Is HAARP again at work in Venezuela?

By Franz J. T. Lee

NEWLY UPDATED VERSION: September 26, 2010 -
2.00 pm local time.

Every time when there are decisive elections in Venezuela, whether they take place in December or September, suddenly, for days, the country is being assaulted by  floods, like in the past case of Vargas.

Definitely, here is currently sabotage at work, combined with the floods which are killing people, destroying their houses, and damaging infrastructures; the very elections are in danger of being affected in their proper development. It cannot be ruled out that we will have sporadic electricity 'black-outs' too.

We warned about HAARP in the past: obviously, what is happening here now has all the characteristics of a covert military operation of the HAARP type of geophysical weapons. These types of attacks seem like natural disasters, and it is very difficult scientifically to prove their real origins. However, it is precisely an attribute of the new arms of mass destruction that their application and destruction seem to be identical to those of natural disasters, they appear like earthquakes, droughts or floods. Out of ignorance some even believe that this new military technology, that these attacks are divine punishments.

At the moment we should be very careful. The devastating global crisis that sweeps across all countries is a reflection of the decomposition of capitalism. We can expect anything from the USA and their NATO allies in the region. Venezuela is the major military target of corporate imperialism.

 One thing is sure, no matter what we criticize about the Bolivarian Revolution and the democratic government of President Chavez, there must be a reason why they are  under permanent attack since their very inception. It is also interesting to note who and what are attacking Venezuela. Why it is a 'failed society', part of the 'axis of evil' and is practically classified as a 'rogue state'.

The alternative to the Bolivarian Revolution is national and continental fascism. This is not ideological wishful thinking, this the aftermath of the military coup of 2002 has verified sufficiently. This is the very reason why we critically support the Caracas government.

Under normal fair elections there would be no problem to win a two thirds majority in the national assembly. The working peoples of Venezuela, the two thirds majority of emancipatory hope and gains, know pretty well what would happen when the 'Caracazo' administrators should get into power again.

Yes, today HAARP is sowing sabotage wind, it will reap electoral storm, popular victory.