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*** Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt: Concerning UFOs!

***  Presidente Chavez: Antonio Rojas Suárez estuvo involucrado en una componenda para asesinarlo
Por: Prensa Presidencial.


Is bin Laden the Oswald of our time? Will the USA get struck within
the next 3 weeks?

*** OEA no aceptó invitación a observar comicios del 31 de Octubre

*** Bolivarians in Action in Santa Fe, USA.

*** The Theory of Everything

By Siegfried E. Tischler.

*** Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis

By Franz J. T. Lee. 

*** Extraterrestial ambassador names Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias as an honorary priest.

*** US beefs up military presence in Colombia and threatens Venezuela.

 *** Revolución dentro de la Revolución.

*** Richard Smith: How many more people in Venezuela will go to prison?


*** "We Salute You": ref your article lies of "human trafficking".


*** Jesse Chacón repudió acción contra estatua de Cristóbal Colón.

  Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt: Concerning UFOs!

Franz J. T. Lee, Bill Lyne and Steven Hunt recently engaged in a high scientific standard and educative debate on Tesla Technology and UFOs:


Steven Hunt:
Franz, I have read several of your essays with great interest. By and large I agree with the rudimentary changes being forged by the Venezuelan people with the arrival of Bolivarian politics. However, this conjecture about vacuum energy is far too sketchy, not backed up by empirical data.

I am not saying that this is not true -- what I am saying is that conjecture about this issue makes one look like a "kook', a "conspiracy theorist."  Here in the US, some on the left and right believe that sectors of the US government participated and abetted the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. What is missing is a 'smoking gun," incontrovertible evidence that a link exists.

About UFO's: why do you conclude that they are human-made objects? Is it not possible that extraterrestrials do indeed visit our solar system?

I met a biologist in Belize a few years ago that insisted that he went to a secret, underground, military base where alien ships and aliens where in ample supply. He also recounted some anecdotes pointing up the presence of the CIA in Belize.

What am I to believe?

Well, I come down on the side of providing empirical evidence -- while I will not totally discount possibilities.  Oswald, for example, was a paid agent of the CIA (he was trained to speak Russian) before he was indicted as the "lone gunman" of the JFK assassination.

However, I come down on the side of requiring the advocates of rebellious theories or conjectures to provide compelling evidence. For example, the Venezuelan opposition engage in all types of erudite, scholarly statistical analysis showing fraud ... however, none of what they offer is in any way compelling.

I tend to believe that those opposed to oligarchy, imperialism, or corporate fascism must win by being more credible than those that would oppose progressive change. This is why I am very dubious of engaging this type of speculation -- it can so easily be discredited and impugned by the forces of reaction.

That said, I do indeed admit that such speculation is part of the species creative drive, and it has a valid place in the on going conversation. Without the will to imagine the world differently we are all doomed.

What I find interesting is that Oswald having been groomed by the CIA is a "disappeared' fact. The entire matter of the assassination and the possible culpability of US intelligence services is relegated to the realm of cuckoo land and conspiracy theorists.

Therefore, at this point, I do not see how paying too much attention to the JFK assassination does the progressive forces in the US much good ... unless we can provide very, very compelling evidence. Such evidence would cause more of my countrymen and women to look at corporate and state power in a more critical manner.

People spend their entire lives on the JFK and other such conspiracies. Though the gist of what they are saying is indeed likely to be partially true, I simply don't see the point after a fashion.

Perhaps their devotion to this matter might help heighten the contradictions between the official discourse and what has to be submerged for the corporate world order to continue apace?

(One such repressed discourse here in the US is our part in the oppression of Palestinian people, the denial of their right to exist in peace. However, just the mere mention that Palestinians are worthy of human rights is enough to label one as "for the terrorists" or anti-Semitic. This is despicable, but it is the reality on the ground here in the USA.)

Thus, I was not trying to discount the points that you make. I tend to agree that there are at our disposal as humans far, far better ways to create energy. However, we are collectively blinded by the dogmas we cling to. This is one of the main points, for me, of your essay. There needs to be a "collective" willingness to question the entrenched dogmas, this happens after societal tumult, as with revolutionary events, or mass crisis.

(Here in the US, the 9/11 attacks where not really enough to shake the entrenched dogmas. The question of "why' was submerged in our collective consciousness and popular media -- they attack us because they are 'jealous' of our wealth and "freedom," our illustrious leader, Bush, stated emphatically to the hoards of indoctrinated consumers. This was a sufficient answer for people willfully participating in the crass, mass ignorance of US society.)

Further, the "answer" to our ecological crisis is within our grasp -- we simply become lazy, apathetic and habituated in pathological behaviors that appear beyond our ability to change. Such an idea becomes a fetter on our ability to survive sustainably and in perpetuity. Thus a crisis will occur that will cause those that survive to change their behavior. Adapt or die.

Though I am a big believer in compelling "evidence", and I believe that contemporary science tends to "split" the ecological system of which we are a part (emotion vs.. logic, good vs.. evil, religion vs.. science, intuition vs.. verifiable fact, etc.) to our common disadvantage as humans, I tend to be very leery about appearing as a "kook". Thus to survive in US society, I have had to learn the art of self-censorship.

This amounts to a lived situation where the individual is tormented by bad-faith. But I have learned in my forty years to pick my battles wisely. Indeed, my intense support for Chavez and the Venezuelan people's political project is in part a displacement of my accumulated anger at feeling powerless here in the US, the belly of the imperial beast.

That said, again, I don't disparage speculation on aspects of reality that cannot be empirically proven. Our society is far too hypnotized by its so-called "advanced" science.

Much of what interests me is the function of art in our collective human project. How does art help prepare societies for transcendence and revolutionary changes? Ernst Bloc, a philosopher that I am certain you are familiar with, wrote extensively (and enigmatically) on this subject. Quite interesting.

I just wanted to point out that I am not disparaging your line of thinking on this matter. Indeed, I have much enjoyed your essays.


Franz J. T. Lee: 

Our friend, Bill Lyne, the author of the two books that I recommended reading, was so kind to reply personally to your questions and preoccupations. Read below.


Bill Lyne:  The term "vacuum energy" is deceptive. It implies something from nothing. What actually exists is very powerful radiation which Nikola Tesla called "Primary Solar Rays", which emanates from all the stars in the universe.. He said that the radiation emanating from so-called "naturally radioactive" matter is actually matter resonating with this radiation, and that if so-called "radioactive" matter could be shielded from this radiation, it would not react and would show no radioactivity. Though Tesla was "anti-relativist", even several well-known relativist physicists (Wheeler, Geometrodynamics) have measured the potential of this energy, which is huge. The trick is to "catch" and convert this energy as it passes through.  It is ubiquitous and comes from all directions.

Occult Ether Physics documents the discovery of electro-dynamic UFO propulsion principles using "ether physics" by Nikola Tesla in 1893-94. He called this discovery his "Electric Flying Machine". By 1914 he appeared to have flying prototypes, complete with illustrations. In 1917, Tesla performed a test flight with a remote control UFO in conjunction with the Sperry Gyroscope Company, flying the ship 100 miles, landing it, then flying it back to its original point of departure.

UFOs are electric flying machines. Machines are man-made. There is no evidence on earth of any machines other than man-made ones. The incredulous story is that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

This is a lie propagated by the CIA for 59 years for the purpose of falsely convincing the public that the government knows nothing about them and that they consist of technology beyond human means. The primary reason for this hoax is the fact that the UFO is a "free-energy machine". Evidence exists that every major government of the world has them. They are not hiding them from each other. They are hiding them from us. The oil companies and political structures of the world do not want the public to have the discovery because it would be the end of power as we know it.

Nikola Tesla's initial discovery was soon followed by corroborating research by J.J. Thomson, discoverer of the electron, in England. Thomson called his "discovery," "Electromagnetic Momentum," but was clearly based on Tesla's earlier lecture and demonstration before the Royal Institute of Electrical Engineering in 1892.

The biologist you met was probably a CIA agent. If he had indeed "went to a secret, underground, military base where alien ships and aliens were in ample supply," and told you about it, he would be dead.

Documentation exists proving that the "alien UFO" lies have been created and disseminated by the CIA since the inception of "UFOlogy," beginning with the Roswell incident of 1947. In that incident, it was the CIA which first issued a news announcement stating that an "alien space ship" had crashed near Roswell. After the public had "taken the bait," that statement was retracted. Once the "alien UFO" ball was rolling, it was picked up by alien UFO front-groups funded by the CIA.

For the complete pre-assassination history of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Corporate fascists constantly engage in lies and it is true that to engage in similar lies is not the correct way to fight them. Fascism is a partnership between the state and industry. The secret to their power is coercive monopoly of primary resources, such as petroleum, transportation, and public power generation. The best way to fight them is through advanced energy and transportation technology which cannot be monopolized.

The fact that some of these free energy technologies are beginning to be used on a larger scale serves as proof of the concepts. An example of such use is the discovery of an "over-unity" magnetic motor by inventor Kohey Minato of Japan.   This discovery is already in production and is being used to power cooling fans in factories.


Franz J. T. Lee: I am glad that you enjoyed some of my articles, and read them with great interest. As you know, very seldom, in the quintessence of life, two minds think the same, especially when their life trajectories are so different, and when there are no absolute truths, to magnetize and hypnotize us. Steve, just like you, we are against all calibers of "'kooks', and 'conspiracy theorists'."

We are very happy that you registered the important rudimentary changes taking place in Venezuela. What I do not understand is, when we two talk about a lack of "solid" evidence, how a scientist, a microbiologist, could convince you and me that he saw aliens in an "underground base in Belize." This is what you and I surely could call "enhance the credibility" of somebody ... and we have millions of them ... who is a prima facie liar.

I noticed that you are really disturbed by the prospects of man-made UFOs and free energy, yet it seems to me that you are not disturbed at all by the idea that "UFOs must be from outer space"?

If I thought UFOs were from outer space, I'd really be disturbed, because we see them all the time, especially going to or from Los Alamos. Read William Lyne's two books, there you will get the full evidence of scientific, UFO sightseeing. In a short commentary, that was already nearly too long, I could not handle things, that presuppose a scientific thesis. I just wanted to make an important sector of the world public aware of things that they may never have heard about.

We should be very careful not to accept so readily obvious "alien lies" ... generally spread by CIA agents ... and, consequently, so simply reject the most obvious and logical straightforward truths, that do not need a priori "evidence" of global, sophisticated disinformation campaigns.

Meanwhile, I have to use my brains, and detect the "culprits" and their "flying saucers" in time, to deliver them to Nuremberg Trials, to accuse them of capital and cardinal crimes against humanity.

Who so brutally attacks Iraq without evidence, does not need pretexts to blow up all the "Twin Towers" of the Universe.

The scientific evidence of this statement is in my brain, in thinking, in theory, in philosophy, in trans-historic consciousness of capitalism, imperialism, real existing socialism and communism, as we live them.

Currently, we need no jungle "trial and error" methods to survive. We see the mother of all bombs, the low intensity nuclear warfare, the effects of HAARP, all, not only with our eyes, but mainly with our brains, with social class consciousness.

I have learned something in life ... expect the worst from Washington, and nothing will surprise you any more. What else do you expect from a republican cowboy, that first smokes his gun, and then asks questions about WMDs.

Already the Ancient Greek Wise Men, also Francis Bacon, had stressed: Knowledge, not beliefs, is Power ... this includes Occult Knowledge and Occult Power.



very well presented. Ilike the way you say that the truth is "known in the mind" not by some "jungle trial-and-error" (semi-feudalist intelliectual "trial by combat" method) in which those with the most academic clout destroy dissent with the "official opinions" dictated by the elite to
And I like the description of Bush as a "shoot first and ask questions later" cowboy, although from my own experiences with REAL cowboys, they were/are reluctant to go into any situation without caution and a good idea of what the outcome would be. Bush is a "pseudo-cowboy", a "wannabe", and a fool. He has bitten off more than he can chew and wishes he had not done it
but will not admit it.


unfortunately, Tesla never published his "General Theory of Gravitation" ("The Dynamic Theory of Gravity")
though I thought he may have when I wrote my first edition of Space Aliens From the Pentagon. On
further research, I discovered that there is no evidence that he ever published it, although I was able
to reconstruct many of its basic principles from diverse sources of Tesla primary research material
such as statements made in magazine interviews, in lectures, and in papers published by Tesla. As I
documented, Tesla stated that he had his Dynamic Theory of Gravity "all worked out" in 1893-94. My
reasoning as to why he never published it is because the theory contained specific findings that would
have allowed anyone to build his "electric flying machine", which he suddenly realized would have
allowed almost any bad government to bomb someone clear on the other side of the earth.

Now that this feared possiblilty has become possible using such relatively crude artifices as ICBMs,
there is no longer any reason to keep the UFO technology secret, except the oil and transportation
companies would be wiped out.


Franz, I suggest you send the following to Paul:

Visit these sites on Tesla electromagnetic energy:

Regards. Carl


Wilhelm Reich was not put in an insane asylum. he was sent to prison based upon fake charges. this is contradictory to your article at:
where you say:
Now, why did a small powerful ruling elite, across the 20th century, hide away from us the scientific and philosophic truth about Nikola Tesla's Technology about "free energy from the vacuum" and about Wilhelm Reich's "Orgone"? The latter was even declared "crazy" and was locked up in a United States loony bin. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse stole his Orgone Cheese!

just to bring this to your attention. you can read about this in the book WILHELM REICH V THE USA by jerome greenfield.
thank you.
Vigilius H.

Dear Vigilius,

thanks for your correction. Of course, Reich was sentenced to jail for two years. However, there are many questions and problems concerning the court case against him.

In fact, to stop him, and to grab his findings, he was declared "insane". See below.

I was really just playing with words, that, of course, could be misunderstood.

That jail, in reality was a loony lock-up, a loony bin sentence for Reich.

Thanks for your interest.


Now, look at the following:

"The Soviet Embassy had ordered all of Reich's books, and Dr. Walter Hoppe of Tel Aviv reported treating a Russian who stated they had accumulators in some Russian hospitals. Furthermore, if we read The Communist Manual of Instructions for Psychopolitical Warfare, used for training Red agents abroad, we find a remarkable parallel to their techniques in Reich's case as follows:

It is a firm principal of Psychopolitics that the person to be destroyed must be involved at first or second hand in the stigma of insanity. . . .

Use the courts, use the judges, use the constitution of the country, sue the medical societies and its laws to further your ends.

One of the first and foremost missions of the psychopolitician is to make an attack upon communism synonymous with insanity. It should become the definition of insanity, of the paranoid variety, that, "A paranoid believes he is being attacked by communists."

The psychopolitician may well find himself under attack as an individual or a member of a group, the best defense is calling into question the sanity of the attacker.

Psychopoliticians should avoid murder and violence unless it is done within the safety of the institution. [Did Reich really die of his heart condition only a week before he was to have been released?]

Should any whisper or pamphlet against psychopolitical activities be published it should be laughed into scorn, branded as a hoax immediately and its perpetrator or publisher should be, at the first opportunity, branded insane.

Every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by persons in our connection, or who can be influenced by persons in our connection. . . .

Now, let us appraise what was going on outside of court during these years of 1954-1957. Garbage was repeatedly strewn on Reich's lawn; air was let out of his tires; he received repeated telephone calls from anonymous people making remarks about the accumulator and then hanging up; he found microphones secreted in his radio set, and his garage mechanic discovered a small sending set under the dashboard of his car; the doors of his car were pried open, the locks broken; cars repeatedly ran back and forth in front of his place, and he was constantly followed. Reich remarked that if he revealed all that had happened to him, people would think he was insane. Was that the purpose, to harass him and wear him down? All of the related incidents were verified by persons other than Reich. In 1947, when Reich had said that Communists were behind the attack on him, nobody believed him until he discovered Brady's connections. Was the 1954 FDA prosecution, therefore, merely a routine procedure against an unaccepted medical device, or was it a conspiracy in Communist hands?
We come now to the questions of whether there were actually persons in the U.S. Government or the Air Force secretly supporting Reich. Again, I do not know. Reich was certain there were and contacted prominent representatives of both, and he always indicated he had knowledge which he was not at liberty to divulge. He showed me several letters he had received. I remember, specifically, the letters from four state governors whom he had contacted about weather control. He was very enthusiastic about them and convinced that the governors were seriously interested in his work. He took the letters at face value, as was his wont in accepting what people told him, particularly if it pleased him. In this respect, he seemed very naive, in spite of his frequently asking, "Do you mean it?" The letters were typical of those from politicians. I had written hundreds of similar letters when I was in the state service. One always expressed interests in, or appreciation of, everything, whether it was suggestions, criticisms, or anything else, being careful not to commit oneself to any definite statement. The letters had no significance to me. Several years earlier, Reich had made a point of insisting the New York Academy of Medicine was familiar with his work and held him in high regard. He challenged me and other physicians to go to the academy and check. We did, and found that they considered him a crackpot. It hurt him very much when we found it necessary to tell him, so we avoided hurting him any more than absolutely necessary thereafter. This was, I believe, a mistake, since it contributed to his false sense of being accepted. In spite of all he said about not caring whether or not he was accepted, he did have a natural longing for acceptance. It is known that certain units in the Air Force were familiar with Reich and his work, and there is considerable evidence that they followed his activities quite closely. However, how far up this interest extended is not known. I, personally, have grave doubts that anyone really important in our government, or even in the Air Force, was seriously interested in Reich's work. I also feel sure that the President's "Atoms for Peace" program had no relationship to Reich"s "Atoms for Peace," as Reich believed, although it is true that there were important similarities. Reich had acquainted the President with his plans and believed the President's subsequent plan was the outcome.

Reich's belief in support from the government directly affected his behavior toward the injunction. To the very end, he expected some word or act of support, and only in his Supreme Court brief did he finally despair of receiving it. This belief was founded on his opinion concerning the national emergency: that only he had found a possible way of successfully combating a national emergency caused by two sources of danger, the Communist conspiracy and the rapidly increasing desert conditions in the world. He considered the heated controversy over radioactive fallout, the marked decrease in negative ions in the atmosphere resulting in drought conditions, the increase in smog, the general increase in the prevalence of fatigue and virus infections, and the rapid increase in leukemia as evidence of the emergency of desert conditions.

Reich felt that, even more than from atomic testing, these conditions were being produced by spacemen who were bringing DOR into our atmosphere, and he gave the world about a quarter of a century to survive unless cloudbusting came into general use. Now, ten years after Reich's death, the world is still alive, and mainly unaware of an emergency; but I believe that the atmospheric condition is growing serious. However, it did not quite seem the emergency that Reich felt, one which required his exposing and sacrificing himself. The world is, nonetheless, much worse off for his death and the lack of his further help and genius. It is possible that Reich anticipated a greater emergency than occurred because of the position he was in at the time, and that it lent him more reason and support for his struggle. Some of his co-workers encouraged him in this attitude; others, who expressed doubt, were looked upon with suspicion.

All the aforementioned factors contributed to Reich's entanglement in a situation from which he could not extricate himself. He had no desire to become a martyr; in fact, he eagerly and confidently looked forward to a long life and often boasted that he would live to be ninety. He also maintained that he would not succumb to martyrdom, as had most of the great men of the past, because he understood the emotional plague and how to handle it. It is true that he compared his life to Jesus's, since both were trying to bring love instead of hate into the world, but there was no actual identification. Those who insist that Reich identified with Christ because of his book The Murder of Christ is labeled autobiographical, simply do not understand his meaning.

Actually, it seemed as though Reich was, at this period, pushed to destruction as much by his supporters as by his enemies. However, it is possible that he might have followed the same path even if he had not been encouraged in the action he took. His concept of the case was entirely different from that held by the court, which was only interested in the distribution of the accumulator, simply another unacceptable device. Reich saw the much deeper significance of a conspiracy to kill the discovery of orgone energy and destroy his whole life's work. He was fighting the emotional plague and believed that the survival of this country and all mankind might well depend on the outcome of his case. The larger issue he expected the court would see, and he was supported in this by his many followers. His attitude was correct. What was disputed by others was the possibility of the court's ever understanding his insight or paying credence to it. Reich could not be convinced of the futility of expecting the court to accept his view of the case. Besides, no one involved felt that he had the right to believe that his judgment was any better than Reich's as to what course to take. One can see the rationality of deferring to his judgment when one reads his Brief to the Court of Appeals. Here he shows exceptionally clear thinking and gives superb arguments. However, the court, in its restricted interest, was not impressed; thus Reich's arguments, though rational, proved futile. Toward the end, Reich did alter one attitude in acknowledging how Silvert had entangled him. His feelings of loyalty toward what he considered were Silvert's helpful intentions prevented him from presenting the full situation in court, which, of course, might not have made any difference. I am certain that the judge would not have believed that Silvert could have been working without Reich's direction. Thus Reich accepted his sentence and refused to obtain a suspension on grounds of his heart condition. In this manner, in prison, did the end of his life come to one of the greatest men of all time.

Reich's attitude, in fact his entire life, was unconventional and as difficult for the world to understand as were discoveries. Many legends, probably even religions, will develop about him. Already some people look upon him as a superman who could not err, or a spaceman come to earth; others have rationalized and written articles attempting to prove him insane, a charlatan, or a fraud. Significantly, those who try to discredit him are persons who had seen him once or not at all and know nothing of his work from factual knowledge, or who project their own irrationalisms onto him. These are such people as the Mildred Edie Bradys and the Henry H. Works, some of whom claim even to be "disciples" or "followers." History will remember them only for their attacks on Reich, as Mocenigo is remembered for the murder of Giordano Bruno.

Perhaps most to be feared are those zealots who, structurally unable to understand Reich, will make of him a savior and make orgonomy a dogma, with themselves as inquisitors. They will allow neither natural questioning nor rational arguments. They will mysticize sex, reaching for power and defense against their terror of living, thus attempting to destroy Reich's work in the name of supporting it. These are the ubiquitous emotional plague characters, ever ready to offer their services and assume positions of authority in order to kill. They are rarely recognized before it is too late.

Reich was not a mysterious superman nor a spaceman, nor was he insane or a fraud. He was very human, natural, and open, and foremost, a great and genuine scientist. All of his findings and intentions were honestly reported to appropriate government agencies, and he was at all times prepared to cooperate with these agencies if they were serious and honest. He had no patience with snoopers and curiosity seekers, whom he rather forcefully dispatched, but was infinitely patient with those whom he felt were sincerely interested in his work.

I first met Wilhelm Reich on January 6, 1946, and saw him for the last time on January 27, 1957. During these years, I came to know him very well. He was a true child of nature, never quite caught up in our patriarchal civilization. He could be as soft and warm as a summer breeze or as violent and angry as a thunderstorm; he was as trusting as a child, and yet he could see through the smoothest intrigue. His Character Analysis is a classic on the understanding of human structure, yet he would be easily fooled by people. At times, it seemed, he was unable to grasp the simplest explanation, but he could make clear the most difficult problems to anyone. He changed his mind frequently, but never swerved from his scientific integrity. His humor at times was most delightful, yet at other times he seemed humorless. Although he was impatient, he would wait two years after the writing before publishing a book. He was radical, in the true sense, but voted with the conservatives, believing them most interested, ultimately, in human freedom. He loved social activity, but spent much of his life alone. He was a man who loved babies and children, and he left his estate to be used for their welfare. I never saw him without learning something. He had a quality of reviving people and stimulating their interest in broader horizons and vistas beyond their own narrower lives. To quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet":

He was a man, take for all in all, I shall
not look upon his like again."

You are quite correct, Vig.

In fact Dr. Reich has a psychiatric assessment made, during his stay at Ellis Island. The only condition he
displayed was some level of paranoia (this, after
escaping from Nazi Germany!).
The "crazy" stories regarding Reich probably
were spread by his detractors even before he got
to America, to interfere with his ability to set up
his medical practice here. Those loyal to Freud were
guilty in obstructing Reich's work in America, even
though his name carried a good professional reputation
in Europe (except among psychiatrists, Freudians, and
supporters of Nazism).
The Professor in Dayton.



My sincerest compliments!

Though I differ with you concerning the date at which Tesla made his breakthrough discovery, (I propose 1896-97 based upon his publication of his General Theory of Gravitation in 1897,) I'm gratified you have the courage to tell the truth.




a zillion thanks for your compliments.
We will check out the data. I will ask
Bill for more information.



Dear Franz,
William Lyne was kind enough to send me a part of his response to you.  I thought you might like to see my response which follows. 
Thanks for the consideration William:
I'm fairly certain that it was in Jim Keith's Casebook on Alternative III where I read that Tesla had published his General Theory of Gravitation , but , as with all the rest of Jim's books, he did not supply references making it difficult if not impossible to verify many of his assertions; though having read many other author's material prior to reading Keith's (R.I.P.) where references were provided with the same information, I believe Keith was being truthful insofar as he could.
I found his claim regarding the General Theory of Gravitation resonant with biographers' claims of Tesla's M.O., that is, 1)the idea, 2) a working model, followed by the publication of a scientific paper - insofar as the sightings of "The Great Airship" of 1896-97 which according to witnesses living in remote areas where this craft apparently landed also talked to the 'pilot' who spoke English.  If, indeed, Tesla did publish what Keith claimed he did in 1897, then it seemed a reasonable assumption that the "airship" was Tesla's handiwork.  (Keith did not make mention of the "airship" as best I can recall.)
Whatever the case, whether electro-gravitics (and its power source) has been terrestrial technology for over a century or somewhat less, I take heart that "the cat's now out of the bag", and just maybe we can avoid the fate that the nefarious, greedy ones seemingly have in store for the majority of us on this beautiful planet.
I'm just a working man with a desire to assess truth.  I have no real credentials that most would recognize beyond this, so all the more do I appreciate those like you who fight the good fight.
Be well and take care.
Paul (


  Gobernador Antonio Rojas Suárez un traidor de marca mayor
Presidente Chavez: Antonio Rojas Suárez estuvo involucrado en una componenda para asesinarlo
Por: Prensa Presidencial
Publicado el Domingo, 17/10/04 08:43pm
Isla de Margarita, 17 oct. 04 (Prensa Presidencial).- Antonio Rojas Suárez, actual gobernador del estado Bolívar, es un traidor de marca mayor que inclusive estuvo involucrado en una componenda para asesinar a Hugo Chávez Frías días antes de la rebelión militar de 4 de febrero de 1992.

Alguien dijo una vez que no se puede perdonar a los traidores. Yo he fallado porque he sido indulgente con los traidores, dijo el presidente al revelar las intenciones que tendría Rojas Suárez en el año 1991.

“El actual gobernador del estado Bolívar fue captado por Bandera Roja, cuando me di cuenta detuve la rebelión militar. Desde las filas de Bandera Roja, decidieron que había que matarme, una noche casi lo logran. En San Joaquín fueron a buscarme, eso fue en diciembre del 91, me fui a un sitio donde estaban esperando para matarme, me bajé del carro, hubo una discusión acalorada, les dije: si quieren mátenme, pero esa rebelión no va hasta que no lo decidamos en directorio, no voy a actuar bajo presión de nadie”.

El jefe del Estado detalló que “era Bandera Roja –hoy en día un partido político de oposición junto a AD y Copei- que estaba presionando, infiltrada por el gobierno, para abortar todo aquel movimiento, eso lo sabía yo”.

Luego a Rojas Suárez “lo perdoné y acepté que fuera candidato a la gobernación de Bolívar propuesto por una gente, fui a levantarle el brazo y ahí está otra vez. Pido perdón porque mi corazón a veces se excede de indulgencia”.

Recordó a Simón Bolívar cuando analizaba las causas de la pérdida de la Primera República, “a cada traición sucedía un perdón y a cada perdón sucedía otra traición que volvía a ser perdonada y ahí entramos en una anarquía general y un estado de impunidad asesina que terminó con la República”.

Por eso, yo no vuelvo a perdonar a perdonar a traidor alguno. A veces uno tiene que endurecer un poco las manos, apuntó el Presidente Chávez.

OEA no aceptó invitación a observar comicios del 31 de Octubre


Organización de los Estados Americanos

15 de octubre, 2004

La Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) informó hoy al Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) de Venezuela que no podrá aceptar su invitación de enviar una misión de observación electoral para acompañar los comicios del 31 de octubre.

“Desafortunadamente, la proximidad del proceso electoral nos impide contar con el tiempo necesario para organizar una misión que pueda cumplir con todos los requerimientos técnicos, operativos y financieros que demanda la observación de este nivel”, señaló el Director del Departamento para Asuntos Democráticos y Políticos de la OEA, John Biehl del Rió, en una carta dirigida al Presidente del CNE, Francisco Carrasquero. Recordó que tanto la OEA y el Centro Carter han resaltado en sus respectivos informes que “las negociaciones que tuvieron lugar para garantizar el éxito de la observación internacional de las elecciones anteriores en Venezuela, tomaron un lapso de tiempo prolongado del cual ahora no se dispone”.

Refiriéndose a la invitación del CNE, enviada el 7 de octubre, Biehl del Rió expresó su esperanza de que en el futuro puedan cumplirse los requisitos necesarios para que la colaboración entre la OEA y las autoridades venezolanas “contribuya a fortalecer los principios de transparencia, imparcialidad, confiabilidad y objetividad que el Consejo Nacional Electoral ha destacado en su comunicación anterior”.

Por otra parte, el representante de la OEA hizo un llamado hoy en Washington para que el pueblo venezolano participe en esta importante jornada electoral. “Confiamos que los ciudadanos venezolanos demostrarán su gran civismo y respeto a los valores democráticos”, afirmó Biehl del Río.



Is bin Laden the Oswald of our time? Will the USA get struck within
the next 3 weeks?


As Kerry said the other night (and was proven correct) Bush did say he wasn't worried about bin Laden.  His goal was Hussein.  Either Bush and all the bin Ladens are closer than we think or he's so pompous he can't see the forest for the trees. 

Personally, I'm believing more and more each day that bin Laden is the Oswald of our time. If we get struck within the next 3 weeks that will leave no doubt in my mind.

I've heard many, many experts say today that is the only way Bush can win this election. I think we've witnessed Operation Northwoods in the 21st century:


I think today the Islamic "terrorists" are receiving help from other countries, e.g., Saudis, and even France and Germany. USA is lthe big boy on the block and those and other countries would love to see us fall. 

What scares me about Bush is he thinks he hears God telling him to attack countries.  He's setting us up to become another Roman Empire and we know what happened to them. Hitler thought God told him what to do too.  There's a link between Hitler and the Bushes. 

GW's grandfather was Hitler's banker and was almost brought up on treason charges.  He negotiated for a lesser charge but lost all he had.  Bush Sr. and GW, Cheney and others have a scary organization called the PNAC, which is for  world domination. Bush has a very strong power behind him.  He's managed to keep his crimes hidden from the world by controlling the press and in one case the author of Fortunate Son, written in the late 90's (Cinemax done a documentary on this as it was happening) wouldn't back down. 


There are links to video on the bottom of this one.  Check them out.

Carl Z,


Bolivarians in Action in Santa Fe, USA


... Meanwhile, I'd like to tell you about something else which may interest you. My son Angus recently met some guys who have a downtown Santa Fe office who are doing a video documentary on more recent developments in Venezuela. Angus was surprised that these guys had some very expensive video editing equipment and cameras---which they did not know how to use! They are on the same side of the issues that you are. All the video material they have to work with is older "beta" video footage dating from 2002. I thought it might be a good idea to connect them to you since you might be able to provide so much more updated material, maybe even some photos or even video. I haven't met these guys but Angus showed me where their office is so I thought I'd leave them a copy of an email so they could contact you. Do you think you might be able to guide them in any way? I thought it would be good for them to be in touch with someone who really knew the issues.

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Venezuela's Electronic News --


Extraterrestial ambassador names Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias as an honorary priest

President Hugo Chavez Frias has been named an honorary priest for his re-christening of Venezuela's traditional Columbus Day to Indian Resistance Day.

In an announcement that will presumably have air heads in Venezuela's political opposition spluttering over their Sunday morning wake-up coffee,

Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez Frias

The Raelian Movement led by a French journalist named only as Rael ... who claims he was contacted by a visitor from another planet on December 13, 1973, and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth ... has spearheaded a global campaign to return stolen lands, monies, gold and art treasures to the indigenous populations from whom they were stolen.

Rael says that what is even more important for the descendants of these populations is to reject the religions forced upon their ancestors. "It is impossible to put a price on the lost lives and cultures of these peoples, but the very least that we should expect is for the nations (and especially the Vatican) to give back all the US$ trillions they have stolen ... it’s great to see this trend growing in more countries."

The Raelian Movement says the fact that there are 1.2 billion Christians in the world is not because they all chose to be so!

These numbers are due to centuries of imperialism. Who can still believe that Jesus’ teachings have not been betrayed after Christianity forcefully “converted” so many millions by fire and sword and continues to condone such violence? Who can believe the Pope’s occasional apology while the Vatican keeps every dime it ever stole? It is the same wherever Christianity flourishes, but Australia, North and South America and Africa are among the worst cases. There are easily more than 700 million people in the Americas alone that Christianity claims as followers simply due to the forceful conversion of their ancestors.

Especially in this age of “terrorism” (and there is no terrorism comparable to the genocides contrived by religions believing in a god), it seems impossible for today’s Christians to truly digest the fact that their “peaceful religion” killed countless millions in the name of spreading this “peaceful religion” and that they (themselves) would not even be Christian if not for the murdering colonizers! Through ethnocentricity, Christians think the Muslim religion is violent while the Muslims see Christianity and Judaism as being most violent. And all parties are correct. Belief in a god has caused more bloodshed than anything else on earth. Think about it - there is no such thing as an atheist terrorist or atheists defining other cultures as evil.

To accomplish a true decolonization, the descendants of those who were killed, enslaved and converted to Christianity through torture and abuse must, by respect for their ancestors, de-baptize themselves, apostatize officially from the catholic and Christian churches. They should return to their traditional values, the spirituality and religions of their ancestors, which were much more beautiful and environmentally responsible than Christianity, whose civilization is slowly destroying the world after committing so many genocides, rampages and slavery.

Every descendant of these many victims should remember that their ancestors are watching them as they betray their memory, by embracing the religion of those who killed and tortured them. Their dead ancestors cannot rest in peace. They curse their descendants until their descendants de-baptize themselves and return back to their traditional religions.


The Theory of Everything[1]

By Siegfried E. Tischler

Dear Siegfried,
thanks for your kind letter and the article, that I present to our study group and readers to enjoy and comment, Kindly forward us the missing illustrations.

Meanwhile we keep in contact, and I will place you on our mailing list.
I am also sending you some of our URLs.

Cordial colleagial greetings,


Dear colleague, Franz,

I suppose I could write this in German (I am from Innsbruck, Austria, but let us stick to the smallest common denominator of human intellect - the English language - for the time being!

After training as a geochemist (Doctorate from Innsbruck in 1977) and a working life as exploration geologist ("hard rock, platinum, gold, base metals, coal on five continents) and not being content with all the "stories" we are constantly being fed by the "dumbing machine", (how else to call the conspiracy of churches, academia and politics, driven by elitist greed , a.k.a. globalism) I have started to use my brain.

I have been offered a teaching assignment (ETHICS OF SCIENCE) by the University of Graz/ Austria, have spent a year as Visiting Professor at the University of Riau (Indonesia) and presently try to decide whether to take up offers for a similar assignment from another Indonesian University or go to China!

I have very much enjoyed reading your article on "free energy". I attach my latest little article and ask for your comments! Have very fond memories from a brief visit to Venezuela and hope to "make it back" at some future time,

Kind regards,

Siegfried Tischler.

Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler, Visiting Professor - RIAU University, Indonesia.

The Theory of Everything[1]

By Siegfried E. Tischler

N.B. Some illustrations missing. Will request them from author.

“Look, it cannot be seen - it is beyond form." - Tao Te Ching; Lao Tzu


There are countless instances of “things happening” in ways that are “impossible” as far as scientific paradigms are concerned.  This does not refer to UFO’s, cases of extrasensory perception, “materialisation” or teleportation.  The real mysteries are much closer! “Cambrian Explosion”, “Evolutionary Principle” or “Big Bang” are accepted parts of scientific folklore and hardly anybody gives them and many other such “scientific terms” much (logical) thought– even though they refer to  “impossibles”.  In the interest of a better understanding of existentially crucial aspects of the “human condition” we need to subversively deconstruct[2] the foun-dations of our world view.

In doing this, it is argued, that both religions and sciences derive from mysticisms; while (mainstream) religions have all but abandoned these origins, many modern scientific disciplines seem to be largely based on mystical beliefs.  Before we look at the ways in which the sciences came to be what they are in the present, we will briefly look at the history of religions:


Agriculture permitted/ caused the stratification of human society and the oldest cleptocratic occupation arose- often those “possessed” by epilepsy (the divine sickness) called their “visions” divine commands- and man began his long tradi-tion to follow pied pipers who called themselves priests.  Failed attempts at un-derstanding nature’s myriad processes and products gave rise to polytheisms which were in the main structured old mysticisms.

N.T. Nair, while presenting an objective view of social history and de-velopment of Hindu society in India describes how culture and religion are inti-mately interrelated: when sedentary, agriculture based culture that had de-veloped a belief system based on the worship of Shakti, the female creative and preservative force,  changed into pastoral societies, Daksa, the male creative force became dominant[3]. This fundamental change was a function of the domestication of animals.  Divine kings were replaced by warrior kings and humanity began its downward spiral into materialism. Early successes in what we now call “science” caused  the emergence of monotheisms in the second millennium before the common era[4];  man has tried to trace all the mysteries of existence to one single causative principle.


The sum of all human ignorance came to be called (a single) <God>[5]. 


v      A sequitur of this kind of thinking was it,  that the subject of logical explanations and experimentally testable theories emerging from it became known as science or the realm of questions asking : HOW?

v      All that was not logical and testable reduced itself to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.  From it came the simple question :  WHY?  The various answers that have been given are the base to what we have come to call religions.


When man found out how nature “did” things, this knowledge empowered him to shape his surroundings and with this came technology:  while women put their minds towards lessening their work-loads in the house or on the fields and in-vented most of the useful things[6], men were breaking their heads to find more effective implements to smash skulls with. With the advent of script mythology turned into the accumulated knowledge of mankind and “truths of the books” supplanted “wisdom”. Whereas oral traditions constantly undergo “reality checks”,  scriptures remain “true to the word” until edited.


Some 25 centuries ago systematic agriculture and the “culture of empire”[7] had caused mankind to find itself kicked out of the paradise the world had been as long as man had lived in and with it: the cradles of civilization had been largely deforested and desertified by human action by than. Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato in the Greek world, Zarathustra in Persia, Gautama Budda and Nataputta Mahavira in India as well as Laotze, Confucius and Mencius in China all recognized the unsustainability of human modus vivendi and pro-pounded philosophies which aimed at undoing the asymmetries which “culture” had introduced[8]. Hinduism in the 4th century B.C.E. went through an episode during which heresies (Buddhism and Jainism) were fought by way of propa-gation of theistic Vedanta. It comprised of two belief systems: monistic Saivism and trinitary Vaisnavism. With that aim achieved, these two new religions turned upon each other with equal success – they are virtually extinct.


By the beginning of the Common Era[9] “found” polytheisms had been turned into “made” monisms[10] while monotheism started the flight from reality that it has been on ever since. Jewish priests reacted to the attempts of reformers to break the endless cycle of violence their religion proscribed, by formalising the life of religionists with iron clad rules laid down in the Talmud.  The reformed religion got hi-jacked by Saulus of Tarsus based on his epileptic “visions”.  Centuries of alteration of the already perverted Christian dogma by clerical consensus[11] led into the reformation by the visionary Muhammed (may peace be with him), whom most biographies call “possessed”. After his death the new faith of Islam was split into Shi’ite and Sunni interpretations of leadership inheritance and different ritual. While Christianity busied itself with ultimately failed attempts to eradicate Islam, (Neo-) Confucianism won out over Buddhism and Taoism in China during the Sung dynasty (960-1277 C.E.). When Christian priesthood– for lack of an external foe that could be defeated– turned to materialistic plunder of its own religionists, Martin Luther and other reformers deformed Christanity in such a way that many argue that this was in reality a revolution: it had turned Christianity back into its Mosaic origins. This started to long decline of Protestantism into the present “Christian Zionism” (the support of Israel in its genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people – arguably to bring about the Biblical Armageddon, Rapture and return of the Messiah).


Judaism itself, meanwhile, had gone through amazing transformations:


v      Roman emperor Vespasian had ended the many century long occupation of Pales-tine and scattered Judaism throughout the known world in 69 C.E. Wherever these Sephardic (Semitic) Jews made their home, they soon became the leading lights of politics, commerce and science due to their brilliance.  That they were only loyal to themselves made them time and time again the aim of protest move-ments[12].  Already Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, had stated in 1896 in <The Jew State> that “Jews bring Anti-Semitism with them wherever they go”.  A survey of early modernity will show that regardless where and when revolutions “happened”, they mostly resulted only in the change of dominant elites[13] and the “Judaisation” of politics, economy and science.   

v      In the 8th century C.E. Khan Bulan of the Khazars (present day Ukraine) had de-creed that his people adopt Judaism[14] to ensure that the nation stayed ethnically pure in the face of the onslaught of animistic Asian raiders from the East, Islamic proselytes from the South and Christian cleptomaniacs from the West.  When in 1859 Russia finally won a protracted war against the successor to the Khazar empire, a huge wave of Askhenazim- (as the non-semitic Jews of the region were known) refugees moved westwards into Europe and further to America. 


With Sephardims controlling economy and politics and millions of newly arrived Askhenazim (“Eastern Jews”) quickly becoming dominant in arts and science, the “West” found itself boxed in.  The idea of the Chosen People militates against the concept of universalism, and it is at times maintained that there are two con-tradictory tendencies in Judaism:


v      the one prophetic and universalistic;

v      the other, Mosaic and separatist.


When the <Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion[15]> surfaced in the early 20th century,  they were branded as “forgeries” by world Jewry.  Such an interpre-tation is fraught with two problems:


1.      the “Forgers Dilemma”– he requires an original to work from.  Those labeling the “protocols” a forgery were/ are[16] thus admitting that there was an original and

2.      the history of the 20th century followed (often in most amazing detail) the out-line given in the “Protocols”. 


The foregoing whirlwind survey of the fate of human spirituality that underlies the religions to which those significant parts of humanity profess which control humanity serves to illustrate, how the minds of people have been directed towards the acceptance of “authoritative scripture”. More often than not it was the consensus of the “Learned Elders” of religious movements that superseded extra-sensory perception by visionaries– thus severing the tenuous links which “connect” religions (the realm of the <WHY>) with spirituality.


When we now look at the history of the domain of questions after the <HOW>, we retrace a similar journey for the sciences: when age-old mysticisms had been structured into religions,  priests managed to create for themselves  sinecures that gave them both the time and wherewhithal  to engage in observation of the “ways of nature”.   As knowledge always equals power,  the clerical class became ever more powerful.  When scientific knowledge and religious dogma could not be reconsiled,  science and religion


v      parted ways in the “western” world and the ethical problem of science began:  devoid of a spiritual (philosophical) base, science turned into an end of its own.


Oswald Spengler[17] called the monotheistic peoples of the West “Faustian Man” – like Doctor Faustus in the play of  J.W. v. Goethe[18] they have made a deal with the devil in order to better their lot.  A number of “trades” followed from that:

           - dependency on nature turned into addiction to technology, 

           - spirituality became an unerring belief in science while

           - mental freedom was abandoned in favour of material security.

All of this was only possible because of the reductionism which is the functional base of the “scientific method”. When searching for an all-embracing concept to denote “nature”, then one will ultimately find it in “complexification”[19]. That our “method” for understanding the ways of nature is based on the polar opposite of the “nature” of  nature explains, why our present Theory of Knowledge is the sum of mistakes and ignorance. Our everyday reality teaches us, that the “Theory of Knowledge” is best likened to a river, which while getting ever wider, has been and still is flowing through a variegated landscape.  For most of its journey the river of knowledge has been lazily flowing through boring flat morphology and has just gotten muddier.  During some remarkable periods it has gathered incred-ible speed while hurling itself through gorges and over waterfalls.  Driven by Hegelian dialectics, Thomas Samuel Kuhn in the early second half of the 2oth century called these periods “scientific revolutions” and was commenting on their structure[20].

When Kuhn introduced the term “paradigm” into Theory of Knowledge it appared to be a diagnosis. It was said to refer to the sum of methods and achieve-ments of a given scientific discipline; as such it was little else but an actualisation of the Han-dynasty doctrine of academic stasis (cf. footnote# 17). It could be argued that wise men had recognised some 2,000 years ago that unfettered academic freedom would of necessity turn into unethical science.  The paradigms of Kuhn were turned by the “Learned Elders of Academia” into a therapy that has been paralysing science as done by the majority of practicioners ever since they have been introduced.  Fig.1 illustrates this situation:







The net result of this was that those who do not feel bound by paradigmatic restrictions gain an (unfair) advantage over those who follow the self-cen-sorship. This was a classic case of hiding functions behind forms as pointed out by Swiss renegade thinker Paul Feyerabend, who refuted Kuhn’s tractate which worked like a straight- jacket for science and the minds of scientists[21].  Arthur Köstler and J.R. Smythies edited the proceedings after a symposium in Alpbach (Austria) that dealt with <Reductionism> and its limitations as regards modern science. This meeting of many of the great minds of this time was surely one of the most significant events that could have shaped Theory of Science towards the end of the Second Millennium[22]!  That special interests have succeeded to hi-jack all aspects of human affairs on all levels is becoming all to evident.

            The problem with reductionism as practiced by most scientists is simply that it is not taken to its logical conclusion:  all of the “ascending tendencies of nature are contravening the Second Law of Thermodynamics and result in an increased informational “content” (i.e. complexity).  How can a methodology which aims at the opposite ever be helpful to the understanding how nature works? Arthur Oncken Lovejoy (1873-1962) in <The Great Chain of Being>[23] referred to the double legacy of Plato:  all the dualisms of western philosophy can be reduced to the thinking of those, who see in Plato’s “ascending tenden-cies” only the uncreated, united origin, while the “descending” tendencies demonstrated the multiplicity of the “created” world. One asks, whether the word “creation” has only been misused in this context– or even raped?


v      Chinese science had made many of the crucial discoveries (gun-power, compass, determination of latitude, etc.) [24] many centuries before western man had done so. The solid spiritual base of Confucianism coupled with the “State Exami-nations” practiced since the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E -220 C.E.) suborned science to personal morality and public ethics[25]. 


Harvard entomologist E. O.  Wilson has argued in his seminal book <Consili-ence>[26], that sciences in our times lack a philosophical foundation and that philosophers quote Plato freely whenever this fits with their postulates- but by the same token seemingly have forgotten that he had asked (in <Politeia>) for 10 of the 15 years of training to become a philosopher to be spent at becoming versed in the ways of scientific work.


Regardless of how we try to “view” the evolution of mankind (be it on a biological or sociological level) and everything else for that matter, we should never forget that already the Alexandrian philosopher Plotinus (2nd century C.E.) had ad-monished, that “every evolution has to be preceded by an involution[27]. An objective review of the “going” scientific dogmas in practically all disciplines reveals that such an involution has indeed taken place over the centuries; it can be best described as the application of Talmudic principles to everything[28].  This has uprooted all affected mankind so that by now:


v      natural law  (again on all levels) has been supplanted by written law, which was codified by elites who seemingly are not bound by it;

v      mankind has been “given” the ultimate phantasy to “explain” everything (the evolutionary principle), which is now surreptitiously circumvented by geneti-cal engineering; the cosmological hypothesis of the Big Bang is of a similar nature: being untestable and based on disputed data it requires ad-hoc hypo-theses like “inflation” to make sense at all.

v      Free market economy has been hi-jacked by corporatism which considers Gaia (the living Earth) as an endless resource and humanity as a pool of cheap labour;

v      the many were given the charade of democratic government; the will of the people is channelled by elitist cut-outs into processes that shed profits for a few.

v      The final insult to human intelligence came from German philosopher Jürgen Habermas when he demanded participant knowledge from disputants in order to be able to partake in any debate[29].  With education becoming ever more an elitist privilege, “participant knowledge” separates the haves from the impotent.


All aspects of human life, better the life of Gaia (the living Earth) have been suborned to the whims of the ultimate god – Mammon!  In order to comprehend, how it could come to be, that (western/ faustian) man came to consider commo-dification the ultimate “reality check”, we have to revisit some of the stages in the history of science which were everything but “revolutions”- rather were truly remarkable leaps forward:


By the start of the 14th century Dante Alleghieri (1265-1321) summed up in the <Divine Comedy> the prevailing World View of the time: the Universe was perceived as a series of translucent-/ transparent spheres: Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were encased by an eighth sphere on which the fixed stars were mounted; the ninth sphere contained no matter but the primum mobile – it was the domain of Energy (in the terminology of today). In all spheres there was a “spirit”/ intelligence to cause motion.


v      That there was such a “ninth sphere” in the World View of Dante Alleghieri highlights the possibly most serious misunderstanding of the way that nature works. That this kind of thinking is still very much controlling our existence is the reason for the spiritual conundrum mankind finds itself in. Dante saw “spirit”/ intelligence in all the other spheres but could not conceive of the “energy” required to drive motion– hence his knee-jerk of the “ninth sphere”.   Knowledge on how the conversion of energy drives all motion was still several hundred years in the future. When Thomas Young “gave” the concept of <energy> to science in 1807[30], the earlier concepts of intelligence (Dante) and will (Schopenhauer, 1788–1860) became victims of cognitive dissonance (the “ability” of humans not to see unpleasentness[31]).

v      Already 2,300 years before Young, Siddharta Gautama had been dealing with “energy” in amazing detail. The <Abhidamma>[32], in which the energetic ex-planation of existence is described,  first appeared in an English translation in 1957.  The Buddha explained all existence as an interplay (interference) of energies. 


In order to understand how it came to be that European philosophers and scientists of the period of Enlightenment, some of which were avid followers of Oriental philosophies, did not follow up on the energetic concepts of the Buddha, we have to regress yet again:  Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), highly “initiated” member of the Rosicrucians (one of the predominant Freemason lodges of England) did for science, what Aristotle had done with his <Organon> for philosophy: he structured the scientific endeavour in terms of methodology.  This book is to Faustian thinking what the “Cambrian Explosion” is to our under-standing of nature- put with the brutal honesty that is required to look further than the obvious- a “con job”!  They both obfuscate the fact that “nothing comes from nothing” (to quote Lucretius again). Bacon’s <New Organon> has for nearly half a  Millennium been the “rule book” of the scientific enterprise and despite (or because?) of it,  all was well with science! Or was (is) it?


v      All the results of scientific work done within the <Baconian Scientific Method> have stood the tests of time. As constant testing of the postulates of Baconian science had kept them “synchronised” with the developments of technology (that permitted new ways of testing), it was axiomatic that experimental results that contradicted theory led to its revision. Science was based on deductive thinking, where the facts led to hypothetical explanations. When hypotheses were born out by experimental test results, theory emerged from hypothesis. All of this scientific endeavour dealt with nature as perceivable with our six senses.

v      When “extra-sensory” perception (i.e. by tools and machinery created by man) enabled man to pry into those parts of nature which nature had not made accessible to his senses, the Baconian rules were all of a sudden rendered dys-functional.  The Cartesian World View (nature as a “machine”) and even the Newtonian World View (action causes reaction) was not applicable anymore. Nature obviously is not a machine and is not deterministic in the sub-atomic realm.

v      When experimental physics- by way of gadgetry- was able to “observe” (if one can call it that) the goings ons in the sub-atomic realm, the “Laws of Physics” did all of a sudden seem to be not operational any more  and the old World View of science should have been entirely overthrown – but was it?

v      Bill Bryson[33] details how the availability of microbiological testing methods overturned both the formal and functional views biologists had on “life” on Earth:  classifications in use since the times of Carolus Linneus (born 1707 in Sweden; the founder of taxonomy) were shown to be little else than camouflage of ignorance of real “connections” which are hidden from our five senses: formal similarities were opposed by functional differences that overturned our understanding in its en-tirety: the three principal classes of Life (bacteria, archaea and eukarya) put plants and animals into the same class and relegated humans (“the top of creation”) to a marginal position on an insignificant branch of a branch of the hierarchy of life;

v      this relegation to insignificance paralleled the recognition of astronomers,  that the Solar system was just an insignificant little appendix to a household variey constellation on not very spectacular spiral arm of some galaxy.  But not enough with the material parameters of (our) existence being not much out of the ordinary, strange things became apparent when appreciating the wonderous aspects that relate to those aspects of reality that we cannot fathom with present knowledge:

v      We have no clue as to how our memory works and use the concept of “intelligence” without knowing the first thing about it.  Despite the manifest trust in capabilities which we have but cannot explain,  institutional science denigrates perceptions made without an obvious “organ” as “esoteric”.

v      Regardless what one thinks of the “paleontological” exploits of Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin(1881-1955)[34], his cooperation with V.I. Vernadski (1863-1945) and Edou-ard Le Roy (1870-1954)  regarding the Noosphere[35] showed a way out of the dilem-ma created by the ever widening gap between physical reality and established “wisdom”. Scientific explanations are little else than operative/ functional de-scriptions and our ignorance regarding the “prime mover” of life-processes is glos-sed over.

v      The postulates of David Bohm (1917-1994) regarding a „holographic universe“ could be seen as an expression of a new natural science, which recognises the fun-damental connectedness of everything[36] while still leaving “freedom” to the parts. This harks back to the thinking of the Enlightenment (Jean Jaques Rousseau; 1712-1778).

v      While scientists were doing research to find material novelty, Helmuth Plessner[37] (in Germany- mid 1950’s) and Thomas Samuel Kuhn[38] (in America, a decade later) established how and why institutionalised science is basically a reactionary exploit of the ability of the masses to believe in elitist swindles.  While Plessner was looking for ways to overcome this stumbling block in the way of what he called “Theory of Knowledge” (Erkenntnistheorie in German), Kuhn did the opposite.  He came up with the buzz-word “Paradigm” (cf. footnote# 19).  What might have been a diagnosis (this is the benign interpretation) is now widely used as therapy.  Someone who is labeled an “unparadigmatic” scientist finds himself in the company of religious heretics and political renegades. Paradigms are the main reason for many scientists arguing at present, that the “End of Science”[39] is near: like moats around medieval castles they assure that each discipline can separate itself from its neighbours.  The “territories” are jealously guarded.  Those inside the moats degenerate from mental “in-breeding” while those outside (between moats – as it were)  suffer the consequences from the warring amongst those who have dug the moats. Religions, the factual originators of sciences, turned into their hand-maidens by calling the resulting meat-grinder the (wine) press of divine (grapes of) wrath.  The G-d, which monotheism had created is held responsible for the results of human ingenuety and resulting hubris.


The following thought experiment may illustrate the basic problem with “paradigmatics”:  if we consider each scientific discipline a (hot air) balloon which is “filled” with the methods and achievements of the discipline,  then it will take on during filling an ever more ideal spherical shape.  We now have to consider academia as a space which contains all the individual disciplines.  We see a double problem:


v      formally,  there can be no total coverage of available space, as spherical bodies only touch each other in single points. This becomes the biggest problem of “science” at the present, as

v      functionally,  this creates voids inbetween disciplines which cannot be entered from either side.  The word “interest”, which describes the zeal of scientists for novelty derives from the latin words inter (inbetween) and esse (to be). Paradigmatics effectively assures that nothing new (of any interest) can be found by research which is restricted to the “space” within the disciplines. 


Publications of scientific findings have always been the life-blood of the scientific enterprise. It used to be part of the “Scientific Method” to have every publication of research results checked for the veracity of the methodology employed in the work. This ensured that science was kept free from unsound practices. The reality of today is it, that the “peer review” ensures, that the paradigms are being adhered to.  Fig.3 illustrates why this is ensuring, that in such a way nothing new can be found that is of any interest:














Once we free ourselves from the shackles of materialism and begin to think of “existence” as an interference of energies, many of the irksome riddles of which our lives seem to comprise, can be dealt with. When we look at holograms, the interference of previously split beams of light (-energy) of which one has ac-quired “morphological  information” from an object, we realise that things are not what they seem! Holograms are infinitely true representations of reality - but they have no material aspect. Are they "real"? What is their mode of existence? Which aspect of what we call "reality" is missing? Tischler[40] has argued that all of existence results from an interference of energies.


_ information                 (energy that wants to make)

_ matter                         (energy that wants to be)

_ space                             (energy that ensures that not all products “are”  in one place)

_ time                               (energy keeping processes from “happening” simultaneously).


Fig.4 illustrates this situation:


















When we examine more closely the fundamental aspects of existence we find,  that:


_ inanimate matter is imbued with constructive/ morphogenetic energy at formation, which decays to revert with time to existence of lower energy/ complexity,  while

_ animate matter progressively enhances its informational content by con-verting other forms of energy.


When we look at the mysterious concepts of intelligence and life, then they are of a similar nature:  they are complexifications of the two “basic” energies:


v      intelligence  -  is complexified information (the will to make), while

v      life                  -  is complexified matter (the will to be). 


If we treat the above like an arithmetic equation, then it is the <will> that emerges as the operand and we can substitute for it the chi (Chinese “life-force”) or the forces emanating from the Noosphere (Chardin, Bergson, Vernadsky and Le Roy) or primum mobile (Dante Alleghieri).


By the same token,  virtual and actual existence differ only in the mode of manifestation of  the energy involved:


_  reality (in the terminology of the Buddha) is “slow moving”[41] (vibrating) energy which wants to be,  while

_  virtuality is moving so fast as to (normally) not leave a trace.  The world of  ideas (concepts etc.) contains all possible forms and is “moving” immeasurably fast. It is the domain of information (energy that wants to make); if the concept of entanglement (of “non-locality” physics[42]) were applicable to it, then many of the aspects of the Para-Normal world were instantly explicable.


When we view (our) existence in these terms, then we come to appreciate that Siddharta Gautama, teaching some 2,500 ago that “existence is the interplay of numerous kinds of energies” had a very clear vision[43]! As none of  these ”ener-gies” are ever present in their pure form, but are defiled by “impurities”, all of the aspects of existence will be fraught with the temporality of the three “currents” of birth, existence and death. There is no constancy to anything in existence and changes occur both everywhere and at all time. 


_  In this we can see imperfections in the actions of the other two basic energies- time and space!


Holograms show the "connectedness" of all existence in a practical way. Anton Zeilinger has experimentally shown this to hold true in the realm of Particle Physics. Psychologist C.G. Jung termed realities which seemed to be "connected" in a non-causal way  as "synchronicities"[44].


From all this it appears that Socrates was right - the only thing we know is that we do not know.     


In the end this whole conundrum reduces itself to the nature of the most abused concept in human thinking: <information>.  When we use an old-style radio receiver and “tune-in” on a station, we go from noise to signal – from a dis-orderly backgrounbd to an orderly selection[45].  British abstract sculptor Sir Henry Moore (1898-1986), when asked how he sculpts a lion put it simply: “I take a block of marble and chip everything away which does not look like a lion”!  In other words: morphologies are yet again selections from the “space” of all pos-sible morphologies and are little else but manifested information. 

            With that we come (ever so) close to being able to explain all existence: the universe is filled with energies and they will interact/ interfere with each other when and where this is willed by what ever (who ever?) it is that wants to want!


In order to clarify this train of thought, let us regress by some 20 years: by then 4 forces (as in energies that could be measured) were “known” :


ü      gravitational force

ü      electromagnetic force

ü      strong nuclear force

ü      weak nuclear force


Boundless human hubris mistakes the ability to quantify the effect of these forces with an understanding of their working (which is manifestly not the case).  The existence of a 5th force[46] is by now negated only by those who have vested inter-ests in this force not being accepted, as this would diminish their status.  Above we have met with the four energies (as in energies which we only recognise in their manifestation, but cannot yet really quantify).  We measure space and time but have to admit that there are non local and non causal events that make a mockery of our real understanding as to what space and information are all about!  Einstein has given science approximations as to the energy content of matter and the relativity of time, but that does not mean that we have a real clue as to what they are all about!


Not knowing anything for sure, how could we possibly negate the ex-istence of a fifth,  the ultimate,  energy – the energy that wants to want?


The evidence for a fifth energy is all around us – everything that we cannot grasp (the stuff religions and their reductions to  (a) first cause(s) – god(s) - are made of) . But it is used to negate the fact that Socrates was right! 


That there is little or no respect for intellectual property in the “Asian” world is one of the most contentious points in East-West relations. Only when we come to appreciate, that Eastern- and Western minds view existence in entirely different ways, will we be able to begin to comprehend as to why this is so:  what Faustian thinking terms “intellectual property” is to Asians little else but a “snap-shot” of ever changing reality[47].  The “Washington Consensus”[48], ostensibly a sure road to universal democracy, free market economy and the other nice sounding sacred oxymorons[49] of globalist thinking,  cannot hide the fact, that private ownership in many cases follows theft from human owners or,  more often than not,  nature!

            The “Washington Consensus” is the embodyment of what is wrong with the approach of post-political man[50] towards all matters of existential import-ance:  what used to be consensual agreements has been replaced by brutal dic-tates of elitist concepts. It had the effect (was designed to?) eradicate the economic model of J.M. Keynes, that had lifted the world from the abyss after World War II.  Keynes saw his economy as Post-Capitalist as it had elements of  Socialism; one might see it as midway between Capitalism and Central-Planned: it was controlled capitalism, market socialism. Right-wingers still dismiss the New Deal as "socialist", while Communists dismissed it as "capitalist".  They are both part right - it was midway. But the Keynes economy is not a welfare state: it provides jobs instead of welfare.  Like with all existentially relevant matters, also economy requires a holistic approach, which considers the totality of participants and not just the profits of capital. 


Postmodern man[51], obsessed with explaining everything rationally, started to recognise that human logic was by no means of any utility when it came to really dealing with nature, after extra-sensory perception (i.e. data collected by machines) had became part of scientific method. „Postmodernity“ is the name given to the kind of thinking which emerged out of the realisation that „culture“ was more than just the wearing of fancy dresses and singing of old songs. Much has been written on the difficulties of people(s) to cooperate with each other for reasons of different ethnicity, culture, belief system, socio-economic order a number of other reasons.  The data are meticulously collated and documented; what should have stopped any kind of thinking in terms of „globalisation“ was paradigmatically encapsulated by pseudo-science and thus possible to neglect in its entirety.


Globalisation, as described by many writers is rapidly running its course and is in scientific terms the diametrical opposite of the “ascending tendencies” of animate nature. It aims at the destruction of cultural complexity and the levelling of social constructs which cultures have generated. The end result of globalisation will be a uniform (global) post-cultural society. The global civilization towards which so many of the pied pipers of the present time are driving humanity, will be the manifestation of the dire prediction of an entropically dead universe which was made by Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius (1828-88), who had discovered “Ther-modynamics”. Tischler (see footnote# 39) presented “Vivicentric Existentialism” by arguing that Negentropy of Erwin Schrödinger[52] and Natural Law of Entropy are systemically interrelated- causing each other. With that the Hinduistic “sanctity of life” takes on existential meaning of a sine qua non quality; the “Green Movement”, environmental protection and the like are transformed from what many have denigrated as trendy signs of the times to the only systemically sound way of thinking and acting. We return to tangible reality when we remember that T.S. Kuhn mused, that “art and religion work with and for humanity, while science only works for itself” (its practitioners). With that honest statement he has commented especially on his own oevre!


The <Theory of Everything> removes the scientific label from a number of elitist past times like particle physics, and genetical engineering to name the most egregious schemes to channel taxpayers money into corporate accounts. 


v      Nobel Prize winning physicist Leon Ledermann[53] stated, that with the discovery of each new sub-atomic particle “new natural processes” have been discovered– renegade physicist Fritjof Capra[54] argues in a diametrically opposite way!  It looks like particle physics is a reified stabbing into the dark which vaporizes vast amounts of public money in the name of science.  In reality new ghastly weapons systems are being developed which will permit to perpetrate genocide in a more “humane” way by permitting killers to go about their “business” via “joy-stick” from far away;  what started a century ago at Tsushima (where Japanese naval artillery decimated Russian ships beyond the horizon for the first time) has led to stratospheric bombers re-leasing smart bombs that seem to be able to target women and children with pin-point accuracy.

v      Genetical Engineering seems very much like adults continuing to dabble with erector sets! By putting together genetical formal units in whatever way they will “fit” serendipidous new functions are being “created”. There is a microphage for every naturally occurring bacterium and even artificially “created” immunities (due to indiscriminate overuse of anti-biotics etc.) can be overcome by phages[55].  The real danger of genetical engineering is the inadvertent “creation” of a monster organism which becomes “better” than nature.  The  American “Anthrax-scare” in 2001 demon-strated conclusively, that those who arrogate for themselves the sole right to terrorize the world with WMD are incapable of preventing the “unauthorized” use of those weapons.

v      NASA is trying to put funny little robots onto other planets at astronomical costs to society– to what end?  Basically only to be able to “justify” the spending of taxpayers money for new means to deliver the esoteric new “weapons” created by nuclear- and genetical scientists!  Only a fraction of such space vehicles ever reach their target; many get lost in space for ludicrous reasons.  To achieve the only useful aspect of the space exploration business, required technology exists for decades already (space shuttle/ Ariadne) or is being developed by private enterprise at a mere fraction of the cost.


Much of the “high end” of present science is entirely pointless from a viewpoint of systemical viability and should be discontinued.  The <Theory of Everything> can provide more meaningful answers to the most vexing questions of science than the wasteful and sinful (if not outright criminal) branches of “new science”.  Nuclear science, space exploration and genetical engineering, foremost among the “New sciences” in terms of public money spent for zero benefit for all but a miniscule number of practicioners and beneficiaries, together with “information technology” create a-symmetries that will lead to unending conflict. 

            It is not argued, that man should abandon civilisation and live a “primi-tive” life again, rather it will become increasingly apparent, that personal morality and ethical group behaviour will have to become controlling factors in human action and interaction. 












[1] As there is no way to “combine” all existing forces, why not try to accept them as they are and look for their result?

[2] Jacques Derrida, the Algerian-born, French intellectual who became one of the most celebrated and notoriously difficult philosophers of the late 20th century, died on 8 October 2004 in Paris aged 74. He was known as the father of deconstruction, the method of inquiry that asserted that all writing was full of confusion and contradiction, and that the author's intent could not overcome the inherent contradictions of language itself, robbing texts - whether literature, history or philosophy - of truthfulness, absolute meaning and permanence. The concept was eventually applied to the whole gamut of arts and social sciences, including linguistics, anthropology, political science, even architecture.(from the obituary in the NY Times).

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[36] Sir Karl Popper spent much of his energy to ridicule such thoughts and castigate their proponents from the „podium“ he put himself on: „....the plausible assumption that science can predict the future only if it is (so to say) present in the past. This assumption led Marx to the false belief that a strictly scientific method had to be based on equally strict determinism“. Popper, K.R.: Die offene Gesellschaft und ihre Feinde (The Open Society and its enemies), vol.2; Falsche Propheten. Hegel, Marx und die Folgen (False Prophets. Hegel, Marx and the consequences).  Bern, 1959 [J.D. Bekenstein, (Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)in the article: <Creation - Holographic Universe> Scientific American, Au-gust 2003 describes how the holographic principle holds that the universe is like a hologram: just as a trick of light allows a fully three-dimensional image to be recorded on a flat piece of film, our seemingly three-dimensional universe could be completely equivalent to alternative quantum fields and physical laws "painted" on a distant, vast surface.

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[47] the temporal restrictions on Patents – a token gesture made in recognition of the demands created by the priciple of private ownership – are a tacid admission of the fact that information cannot be privatised (i.e. stolen) in perpetuety from its true owner – the universe.

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[51] Lechte, J.: Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers: From Structuralism to Postmodernity, Routledge; ISBN: 0415074 088, 1994. As we cannot perceive „motion“ as such but only diagnose change of “positions“ we can best learn about <post-modernity> by looking at the shifting sands within which the pillars of thought rest. Professor Hans Küng tried to put an entirely different "spin" on Post-Modernism: "politics has, within the new paradigmatic frame, not become easier but re-mains still the Art of the Possible- but without the use of force. For politics to function it cannot be based on a postmodern pluralism which is invoked whenever required". When he wrote this (November 2001) the world was still very much shocked by the events of 11 September 2001 (  Since then the world has had a slow awakening to the realities of the kind of politics which uses "postmodernism" as a magic wand behind which the same old elitist "games" are played.

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[55] this was known a quarter century ago, but this knowledge is buried in “literature” of dubious kind. The most honest and informative source of information is the marvellous book by Hofstadter,  D.: Gödel, Escher, Bach. An Eternal Golden Braid. Vintage Books, New York, 1979



Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis

By Franz J. T. Lee

Although many of us are not experts in Occult Physics, Ufology, Tesla Technology or Global Oil Politics, nonetheless, these things directly affect our daily lives ... they even concern the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America.

Consequently, for all of us, it is of ultra-importance to have some cognitive notions about decisive world events that generally, for obvious reasons, do not appear in the daily headlines of the international news.

In fact, to formulate revolutionary theory in this epoch of "globalization", the above knowledge is scientifically imperative and philosophically indispensable. Surely, because of its trans-historic magnitude, it is not always possible to explain their essence in simple terms.

Here in this short commentary, very simply we'll just deal with a few general, outstanding topics, mainly with their social, ideological, philosophical and emancipatory aspects. The pertaining questions themselves are very simple: for example, does an Occult Ether Physics really exist?

Of course, the answers are very complicated, opaque! Concerning "Occult Ether Physics, a while ago, our friend, William Lyne has written an extraordinary book about the re-discovery of 'occult ether physics' ... "the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system" already invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla "now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as 'flying saucers' or UFOs."

(See: William Lyne, "OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It", Creatopia Productions, second revised edition, third production, April, 2000, Printed in Canada.)

As can be witnessed all over, our current, corporate, imperialist world is a dominant and dominating State reality of "top secrets" of "strictly confidential information" and of "classified documents." During the "Burning of Mississippi," also during the epoch of the "Hot World Wars," the political argument for this US military "secrecy" was to avoid that the "enemies," the "communists" or "nazis" ... who are lurking out there, any moment ready to come to get us ... would get hold of "security material"; this remained so even during the "Cold War" period, nowadays, even more so, in the Era of "Full Spectrum Dominance" of Globalization.

Not only do we have disinformation campaigns of the mass media, concerning the realities in Venezuela or Latin America, but as the publishers of Bill's book remark: "The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, 'space alien' hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media."

Hence, on a global scale, billions, including academic circles, researchers, students, teachers and professors, are being bamboozled, brain-washed, are mentally caught in an "'UFOlogy', 'new-age', 'paranormalist' and 'pseudo-debunker' network." And, euphemistically all this is called "modern education" in the "Information Age."

Some time ago, innocent young minds were violated by "flying angels" with a "flying Father Christmas" dressed in the colors of the clothing of Coca-Cola, driven on by reindeer power, or were scared by a "flying witch on a broom": nowadays, the poor kids have to believe in "flying aliens" and alien "flying saucers, pots and pans." And all these are entitled postmodern "education," "tradition," "culture" and "civilization."

Across the ages, it is really tragic, sad, macabre to see what dominant and dominating ideology, mind and thought control, had done to the "consciousness" of billions of members of the sonorous species homo sapiens sapiens. Ever since the Conquest, irreparable intellectual damage has been done to millions of inhabitants of the so-called Third World, and never, ever, will there be any reparation for these capital and cardinal crimes.

What is worse, we cannot even tell the majority of mankind the flowing truths, the hidden secrets and the perennial lies of capitalist reality; we cannot explain to them what really has happened to their minds, how sick, how pathological, schizophrenic, paranoiac and alienated many of us have already become.

As Freud, Reich, Fromm, Fanon and Marcuse have explained, many of us have simply sublimated, internalized and eternalized the very capitalist system, that is, our very own physical slavery and mental bondage. This is one of the major revolutionary stumbling blocks of contemporary emancipation.

Surely, historic consciousness is slowly improving, especially here in Venezuela ... toppling idols like Columbus ... but philosophic knowledge about workers' revolution, that is, about modern class struggle, is still lacking, is still very much covered by religious and ideological obscurity.

Thus "national security laws" eternalize obscurantism, ignorance and arrogance.

Now, why did a small powerful ruling elite, across the 20th century, hide away from us the scientific and philosophic truth about Nikola Tesla's Technology about "free energy from the vacuum" and about Wilhelm Reich's "Orgone"? The latter was even declared "crazy" and was locked up in a United States loony bin. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse stole his Orgone Cheese!

The social, political and economic reasons, and they are fundamental arguments in capitalism and imperialism, are obvious, are self-evident: A technology, based on the scientific discoveries of Tesla and Reich, would strip away the social, parasitic Draculian privileges, the Draconian political power and the Croesusian economic wealth of the global profit-mongers, of the giant moguls of monopoly capitalism, of the global power elite, of a handful of mighty families that control the globe.

The radical change-over of energy sources and resources, from oil and other traditional sources of energy, will catapult huge transnational monsters into oblivion, would destroy the very exploitative foundations of the global capitalist system, of the very "new world order."

It would set free a billionfold diluvium of creative forces, a global emancipatory vis vitalis, a galactic orgone, that could liberate mankind from the curse of labor "by the sweat of his brow", could re-establish a healthy relation between Man and Nature.

Concerning the above, the publishers of Bill's book made a most interesting prediction: "Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of scientific dynamite blows apart pseudo-scientific myths and instills the truth."

Well, let's now give this stick some bright light, some glowing fire. Take note, some explanations below and their corresponding data are scientifically very complex. We will try to present them to the general public as transparent as possible.

In his book, Bill asks a self-answering rhetorical question: "Is it possible that an entire area of physics has been declared virtually 'occult' and 'off-limits' to the public, or to private individuals, by a powerful group, so that all science education or data generally available to the public has been 'screened' to eliminate references to it?" And, this question is also valid for other sciences, and for world news.

We suspect that "the actual science involved in electro-propulsion" had been replaced by a "bogus science." In other words, on a world scale, he is questioning whether in specific spheres university students of Physics are deliberately being misled, are given hocus-pocus doctorates, are consciously being fed with obsolete, faked data and out-dated research materials.

Of course, about this, students of Modern History can sing the "Swan's Song"; their research material is already "classified" for the next half-a-century.

About our real immediate history in the 21st century, we have no idea.

Millions, even billions, still believe that it was the "Arabs" ... for us, it's folly to be wise.

Now, this should be a historic lesson for future basic and higher education in Venezuela and Latin America, and elsewhere.

For example, the hoax of Christopher Columbus "discovering" America. Bill identifies the "culprits" as the "high priests of this occult knowledge" as "the elite owners of the coercive monopolist corporate banking, industrial, mineral and related interests."

And what do they allow? "...the initiation of certain scientists, military and government officials into their secret teachings."

Concerning crucial, fundamental issues of Modern Physics, of the "War of the Galaxies", of "Star Wars", he formulates the following question: "Before you decide there is no ether, or no flying saucers, or before you believe the often-told 'prime-time' lies that 'aliens' are here, or that time-travel is possible, you should ask yourself whether or not your thinking on these subjects has been conditioned by Big Brother's Biggest Lies."

This is a question that the "Opposition" of Venezuela should make as its permanent night prayer, before entering the Wonderland of Miami.

Do "Flying Saucers" exist?

Horatio, for sure, there are more things built on Earth, and flying around in Heaven, than are dreamt of in your Ideology!

Very few people know, that an UFO is not produced by green, extraterrestrial beings from Mars, that it "is a product of Nikola Tesla's life work, his most fundamentally important invention, for which all his other inventions were in pursuit of...."

Yes, "aliens" do exist ... so do "flying saucers."

There exist Pentagon aliens and flying saucers ... the only ones in solar existence.

Tesla's discoveries came too early, and because monopoly imperialism still had no use for his "free energy," thus when he was working on his "electropropulsive ship," in the 1920s, in great need of money, he approached the US government for financial help but of no avail.

Already before, the Morgans and Rockefellers had declared his research work and piles of patents as being "off limits" ... the problem is that today ... during the "world energy crisis" ... his hour has arrived, and the USA, Russia, China and Europe are secretly using his technology, in the fields of space discovery, travels, and, who knows, even for "space population" or "space communities."

To mention just a few examples: the Greek astronomer, Aristarchus of Samos (c. 310-230 BC), had been the first to maintain that the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun. What was his fate?

For this very reason, Cleanthes the Stoic declared that he ought to be indicted for impiety, for offending the Olympic Gods. And yet, our school books claim that Columbus was one of the first to know that the earth was round, that is why he set out sailing. Others feared that they would fall down the "Pillars of Hercules."  Anaxagoras was ostracized, chased out of Athens, because he said that the Moon was not a goddess, not Selena ... just a piece of rock. Nowadays every normal child knows this.

Other famous thinkers and actors, having discovered diverse fundamental truths, were Democritus, Archytas of Tarentum, Plato, Aristotle, Spartacus, Bruno, Galileo, Thomas Muenzer, Meister Eckhart, Leonardo da Vinci, Orwell, Huxley, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, etc. Some were adored and crowned, others were sold on the slave market, crucified or burned at the stake.

In our times, the unknown scientist and philosopher, Don Albert ... today living in Israel ... was simply told by the US authorities, that everything was fine, but that he should please come back again with his scientific findings and discoveries in about 300 years from now.

Of course, when the time would be ripe, when these theories serve their corresponding class interests, then, surreptitiously, they would be adopted and adapted by the establishment, hidden away for decades and centuries from the eyes of the public.

Exactly this happened to Tesla and Reich.

Now, let's consult another expert, to see what the "free energy" of Tesla technology is all about.

Valery I. Titarenko was born on October 16, 1950, in Berezovka, Odessa region, Ukraine. Having studied at the Odessa Automotive Technical School (1974), and having done research work at the Odessa Institute of National Economy (1979), after his investigations had been experimentally verified in the physics laboratory, and because no analogous works exist, he claimed that he made a brilliant discovery for the future development of mankind.

He published his unique and outstanding discovery under the following nerve- and brain-wrecking title, which only erudite scholars would understand: "The Law of Unity of Universal Forces of the Co-ordinate Standard Fourth-Dimensional Space-Substance; that point charges in the Solar Gravity-Torsion Constant are integral to the elliptical trajectories and to the space-time movements of celestial bodies in free-space. "

Of course, apart of its brain-wrecking title, this is a very serious patented, copyrighted investigation, which is registered in the South Branch of Ukrainian International Academy of Original Ideas, under the code #00701017, dated 10 February, 1997.

Concerning the functions of this technology, including its bellicose usage, he informed us about the following:

* In wireless power engineering, the generation of electricity from a physical vacuum. Alternative, clean energy, produced in co-ordinates, rather than from atomic, gas and other obsolete, archaic fuels, which produce environmentally hazardous waste products.

* The movement of gravitational objects, such as trains, ships and submarines.

* A new generation of torsion flying apparatus.

* A new technique for producing ultra-high temperatures at critical levels.

* New materials and alloys which have no analogues in present technology.

* Changing the mechanical trajectory of planets and comets.

* A great number of other fields of application.

Instead of using it for emancipatory endeavors for mankind, together with HAARP, this technology can be transformed into a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Probably this is what most of the great powers have done already.

Now, in conclusion, within the current context of exorbitant oil prices, a chief economist. Michael Mandel, stated:

“It's time to place the blame for high oil prices where it belongs ­ on the lack of progress in energy technology.” (Business Week. August 2, 2004)

To get an idea of the energy density of which we are speaking, of the "solution" of all our energetic problems, already in 1962, Wheeler and Misner in their Geometrodynamics informed us about the following:

"And that's just using the spatial energy density (the 'decompressed' or ordinary energy). The energy density of the vacuum is appreciably greater than what physicists normally calculate, because they do not calculate the additional time-energy density portion of the vacuum stress. If we also allow for the time-energy (the 'compressed' energy), we restore that c2 division factor, producing on the order of 10110 grams per cubic centimeter, or­in energy terms­on the order of 10127 joules per cubic centimeter." (J. A. Wheeler and C. Misner, Geometrodynamics, Academic Press, New York, 1962.)

Commenting on the artificially created "World Energy Crisis", Thomas Bearden stated:

"There are many ways to extract energy from the seething vacuum. Unfortunately, at present our scientific community takes a bizarre stance. In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic. Calculations by leading physicists such as Wheeler show that a cubic centimeter of vacuum (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish."

Inter alia, used for peaceful, anti-imperialist purposes, this technology could generate unlimited clean energy from the vacuum, would cause no degradation of the biosphere, would eliminate dependence on strategically vulnerable centralized power and distribution systems, and will surely not produce radioactive waste disposal problems. (ibid.)

Corporate America, with its current Janus-faced contenders for world power, the "cousins" Bush and Kerry, know the future strategic relevance of the Persian Gulf Oil Fields (and also the oil in the Balkans). Desperately, they also know that their capitalist energy is running out. Why they are in the Caspian regions, the following article explained:

"By 2020, the federal Energy Information Agency expects, the Persian Gulf will account for 54% to 67% of world oil exports, up from around 30% now." (Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2004)

However, black gold will not decide the future or the demise of mankind.

It will be the use or abuse of the technology of Tesla and Reich.

Franz J. T. Lee

Franz John Tennyson Lee, Ph. D (University of Frankfurt), Author, Professor Titular & Chairholder of Philosophy and Political Science, University of The Andes, Merida (Venezuela) -- ; ;

Latin America:
US beefs up military presence in Colombia and threatens Venezuela
Posted on Friday, October 15 @ 02:19:57 AST
Topic: Venezuela
VenezuelaBy Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Vheadline News - October 14, 2004

The US Congress has decided to increase the number of military and civilian assessors in Colombia. Personnel will be doubled and more threatening for Venezuela is the permission given to the State Department to detail any relation whatsoever between Colombian guerrillas and foreign governments.

Currently, there are 400 military and civilian personnel in Colombia working under a $3 billion funding ... by 2005-2006, the number of US personnel in Colombia will be 800 military and 600 civilians.

The US government has granted political asylum to paramilitary leader Carlos Castano's wife, Kenia Gomez on humanitarian grounds.

In other news, Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos has dismissed any alliance between the two principal guerrilla groups: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) against government forces.

Venezuelan political analyst, Alberto Garrido suggests that President Chavez Frias is calling the shots in as far as relations with guerrilla groups are concerned, especially the homespun Revolutionary Bolivarian Front (FBL) and urban guerrilla groups, such as Tupamaros ... the President has called on them to lay down their arms because the only armed group he accepts is Venezuela's Armed Force (FAN).

Attempts by Colombian media and politicos and USA sources to connect Chavez Frias to Colombian guerrillas have not worked, even though they crop up periodically and the President is expected to weather the next US onslaught.

In Colombia, Colombia guerrilla Jose Maria Ballestas has been sentenced to 40 year imprisonment. Ballestas was extradited three years from Venezuela to face charges of high jacking a plane. His arrest in Venezuela caused a stir and accusations that president Chavez Frias was harboring terrorists.

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Revolución dentro de la Revolución
Por: Ramón Suárez
Publicado el Jueves, 14/10/04 03:14pm

El artículo que les anexo demuestra lo que plantée ayer en la reunión, donde especificaba que para hablar de la Revolución dentro de la revolución se debe hacer desde un punto de vista verdaderamente revolucionario, desde el punto de vista ideológico que nos identifique plenamente con el proceso. Tiene que ser un debate entre revolucionarios donde sea necesario abarcar temas tan importantes como:

• La identificación ideológica con la Revolución Bolivariana (condición sine qua non)
• Etica revolucionaria
• Eficiencia y transparencia en las organizaciónes
• Organización

Si no logramos comprender estas tres premisas principales, seguiremos corriendo el riesgo de que los enemigos de la revolución le tomen la palabra al Presidente Chávez y la manipulen a su conveniencia para dar al traste con este hermoso proceso. Ellos están como "caimán en boca 'e caño" esperando todos los Domingos el programa "Aló Presidente" para agarrar en el aire las lineas que lanza el Presidente y luego ver como las usan a su conveniencia, distorsionando el verdadero sentido de esos lineamientos y usándolos como argumentos en contra de los verdaderos revolucionarios que son minoría en todas las instituciones del Estado.

Es por esto que desde hace tiempo estamos viendo como los revolucionarios que trabajan en los entes gubernamentales tienen que permanecer de bajo perfil y sortear una serie de obstáculos en el entramado cuartarepublicano que cada vez más los amenaza, los aisla y finalmente los saca del juego como ha ocurrido con un número importante de camaradas que han sido desplazados de sus puestos de trabajos por ser "Chavistas" y comulgar con la Revolución.

Es asombroso como, cada vez más, los Bolivarianos son perseguidos, vejados, amedrentados, amenazados y sometidos al escarnio público en las instituciones del Estado, ¡Que ironía!. Siempre se les negó la oportunidad de manifestarse abiertamente en la administración pública en la cuarta República y ahora en pleno proceso Revolucionario siguen siendo víctimas de los reformistas disfrazados de revolucionarios. Siguen persiguiendo a los revolucionarios y ahora cuando el Presidente ha anunciado la Revolución dentro de la Revolución, estamos seguros de que eso va a ser también secuestrado por los contrarrevolucionarios para seguir golpeando al proceso donde es más vulnerable: en sus cuadros verdaderamente comprometidos, y que son una alarmante minoría comparados con los enemigos de la revolución que impulsan la desnacionalización y cada vez más, de forma subrepticia y velada, claman por el retroceso al pasado.
Como manifestaba en la reunión, es paradógico oir hablar de Revolución dentro de la Revolución a quienes son enemigos jurados y notorios del proceso. He aquí un ejemplo... nada más y nada menos que Oswaldo Alvarez Paz hablando de revolución dentro de la revolución... ¡Que riñones!...

Ramón Suárez


Los excelentes analistas Pedro R. Villasmil y Pedro Paúl Bello, en sus consideraciones de este septiembre, asumen la iniciativa de Chávez sobre la nueva etapa revolucionaria. Proponen alternativas frente a la confrontación que se avecina. Comparto su visión sobre la naturaleza de la estafa revocatoria y los graves errores, omisiones y ¿complicidades? de cierta dirigencia opositora. También con relación a la inconveniencia de ir a elecciones de gobernadores y alcaldes en las mismas condiciones de agosto. Coincidimos en que si el Consejo Nacional Electoral no acepta las exigencias planteadas, habrá que informar a la nación y al mundo que no hay garantías de pulcritud y transparencia e iremos a una abstención activa, en las calles de todo el país, para hacer respetar la soberanía popular. El Informe de Tulio Alvarez sobre el referéndum realizado, la reacción del CNE declarando inadmisible la impugnación y las amenazas penales en contra de la oposición, no dejan alternativa.
La sociedad democrática deberá activar todos sus instrumentos para tal fin. Particularmente las Asambleas de Ciudadanos tanto de la capital de la República como del interior y de conformidad con la Constitución, asumirían las responsabilidades derivadas de los artículos 5°, 62, 138 y 347, entre otros, para impulsar la “revolución dentro de la revolución”. Por estos mecanismos podríamos convocar a una Asamblea Constituyente e iniciar el duro y peligroso camino de la relegitimación de los poderes públicos y la construcción de un régimen constitucional sobre bases nuevas, distintas y mejores que las que actualmente le sirven de fundamento.
Mantener la estrategia en el esquema electoral planteado por el gobierno es criminal. El actual jefe de Acción Democrática, Henry Ramos, pretendió descalificar a los dirigentes opositores que nos resistimos a ser complacientes con el pretexto de mantener “cuotas” o “espacios” de poder, llamándonos “federación de tristes” porque no tenemos nada que defender ni que perder. Este tipo de adeco sigue equivocado. No estamos defendiendo posiciones burocráticas, personales, ni de grupo. Tenemos algo más valioso. Principios, dignidad y valores no negociables. Ciertamente, son muchos los políticos de ayer y de hoy que actúan de espalda a ellos. Por allí se coló Chávez, quien no es causa originaria de los problemas sino su consecuencia directa. No quiero pensar que Ramos esté feliz con la situación actual. ¿O sí? ¿Triunfó la posición que denunciamos hace meses? Para algunos era más importante llegar a las regionales y municipales, mantener sus cuotas de poder, ganar tiempo y conseguir financiamiento para el relanzamiento de imágenes con la vista puesta en las presidenciales del 2006, que revocarle el mandato al presidente. ¡Insensatos! El chavismo y este tipo de adecos son las dos caras de la misma moneda. Forman parte del problema. No de la solución.

Oswaldo Álvarez Paz



Richard Smith: How many more people in Venezuela will go to prison? guest commentarist Richard Smith writes: The bourgeois style and look of Maria Corina Machado contrasts greatly with the uniformed image of Manuel Marulanda ... or even Osama Bin Laden brandishing an AK 47. The question is, can these people be tarred with the same brush?

Believe it or not, the answer is “yes.”

What they have in common is that all are being accused of trying to overthrow legitimately established democratic governments: one by electoral fraud fueled by receiving illegal donations from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), on behalf of the civil electoral organization, Sumate, of which she is a director and very visible spokesperson ... the other two by using terrorism and armed struggle as a means to an end.

However, there is one big difference...  Manuel and Osama are roaming scot free, Maria Corina is not.

Maria Corina, on the other hand, is in Caracas waiting to face the legal music of the Public Prosecutor and could be facing 8-16 years behind bars.

I guess she must be even more worried than usual after the conviction of retired General Uson to 5½ years for his slanderous statements on live TV about the armed forces murdering its own using a flamethrower, and the jailing of eight citizens in Tachira state for terms of 3, 6 and 12 years for their involvement in the overthrow of Governor Ronald Blanco La Cruz during the April 2002 coup.

Prison is no fun in Venezuela, and there are now signs that the legal system is gradually spluttering into life ... after more than two years since the coup d’etat in April 2002, nothing had apparently happened on the legal front to bring the culprits to justice after the notorious decision by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice on August 14, 2002, saying that there had in fact been a “vacuum of power” and not a “coup d’etat” ... and that Chavez’ captors were “full of good intentions.”

Even though the most visible exponents of the coup had fled the country, many who signed Carmona’s decree abolishing all state and public institutions, probably thought that their involvement would be swept under the carpet in the same way as as there had been no action taken against the privately-owned TV stations for splitting their screen during the national Presidential broadcast on April 11, 2002 ... completely illegal under Venezuelan law.

But now? It looks as if the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

Piecing together the evidence just over a month ago, Public Prosecutor Danilo Anderson was handed the file on the events of April 2002 by the Attorney General’s office as it had been left on ice and, so far, has identified 400 people by appearance and ID numbers as having signed Carmona’s decree. All these people will be called to testify as to their presence at the Miraflores Palace on April 12/13, 2002, and what in fact they were doing there. If they signed supporting Carmona’s decree, the future is somewhat uncertain for them as they could conceivably be accused of “high treason” or “betrayal of the homeland.” Unfortunately for Maria Corina, she signed Carmona’s decree on live TV on April 12, 2002, as the representative of “civil society,” as did her mother.

There are hardly any or no “white collar criminals” behind bars, as it was relatively easy to bribe the judge and get off scot free.

The rich criminals effectively looted the country of its oil wealth from 1976 to 2002 -- bear in mind that estimates of rich Venezuelans’ fortunes abroad range from US$150-200 billion and the only industry in Venezuela ever capable of producing such amounts of greenbacks was and still is the oil industry.

Other unpunished events are the 1994 banking crisis when the country lost US$18 billion and the oil industry sabotage of December 2002-February 2003, when the nation lost a further US$10 billion in revenue.

No one is in jail for any of these events so far, and the bankers are also worried as the Banking Supervision Office (SUDEBAN) is due to re-open the files on the 1994 embezzlement ... there are a lot of worried people.

With the reform of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice underway, and the resulting clean up of the judiciary, there could soon be “one law for all” in Venezuela for the first time in its democratic history.

There is still a long way to go ... but I doubt that this will mitigate the worries of Maria Corina and her fellow Sumate directors, Cecilia Sosa Gomez (former Chief Justice) and Constitutional lawyer Allen Brewer Carias, all of whom, as well as a host of other members of Venezuelan civil society currently under investigation, will sooner or later be accused of penning Carmona’s decree.

The wheels of justice are slowly grinding inexorably ahead.

Finally, my answer to the question of how many more people will go to prison is ... an awful lot!

 Richard Smith is based in La Victoria (Aragua).  He was born 1950 in Wolverhampton (UK), and obtained a Masters Degree from the University of London and the University of Marburg-an-der-Lahn (Germany) forming close contacts with Latin America and more especially Venezuela since 1977.  An expert in international marketing, he is a regular contributor to the specialized press directed at the leather industry (Spanish and English), represents a global fair group in Latin America and recently launched the cyber magazine Leather Press.  One of his main concerns are the establishment of some form of “social justice” in Latin America since:  “As I grew up in a post WWII society where free health care, education, jobs and social security were taken for granted, it came as an ugly surprise to discover that these elements do not exist for 90% of Latin Americans. Thus, social organization at the base is essential if the dispossessed are ever to ease their way put of the poverty trap.”  Richard Smith may be contacted at email



Hello Franz and Jutta and all,

I've tried to send this message through various web
addresses so we'll see if this one goes through... I
hope to get in touch with you as I think we would
have a lot to discuss.
I've just discovered your website and I expect I'll
need a few months to even partially explore it, so,
first, thank you and my hat's off to you!
I'm a writer/translator/teacher(ESL) here in the San
Francisco Bay Area (I teach in Berkeley at a
University there) and I'm currently working on a movie
about popular education in post-Sandinista Nicaragua
and planning to go to Venezuela the end of December
(to Jan 14) to interview people involved in the
popular movement (progressive) about the same subject.
Hopefully I'll be able to connect with popular
education projects there and meet with people doing
that work, specifically, in relation to cooperative
and collective work and the construction of a broader
(Bolivarian) revolutionary current to counter the
ambitions of the U.S. empire in the region.
I'd love to meet with you while I'm there and
interview you if possible and also get some ideas from
you on whom else I might meet/interview.
Thanks in advance for the time you're taking to read,
consider and answer this email. I'm sure you must get
a lot of correspondence.
Un abrazo de solidaridad de
C. R.



I am an Indian Marxist teacher. I am keenly interested in problems related to trafficking and prostitution. At the same time I am committed to the world-wide struggle against imperialism. Your article was immensely interesting and informative. I would love to keep in touch with you.
Dr. A. B.


"We Salute You": ref your article lies of "human trafficking 

    There are many Americans who see the truth and
attempt to provide evidence using FREE SPEECH offering proof and documentation of the "Evil 'US-CIA'& Gov't leaders such as the cousins Bush & Kerry.

Thank you for your sounding off.... I have posted
this to others....if you choose,
Frank Whalen aka:

is broadcast LIVE at Http://
click listen

You sound off, I'll pass it on...

Semper Fi,
Drew Malone; Raines III
U.S.M.C. 1967-1977
onetinsoldier standing for TRUTH


Mr. Franz;
Thanks for speaking the truth of the ill intended actions of major world powers on third world countries like Venezuela. I am a native Venezuelan living in the United States for the last 26 years.
I have been witnessed of the mass manipulation of many Venezuelans  and many Americans in the U.S.  and especially Venezuela by media communication.  Here in Miami, Florida it is unbelievable the amount of misinformation by the local and very powerful Miami Herald for obvious reasons. 
Many of my friends in Venezuela have been blinded by the media misinformation of the government actions and the Chavez's government idea of a better and more equal Venezuela.  These actions should be more  relevant than  the supposed attacks of human trafficking in a country like Venezuela.
Thank you again for spreading a clearer view for those who whish to come out free of the media manipulation.  There is no greater power to any government than to have control of the media communication to which millions can be manipulated to believe an act with a common point of view, usually the wrong one.
Truly yours;
J. C. S.


Dear Professor Lee,

Thank you for your honesty and concern for humankind and all life on this planet. I taught high school and college for many years and have studied continuously throughout my life. I find the current conditions in the world abhorrent. I am almost ashamed to claim to be a citizen of the USA, since the "self-created" 911 events and subsequent invasions of sovereign nations without just cause. Of course, no war is ever truly justified. Bless you and keep up the good work.

B, J.
Payson, Arizona

Jesse Chacón repudió acción contra estatua de Cristóbal Colón

Caracas, 13 Oct. Venpres. (Anaís Pérez). - El ministro del Interior y Justicia, Jesse Chacón repudió este miércoles la actitud vandálica de los individuos que derribaron el pasado martes, la estatua de Cristóbal Colón, ubicada en Plaza Venezuela, "fue un comportamiento anárquico que en definitiva no arreglará los 500 años de todo lo que hicieron en este país".
Así lo expresó en rueda de prensa celebrada en este despacho, donde confirmó que ya existen 3 imputados, 2 testigos; mientras que los fiscales del Ministerio Público, quienes están atendiendo el caso son Hildamar Fernández y Alejandro Castillo, fiscal séptimo y 78 del Ministerio Publico del Área Metropolitana de Caracas, "lo cual demuestra que ocurrió el hecho e inmediatamente se produjeron las detenciones".
-Lo importante es que se actuó, pues hay detenidos y serán procesados, tal y como funciona el Estado de Derecho en cualquier país- subrayó.
Acerca de la intervención de los organismos de seguridad del Estado ante este hecho, precisó: "específicamente en el caso de la estatua de Cristóbal Colón ubicada en Plaza Venezuela, el tema del Patrimonio Histórico de cada uno de los municipios le repercute a los alcaldes, es decir, no recae la responsabilidad en el Ministerio del Interior y Justicia".
No obstante, los funcionarios del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (Cicpc), se apersonaron y colaboraron con la Alcaldía Mayor y Libertador. Por su parte, recordó que es competencia del MIJ, "la estructuración de un expediente que vaya a fiscalía y que permita que el juicio no se desplome por deficiencia del referido expediente".
Para finalizar, el ministro Chacón insistió en señalar que es un problema de los alcaldes. "Eso se demostrará el próximo 31 de octubre, al que no le gusta como gobierna su alcalde lo expresará ese día o lo ratificará en caso de sentirse identificado".