"Defense" against whom or what?! 

By Franz J. T. Lee

    Globalization alias global fascism, in a word, 'globofascism', is being run by a Lilliputian, omnipotent, terrorist global mafia, armed to its teeth, against over 6.5 billion wage workers, is being launched by a corporate syndicate of treacherous war criminals, who as an international ruling class, have already committed uncountable, abominable cardinal and capital crimes against hundred millions of innocent individuals, against vulnerable humanity. All kinds of war mongers and producers of arms of all calibers are hell bent on destroying Mother Nature and Life on Planet Earth.

Not a neutron, the weather, the ionosphere, a human feeling; not a neuron, a water molecule, a blade of grass, the moon, the human genome and the orbits of the planets in the solar system are save from the brutal, corporate vandalism of the Pentagon, NASA, NATO and other similar global military-industrial  organizations.  What they touch they change into a quagmire of wares, goods and commodities on the world market. 
For all these reasons we have to reach out  for the stars, per aspera ad astra. We need cosmic, natural support, transversal logic, transvolutionary science and exvolutionary philosophy, we  have to negate feudal, clerical evolution, bourgeois democratic revolution and to surpass towards naturally and socially created,  creating and creative emancipation, towards natura naturata and natura naturans.

Now the military-industrial clique of Brazil (see below) has signed military cooperation with its hangman, thus betraying the peoples of Latin America. It is tightening the noose around the neck of the Bolivarian Revolution. The only true friend the workers of South America and elsewhere have, is their own concrete power, the international class struggle, consequent anti-capitalism, that is, real human emancipation.

U.S.- Brazil Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA)

On April 12, 2010 in Washington, D.C., Brazilian Minister of Defense Nelson Jobim and U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates signed an agreement on defense cooperation between the governments of Brazil and the United States of America.

As the two most populous democracies in the Western Hemisphere, the United States and Brazil enjoy an increasingly close bilateral relationship, including in the area of defense. The DCA will enable U.S.-Brazil defense cooperation to deepen and expand into new areas of mutual interest.

Examples of cooperation promoted in the DCA include:

    * Cooperation in the fields of research and development, logistics support, technology security, and the acquisition of defense products and services.
    * Information exchanges on topics such as operational experiences, defense technology, and international peacekeeping operations.
    * Combined military training and education, and joint military exercises.
    * Collaboration relating to military systems and equipment.
    * Exchanges of instructors and students from defense institutions.
    * Naval ship visits.
    * Commercial initiatives related to defense matters.

The signing of the DCA reflects the many national and international security interests shared by both countries. These shared interests, and the benefits of close U.S.-Brazil defense cooperation, were shown in the response by the United States and Brazil to the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti – where thousands of U.S. and Brazilian military personnel worked side-by-side to deliver emergency, life-saving relief to the Haitian people.

The United States seeks partnership with the other nations in the Americas to address the complex security challenges that all our countries face. The strengthening of U.S.-Brazil defense cooperation at the strategic, operational and tactical levels will enable our two countries, and our neighbors, to come closer to achieving this goal.