Oil Leaks in the Gulf of Mexico threatening all Plant, Animal and Human Life on Planet Earth

By Franz J. T. Lee

Millions here in Venezuela and elsewhere do not seem to be informed about the imminent danger which is facing mankind as a result of the huge oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not a matter of closing a hole here and there.It is a matter of life or death. Below we will just indicate the real problem, warn about a possible extinction of life on planet Earth about a global agony over the next years and decades.

It is not the first time that the experimentum mundi, the experiment which Mother Nature is carrying out with herself, that planetary life is mortally being threatened by extinction. The bourgeois capitalist mode of destruction is hell bent on annihilating life, which took millions of years to come into existence, within two or three centuries. Over billions of years, many times already sparks of possible  organic life, sensorial certainty and social consciousness in a myriad of terrestrial levels, degrees and forms had been in imminent danger of partial or total extinction due to sudden natural changes in the climate and other structural processes in the solar environment as a result of cosmic causes,  tendencies and latencies. Surely at the dawn of humanity, Proconsul africanus, our ancient forefather, who had lived some 30 000 000 years ago on the 'Dark Continent' did not experience the last fatal cataclysm which destroyed over 90% of earthly life. He, and she, as intrinsic creations of Mother Nature had a simple natural death, a transmutation, which lasted hundred thousands of years,  to other spheres, other worlds. other transgalactic realities. Unfortunately, one of the successors of Ancient Man is ruling class homo homini lupus, the real discoverer of labor, of merciless economic exploitation of nature and society.

Transhistorically, in our eon, the next natural cataclysm was already on its way. However, in their insatiable hunger for profits, power, torture, terror and privileges, for 'full spectrum dominance' and 'military humanism', prematurely, as modern ruling classes, as corporate industrial elites, in total megalomania and treachery lost total control over their unilateral, unilinear production, of capitalist chaotic over-production, and thus placed mankind in complete jeopardy. Worse even, they are bringing  about the first man-made global catastrophe, which for nearly 7 000 000 000 people could terminate in post-barbarism, in a terrestrial, galactic 'death zone'.

At any event, for millions of workers, victims of an Orwellian  cruel 'mental holocaust', of 'Newspeak', ignorance is bliss, for those who still care, who still have some emancipatory sparks, some human feeling or love, it is folly, extremely dangerous, to be wise. Around the Gulf of Mexico over 15 million persons are in imminent danger, and yet they are so near to the fleeting moments of death, that they cannot see the red warning red lights from the collapsing World Market, the World Trade Organization and the ominous Twin Towers. The military 'assets' and 'rats' are already leaving the sinking Titanic in the Gulf of Mexico. The millions of poor people, descendants of African slaves, have nowhere to go, except accept the 'blood and dirt' of agonizing capital (Marx).

What happened in the region of the Gulf of Mexico millions of years ago which could occur any moment again, if not stopped according to experts immediately, within six months?

What did corporate military megalomania of an international syndicate of mega-war criminals do to Mother Earth, to her kith and kin?

Leaving all religious fairy tales or horror stories aside, according to stringent studies of world renowned prehistorians, geologists and natural scientists, on planet Earth about 251 million years ago occurred the 'Permian extinction event'. In chain reaction, a colossal undersea methane gas bubble exploded, poisoned the atmosphere and eventually killed 96% of planetary life which till then has developed across aeons.

Certainly, this event had changed the cosmic creation of life on planet Earth, what survived was just a fragment of the experiment. Who knows perhaps homo homini lupus is a child of this catastrophe.

However, not enough!

55 million years later, during the so-called 'Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM)', which lasted about 100,000 years,
the next methane gas bubble erupted and the series of explosions destroyed once more over 90% of terrestrial life. Who knows what precious, archaic, human attributes and factors were again destroyed!  

What is the relevance of all this with reference to the current oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and others possibly elsewhere?

On the face value, according to the Empire of Murdoch, CNN, the reports of British Petroleum (BP) and United States President Barack Obama: the oil leak will soon be stopped and the weather will be fine again in the USA!

According to an article of Terrence Aym. "Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event": 

"Those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today called the Gulf of Mexico."

The fact of the matter is that another methane bubble exists undersea in the current Gulf of Mexico and in all probability naturally it would explode again in some thousands or millions of years. This time corporate imperialism in its oil 'vampirism' went too far by deep drilling for oil in a most delicate area of planet Earth.

However, even if by luck we should escape the next man-made methane explosion, then surely would await us other dangers: white phosphorous bombs, the arsenals of arms of mass destruction, electro-magnetic weapons, the HAARP type of projects, ... which can produce earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, droughts, projects which could even move planets out of their orbits, ... also the Swiss CERN Project, and in health services, the chips and nanobots in our brain tissues, all these, inter alia, to control the global wage slaves. The modern post-Orwellian Horror and Terror Cabinet of Dr. Mabuse is awaiting us too.

What is really hair-raising, most troublesome, is to know really how dangerous is the situation in the Gulf of Mexico for the whole of humanity. Because of censorship and prohibition to enter the affected areas ...  which show the real delicate situation ...  veritable news are very scanty, but here and there also the truth leaks through the perforated cordon of treachery. Certain facts cannot be hidden from the public anymore, even BP is forced to admit that they do exist.

Finally, what is the bottom line?

"BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years. ". (Ibid.)

What BP and Obama are not telling us is very simple: Apart from other occult factors BP drilled deeply down into a geologically very dangerous zone and probably did cause a premature release of a mammoth methane bubble.

If this should be true, then the lives of 15 million people living in that region are in immediate danger. If not, well, then we would still have a new lease of life to face the next late capitalist disaster.

According to the theories and investigations of Northwestern University's Gregory Ryskin and other scientists the methane disaster is already taking on apocalyptic shape.

If he sea bed really is ruptured and the methane gas would explode,

* The people living in the Gulf Coast will be the first exposed to poisonous, cancer causing chemical gases.

* Methane is now already streaming through the porous, rocky seabed at an accelerated rate and gushing from the borehole of the first relief well.

* The upper level strata of the ocean floor is succumbing to greater and greater pressure. That pressure is causing a huge expanse of the seabed-estimated by some as spreading over thousands of square miles surrounding the BP wellhead-to bulge.

We need not describe more .... This is the greatest danger that humanity ever has experienced till now. Because of the unilateral development of natural science and technology in the service of the maximization of capital, of destruction, of death, and because they were never developed to really save natural and human life, now with all our 'development and 'progress, we do not have the means to halt this coming disaster.

Finally, if billions of workers would not awake now, not defend life, then we would soon be star dust blowing in the galactic winds.