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Franz J. T. Lee: The historic roots of oligarchic racism in Venezuela

(VIDEOS): La Lucha de Franz contra el Apartheid y el Fascismo Mundial .

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Published: Thursday, August 26, 2004
Bylined to: Franz J. T. Lee

Franz J. T. Lee: The historic roots of oligarchic racism in Venezuela

 University of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz J. T. Lee writes:  One of the quintessential elements of the capitalist world system -- applied ideologically by the "Opposition" in the national and international mass media, to "divide and rule" the Venezuelan people -- is social discrimination, racism.

In fact, racism is the ideological reflection of the world market, of the international division of labor, that is, of globalization, of the vicious global class struggle.

In fact, Racism is Ideology par excellence. Its current, concrete reality is global fascism, is globalized Apartheid.

Social discrimination, racism, is an innate characteristic of any capitalist society, just like economic exploitation, political domination, destructive militarization and mortal alienation. All of them are intrinsic elements of our world system, to eradicate them, the whole exploitative labor system has to be annihilated. As ideology, there is no capitalism without racism, and vice versa; no matter what excuse we may have, who favors capitalism, sows racism; to eliminate any one of the two, we have to annihilate both. This also applies to all five capitalist essences.

Long ago, in Venezuela, Andres Eloy Blanco, demanded that somebody must paint "black angels" for him, indicating that the European Conquest, that Christianity, have already painted racism into our very sacred essence, into the very soul of Latin America. Concerning the Bolivarian Revolution, the clarion call, the "Diana" attack, has to be: Do not paint any angels for me, neither black angels nor white devils!

The worst that could have happened in Venezuela was when the oligarchs began to attack the black face -- the expression of African slavery -- of the Bolivarian Revolution, when they slandered President Chavez with racist, fascist diatribes. However, because of a colonial education for barbarism, although they experience it daily, very few Venezuelans know what is racism, what is social discrimination, and what is its relation to capitalism and imperialism. Thus, we will summarize the historical and social roots of racism here. We will under-line its ideological functions, to indicate that the Bolivarian Revolution does not need any ideology, or ideological education, rather it urgently has to develop its own scientific práxis and philosophic theory, to tell the world what is happening here in Latin America.

The Concept "Racism"
"Race," "racial prejudice," "racial discrimination" and "racism" are very vague, unscientific and poly-dimensional conceptions, which have caused ideological confusion and social disaster over the last three centuries. Although Arthur J. de Gobineau published a manifesto, The Inequality of the Races, and Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels made their manifesto public at about the same time, yet none of them dealt with the crucial question, namely, the relation of the so-called "race struggle" and the "class struggle," especially in the "Third World" context.

However, these authors cannot be dissociated from their intellectual environment; they are products of their epoch, no matter how critical and revolutionary they may have been. This also applies to us, when we kiss "Mi Negra," or make jokes about Africa: His name is "Negro," his surname is "Mierda"; just imagine what Nelson Mandela would think about us -- about this result of decades of "escualido," puntofijista education. Everything is fine with "Mi Negra," from the very heart of the Congo, however, when she is being presented to her future parents-in-law, then the real racist drama begins.

In the epoch of "discovery," Western Europe had experienced an unprecedented development in technology and science, which was accompanied by a strong feeling of "white race superiority."

The social sciences bore the imprint of this arrogance, and anthropology, ethnology or sociology attempted to legitimize scientifically the hegemony of Europe and the supremacy of the "Aryan race." Already prior to the French Revolution, great philosophical thinkers like Montesquieu and Voltaire had paved the road for a scientific "racist" thoughts.

Although Karl Marx spoke about "barbarian and semi-barbarian countries dependent on the civilized ones," and found a subject of derision in Lassie's "negroid" features, there is no reason whatsoever to define scientific socialism, as developed by him as being a "racist ideology." However, we must see our teachers within their historic context, and criticize them according to the limitations of their personal and historic knowledge; above all, one realizes how deeply "racism" has penetrated the very "soul" of human beings, living under capitalism, colonialism and imperialism.

Arthur De Gobineau was of the opinion that all ancient and modern "civilizations" and cultures were "the creation of white men, the only history being white history." Thus, because all history of "non-white" cultures were practically unknown before 1847 in Europe, we find the controversial statement in the Communist Manifesto: "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle." In a letter to A. H. Starkenburg, Engels even went so far as to state: "We regard economic conditions as the factor which ultimately determines historical development. But race is itself an economic factor."

These examples raise the crucial question: not whether "races" should be treated equally, not whether "races" are equal, but whether the category of "race," which is the base of "racial prejudice" or "racism," is scientifically a valid one. Now, "ghosts," "angels" or "demons" have not been proved to exist in physical reality, but nevertheless they exist intellectually and spiritually in the minds of millions of Latin American human beings.

Similarly, "races" and "racism" are social realities of our epoch. The problem is not to show that they really exist, but that they are pseudo-concepts, part and parcel of bourgeois and oligarchic ideology, which operates with categories which are scientifically invalid.

In Venezuela, these are all necessary to rationalize oligarchic class rule, economic exploitation and to maintain the status quo of "white" hegemony -- and nowadays, even "black" supremacy as well. Only when this point is clear can we analyze contemporary "racism" in all its shades and shadows, fired from Plaza Francia.

"Race," "Racial Prejudice" and Racism
The concept "race", in its current use, appeared for the first time in 1684. The French medical doctor and traveler Francois Bernier, wrote about "four or five races of people, whose differences are so obvious, that by right these should be used as the basis for a new division of the world." The real founder of the "race" doctrine, later developed as an ideology, was the Swedish natural scientist, Carl Von Linne. In the tenth revised edition of his famous book, "Systema Naturae," in 1758, he divided the human species into four major "races", according to physical, psychological and social features: Indians, Europeans, Asiatics, and Negroes.

Due to the contributions of Houston Chamberlain, G. V. de Lapouge and de Gobineau, eventually the "racist" ideologues settled for three major "race" groups: Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. These were again sub-divided into various groups, including, for example, the famous "'Aryan race.”

Scientific knowledge was harnessed in support of the theory of "white race superiority". Charles Darwin's book, "The Origin of the Species. The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life" (1859) , gave a great impetus to "race" doctrines; in fact, even Marx was fascinated by Darwin's book, obviously for other reasons, and he even wanted to dedicate the second volume of Capital to Darwin. Darwin had connected evolutionary theory to the "race" theory, creating "Social Darwinism," a tendency which had applied the biological selection theory to the historical social process. (This eventually found its application in Nazism and apartheid, in ideas like the "Herrenvolk" and "Aryan race").

The genetic laws of J. G. Mendel demolished the anthropological criteria for defining "race", and the biological/genetic "racist" scientists had to seek refuge in the field of sociology. From discovering "gene pools," the term "sociological races" was developed, for the mechanism of biological heredity made the anthropological concept of "race" meaningless. From "sociological races," ''race prejudice" was inferred, especially by the German Nazi scientists, and later by their pupils, the South African "Afrikaner" (Boer) scientists.

"Group Antipathy" in Ancient Civilizations
"Civilization" is a concept created at the same time as "race'", and presupposing as it does "civilized" and "uncivilized" peoples, it has many "racial" connotations. Currently, in racist fashion, in his "new wars", Bush is using this concept against the "Arab barbarians."

  • We need just to read the works of Hegel, Marx, Engels, De Gobineau or Darwin to see how this term was used against what were in fact culturally highly developed peoples, in Africa, in Latin America, in Venezuela.

In the case of Ancient Egypt, for instance, about a third of the population was composed of "Negroid" peoples, some pharaohs were of "Negro" origin, and at a time an Ethiopian dynasty reigned. The Egyptian rulers had enslaved peoples from many countries, among them Africans, especially from Nubia and Ethiopia. The ruling classes spoke scornfully about these groups, but social relations in the slave-owning society of Egypt had nothing to do with "race prejudice". We have many accounts of how the Egyptians mixed freely with their neighbors, whether slave or free.

In the ancient Greek civilization we find similar social patterns. For Plato, Heracleitus or Aristotle slaves were not considered as citizens, and throughout their works we find scornful remarks about them, for example, calling them "speaking tools".

This also applied, however, to the white slaves from the North; "race prejudice" was not a relevant factor. The Hellenic Greeks had a cultural bond, and the basic division was simply Greeks and barbarians. The latter were simply peoples who did not speak Greek or possess Greek culture. But the Greeks founded colonies, encouraged the ''barbarians'' to participate in Greek culture, married them freely, and once they had acquired a working knowledge of Greek culture, all the Europeans, Asians and Africans were included in the sonorous concept "Hellas." The pre-Columbian African travels, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the origin of the world market, the infamous capitalist "Bermuda Triangle," all link us here in Venezuela to this cultural African heritage, to permanent world revolution.

At the Time of the Empire of Alexander the Great, a new Greco-Oriental ruling class and culture came into existence, on the basis of all the civilizations within the empire. The class distinction between the ruling class and the un-Hellenized natives was a property, an estate one, not a "sociological race'' division.

In the great Roman empire which followed, similarly, the slaves did not differ in outward appearance from their masters, or from "free men." The norm for superiority in Rome was a cultural/class attribute, and as the empire grew, the basic distinction of Roman citizenship was extended to all freeborn persons in the various municipalities.

In his famous book: "Caste, Class and Race," Oliver Cromwell Cox concluded: "There seems to be no basis for imputing racial antagonism to the Egyptians, Babylonians, or Persians." As Ina Corinne Brown stated, "it is important to emphasize the fact that race prejudice such as we know it did not exist before the modern age."

Slavery And "Racism"
From the Roman Empire, to the "barbarian" invasions of Europe, the reign of the Moslems, and until the era of domination of Roman Catholicism, the rationalization given for slavery was not slaves' color, but culture or religion. Even as late as the 15th century, when the Transatlantic Slave Trade began, Africans were not enslaved because they were black, but because they were not-Christian, and for economic reasons. According to the late President of Trinidad and Tobago, Eric Williams, in his book, "Capitalism and Slavery."

"Slavery in the Caribbean has been too narrowly identified with the Negro. A racial twist has thereby been given to what is basically an economic phenomenon. Slavery was not born of racism: rather, racism was the consequence of slavery. Unfree labor in the New World was brown white, black and yellow; Catholic, Protestant and Pagan."

Before slavery became "big business," the readiness of an African slave to become a Christian was sufficient to gain his emancipation. Later, after the "race" ideology was developed, he had no possibility to change his genes, and slave status was identical with black, and later with "colored" or yellow.

During the "age of discovery" and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the very European languages became vehicles of emerging "racism"; it entered into children's stories, rhymes and songs. The "Ten Little Black Niggers," the "Struwwelpeter,"  the "Bimbos," etc., all came into existence. The word "negro" never was used in Africa before the 15th century, especially not in "Black Africa," but ever since then "negro" and "negrero" became household words.

The "Negro," as his colonial designation indicates, was distinguished from his white slave-master by his skin color -- black. Over the decades the invidious connotations of the slave status were transferred to anyone who was black, and eventually to anyone who was "non-white." We have seen already how Bernier, de Gobineau or Linne had then elevated "Europeans" with a white skin color to "superiority" and "Negroes" to "inferiority," using these as pseudo-categories in their "race doctrines." However, "racism," like capitalism itself, had a long historic process of development; only in the 19th century, when capitalism had captured economic and political power, could "racism" reach maturity as part of the general Ideology which gave rationalizations for colonial, social discrimination, and for the division of labor on an international scale.

Capitalism and "Racism"
Concerning the genesis of "racism" and its relation to capitalism, we might quote from a lecture held by the author at various universities in Germany, in October 1976:

" 'Race hatred' ... as a derivative of 'underdevelopment' of Africa and the 'development' of Europe came into existence and became the distinguishing mark of social relations between men of different pigmentations. The concept 'Neger' (Negro) thus acquired its historic discriminatory content ....

'Racism' ... is very closely knitted with the genesis of world capitalism; it functions as a disguise, as rationalization for the barbaric crimes of the colonial epoch .... But it also has a function at home in the metropolitan countries; the common members of the 'master race' stand high up on the rungs of the social ladder of the world, higher than the 'aborigines', 'Bushmen' 'Negroes', 'Red-skins', 'Coolies', 'camel-drivers', etc."

Summarizing, as stated before, "racism" and "capitalism" have a similar genesis. There can be no "racism" without capitalism, and no world capitalism without international "racism." "Racism" is a direct product of the evolution of colonialism and imperialism; it is either openly present or potentially latent in all capitalist countries. Wherever capitalism is flourishing as "neocolonialism" in the so-called "developing world," "racism" in modern forms, with new faces, and new masks, is virulent and contagious.

The capitalist ideology used by the "Opposition" in Venezuela -- against the poorest classes, who support the Bolivarian Revolution -- is pure "racism." Their violent diatribes, calling for "civil disobedience," for "social insurrection," against a legitimate, democratic government, their racist, fascist attacks against Chavez, demonstrate their bloodthirsty capitalist essence. They don't care about the millions of impoverished masses in Latin America, they just see "tin-collectors," the "scum of the earth," "speaking-tools."

For the first time in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution has given human dignity and worth to the impoverished multitude, enables it to participate in its own destiny. This is too much for the fraudulent "democratic co-ordination" of racism, for corrupt, "democratic" Corporate America, they have to stop this by all violent means, by means of a 10 or 20 years "ancien regime" of terror, of dictatorship.

However, they never will return, the Bolivarian Revolution has left them behind, has crossed the Rubicon on August 15, 2004. President Chavez does not recognize their existence anymore, the Zombies can now decimate each other, can enjoy the "silver bullets" of revolutionary Renaissance and of revolutionary Emancipation.

Franz J. T. Lee 


(VIDEOS): La Lucha de Franz contra el Apartheid y el Fascismo Mundial



El Prof. Dr. Franz J. T. Lee cuenta su interesante vida y vasta experiencia política como luchador contra el Apartheid en Sudáfrica y sus contribuciones teorico-práxicas a la revolución bolivariana en Venezuela. (Inglés con subtítulos en español). Visit us at--Visítenos en

Prof. Dr. Franz J. T. Lee tells his interesting life and vast political experience as a fighter against South Africa's Apartheid and his theoretical & praxical contribution to Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.


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Franz Visiting Ghost City. 
Franz visitando la Ciudad
de los Fantasmas.


***** Venezuela: After Haiti Is Vargas again on the list of US 'Natural' Mass Destruction?
*****  Ojo: El gran plan de la cruzada mediática mundial es que Chávez no llegue a abril
**** Después de Haití: ¿Será que Vargas está nuevamente en la lista de destrucción estadounidense? - Por: Franz J. T. Lee
***** Amplia repercusión tiene la Intervención del Embajador Roy Chaderton Matos ante la OEA sobre Libertad de expresión
Por: Prensa Misión de Venezuela ante la OEA

Venezuela: After Haiti Is Vargas again on the list of US 'Natural' Mass Destruction?

By  Franz J.T. Lee

The recent article published by VHeadline "Are they that sick? Did US weather weapon destroy Haiti?," written by Junious Ricardo Stanton, confirms the global reality of all our warnings across the last decade. We explained the 'Project for a New American Century," who bombed the 'Twin Towers' to blazes and why! We related Katrina to all the earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, to the HAARP projects.
(See: )

Like so many other scholars, scientists and emancipators, we interrelated the crimes of murderous capital accumulation with ruling class atrocities, with global terrorism, with the production and application of mortal arms of mass destruction. We always highlighted global exploitation, political domination, racism, genocide and alienation. This implies that there is no Quo Vadis for humanity within capitalism, no real social change can come from within. A radical anti-capitalism is a conditio sine qua non for any emancipatory endeavor.

We warned about the Big Lies, about the Mental Holocaust, and told the truth about Chernobyl, Katrina, the Twin Towers, about geophysical warfare, about plans to eliminate world poverty, by means of 'military humanism," hair-raising military-industrial plans possibly to eliminate millions of useless, troublesome "mad cows."

After Iraq and Afghanistan, after Gaza, logically Haiti had to follow, one day, very soon, more such natural 'surprises' will come. According to the latest scientific information, oil and gas are not abiotic fuel, they are renewable natural resources; also the 'Peak Oil' thesis is now no more true. Hence, like the case of Venezuela, many 'under-developed' countries like Uganda, Cuba or Haiti practically swim on oil. One more reason for the current United States military occupation of Haiti. 

The latter concerns the inexorable brutality of world imperialism as described in the article. It concerns the total collapse of world capitalism, its heinous battle to get a new lease of self-destructive agony, a few years, a few decades... till "after people."

More than ever, it is necessary to organize global resistance, hic et nunc, not a 'Fifth International," a New International, which incorporates all the failures and victories of previous ones, all the lessons of Permanent World Revolution, the praxical and theoretical contributions of every single individual or organization that ever negated capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, corporatism and globalization.

In other words, it is now and here, either emancipatory socialism with whatever means necessary or global, capitalist vandalism, the end of human existence.

After Haiti anything is possible: Is Vargas again on the list of mass destruction?

Ojo: El gran plan de la cruzada mediática mundial es que Chávez no llegue a abril

Por: José Sant Roz

No existe prensa, radio o televisión –poderoso- en todo el planeta que esté en condiciones de dar una visión justa y real de lo que está sucediendo en Venezuela. No conviene. Existe una identidad perfecta de intereses entre estos medios y los negocios en el mundo de las transnacionales es decir, el Departamento de Estado norteamericano. Ya se anuncia que todos los medios en Venezuela declararán frontalmente –mucho más de lo que vienen haciéndolo- la guerra contra la dictadura de Chávez, que es como decir que no se detendrán en ninguna clase de inventos, injurias, calumnias, maldiciones, arrebatos y cuantas barbaridades tengan a mano para lanzarla contra el gobierno bolivariano. De ahora en adelante cada medio en cada una de las regiones se comportará como Globovisión, y simultáneamente todos esos inventos se reproducirán con gran escándalo por medios como los españoles: ABC, El País y El Mundo; como el chileno El Mercurio, Clarín de Argentina, El Espectador y El Tiempo de Bogotá, El Comercio de Lima, El Nuevo Herald de Miami, The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC de Londres y todas los poderosos conglomerados televisivos del planeta, llevando en este último grupo la voz cantante CNN.

El plan es que Chávez no pase de marzo. Arreciarán con todo: guarimbas, acciones paramilitares, sabotajes eléctricos, desabastecimiento, especulación, olas de rumores sobre crímenes, crisis bancarias y corrupción. Los gremios opositores, las universidades, las academias, las ONG’s dependientes de Washington, todas a una irán contra el “régimen”. En Mérida ya están preparando el terreno para más muertos.

El Bloque de Prensa Venezolano, que agrupa a 34 diarios y revistas del país, ayer lunes acusó al presidente Chávez de pretender "silenciar" la libertad de expresión y buscar la autocensura, una nota de prensa que le ha dado la vuelta al mundo; presenta el Bloque de Prensa Venezolano este cuadro como producto de "un fraude a la Constitución [Bolivariana de 1999], con la creación de leyes y reglamentos ordenados dictatorialmente, y nos muestra los niveles de la nueva “batalla final” que se avecina. El diario El Nacional ya dio el ejemplo con la difusión de la fulana “garra de hierro agarra nalgas”, que la colocan todos los días como uno de los logros mediáticos supremos contra el “régimen”. Buscan estos medios igualmente un enredo internacional contra nuestro país, principalmente con Colombia, Panamá, Chile y Perú, y por eso insisten en que el fin del gobierno bolivariano es destrozar el Estado de Derecho, inmiscuirse en los asuntos internos de otras naciones, acabar con la libertad, la justicia, la propiedad privada, los principios éticos y la dignidad de los venezolanos.

Lo insólito es que estos canallas del Bloque de Prensa Venezolano no estén de acuerdo con la aplicación de la Ley de Responsabilidad Social en Radio y Televisión, Ley Resorte, que impone la defensa de los intereses nacionales.

El panorama que se avecina es muy peligroso. Llegan bandadas de asesores para lanzar la “paradita final”; los paramilitares toman Táchira, Zulia y Mérida. Estamos al borde de otro 11 de abril. Ojo avizor.

Después de Haití: ¿Será que Vargas está nuevamente en la lista de destrucción estadounidense?

Por: Franz J. T. Lee
El reciente artículo publicado por VHeadline "¿Son tan dementes? ¿Destruyeron a Haití con armas climáticas estadounidenses?", escrito por Junious Ricardo Stanton, confirma la realidad global de todas nuestras advertencias a través de la última década. Explicamos el "Proyecto para un Nuevo Siglo Americano", revelamos quien bombardeó en pedazos las "Torres Gemelas" y por qué. Relacionamos a “Katrina” con todos los terremotos, las inundaciones y los tsunamis que habían, en otras palabras, a los proyectos de HAARP.

Como muchos otros estudiosos, científicos y emancipadores, interrelacionamos las atrocidades asesinas de la acumulación de capital con las atrocidades de la clase dominante, con el terrorismo global, con la producción y aplicación de las armas mortales de destrucción masiva. Siempre hemos puesto de relieve la explotación global, la dominación política, el racismo, el genocidio y la alienación. Esto implica que no hay Quo Vadis para la humanidad dentro del capitalismo, no puede haber cambio social real desde adentro. Un anti-capitalismo radical es una condición sine qua non para cualquier esfuerzo emancipatorio.

Hemos advertido sobre las grandes mentiras, sobre el Holocausto Mental, y dijimos la verdad sobre Chernobyl, Katrina, las Torres Gemelas, acerca de la guerra geofísica, sobre los planes para eliminar la pobreza en el mundo por medio del "humanismo militar", sobre los posibles y escalofriantes planes militar-industriales para eliminar a millones de inútiles "vacas locas".

Después de Irak y Afganistán, después de Gaza, lógicamente tenía que seguir Haití, un día, muy pronto, vendrán más “sorpresas” naturales. Según la información científica más reciente, el petróleo y el gas no son combustibles bióticos, son recursos naturales renovables; también la tesis del “peak oil" ahora ya no es cierta. Por lo tanto, como en el caso de Venezuela, muchos países "subdesarrollados" como Uganda, Cuba o Haití prácticamente nadan encima de petróleo. Una razón más para la actual ocupación militar estadounidense de Haití.

Ésta última se refiere a la inexorable brutalidad del imperialismo mundial como se describe en el artículo. Tiene que ver con el colapso total del capitalismo mundial, su batalla feroz para obtener un nuevo arriendo de agonía auto-destructiva, unos pocos años, unas pocas décadas. ... hasta "después de la humanidad".

Más que nunca, es necesario organizar la resistencia global, hic et nunc, no una "Quinta Internacional", sino una Nueva Internacional, que incorpora todos los fracasos y las victorias de las anteriores, todas las lecciones de la Revolución Mundial Permanente, las contribuciones práxicas y teóricas de cada individuo u organización que alguna vez ha negado el capitalismo, el colonialismo, el imperialismo, el corporatismo y la globalización.

En otras palabras, es aquí y ahora, la opción es: o el socialismo emancipatorio por todos los medios necesarios o el vandalismo capitalista global, el fin de la existencia humana.

Después de Haití todo es posible, incluso la posibilidad de que Vargas esté nuevamente en la lista de destrucción masiva.


Amplia repercusión tiene la Intervención del Embajador Roy Chaderton Matos ante la OEA sobre Libertad de expresión
Por: Prensa Misión de Venezuela ante la OEA
Fecha de publicación: 04/02/10
El embajador de Venezuela ante la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), Roy Chaderton Matos
Credito: Archivo

Caracas, febrero 4 - Amplia repercusión en los medios nacionales e internacionales tuvo la intervención del embajador venezolano ante la OEA al dejar fijada la posición del gobierno bolivariano en torno a la libertad de expresión en el país, y al cuestionar la injerencia de terceros en asuntos venezolanos refiriéndose al caso del canal RCTV Internacional.

A continuación el texto completo de la intervención del embajador Roy Chaderton matos en la OEA en torno al tema.

Washington 3 de febrero de 2010.-



Consejo Permanente, Washington DC, 3 de febrero de 2010

Mi condición de diplomático de carrera y de político democrático respetuoso me ha aconsejado siempre no intervenir en los asuntos internos de otros países, salvo cuando otros gobiernos se inmiscuyan en los asuntos internos de Venezuela. Mi actuación en la OEA es un testimonio del compromiso de mi Gobierno con esos principios fundamentales. Pero cada vez que otro gobierno agreda al mío recibirá de mi parte una respuesta proporcional o más que proporcional.

Febrero es mes de carnaval. Evoco Río de Janeiro, Puerto España,  Barranquilla,  Nueva Orleáns y la Ville de Québec, entre otras ciudades. Sí, hay carnaval en Canadá, pero hay una diferencia; no porque el carnaval del hielo de Québec ocurra bajo temperaturas extremas. La diferencia es que cuando en otros países comienzan a ponerse las máscaras, en Canadá comienzan a quitarse la careta los representantes de la ultraderecha.

Hablo de diplomacia y de respeto a la libertad de expresión; oportunidad para contar la historia de un periodista de ultraderecha que visitó recientemente Venezuela: solicitó entrevistas con mi Canciller y otros funcionarios oficiales que no pudieron adaptar su agenda a la propuesta por el visitante. En realidad no le interesaba hablar con mi Gobierno sino con la oposición para animarla y ofrecerle apoyo, entre ellos los golpistas y desestabilizadores. Encontró dos importantes diputados del gobierno cuyas opiniones le fueron irrelevantes.

La reciente censura mediática a una alocución del Presidente Hugo Chávez por la televisora golpista RCTV, es apoyada por este periodista, quien a su regreso se aventuró a decir que en mi país se han reducido los espacios democráticos. ¿Quién es este señor? ¿Alguien con autoridad moral o un periodista como cualquier otro que puede opinar lo que le venga en gana sin mayores consecuencias que una polémica democrática? ¡¡NO!! Su nombre es Peter Kent, Ministro de Estado para América Latina en la Cancillería canadiense. Entonces, ¿quién ha visto que una persona de tan alto rango, que no ha podido o querido acordar una agenda con su potencial anfitrión oficial imponga su presencia en un país, abusando de su flexibilidad democrática? ¡¡¡Qué falta de diplomacia, qué falta de respeto!!!

Canadá ha sido por mucho tiempo el país que mejor ha funcionado en nuestro continente; sin embargo, hay novedades y detallitos:

Por su intromisión denuncio la violación de las normas de no intervención por el actual Gobierno minoritario canadiense. Esa no fue la Canadá de Lester B. Pearson, Premio Nóbel de la Paz (a posteriori), quien universalizó el derecho a la salud de su pueblo, ni la de John Diefenbaker, Primer Ministro conservador sensible a la medicina socializada. Tampoco fue la de Pierre Elliot Trudeau, gobernante que no aceptaba órdenes de Washington, uno de los más brillantes estadistas occidentales del siglo XX, sensibilizado por las ideas del socialismo cristiano. Tampoco la de Jean Chrétien, líder liberal, electo varias veces por su pueblo, quien tuvo una relación cordial y de mutuo respeto con el Presidente Hugo Chávez. Hablo de una Canadá gobernada por una ultraderecha que cerró el Parlamento por varios meses para sacarle el cuerpo a una investigación sobre violación de los derechos humanos por sus soldados en Afganistán; que censura protestas en Ontario y las críticas a las olimpiadas de invierno en Vancouver; que ha coqueteado con los golpistas hondureños; que está preparada para una ofensiva en favor de la dictadura mediática en América Latina y desestabilizar a los gobiernos de izquierda por encargo. Sin embargo, debo agradecer al Gobierno de Canadá su preocupación por los dos estudiantes muertos e informarle que eran militantes de izquierda asesinados por pistoleros de la oposición.

¡Oh, Canadá! ¡Cuantos crímenes se cometen en tu nombre!

En este circo de la ultraderecha participa una lastimosa CIDH que calló ante la masacre del “Caracazo” en Venezuela y apoyó el golpe contra el Presidente Chávez junto con la mafia interamericana de burócratas de los derechos humanos que se ha infiltrado en la OEA, con la complicidad de su más alta autoridad, así como una Relatoría de la Libertad de Expresión que cree que la iniciativa privada para difamar, censurar y desestabilizar es una libertad que merece su protección.

Enfrentados a la dictadura mediática, al Imperio y socios, bajo la revolución bolivariana disfrutamos de libertad de expresión extrema y estamos desarrollando al máximo todos los derechos humanos como los de los pueblos indígenas, materia en la cual ofrecemos asesoramiento a Canadá para rescatar a sus indigentes indígenas de las garras de la exclusión y la pobreza extrema. Es facilísimo, basta tratarlos como iguales.

El Eje del Mal del Pacífico ensaya nuevos procedimientos. Sabiendo que la ultraderecha no puede ganarle el apoyo popular al Presidente Chávez, hará cuanto pueda para sabotear a la democracia venezolana con la esperanza de ganar las elecciones parlamentarias este septiembre, y, a partir de allí, repetir la operación Tegucigalpa y después otra operación Yakarta, como la montada en su momento por la CIA y la estrella mediática Henry Kissinger contra la democracia chilena.

Este debate no es anecdótico, la agenda del Partido Republicano sigue cumpliéndose sin trabas en América Latina. Detrás del cortinaje está el poder más violento de la historia, que viola todos los derechos humanos en nombre de la democracia y la seguridad; tan históricamente agresivo que si yo pidiese una señal a los Embajadores de países desmembrados, invadidos por los marines o cuyos gobiernos democráticos hayan sido derrocados por la intervención estadounidense, un bosque de brazos se levantaría y, por supuesto, de inmediato saltaría presuroso el Secretario General para viajar a todos los países atropellados por el poder imperial, para tender puentes de paja y de paso recoger algunos voticos para su reelección.

La ley es la ley; por eso protestamos ante los gobiernos de Estados Unidos y Canadá por incitar a la desobediencia a RCTV. Mediocre, racista, violenta y vulgar acostumbrada a transmitir programación de adultos en horarios infantiles, durante el golpe contra el Presidente Chávez en 2002 transmitió programación infantil (El Libro de la Selva, Tom y Jerry, etc.) en horario de adultos, para ocultar la rebelión popular contra el golpe. Cinco años después no se le renovó la concesión propiedad del Estado y pasó a transmitir por cable. Hoy con noventa por ciento de programación venezolana se disfraza de televisora internacional para no clasificar su programación, tocar el Himno Nacional o transmitir los mensajes oficiales reglamentarios. Otras emisoras suspendidas volvieron al aire al cumplir con la ley. A TV Chile le bastó registrarse y comprobar que no es venezolana; igual pasó con las emisoras vinculadas a Televisa.

RCTV es una televisora de tradición criminal mediática. Desde 1984 liderizó el silenciamiento en los medios privados del ex Presidente Luís Herrera Campíns castigado por prohibir la publicidad de licores y cigarrillos en los medios y por imponer en la radio una pieza musical venezolana por cada una importada. Esa sanción duró hasta el día de su muerte en 2007. Como dato curioso la televisora de oposición radical, Globovisión, transmite libremente porque acepta la normativa. RCTV se siente la niña mimada de la escoria mediática internacional y no acata la ley.

Puede entonces contar el Eje del Mal del Pacífico con el apoyo de RCTV, El Nazional y Globovisión en Venezuela, con el de Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, el Miami Herald, CNN en español, el Grupo de Diarios América, “El Tiempo” de la familia Santos, “El Universal” de la familia Ealy, El País de Madrid, la Asociación Interamericana de Radiodifusión, la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa, los representantes del terrorismo mediático, el Comando Sur y la IV Flota en este aquelarre de las tinieblas interamericanas.

Señor Presidente

A comienzos del bicentenario de nuestra primera independencia y rumbo a nuestra segunda independencia no podrán detener nuestra avanzada Bolivariana por la justicia social, la democracia y la paz.

Gracias señor Presidente.