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“Hay hombres que luchan un día, hay hombres que luchan un día y son buenos, hay otros que luchan muchos años y son muy buenos, pero hay quienes luchan toda la vida: Esos son imprescindibles”.

 Bertolt Brecht, dramaturgo, poeta, escritor, preso político. Fallecido en extrañas circunstancias.

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**** Venezuela: Beware, Big Business enters the Orinoco Delta and with it a coming Big War!
By Franz J. T. Lee

*** Venezuela: ¡Cuidado, las grandes empresas entran en la Faja del Orinoco y con ellas la próxima Gran Guerra!
  Por Franz J. T. Lee

**** Moore might look like a blob, yet he doesn't necessarily need to behave like one
**** Michael Moore accused of telling tequila tales
By Guy Adams

*** Michael Moore, instead of disseminating hoaxes about Venezuela, please, please produce true documentals about the mortal coming agony of mankind, of world fascism.

**** Venezuela: Beware, Big Business enters the Orinoco Delta and with it a coming Big War!

By Franz J. T. Lee

"Do we smell the stench of the bloody Yankee boots coming from the military bases in Colombia? Elsewhere do we smell the capitalist decay and putrefaction, the  cesspools and quagmires?
No, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we smell nothing ....
Do we still feel anything?"

Last year, President Chavez warned: "In 2009 they will be coming for me!" At this very moment the dark forces of destabilization day and night are mounting a ferocious attack against us, aided by the Obamaa administration.

This situation is not individual or personal, also not a caprice of the "Empire", it is the historic result of profound dialectical productive relations and contradictions. Let us look at some realities.

According to data presented by Vanessa Davies in her program, Contragolpe, on October 23rd, 2009:

* 25 % of the inhabitants of our planet find themselves in extreme poverty.
* more than 1400 millions live on only 1 dollar a day.
* 1200 millions have no access to any hygiene whatsoever and have to defecate in open air.
* 800 millions suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
* 25 % of children under 5 are undernourished and thus have their physical and mental development seriously compromised.
* 10 % of the world's population possess 90% of the world's wealth.

The latest figures of world depression, in all probability, must be even worse. This is corporate, imperialist capitalism which wants to convert Venezuela into another Gaza in the near future.

The "wretched of the earth", "les miserables", the "white man's burden", living under bridges, in tents, in caves, camps, cerros, favelas and ghettos, in Gaza and Falujah, do see exploitation when their beloved children die of hunger. They do hear the coming of the imperialist war planes, they smell  the decomposition of the fragments of their bombed fathers and mothers,  these 'camel-drivers' feel the burning of the white phosphorous  bombs, the pain of the eating away of their meager flesh, of their innocent existence.

In the White House who cares? Who still feels anything human, humane, humanitarian? Who cares that world wide millions have protested against the Gaza massacre? On the West Bank did the Palestinian authorities and businessmen really care, did they protest categorically?

Venezuela, look into this mirror!

All over the Mideast, over the last decades, in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, over one million Arabs were mercilessly massacred by ruthless, reckless ruling class war criminals of all global categories. Affirming global capitalism, they never felt anything for the poor, for the wage slave 'under-dogs'; for them war is business and business is war, that is, 'world peace'; also, a global 'joint venture' very often crowned with a 'Nobel Peace Prize'. Once upon a time even Hitler and Stalin were considered fit to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, what do many of us in Venezuela neither see nor hear, neither smell nor feel?

In order to have a long view of history, of capital accumulation in few hands, to vivify our past, to nurture a healthy memory, to develop theoretical and class consciousness and knowledge, we always have to check out what we have said and what we were doing in the immediate past.

In order to confront the vicious onslaughts of future national and global class wars,  we need self-defense tactics and emancipatory strategies in asymmetrical warfare. With all its arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, which could blow the planet into blazes by means of Tesla technology, the USA, NATO, cannot win the war against one of the poorest nations of the world, in Afghanistan. Also Big Brother cannot occupy Iraq totally, unless capitalists decide to blow themselves into universal conflagration and entropy. As we said elsewhere, there exists no capitalist without a worker, no master without a slave and vice versa.  

Venezuela: the calm before the storm.

Of course, because we are sowing the winds of socialism, we will have to reap the capitalist storms.

More recently, between 1999 and 2009 tons and tons of waters were flowing down the Orinoco on their tendential way towards the huge Atlantic Ocean. We, the revolutionaries, the Bolivarians and the peoples of the Americas, we all have changed, the very Orinoco and the oceans have changed, ...  joint ventures, bridges and news couriers are globalizing the very jungles, the 'indigenas' and the very natural laws of the jungle.

Big Business is entering the Orinoco Delta and with it a coming Big War!

In an exclusive interview "Venezuela and the USA", made by Jesus Maria Nery Barrios, we explained the economic essence of the permanent military Sword of Damocles hovering over our heads.  Nearly two years ago Jesus Nery asked a pertinent question which is today more actual than ever before:

"JMNB: Does this mean that according to 'full spectrum dominance' Venezuela is next on the list? In quintessence, what is the good news, and what is the bad news for Venezuela at this critical moment of world history?

FJTL: Which news first?

JMNB: The good news.

FJTL: Well, that is very easy. Contrary to many countries of the South, Venezuela practically swims in an eternal ocean of oil, gas and fresh water; it possesses an immense biodiversity, strategic metals and minerals, and a tropical vegetation that could produce oxygen for centuries to come."

Already on February 27, 2008, we explained the basics of a dialectical economic explanation  of the latest Yankee bellicose encroachment, of the the 'fourth generation warfare' and the internal and external attacks against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:

"JMNB: D'accord. And the bad news?

FJTL: Precisely the very same news. Contrary to many countries of the South, Venezuela practically swims in an eternal ocean of oil, gas and fresh water; ....

This is why Venezuela is practically a member of the sonorous 'axis of evil', is target No.1 for a new 'discovery', 'Christianization', pacification and military conquest, is threatened by the Plan Colombia, and why this Sword of Damocles will forever hover over our heads. Uncle Sam will commit any crime that could give world capitalism a new lease of life. This is revolutionary dialectics, where 'good' and 'bad' news are two sides of the very same world market coin."

Very recently Prensa Latina of October 21, 2009, confirmed the above dangers and reported that the Latin American Parliament was denouncing that the United States of America progressively was increasing its belligerent presence in South America and currently is tightening its military stronghold on Venezuela.
Concretely, how are the second colonial and imperialist conquest of Venezuela being orchestrated?

1. Internally and externally the spreading of a galaxy of scientifically well-prepared,  pro-capitalist, anti-socialist ideological fabrications, myths, hoaxes, lies and diatribal 'clichés' about the Bolivarian government.

2. Fourth generation warfare: racism, arrogance, manipulation and indoctrination by the mass media, rainbow revolutions, zero favorable information in the mass media about Venezuela. Launching stereotypical campaigns, ad hominem character assassination of President Chavez: in fascist style, only he makes history in Venezuela. According to formal logics, only he is to be blamed for everything which goes wrong; he personally is an enemy of mankind, a  tyrant, a dictator, an aggressor, killer, terrorist, a dealer of drugs, human organs and nuclear materials. In world fascist jargon, Chavez is the modern anti-Christ, and if he did not exist, real terrorism had to find, to invent him. Millions believe this diatribal hocus-pocus that goes as `news` around the globe, and they cannot see the global genocide which is already virulent, under the arm of mass destruction: swine flu.

3. In this mesmerized, doped, confused  atmosphere the real problem of globalization can be identified: in capitalism what does not serve (profit and power) lands in the rubbish bin, hence, of some 7 billion human beings, more than half are just the capitalist's 'burden'. How to get rid of them and how to capture their natural resources that is the real "to be or not to be" question!

What is being prepared across the borders of Venezuela? A military enclosure, practically a declaration of war.

In its aggressive megalomania against Venezuela,

* the USA is being supported by NATO and some neighboring countries, like Colombia and  Panama.

* The USA is increasing its current three military bases in Colombia to ten;

* its Fourth Fleet is making bellicose maneuvers in the Caribbean waters;

* the USA uses a communication satellite for its military operations launched from French Guayana,

* also under construction are two military naval installations in Panama,

* in Aruba and Curacao, Washington is increasing its bellicose presence.
We are being besieged and how many millions are protesting? Internally, the reactionary forces, paramilitary troops and 'guarimbas' continue. Are we prepared to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela by all means necessary? The big business war is already on our horizon, in the ALBA, in Honduras.

*** Venezuela: ¡Cuidado, las grandes empresas entran en la Faja del Orinoco y con ellas la próxima Gran Guerra!

 Por Franz J. T. Lee

 “¿Olemos el hedor de las sangrientas botas yanquis procedente de las bases militares en Colombia? En otros lugares, ¿podemos oler la decadencia y la putrefacción capitalista, los pozos negros y lodazales?

No, no vemos nada, no escuchamos nada, no olemos nada ....
¿Todavía sentimos algo? “

El año pasado, el Presidente Chávez advirtió: “¡En 2009 vendrán por mí!” En este mismo momento las fuerzas oscuras de la desestabilización día y noche se dan a la tarea de montar un ataque feroz contra nosotros, con la ayuda de la administración Obama.

Esta situación no es individual o personal, tampoco es un capricho del “Imperio”, no, es el resultado histórico de profundas relaciones y contradicciones de producción dialécticas. Veamos algunas realidades.

Según datos presentados por Vanessa Davies en su programa Contragolpe, del 23 de octubre de 2009:

* el 25% de los habitantes de nuestro planeta se encuentran en extrema pobreza.

* más de 1400 millones de personas viven con sólo 1 dólar al día.

* 1200 millones no tienen acceso a condiciones higiénicas algunas y tienen que defecar al aire libre.

* 800 millones de personas sufren de hambre y desnutrición.

* el 25% de los niños menores de 5 años están desnutridos y por tanto, tienen seriamente comprometido su desarrollo físico y mental.

* el 10% de la población mundial posee el 90% de la riqueza del mundo.

Puede, que estas cifras se hayan elevado considerablemente en los últimos meses debido a la crisis estructural del capitalismo. Esto es el capitalismo imperialista corporativo, que en el futuro cercano quiere convertir a Venezuela en otra Gaza.

Los “condenados de la tierra”, “Los Miserables”, la “carga del hombre blanco”, que viven debajo de los puentes, en carpas, en cuevas, campos, cerros, favelas y ghettos, en Gaza y en Falujah, sí ven la explotación cuando sus hijos amados mueren de hambre. Ellos sí escuchan la llegada de los aviones imperialistas de guerra, huelen la descomposición de los restos de sus padres y madres bombardeados, estos “camelleros” sí sienten el fuego de las bombas de fósforo blanco, el dolor de sus flacos cuerpos, de su existencia inocente, siendo devorados en carne viva.

En la Casa Blanca ¿a quien le importa? ¿Quién todavía siente algo humano, humanista o humanitario? ¿A quién le importa que millones de personas en todo el mundo han protestado contra la masacre de Gaza? En la Ribera Occidental ¿a las autoridades y los empresarios palestinos realmente les importó, acaso ellos se sumaron a la protesta categórica?

¿Venezuela, mirate en este espejo!

En todo el Medio Oriente, en las últimas décadas, en Palestina, Irak, Irán, Afganistán, Pakistán y otros países, más de un millón de árabes fueron masacrados sin piedad por los criminales de guerra de la clase dominante de todas las categorías. Afirmando el capitalismo global, nunca sintieron nada por los pobres, para los esclavos asalariados desterrados; para ellos la guerra es negocio y sus negocios son la guerra, es decir, para ellos, la ‘paz mundial’ es una alianza de negocios muy a menudo coronada con Premios Nóbel de la Paz. Resulta, que incluso Hitler y Stalin fueron alguna vez considerados para ser nominados para el Premio Nóbel de la Paz.

Sin embargo, aquí en Venezuela ¿qué es lo que muchos de nosotros, ni vemos, ni escuchamos, ni olemos, ni sentimos?

Para tener una visión de la historia a largo plazo, de la acumulación de capital en pocas manos, para avivar nuestro pasado, para nutrir a una memoria saludable, para desarrollar una conciencia teórica y una conciencia de clase, siempre tenemos que comprobar lo que hemos dicho y lo que estábamos haciendo en el pasado reciente.

En función de hacer frente a los viles asaltos de las futuras batallas nacionales y guerras de clase globales, necesitamos emplear tácticas de auto-defensa y estrategias emancipatorias en una guerra asimétrica. A pesar de todo su arsenal de armas de destrucción masiva, que podría volar el planeta en pedazos, los EE.UU., la OTAN, no logran ganar la guerra contra una de las naciones más pobres del mundo, contra Afganistán. El Hermano Mayor tampoco logra ocupar a Irak totalmente, a menos que los capitalistas decidan a inmolarse en una conflagración y entropía universal. Como hemos dicho en otras oportunidades, no existe ningún capitalista sin un trabajador, ningún amo sin un esclavo, y viceversa.

Venezuela: la calma antes de la tormenta.

Es obvio: quien siembra los vientos del socialismo, cosechará las tormentas del capitalismo.

Más recientemente, entre 1999 y 2009, incontables toneladas de agua han fluido por el Orinoco en su camino hacia el inmenso Océano Atlántico. Mientras tanto, nosotros, los revolucionarios, los bolivarianos y todos los pueblos hemos cambiado, el mismo Orinoco ha cambiado, hasta tenemos tres puentes sobre el Orinoco y un Correo del Orinoco. Nosotros mismos, de la mano de las transnacionales, estamos globalizando nuestras propias selvas, nuestros recursos naturales y nuestros sagrados pueblos indígenas.

¡Las grandes empresas están entrando en el Delta del Orinoco y con ellas una posible Gran Guerra!

En una entrevista exclusiva “Venezuela y los EE.UU.” realizada por Jesús María Nery Barrios hace casi 2 años atrás, hemos explicado la esencia económica de la permanente espada militar de Damocles que cierne sobre nuestras cabezas. En aquel entonces, Jesús Nery hizo una pregunta que hoy es más actual que nunca:

“JMNB: ¿Significa esto que, según el ‘dominio de pleno espectro’, Venezuela es el siguiente país en la lista [de países por ser invadidos]? En esencia, para Venezuela, ¿cuál es la buena noticia, y cual la mala en este momento crítico de la historia mundial?

 FJTL: ¿Cuál de las noticias primero?

JMNB: La buena.

FJTL: Bueno, eso es muy fácil. Contrariamente a muchos países del Sur, Venezuela está prácticamente nadando en un mar eterno de petróleo, gas y agua dulce; posee una inmensa biodiversidad, metales y minerales estratégicos, y una vegetación tropical capaz de producir todo el oxígeno necesario para los siglos venideros.”

Ya el 27 de febrero de 2008, explicamos la clave hacia una comprensión dialéctica económica de la última invasión yanqui, la “guerra de cuarta generación” y los ataques internos y externos contra la República Bolivariana de Venezuela:

“JMNB: De acuerdo. ¿Y la mala noticia?

FJTL: Precisamente la misma noticia: Contrariamente a muchos países del Sur, Venezuela está prácticamente nadando en un mar eterno de petróleo, gas y agua dulce; posee una inmensa biodiversidad, etc. etc.

Esto es el por qué Venezuela es prácticamente un miembro del sonoro ‘eje del mal’, es el blanco No.1 para un nuevo ‘descubrimiento’, una nueva ‘cristianización’, una ‘pacificación’ y una conquista militar; está amenazada por el Plan Colombia, y esta Espada de Damocles se cierne sobre nuestras cabezas para siempre. El Tío Sam va a cometer cualquier crimen que puede otorgar al capitalismo mundial otra oportunidad de vida. Esta es dialéctica revolucionaria, donde las “buenas” y “malas noticias” son dos caras de la misma moneda en el mercado mundial”. (Ibid.)

Muy recientemente, Prensa Latina, el 21 de octubre de 2009, confirmó los peligros mencionados anteriormente e informó que la delegación venezolana en el Parlamento Latinoamericano estaba denunciando que los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica están aumentando progresivamente su presencia beligerante en América del Sur y actualmente están reforzando su cerco militar sobre Venezuela.

Concretamente, ¿cómo se está orquestando la segunda conquista colonial e imperialista de Venezuela?

1. Interna y externamente la difusión de una galaxia de mentiras ideológicas, mitos y ‘clichés’ sobre el gobierno bolivariano, de carácter pro-capitalista y anti-socialista, científicamente bien preparadas.

2. Guerra de cuarta generación: racismo, arrogancia, manipulación y adoctrinamiento por los medios de comunicación masivos, revoluciones de color, en los medios cero información favorable acerca de Venezuela. Lanzamiento de campañas estereotípicas, difamación ad hominem del Presidente Chávez: al estilo fascista, que sólo es él que hace historia en Venezuela. Según la lógica formal, es sólo él que es el culpable de todo lo que sale mal; él personalmente es un enemigo de la humanidad, un tirano, un dictador, un agresor, asesino, terrorista, un traficante de drogas, órganos humanos y materiales nucleares. En términos globo-fascistas, Chávez es el moderno anti-Cristo, y si no existiera, los verdaderos terroristas de las clases dominantes tendrían que inventarlo. Millones creen en esta basura ‘informativa’ que da la vuelta al mundo como ‘noticias’, y no pueden ver el genocidio mundial, que ya es virulento, causado por otras armas de destrucción masiva como la "gripe porcina", para mencionar solo una.

3. En este ambiente hipnotizado, contaminado y confundido se puede identificar el verdadero problema de la globalización: en el capitalismo lo que no sirve (para fines de lucro y de poder) termina en el basurero, por tanto, de unos 7 mil millones de seres humanos, más de la mitad son sólo una ‘carga’ para los capitalistas. El cómo deshacerse de ellos y agarrar sus recursos naturales, ¡esta es la verdadera pregunta de “ser o no ser”!

¿Qué es lo que se está preparando a lo largo de las fronteras venezolanas? Un cerco militar, prácticamente una declaración de guerra.

En su megalomanía de agresión contra Venezuela,

* los EE.UU. reciben apoyo por la OTAN y algunos países vecinos, como Colombia y Panamá.

* Los EE.UU. están incrementando sus 3 bases militares actuales en Colombia a un número de 10;

* su IV Flota vuelve a estar realizando maniobras de guerra en las aguas del Caribe;

* los EE.UU. utilizan un satélite de comunicaciones para sus operaciones militares lanzado desde la Guayana Francesa,

* también se están construyendo dos instalaciones militares navales en Panamá,

* en Aruba y Curazao, Washington está extendiendo su presencia belicosa.
(Datos en:

Estamos siendo acosados ¿y cuántos millones de personas están protestando a favor de nosotros? A nivel nacional, las fuerzas reaccionarias venezolanas, los paramilitares y las ‘guarimbas’ continúan. ¿Estamos preparados para defender la soberanía de Venezuela por todos los medios necesarios? La guerra de los grandes negocios ya está en nuestro horizonte, en el ALB
A, en Honduras.

**** Michael Moore accused of telling tequila tales
By Guy Adams

Wednesday Oct

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

Michael Moore has caused outrage among Chavez supporters with a tall tale he told on television.

He's crossed swords, over the years, with all the usual right-wing suspects, from car-makers to gun owners to Wall Street executives, health companies, and George W Bush. Now Michael Moore has picked a fight with a hero of the international left.

The documentary-maker has caused outrage among Hugo Chavez's supporters by using a late-night chat show to tell a humorous anecdote about meeting Venezuela's socialist President in a luxury hotel suite during the recent Venice Film Festival.

His two-minute yarn, told to ABC host Jimmy Kimmel earlier this month, seemed harmless enough. Moore alleged that he and his wife had been woken at 2am by a racket coming from Mr Chavez's room and ventured upstairs to ask him to quieten down.

"A bottle and a half of tequila later," Moore claimed, he had helped the President to write the speech he recently delivered to the UN. "At the very least, the guy owes me a year's worth of free petrol!" he joked.

But there was a problem with the story. A big one. The meeting that Moore so confidently described never happened. And tequila certainly wasn't consumed: Mr Chavez is teetotal.

The duo did meet in Venice, but only in the daytime. Moore, in town to launch his new film, Capitalism, sat with Mr Chavez, who was there to promote Oliver Stone's documentary South of the Border, for three hours. The US press were excluded from the meeting.

Supporters of Mr Chavez now suspect that Moore fabricated his anecdote to gloss over the chummy nature of that encounter. They have taken to the airwaves in a Monty Python-style PR offensive, to accuse Moore of betraying a supposed comrade.

"Michael Moore is a most unfortunate coward," declared blogger Eva Golinger. She dubbed him "the worst of yellow journalists, a liar and storyteller on the big screen", and said his yarn was "offensive and insulting" and a clear sign of his "hypocrisy and lack of ethics".

Franz JT Lee, a Marxist academic and blogger, claimed that the film-maker's comments were "part of the United States' 'war of ideas'" against Venezuela, and said similar "propaganda" led to the rise of the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

They didn't just spark outrage on the left, though. Critics of Mr Chavez have called the level of invective against Moore - some of which was aired on Venezuelan state television n disproportionate.

They believe his anecdote was intended to be a harmless, tongue-in-cheek joke. The socialist movement failed to grasp the nuances of his intended irony, they claim, because they lack a sense of humour.

Quite what the affair says about the integrity of Moore and his documentaries remains to be seen. The film-maker has declined to comment or apologise for misleading TV viewers, save for a brief message posted on his Twitter feed on Monday: "For the record, the President of Venezuela doesn't drink."


**** Moore might look like a blob, yet he doesn't necessarily need to behave like one

VHeadline guest commentarist Franco Munini writes: After reading Eva Golinger's article and the response from the editor, I would like to add my own comments.

Eva has all the right to feel outraged at Moore's ridiculization of his encounter with Chavez. Moore could have made justice by adding that the whole thing was meant as a joke ... he knows that the true Chavez episode was not going to scare or inflame people to a level that could be harmful to his expected revenues from his latest film.

He didn't do it ... he didn't even attempt to do it.

The movie he's just produced meddles with an old enemy of USAmerica: capitalism. He was bragging a lot about it, in Venice and later in the USA; each day or so he sent messages about the movie to his distribution list with links to his site, then some guys came forward with an unconceivable offense to peace by awarding Obama a Nobel Prize.

Moore's caustic reaction was immediate ... and then something happened. He suddenly came forward with olive branches and calls for patience ... we can't expect Obama to fix all the mess left by Kaiser Bush at a snap of fingers, can we? ...then more candies at Dems ...and then this mockery about his meeting with Chavez.

I dunno... I wonder if the guy received a phone call or some form of threat that made him change his attitude. Maybe somebody got him taped. Some powerful guys might dislike what he says in the movie. ...or maybe he's convinced that capitalism and democracy can be spelled together in the same phrase, like the one I think he said: "Democratic capitalism."

The point here is that he is not just portraying Chavez as a noisy partying guest in some hotel. He's delivering a picture of Latin American leaders that's hooked on cliches to a large audience that he was supposed to set free from cliches. He's weakening any informed interpretation of the struggles taking place south of the Rio Grande. He made the Venezuelan President a tequila drinker, the Venezuelan chancellor a bodyguard ... what do we expect he'd make Zelaya? Or Correa?

Moore is famous enough to benefit from controversial encounters. Any kind of public threat to him would be used to advertise the film ... yet he chooses the way that is sure to reduce the interest from progressive audiences. If he's doing it to save himself from some kind of threat, it must be very painful for his pride. He's a movie man, not a hero.

Imagine for a moment, the reaction of those USAmericans who used Moore's movies as their first tools to learn to read an alternate version of reality as presented by Corpomedia. One way or another it ends in disenchantment and powerlessness.

And that seems to be the curse that Obama has been chosen to spread around... Hopelessness. Lack of heroism, an obstacle to the social momentum that was betrayed into voting for change. The guy himself is a standing duck for all kind of bashing from the ultra right wing, and he knows it. It's his role, that's the script he was given. Dark skinned USAmericans see how their Messiah Obama becomes a puppet in the hands of the usual powers... and they just give up and/or go enlist to fight wars because it's the only work available and they can drain out all the anger with a trigger and live targets.

Now, Roy, you know we have our own leaders here ... with all the imperfections that the western and our points of view might find, with contradictions ... yet they are true to their people. They promised to share power, and they did. They talked straight, eye to eye, they had the people work out their constitutions.

To us, those stupid stereotypes that were used by Moore in the TV show are an insult because they are simply NOT TRUE.

To us it is relevant that our leaders are workaholics and don't read teleprompters, and you should know how dear this is to us.

Moore might look like a blob, yet he doesn't necessarily need to behave like one. We're talking about human lives here, lives that we can save, lives that Obama or Michael Moore can save even if they risk their own. We're ready to give ours to make sure this attempt to build a revolution for mankind has the chance to go further.

It's wartime, Roy. This time all the psychological weaponry will be used to soften the enemy and prepare the battlefield, and communications play a key role. Moore's showtime was a blow against a better future, one that will be extremely difficult to build if USAmericans are lied to and intentionally misinformed by Corpomedia.

In any case, let's see the movie. I'll wait till it comes out in our streets, free from copyright and cheap as any information is supposed to be.

As for Moore, it's up to him to choose his role.

Franco Munini

*** Michael Moore, instead of disseminating hoaxes about Venezuela, please, please produce true documentals about the mortal coming agony of mankind, of world fascism.



Do we see all over dictatorial ghosts, not the real ones right under our noses? 


By Franz J. T. Lee

Seeing is believing, not thinking!

One of the latest international scandals is the fairy tale of Michael Moore about President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela. In an excellent article Eva Golinger set the facts and records straight:

According to her: In an interview broadcast October 9 on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' the renowned and award-winning documentarian, Michael Moore lied vulgarly about his encounter with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during the Venice Film Festival this past September."

As part of the United States 'war of ideas,' of the big lies against Venezuela, she explains the fascist essence of this unfortunate interview: " ... in the end, this whole ridiculous tale told by Moore about his "meeting" with President Chavez is an attempt to avoid admitting before the US media that he met for three hours with the South American "dictator." And he probably liked it. Michael Moore is a most unfortunate coward."

Seeing is believing, not knowing!

Even Michael Moore has fallen victim of the ideological machinations, of placing blinkers on the mind and blindfolding the eyes with political propaganda and technological manipulation of the worst Goebbels genres.

Let us look at the fatal results of such imperialist corporate actions against Venezuela, of the destruction of global humanity, of its senses, mind and concrete utopian daydreams. Michael Moore is not an exception, he proves the golden rule of  betrayal of emancipatory endeavors.

Towards the middle of the 20th century, 'Freudomarxists,' like Eric Fromm, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse, seriously have asked: what went wrong with the class consciousness of the metropolitan proletariat, with the working classes as a whole?

* Why did the German workers so happily vote their fascist butchers into political power?

* Why did so many global workers freely march into two world wars, into certain death, which within half a century resulted in abut 100,000,000 estimated casualties and deaths?

This was the price which humanity had to pay to rescue capitalist imperialism from a total collapse, from severe depression and recession.

Even the Marxist philosopher of hope Ernst Bloch was asking: why was it so difficult for the socialists to capture the revolutionary imagination of the European working masses?


* Why could the Third and Fourth Internationals not direct the workers toward the global class struggle?


* Why were the masses so easily abducted, convinced and destroyed by the fascists regimes?

Across the whole 20th century ... especially in the whole 'under-developed' world, including 'Soviet Russia,' 'Communist China, 'socialist Yugoslavia' and heroic Vietnam ... in spite of valiant class struggles, we could not annihilate capitalism and replace it with its direct opposite, with anti-capitalism, with scientific, philosophic socialism...

** Yes, sometimes it is necessary first to learn how and what to question. Only then we could give concrete answers, socialist praxis.

What is really left of all the valiant workers' struggles in Russia, China, Algeria, Southern Africa, Chile, Grenada, ... just to mention a few? Surely Cuba and Venezuela, and other class struggles, heavily attacked by world fascism, are hopes and results of what is really left.

Seeing with brains, 'theorizing'!

During the Hitler regime in Germany, the survivors claimed to have seen nothing, no concentration camps, no extermination of blacks, gypsies, communists or Jews. Something similar was happening in the apartheid regime, also in the gulags and in global Zionism. Also here in Venezuela, millions do not have the foggiest idea about the historic truth in which we are involved.

Only Seeing is deceiving ... Thinking is knowing!

What is worse: in the first place, because one sees with one's brain, millions, victims of a millennia old Mental Holocaust, many of us really could not, did not (still cannot) see anything beyond the capitalist status quo, the establishment. Because socialism is not en vogue, we had and still have no effective theoretical antidote against the ideological visions and vistas coming from capitalist topos ouranios. Across the centuries the infernal heat of this Moloch has scorched many of our human psi-factors, our erotic and exotic quintessence, our emancipatory powers. Blinded and blind-folded with tight consumer blinkers, we do not see our global Orwellian loony bin, the millions of surveillance cameras in London and elsewhere; we do not see the huge numbers of camps already constructed in the USA.

Yes, like Michael Moore, we see all over dictatorial ghosts, but we do not see the real ones right in front of our noses.

For whom do the church bells of St. Peter's Square toll?

Can the European workers, especially in Greece and France, still hear the crowing of the Gallic "Hahn" (Marx)?

Do they remember the brave communards who tried to storm heaven in Paris is 1870-1, at the eve of the birth of world imperialism?

Can we still venture beyond our immediate consumerist here and now, away from myopic ideology, from obsolete resistance methods which only fall on deaf corporate ears?

Also, we hear with our brains, which censure that which we are not supposed to register, for example, the hell of a noise below Los Alamos, since decades already.

Up to what are our Nobel Peace Prize winners?

Will we soon see "Pentagon Aliens" (Bill Lyne)?

What is in the air?

Do we smell a rat here in Merida, Venezuela?

Do we smell the smog, the toxic gases coming from the gray avalanche of cars, forming endless traffic jams? Do we smell capitalism?

Are we constructing fragrant socialism?

More questions yearning for praxical answers!

Do we smell the stench of the bloody Yankee boots coming from the military bases in Colombia?

Elsewhere do we smell the capitalist decay and putrefaction, the cesspools and quagmires?

No, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we smell nothing ....

Do we still feel anything?

Michael Moore, instead of disseminating hoaxes about Venezuela, please, please produce true documentals about the mortal coming agony of mankind, of world fascism.


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Una Aproximación

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                                            (SEGUNDA EDICIÓN, JULIO, 2009)
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