without the intellectual participation of the exploited slaves, peasants and workers. The above are ruling ideas of the various ruling classes.

Words and language are very inadequate means of communication, they can barely capture an inkling of social flowing processes, they do not think for us. By rote we could learn a million words, and still remain as ignorant as ever. However, if pretty soon we will not start to think all of, by and for ourselves, here and now, others, for example, Murdoch or Bill Gates surely will be thinking for us, will swamp our skulls with fascist 'newspeak'. There is no antidote against pathological  obscurantism, also there is no substitute for emancipatory intelligence.

Enjoy these creative glimpses about the anticipatory concepts revolution and emancipation.