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Franz J. T. Lee - Our most successful published in Aporrea.Org since 2002

More than ever we urgently need theoretical praxis and praxical theory, dialectical socialism

By Franz J. T. Lee

Ever since the failed coup d'etat and the oil sabotage in Venezuela orchestrated by the United States of America and their local Quislings here, continuously, weekly, we supported the Venezuelan emancipatory process in deed and word. Dialectically, we concentrated especially on concrete, natural, scientific praxis and intellectual, social, philosophic theory, that is, on helping the Venezuelan peoples of, by and for themselves create a proletarian class consciousness with which they could advance the continental and global class struggle. Paradigmatically we demonstrated that with constant, continuous actions and ideas we can make an emancipatory difference, that it is not a matter of revolutionary quantity, rather it is an issue of international emancipatory quality.

Our immense endeavor to construct and deploy natural, militant resistance and social, optimistic fighters is at best reflected in the hundreds of articles that we published in Aporrea.Org which presented us comradely with a mighty platform for conscientiousness and education. In English, Roy S. Carson, the editor of VHeadline did likewise.
To read the many articles in English, visit: .

Here we dearly thank all of them for their fraternal support to disseminate our ideas and actions.

Below we have selected some of the most favorite articles, written in Spanish, published by Aporrea, to show the great interest which many Venezuelans, Americans and foreign comrades have dedicated to the Bolivarian Revolution, especially to President Hugo Chavez Frias.
The most difficult task for a responsible emancipatory thinker is to think. To link thought to the respective emancipatory action is even more complex and complicated. However, over the decade to register that some 5 000 to 21 000 readers have visited or studied our articles is certainly something which deserves urgent global attention.
Generally, a good teacher, an excellent professor, is one that we understand, we comprehend everything which he says. He says everything which we want to hear and about which we talk all over he show in daily life.
A revolutionary philosopher and a philosophic emancipator is different, he penetrates the occult core of capitalist reality, he listens to the heart-beat of the upcoming New, of the transhistoric future. He sees all the 'writings on the wall', the deja vu, the fata morgana, the coming, new generation of nuclear wars.

Many of us arrive too early, others just refuse to see the light of the warning light-house. Like Anaxagoras the praxical and theoretical zeitgeist visits Athens and nobody knows anything about him. However, when he tries to shudder the obsolete ruling superstructure by stating scientifically and philosophically that the Moon is not a goddess but simply a huge, inorganic, natural stone, then suddenly all 'grabbed the first stones' and ostracized him from Athens.

We recommend that our Venezuelan comrades should read the selected articles below once more to see that predicting precision, and how they write themselves as the transhistoric processes advance.
Surely, what we wrote about, how we wrote and we ourselves have changed, Precisely this is living analysis and innovative praxis and theory.

Have fun:

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