Live Free or Die

By: Scott Schneider

New Hampshire’s motto has suddenly taken on a deeper, very urgent meaning. If Americans do not rapidly reassert their revolutionary principles, their freedoms will be utterly extinguished virtually overnight:

Any compassionate, intelligent and informed person (not merely Americans) would have to be extremely dismayed by the latest “Immigration Reform” proposals the Senate Democratic (yes, Democratic – endorsed by Obama) leadership has floated the last few days. All who were afraid that the Arizona laws were a “testing ground”, a prelude to the national government doing something far worse have unfortunately been vindicated. There are now 2 parties in America – corporate Fascists, and Christian Fascists.

The worst: The government wants a “National ID Card” with encrypted biometic data (most likely fingerprint) for every worker on American soil within the next 6 years. No one would be able to get a job without one. Integrated govt. databases will hold your biometric data (and inevitably other data, such as your personal demographic data, recent movements, your work history, maybe medical history and anything else the fascists want to add to it) to match on demand by border patrol, national guard, and mobile electronic devices stationed near all “immigration hot spots” i.e. all major metropolitan areas in the United States.

“Show me your ID Card!” says the man. You better have it. If they run it and you “check out” they will know more about you in 1 minute than your mother does. If the system can’t verify you for any reason, expect to be “detained” indefinitely, without legal rights. After all, the US no longer practices habeas corpus.

But it does not stop there – related measures are equally punitive. Check here:

The bottom line: Not even the Soviet Union went this far.

If the current proposals become law, it officially signals a permanent Police State. Fascism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism – it doesn’t matter what you call it. In the new regime our freedom of movement, freedom from surveillance which is already hanging by a thread will be dealt a death blow:

If there’s any cause worth speaking up about and fighting for now, it’s to stop this fucking nightmare from enveloping the United States. We need your voice on this one, as well as millions of other angry and very militant voices. Enlighten and talk to your friends– anyone you know. Let them know what’s at stake. Bombard your representatives. Organize protests.

It may be possible to stop the mofos but it will take great, unyielding effort.

We must make the effort not only for ourselves, but for our children.