What more does it take to waken the US workers from their state of self-denial?

By Franz J. T. Lee

What more does it take to waken the American workers from their total,  mesmerized state of self-denial?

By Franz J. T. Lee

In the 'Project for a New American Century' and many other military-strategic documents available for public insight on the Internet, the elitist warlords of the military-industrial complex have told the world what globalization, 'full spectrum dominance' and 'military humanism' are all about. Global think tanks like the 'Club of Rome' and the de facto 'One World Elite Parliament', better known as the 'Bilderberg Group', have begun to disclose their ultimate purpose which is no less than the construction of a 'One World Government'.

The 'bourgeois sorcerer'
Marx and Engels had warned about in their 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' in 1848, who no longer is able to control the powers of the netherworld he conjured up, has become a stark reality. The global Corporate Underworld has let escape a truly apocalyptic force which is now running havoc on a global scale, opening a myriad of Pandora Boxes whose evils range from oil wells to oil wars to world wars.

The 'fossil energy' of capitalism has become its self-destructive weapon with which it is committing suicide. History, the past, has shown that when a mode of production enters into decline and starts giving way to a different one, a radical change in its basic forms of energy announce the dawn of the new mode of production. However, all that the capitalist mode of production has been announcing with its latest oil catastrophes is self-destruction and total annihilation which won´t be able to give way to any other form of human organization of whatever nature on this planet. Barbarism and death cannot give way to socialism, cannot give way to life.

In planetary time and space parameters, we are witnessing the mortal curse of capitalism, that is, its self-destructive dynamics. The mere fact that capitalism has come into existence, allowed to prosper by man, by work, or rather by the exploitation of man by man, of labor force, is an indicator of its inexorable death. Or as Hegel said, all that comes into existence merits to perish - that is, history, planet Earth, our very Solar System will necessarily convert themselves into stardust some day.  At present, we are witnessing the system's death drive, seeing its Socratic birth mark of wars and destruction. Hence, the conversion of forces of production into forces of destruction is indicating the final collapse of the capitalist world order and of human 'civilization' as we have known it. After the current oil disasters, after what seems to be a kind of perverse 'oil wars', our planet, and with it even life in the solar system, will not be the same anymore. It took our solar system 4.7 billion years to form, it took our planet Earth about 4.5 billion years to form, it took hundreds of millions of years for life to form on planet Earth, but it only took some millennia for the original accumulation of capital and barely two centuries for capitalism to come of age on planet Earth, and it will just take a couple of decades more for corporate capitalism and capitalist corporatism to destroy what cosmic nature and natural cosmos brought about in billions of years of experimentation.

What a crime my countrymen and women!

To destroy something living is to destroy its life energy. Capitalism's life energy is oil. Lately, we have seen massive oil hemorrhages bleeding into the Gulf of Mexico, into Michigan's Kalamazoo River, into the Chinese port of Dalian. Are these accidents or acts of sabotage in a perverse kind of "oil wars"? Does the Gulf of Mexico oil spill form part and parcel of a variegated attack against United States World Hegemony? The USA, like Spain and Holland and Great Britain before in history, is declining as a world power and is being seriously challenged by China, now the world's second largest economy and expected to overtake the United States in about 10 to 15 years. Or are we seeing the ground being prepared for the open establishment of a One World Government to rule over our dying one-world-capitalism with draconian, dictatorial measures in place to control and eventually eliminate a big part of the world's jobless, homeless, powerless, meaningless, 'useless' population?

* why was British Petroleum allowed to drill in such a geographically
   unstable region?
* why did the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of oil drilling  
   occur exactly on the celebration of Earth Day 2010?
* why, after the explosion, were military SWAT teams put in charge of
   guarding oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico?
* was the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig an accident or an act  
   of war?
* why did China suffer a similar accident barely three months later?
* why did one of the world's largest pipelines, carrying oil from the US to
   Canada, 'get damaged', causing a mayor environmental catastrophe and
   threatening to reach the Great Lakes' freshwater system?
* why is there a sudden shortage of emergency treatment
   drugs in the USA,
leaving Gulf Coast residents without medication in the
   face of the disastrous health impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

What more does it take to wake up the workers of the world to see and fight against the unfolding global disaster?

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