(Videos) The Necessity of global revolutionary praxis and theory - Communist Manifesto - collapse of Capitalism - emancipatory 'exvolution'
(Parts 5 & 6) 

By Franz J. T. Lee


Dialectically, by inter-relating the 'best' that bourgeois, revolutionary capitalism has produced - British national economy, German objectivist idealism and French political practice - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels created the 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' (1848) as global praxis and theory of proletarian socialist emancipation. It will only become obsolete when capitalism itself has vanished into galactic oblivion.

The opposite of violence is not peace, on the contrary, peace complements violence; dialectically, they form two sides of the very same global class struggle, of the labor process, of history.

When capitalist exploitation of nature and workers is 'peaceful', when nobody is on strike, when the wage slaves have swallowed bourgeois ideology, bait, hook, sinker and shark, when they are docile, submissive and religious, when the process of production, distribution, consumption, profit-maximization and of world power has no limits, when all goes well in the closed system, in the systemic jail, , this is called world peace, democracy, development, progress, globalization. 

However, when capitalism is in severe crisis, is collapsing into mortal economic recession, like now, then the State becomes more bellicose than ever, it then reduces the historic economic gains of workers' struggles to nothing, it murders radicals, Palestinians, Arabs, 'Blacks', gypsies and Marxists, uses its terrorist prerogative, its genocidal monopoly of violence, ... then we see the real grimace of 'democracy', of imperialism; yes, this is real world fascism, true terrorism, the murderous essence of capitalism.

Human emancipation is neither violence nor peace, it transcends both, towards creativity and creation. ... but,

MORE about this in our NEXT two videos of a series of six.

Part 5

URL: http://www.4shared.com/video/k8pNX5xy/EMANCIPATION_PART_2B.html

Part 6

URL: http://www.4shared.com/video/mgg6lQ8E/EMANCIPATION_PART_2C.html


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