No. 878

The US "Scramjet" Flying at 7 Mach.

Sophisticated E-Weapons Against the Mind and
Spirit of Humanity

Concerning HAARP and the Project Sunshine

By  Franz J. T. Lee

The Strange Ways of Anánke, of Fate, of Necessity 

Many of us, especially in Venezuela, ask ourselves what is happening on this planet, in the universe. Everyone has her/its/his own answers; very often, we follow the road of least resistance. In a Roman Catholic world, we place our fate, our future, in some God, in his hands, and therewith the problem is solved for ever more. Why are some rich, living in Altamira, and others are paupers, "tin-collectors" in Campo de Oro? Are the poor devils cursed? Are the wealthy and mighty of Plaza Francia, of Beverly Hills, a "chosen people"? Are the poor lazy and the rich conscientious? Are Chávez, Castro or Hussein disciples of the anti-Christ that brought the seven plagues on Venezuela, Cuba and Iraq? Is God punishing us for cursing so much: no joda, su madre, coño, etc.? Why be afraid of death if, in any case, all of us, including our children's children, all will perish some day, as a result of "low intensiy atomic warfare"? Why all the trouble, when, in the final analysis, even the very solar system will collapse?

Thousands of years ago, Anaximander already made us aware of the strange ways of the goddess Anánke:

"Out of Necessity (Anánke), into that from
which things come-into-existence, they pass
away, for they make reparation and satisfaction
to one another for their injustice, according to
the order of time."

(Our Free Translation) 

Here is the German version:

"Woraus aber die Dinge ihr Entstehen haben,
dahin geht auch ihr Vergehen nach der
Notwendigkeit, denn sie zahlen einander Strafe
und Buße für ihre Ruchlosigkeit nach der
festgesetzten Zeit."

(Ernst Bloch, Gesamtausgabe, Band 12,
Zwischenwelten in der Philosophiegeschichte,
edition suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main,
1977, S. 23)

Many of us speak about necessity, fate, karma, god's will; but, where did these brilliant ideas come from? Did we formulate them, think about them? Like so many blessed, reigning concepts, like unity, justice, peace or democracy, nearly all were "Made in Europe", generated mainly in the fons et origo of the accumulation of money, capital, greed, vice and power. As part of the Global Mental Holocaust, from Europe, from Ancient Greece, via colonialism, Christianity, morals, traditions and education, they were exported to the Americas, Africa, Asia and elsewhere.  By means of a huge, brutal, mental genocide, as time passed by,  inexorably they destroyed nearly all the extra-European sacred human values, leaving billions as innocent prey for the international vultures, for the mass media of communication.

Nearly all of these dominating, ideological concepts received a religious aureola and across the millennia in an authoritarian, totalitarian manner, as Fear and Dread, they were psychologically implanted into the very hearts and minds of billions of pariahs, helots, "kaffirs", of staunch religious believers.

Transhistorically, not respecting any formal-logical, spatial-temporal barriers, let us meet the Goddess Fate, that eventually will become God's Will. 

In Plato's Symposium (195C, 197 B), Anánke appears as a Divinity of Fate, as a Schicksalsgöttin, as a Goddess of Fortune. Sometimes she is also called Adrásteia, (Plato, Phaedros 248 C; Plotin, Enn. III 2, 13. A.), die Unentrinnbare, the Inescapable.

According to Homer and Hesiod, but also Archilochos, in mythological times, the Greeks feared Fate, the wrath of their gods, but, at the same time, they were also victims of "bad fortune", of their own mortal impotence; they feared Death, the Moira, the Daemon, Anánke. In philosophic times, in Ionia, in the birth place of capitalism, in Miletus, and elsewhere, Fate, Anánke, acquired a more updated connotation. Now, with hybris, with pride (Hochmut), the Greeks  -- the rich, the ruling slave-owning aristocratic and democratic classes -- could determine their lives themselves, in spite of the pangs and fangs of Fate. Thanks to Anaximander, feminine Anánke was transformed into Masculine Necessity; the Cosmic Order, the New World Order, which was guaranteed by Zeus, directly from Olympus, now also included individual fates. The contradiction "Fateful Necessity - Human Free Will" -- later called "God's Will versus Individual arbitrium liberum" -- entered the scene of philosophy, the superstructure of germinating capitalism and imperialism. 

Hence, in Milesian times, Anánke had already acquired masculine, deterministic, necessary, Patrian features. To interpret the above preserved fragment is well-nigh impossible, because every original ancient Greek word had a specific philosophic meaning, which today we can just intelligently guess or deduce logically. From "bad" to "worse", "Anánke" not only meant fate, a divine force, necessity; it also included other meanings  like "a strict, generally accepted, behaviour pattern", "according to habit",  "to custom", etc. Here we see why it is our fate to preserve our rites, rituals, customs, traditions and culture. 

Furthermore, reading the text above, "according to the order of time", "nach der festgesetzten Zeit", does not simply mean "according to history", in a modern sense. This phrase has a cosmogonic, mythological tone; it denotes authority, authoritarianism, fascism, it comes from the Olympus, from where Father Chronos spoke, ordered and ordained. The main clause, the philosophic gist of this fragment, is hard to explain. The German philosopher, Ernst Bloch, attempted to interpret its meaning, and according to him, in the Apeiron, in the process of Being-Becoming, the things, in their individual agon (strife), file themselves away, slough themselves off, and this occurs, according to the "order of time", according to the ordinances of Chronos. However, what is decisive, is that the things do not pay reparation or make satisfaction to the Apeiron or to Chronos, but rather to one another, to themselves. This is a kind of self-sacrifice for their own coming-into-being; this sounds very Hegelian. 

"Everything that comes into existence,
merits to pass away."


Also in this fragment, the future patriarchal ideas of justice and injustice were generated. The term in the text, "for their injustice", acquires another connotation. "Injustice" is determined by agon, by Strife, by War, but, not by Crusades or "New Wars". Things move, strive, are in conflict, in contradiction. Later this virulent concept will come up again in the philosophy of Heracleitus, even in the Political Theory of Thomas Hobbes. In the Apeiron, in Becoming-Being, the things are in permanent violent strife with one another, they are at war, they battle for and against the location where they find themselves according to the order of time. In this way, they permanently generate "new wars", they launch geographic, geopolitical, geocentric imperialism. The best current example of all this is the "Ruptura", the Conflict in Venezuela.

Of course, in the final battle, they get rid of their contradictions, they become pacified, peaceful with themselves, become unified, become one with themselves.  They become democratic, peaceful and just, that is, they rest in peace, they perish.  

This labour pain, this agonizing naissance of the new, and this brutal rotting away of the obsolete, of which Gramsci and Chávez speak, even Shakespeare dramatized in Hamlet:

"Seek for thy noble father in the dust:
Thou know'st 'tis common, -- all that live must die,
Passing through nature to eternity."
(The Queen)

"Ay, madam, it is common."

However, Shakespeare reminds us of other things, not only of universal Life and Death,  of Justice and Peace, of Democracy and Fascism:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

And, in more recent times,  in "Space Night", the contemporary physicist Harald Lesch, also tells us:

"Our contemporary natural science just
scratches the surface of reality. Of what is below,
we do not have the foggiest idea."  

Now, let us leave our limited social consciousness, our universal virtual reality, anchored in the past, and transcend towards the multi-mensional, transhistoric, galactic "present" and  "future".  Let us see in a military sense what globalization means for Venezuela, for America. After all, the Bolivarian Revolution is a product of "savage neo-liberalism", of global fascism, the real, true face of corporate, transitional capitalism. Let us identify the global fascist power, some of the unscrupulous Orwellian weapons of mass destruction that await us.

The ELF-waves in action

Soon, we need not pray aloud in Church anymore; instantaneously, via scalar waves, we could transmit our thoughts directly to God in the hereafter, beyond the Universe.  Of course, vice versa, he could immediately read our thoughts, decide our fate, and perfectly control our "free will".  Do we know that not only protons exist, but also gravitons? Do we know how to defend ourselves against  extra low frequency (ELF) mind and thought control mechanisms?  Against HAARP? 

What could happen if Big Brother would supply the four Nazi "stormtroopers of the apocalypse", the "Carlos Gang", with these E-weapons? They could influence, direct and control the very health of the president, of the sovereign, of the people, by attacking their very brains with a sabotage frequency below 100 Hz. In its over-all social damage, this could be worse than any economic sabotage. In this case, fate or faith will or cannot defend us anymore.  

Concerning the HAARP projects of the Pentagon, NASA and NATO, by means of a gigantic, energetic slingshot, the Rumsfeld war machine could heat up the ionospere, convert it into a huge electro-magnetic mirror, and would thus be able to direct the ELF-waves to any place or person, to anywhere, to where they wish, hence influencing all life systems, including human consciousness, inducing pests, changing the weather, bringing about earthquakes, moving the poles of the earth, etc. Apart from these installations of the US Army, there are many more in Berlin Tempelhof, Arecibo, Dushanbe, Gork City, Tromso, Monchegorsk, Sura and who knows where else. 

These ELF-waves penetrate everywhere, even the earth and the oceans. They affect the scientifically well-known brain wave bands: 

    -Delta (1-3 Hz.)... deep sleep. coma; 

    -Theta (4-7 Hz.)... Hypnosis, Trance, Dream; 

    -Alpha (8-13 Hz.)... Meditation, Prayer, Relaxation; 

    -Beta (14-40 Hz)... Condition of Awakedness. 

The ELF-Waves force our awareness and consciousness towards the delta and theta regions, causing tiredness, towards a lack of power, motivations and drives. It lowers or damages the immune system; one adopts a carpe diem life style.  By means of these ELF-signals masses are converted into pack animals, working themselves to death, and into pathological consumer bees.  They lose all revolutionary fervour and social optimism; they acquire a psychotic disassociation syndrome; as automatons, their minds and thoughts are being  controlled. The result is that nobody thinks anymore, simply because there is no drive, no motivation, no power, no time to think any more. Such masses can be indoctrinated, manipulated very easily.  

In conclusion, much of what is happening now on earth has very little to do with faith, fate, with "free will" or "divine will"; it is directed directly from the Pentagon, across the mass media, music, commercials, electronic gadgets, or even directly from satellites. At the moment, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Iraq are experiment stations for all these mind and thought control devices, are guinea-pigs to test all the deadly, genocidal weapons of the USA, hence, Venezuela, beware! There are more than four "jíneteras del apocalípsis". The CIA hound-dogs, the "coordinated, democratic" werewolves are everywhere, in church, in our beds, in the kindergarten, in class, in our development projects, in our government, in our political party, in our very brains.   



US biological warfare programme

"From an arms control perspective it appears to be particularly sensitive if a military research institution embarks on a project that aims at constructing more dangerous pathogens. "If Jeffery Taubenberger (US Army scientist) worked in a Chinese, Russian or Iranian laboratory, his work might well be seen as the 'smoking gun' of an offensive biowarfare program," says van Aken."
The Sunshine Project
News Release
9 October 2003

Lethal Virus from 1918 Genetically Reconstructed
US Army scientists create "Spanish Flu" virus in laboratory - medical benefit questionable

(Austin and Hamburg, 9 October 2003) – The 'Spanish Flu' influenza virus that killed 20-40 million people in 1918 is currently under reconstruction. Several genes of the extraordinarily lethal 1918 flu virus have been isolated and introduced into contemporary flu strains. These proved to be lethal for mice, while virus constructs with genes from a current flu virus types had hardly any effect. These experiments may easily be abused for military purposes, but provide little benefit from a medical or public health point of view.

The 1918 Spanish Flu was highly infectious and – in comparison to contemporary flu viruses – killed a very high percentage of those infected, including many younger people. The Spanish Flu alone caused the medium life expectancy in the US in 1918 to drop by 10 years. Hence, flu viruses are perceived today as a serious biological warfare threat. Just two weeks ago, a 15 million dollar research grant was awarded in the US to develop protective measures especially against a bioterrorist attack with flu viruses.

Despite the very dangerous nature of the 1918 virus, efforts to reconstruct it started in the mid 1990s, when Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger from the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington DC succeeded in recovering and sequencing fragments of the viral RNA from preserved tissues of 1918 victims. In the current issue of the scientific journal Emerging Infectious Diseases new genetic details of the 1918 flu virus will be published.

But after (partially) unravelling the genetic sequence of the virus, the scientists went a step further and began bringing the Spanish flu back to life. Unnoticed by the public, they succeeded in creating a live virus containing two 1918 genes that proved to be very lethal in animal experiments. This experiment is only one genetic step away from taking the 1918 demon entirely out of the bottle.

A resuscitation of the Spanish flu is neither necessary nor warranted from a public health point of view. Allegedly, the recent experiments sought to test the efficacy of existing antiviral drugs on the 1918 construct. But there is little need for antiviral drugs against the 1918 strain if the 1918 strain had not been recreated in the first place "It simply does not make any scientific sense to create a new threat just to develop new countermeasures against it." says Jan van Aken, biologist with the Sunshine Project, "Genetic characterization of influenza strains has important biomedical applications. But it is not justifiable to recreate this particularly dangerous eradicated strain that could wreak havoc if released, deliberately or accidentally."

Construction of new maximum security (BSL-4) laboratories for biodefense research has been justified in part by citing the potential of the Spanish Flu as a biological weapon. Influenza usually requires a low level of containment; but when scientists begin recombining virulence-related genes, the danger dramatically increases. The University of Texas Medical Branch's BSL-4 plans influenza 'gene reassortment' experiments in maximum containment. "This kind of research is creating a vicious circle, and could prompt a race by biodefense scientists to genetic engineer unthinkable diseases", says Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project, "What disease comes after influenza? Biodefense laboratories must not become self-fulfilling prophesy centers. The world does not need biodefense programs to create a 'genetically engineered disease gap'."

From an arms control perspective it appears to be particularly sensitive if a military research institution embarks on a project that aims at constructing more dangerous pathogens. "If Jeffery Taubenberger worked in a Chinese, Russian or Iranian laboratory, his work might well be seen as the 'smoking gun' of an offensive biowarfare program," says van Aken.

A Sunshine Project briefing paper on the 'Reconstruction of the Spanish influenza virus' provides further details and a comprehensive literature list.

Well, folks, 
not even the weather is fine anymore. 

 Anyhow, I wish you sunshine, optimism and a positive 
 world outlook through the window all the year around. 
 Long Live, HAARP! 

 Enjoy Jutta's comments, and the article that follows! 


To all: 

When, in my conference paper on globofascism, I recently wrote
about the militarization of the entire, global realm of social
relations, be it with regard to the newly implemented Police State
Structures in the sonorous "Western Democracies", be it with
regard to the so-called "international relations", I certainly forgot to
mention the militarization of the NATURAL realm: WEATHER
WARFARE! We have discussed this topic in the past, which gains
growing importance in what emerges on the historic horizon as an
unheard-of type of "total war". Bellum omnium contra omnes,
with all means available, with "mother nature" herself entering the



Centre for Research on Globalisation 


Washington's New World Order Weapons, 
Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change 


          by Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University
 of Ottawa 

 Third World Resurgence, January 2001 

 Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),,   4 
 January 2002 

 The important debate on global warming under UN auspices
 provides but a partial picture 
 of climate change; in addition to the devastating impacts of
 greenhouse gas emissions on 
 the ozone layer, the World's climate can now be modified as part of
 a new generation of 
 sophisticated "non-lethal weapons." Both the Americans and the
 Russians have developed 
 capabilities to manipulate the World's climate. 

 In the US, the technology is being perfected under the
 High-frequency Active Auroral 
 Research Program (HAARP) as part of the ("Star Wars") Strategic
 Defence Initiative 
 (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully
 operational and has the 
 ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and
 earthquakes. From a 
 military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction.
 Potentially, it constitutes an 
 instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising
 agricultural and ecological 
 systems of entire regions. 

 While there is no evidence that this deadly technology has been
 used, surely the United 
 Nations should be addressing the issue of "environmental warfare"
 alongside the debate 
 on the climatic impacts of greenhouse gases... 

 Despite a vast body of scientific knowledge, the issue of
 deliberate climatic manipulations for military use has never been
 explicitly part of the UN agenda on climate change. Neither the
 delegations nor the environmental action groups participating in
 the Hague Conference on Climate 
 Change (CO6) (November 2000) have raised the broad issue of
 "weather warfare" or 
 "environmental modification techniques (ENMOD)" as relevant to
 an understanding of climate 

 The clash between official negotiators, environmentalists and
 American business lobbies has centered on Washington's outright
 refusal to abide by commitments on carbon dioxide reduction
 targets under the 1997 Kyoto protocol.(1) The impacts of military
 technologies on the World's climate are not an object of
 discussion or concern. Narrowly confined to greenhouse gases,
 the ongoing debate on climate change serves Washington's
 strategic and defense objectives. 


 World renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell confirms that "US
 military scientists ... are working on 
 weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the
 enhancing of storms and the 
 diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce
 targeted droughts or floods." (2) 
 Already in the 1970s, former National Security advisor Zbigniew
 Brzezinski had foreseen in his 
 book "Between Two Ages" that: 

      "Technology will make available, to the leaders of major
 nations, techniques for 
      conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the
 security forces 
      need be appraised... [T]echniques of weather modification
 could be employed to 
      produce prolonged periods of drought or storm." 

 Marc Filterman, a former French military officer, outlines several
 types of "unconventional weapons" using radio frequencies. He
 refers to "weather war," indicating that the U.S. and the Soviet
 Union  had already "mastered the know-how needed to unleash
 sudden climate changes (hurricanes, drought) in the early
 1980s."(3) These technologies make it "possible to trigger
 atmospheric disturbances by using Extremely Low Frequency
 (ELF) radar [waves]." (4) 

 A simulation study of future defense "scenarios" commissioned for
 the US Air Force calls for: 

      "US aerospace forces to 'own the weather' by capitalizing on
      technologies and focusing development of those technologies
 to war-fighting 
      applications... From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting
 those of the 
      enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to
      dominance of global communications and counterspace
      weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of
 possible options to 
      defeat or coerce an adversary... In the United States,
 weather-modification will 
      likely become a part of national security policy with both
 domestic and 
      international applications. Our government will pursue such a
 policy, depending 
      on its interests, at various levels.(5) 


 The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
 based in Gokoma Alaska 
 --jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy-- is part of a
 new generation of 
 sophisticated weaponry under the US Strategic Defense Initiative
 (SDI). Operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space
 Vehicles Directorate, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful
 antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the
 ionosphere". Scientist Dr. Nicholas Begich --actively involved in the
 public campaign against HAARP-- describes HAARP as: 

      "A super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts
 areas of the 
      ionosphere [upper layer of the atmosphere] by focusing a beam
 and heating 
      those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto
 earth and penetrate 
      everything -- living and dead." (6) 

 Dr. Rosalie Bertell depicts HAARP as "a gigantic heater that can
 cause major disruption in the 
 ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the
 protective layer that keeps deadly 
 radiation from bombarding the planet." 7 


 HAARP has been presented to public opinion as a program of
 scientific and academic research. US military documents seem to
 suggest, however, that HAARP's main objective is to "exploit the 
 ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes." (8) Without
 explicitly referring to the HAARP 
 program, a US Air Force study points to the use of "induced
 ionospheric modifications" as a means 
 of altering weather patterns as well as disrupting enemy
 communications and radar.9 

 According to Dr. Rosalie Bertell, HAARP is part of a integrated
 weapons' system, which has 
 potentially devastating environmental consequences: 

      "It is related to fifty years of intensive and increasingly
 destructive programs to 
      understand and control the upper atmosphere. It would be rash
 not to associate 
      HAARP with the space laboratory construction which is
 separately being planned 
      by the United States. HAARP is an integral part of a long history
 of space 
      research and development of a deliberate military nature. The
      implications of combining these projects is alarming. ... The
 ability of the HAARP 
      / Spacelab/ rocket combination to deliver very large amount of
      comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on earth via laser and
 particle beams, 
      are frightening. The project is likely to be "sold" to the public as
 a space shield 
      against incoming weapons, or, for the more gullible, a device for
 repairing the 
      ozone layer. (10) 

 In addition to weather manipulation, HAARP has a number of
 related uses: 

 "HAARP could contribute to climate change by intensively
 bombarding the atmosphere with 
 high-frequency rays... Returning low-frequency waves at high
 intensity could also affect people's 
 brains, and effects on tectonic movements cannot be ruled out.

 More generally, HAARP has the ability of modifying the World's
 electro-magnetic field. It is part of an arsenal of "electronic
 weapons" which US military researchers consider a "gentler and
 warfare". (12) 


 HAARP is part of the weapons arsenal of the New World Order
 under the Strategic Defense 
 Initiative (SDI). From military command points in the US, entire
 national economies could potentially be destabilized through
 climatic manipulations. More importantly, the latter can be
 implemented without the knowledge of the enemy, at minimal cost
 and without engaging military personnel and equipment as in a
 conventional war. 

 The use of HAARP -- if it were to be applied -- could have potentially
 devastating impacts on the 
 World's climate. Responding to US economic and strategic
 interests, it could be used to selectively 
 modify climate in different parts of the World resulting in the
 destabilization of agricultural and 
 ecological systems. 

 It is also worth noting that the US Department of Defense has
 allocated substantial resources to the 
 development of intelligence and monitoring systems on weather
 changes. NASA and the Department of Defense's National Imagery
 and Mapping Agency (NIMA) are working on "imagery for studies of
 flooding, erosion, land-slide hazards, earthquakes, ecological
 zones, weather forecasts, and climate change" with data relayed
 from satellites. (13) 


 According to the Framework Convention on Climate Change
 (UNFCCC) signed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro: 

      "States have... in accordance with the Charter of the United
 Nations and the 
      principles of international law, the (...) responsibility to ensure
 that activities 
      within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to the
 environment of 
      other States or of areas beyond the limits of national
 jurisdiction." (14) 

 It is also worth recalling that an international Convention ratified
 by the UN General Assembly in 
 1997 bans "military or other hostile use of environmental
 modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe
 effects." (15) Both the US and the Soviet Union were signatories to
 the Convention. The Convention defines "'environmental
 modification techniques' as referring to any technique for
 changing--through the deliberate manipulation of natural
 processes--the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth,
 including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere or of
 outer space." (16) 

 Why then did the UN --disregarding the 1977 ENMOD Convention as
 well as its own charter-- 
 decide to exclude from its agenda climatic changes resulting from
 military programs? 


 In February 1998, responding to a report of Mrs. Maj Britt Theorin
 --Swedish MEP and longtime 
 peace advocate--, the European Parliament's Committee on
 Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense 
 Policy held public hearings in Brussels on the HAARP program.(17)
 The Committee's "Motion for 
 Resolution" submitted to the European Parliament: 

      "Considers HAARP... by virtue of its far-reaching impact on the
 environment to 
      be a global concern and calls for its legal, ecological and
 ethical implications to 
      be examined by an international independent body...; [the
 Committee] regrets 
      the repeated refusal of the United States Administration... to
 give evidence to the 
      public hearing ...into the environmental and public risks [of] the
      program." (18). 

 The Committee's request to draw up a "Green Paper" on "the
 environmental impacts of military 
 activities", however, was casually dismissed on the grounds that
 the European Commission lacks the required jurisdiction to delve
 into "the links between environment and defense". (19) Brussels
 was anxious to avoid a showdown with Washington. 


 While there is no concrete evidence of HAARP having been used,
 scientific findings suggest that it is at present fully operational.
 What this means is that HAARP could potentially be applied by the
 US military to selectively modify the climate of an "unfriendly
 nation" or "rogue state" with a view to 
 destabilizing its national economy. 

 Agricultural systems in both developed and developing countries
 are already in crisis as a result of 
 New World Order policies including market deregulation,
 commodity dumping, etc. Amply 
 documented, IMF and World Bank "economic medicine" imposed
 on the Third World and the 
 countries of the former Soviet block has largely contributed to the
 destabilization of domestic 
 agriculture. In turn, the provisions of the World Trade Organization
 (WTO) have supported the 
 interests of a handful of Western agri-biotech conglomerates in
 their quest to impose genetically 
 modified (GMO) seeds on farmers throughout the World. 

 It is important to understand the linkage between the economic,
 strategic and military processes of 
 the New World Order. In the above context, climatic manipulations
 under the HAARP program 
 (whether accidental or deliberate) would inevitably exacerbate
 these changes by weakening national economies, destroying
 infrastructure and potentially triggering the bankruptcy of farmers
 over vast areas. Surely national governments and the United
 Nations should address the possible 
 consequences of HAARP and other "non-lethal weapons" on
 climate change. 


 1. The latter calls for nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
 by an average of 5.2 percent to 
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 Copyright by Michel Chossudovsky, CRG 2002. All rights reserved.
 Permission is granted to post 
 this text on non-commercial community internet sites, provided
 the essay remains intact and the 
 copyright note is displayed. To publish this text in printed and/or
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Concerning Jutta's posting on Weather Warfare,
I would like you to read a chat that we had on
December 20th, 1999, four years ago,
on this issue, in relation to the Venezuelan


You may recall that we've been discussing this stuff in Crew
activities for several years. Tesla technology is used, and
earthquake production should be added. Also, there is technology
that can melt mountains, an outgrowth of our Space program in
which devices were used to melt rock on the Moon and Mars,
generating hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen for the atmosphere in
the domes of the Earth colonies. 

               More on weather warfare...
               Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:54:55 -0400
               Jutta Schmitt <>
               Carl Zimmerman <>,
               Franz J T Lee <>,
               Stella Buehler <>,
               Iris Buehler <>


so true! All along our crew activities we have been dealing with
"vanguard" topics, rarely and barely known by the public, and
difficult to "digest" for the standard reader ... 
Please, if you come across further material regarding
electromagnetic weather warfare and mind control, make sure you
send it to the crew. I was pretty astonished, that the topic has
actually sort of made it into the public - the author of the weather
warfare article, Michel Chossudovsky is a well-known economics
professor at Ottawa University, who has written many an article
concerning the economic aspect of globalization - what he calls
"financial and economic warfare", embodied, amongst others, in
institutions like the IMF and World Bank. Also, the European Union
seems to be well aware of projects like HAARP, yet topics like this
one are usually kept from discussion in a broader public and
probably do not leave the realm of the "inner circle" of the
European Parliament (like has happened with the discussion of the
"technologies of political control"). 

Best regards, 

               The "Afghan Trap"
               Mon, 18 Feb 2002 21:08:54 -0400
               Jutta Schmitt <>
               Scott <>


my apologies for not having responded earlier to your excellent
summary and personal conclusions drawn from the NSA Article on
Afghanistan. You actually come pretty close to the bottomline of
what, in the last analysis, the involvment of the USA in Afghanistan
was all about. Read the following interview with president Carter's
national security advisor, Zbigniev Brezinski, realized in 1998 by the
French Magazine "Le Nouvel Observateur". 

Best regards, 

  The following article and interview was published in the
  monthly magazine New African, November 2001, No. 401,
                  IC Publications, page 6. 

                      For the Record 

       … Paris, Le Nouvel Observateur, January 1998

 As part of our series to record the ‘whys and hows”, and
 the events before and after the horrendous attacks on
 America on11 September (killing 6,000 people, including
 several hundreds, possibly thousands, of African and
 African-Americans), we publish below an interview
 published in January 1998 (repeat, January 1998) by the
 French magazine, Le Nouvel Observateur, with Zbigniew
 Brzezinski, former national security adviser to President
 Jimmy Carter. 

 Brzezinski admits in the interview that America started
 funding the Mujahedin from which the Taliban spun, a full
 six months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan (the
 previous justification for funding the Mujahedin was that it
 was to stop the Soviets AFTER they had invaded

 Q: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in
 his memoirs [From the Shadows], that American
 intelligence services began to aid the Mujahedin in
 Afghanistan six months before the Soviet intervention. In
 this period you were the national security adviser to
 President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair.
 Is that correct? 

 Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of
 history, [the] CIA aid to the Mujahedin began during 1980,
 that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan,
 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is
 completely otherwise: Indeed, it was 3 July 1979 that
 President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to
 the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that
 very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I
 explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to
 induce a Soviet military intervention. 

 Q:   Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert
 action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry
 into war and looked to provoke it? 

 Brzezinski: It isn’t quite that. We didn’t push the Russians
 to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability
 that they would. 

 Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by
 asserting that they intended to fight against a secret
 involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people
 didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth.
 You don’t regret anything today? 

 Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an
 excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians
 into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day
 that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to
 President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to
 the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years,
 Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the
 government, a conflict that brought about the
 demoralisation and finally the breakup of the Soviet

 Q: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic
 “integrisme” [fanaticism/fundamentalism], having given
 arms and advice to future terrorists? 

 Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the
 world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire?
 Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central
 Europe and the end of the Cold War? 

 Q: Some stirred-up Moslems? But it has been said and
 repeated: Islamic Fundamentalism represents a world
 menace today. 

 Brzezinski: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global
 policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t  a
 global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and
 without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion
 of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in
 common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate
 Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or
 Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites
 the Christian countries. 

 (The above interview has been translated from the French
 by Bill B/urn, author of Killing Hope: US Military and CIA
 Interventions Since World War II’  and “Rogue State: A
 Guide to the World’s Only Superpower). 


P  A  N  D  E  M  O  N  I  U M 

DEBATES: Franz & Jeff & Carl & Jutta. 

Monday, 20th December, 1999 

                NEW  WORLD ORDER 


panta98 -- Franz
loner11001 -- Jeff
ScnWrt - Carl

You have just entered room "panta98 Chat73." 
ScnWrt has entered the room. 
panta98:Hi again, Carl 
panta98:Jeff is not online. 
panta98:Did you hear about the disaster in Venezuela In the 
panta98:Carl, please try and invite Jeff to our Chat room. I can't 
get hold of him. 
loner11001 has entered the room. 
loner11001: hi guys 
panta98:Hi Jeff, how are you? This is Jutta. 
ScnWrt: Hi, Jutta 
panta98:Hi Carl! 
loner11001: hi there. so how is the weather down there? 
loner11001: we have 20 below zero up here 
panta98:We are lucky that the Federal State of Merida has not 
been hit by the disaster! 
loner11001: or weather manipulation? 
ScnWrt: We were concerned 
panta98:They say there are 20 000 people dead so far. But we 
think it must be at least 50 to 100 000 
ScnWrt: Agreed 
loner11001: that sounds more realistic 
panta98:I'll give you some overview, and then we'll talk about 
why and how it happened. 
loner11001: go for it 
ScnWrt: I've been following the event on 
panta98:Rainfalls started on Monday, continued Tuesday and 
Wednesday, and got really bad on Wednesday night... 
panta98:... the famous day of the "referendum" - Venezuelans 
decided on the new constitution that day... 
panta98:... and because the mass media totally focused on this 
political event, nobody knew, that about eight Federal States
with the water up to their throats already.. 
panta98:... One of the heaviest impacts came about in the Federal 
State of Vargas, just along the coast, near Caracas, the Capital... 
panta98:....entire communities were swept away with loads of 
water and mud... 
panta98:... the mud about 3 meters high. The water also swept a 
big deal of the local mountains down, and the rocks destroyed the
foundations of many buildings, so they fell and were swept away 

into the sea... 
loner11001: whew 
panta98:... we saw an amateur's video they showed on TV, who 
had filmed in one of the disaster zones... 
panta98:... and for more than an hour you could watch the 
disaster building up. 
panta98:Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and 
families and loved ones and friends and neighbours... 
panta98:... and the military and civil organisations are still trying 
to get loads of people out of the disaster zone.... 
panta98:... they say they have never experienced anything alike 
here in this country... 
panta98:... as usually rainfalls never hit that hard as was the case 
panta98:...they have had natural disasters of a similar kind about 
fifty years ago, but never one that dramatic! 
panta98:Nobody really understands, what is happening, and you 
can imagine, that first thing we thought about, was that weather 
manipulation thing of HAARP.... 
loner11001: Sounds like it's haarp 
panta98:... It's so ironic: The Venezuelan authorities did have a 
huge problem, what to do with all those slums around Caracas 
and all the densely populated area around Caracas and along the 
panta98:...where mostly poor people live, and where they had 
the highest rate of criminality in all Venezuela... 
loner11001: has the rain stopped then? 
panta98:... It seems the rain has stopped for now, although the 
weather information is contradictory... 
panta98:... they show you satellite fotos on TV, explaining that 
the vast deal of rain conditions has disappeared... 
panta98:... and yet the forecasts on "the weather channel" 
predict more rain to come within the next days... 
loner11001: is this the time of year it usually rains? 
loner11001: the rainy season? 
panta98:No, Jeff, the rain is supposed to stop by mid-December,
set in again only in March/April 
loner11001: i see 
ScnWrt:What has this event done politically? For the 
President and new Constitution? 
panta98:... the entire weather pattern has changed... 
loner11001: yes. it seems we are in for more of same too 
panta98:Carl, the "hit" is, the disaster sort of fits completely 
into the governments plans of relocating entire communities 
due to "bad housing conditions" .... 
ScnWrt: Unusually warm in NYC area USA 
loner11001: colder here than it has been in recent years 
panta98:The current president Hugo Chavez has been long 
announcing his relocation plans and plans to make new towns
let people settle down in areas of Venezuela, where the 
geostrategic conditions should be a lot better ... 
panta98:.. So this comes as sort of a horrible surprise, but fits 
exactly into the announced relocation and re-settlement plans of 
the government, concerning the destruction of all those slum 
quarters around Caracas and also of the communities that settled 
down in "geostrategic" instable areas, like near rivers, on the 
mountains, etc.... 
panta98:Now, my question to the two of you, Carl and Jeff: 
loner11001: ? 
panta98:Remember that they said, that HAARP is about 
beaming massively radio signals into the ionosphere in order to 
change global weather patterns? ... 
loner11001: indeed i do, yeh 
loner11001: and it seems to be working 
panta98:... Could they manipulate weather conditions with 
exactitude, as far as the spot is concerned, where they want to 
manipulate it? 
loner11001: yes indeed they can 
ScnWrt: Yes, indeed 
panta98:Say, they want a rain storm just over one spot, and they 
do it? 
loner11001: but i think it cannot be contained 
ScnWrt: Yep 
loner11001: well 
loner11001: we will see 
loner11001: i think their meddling is going to produce one huge 
global strom 
loner11001: storm 
panta98:What I don't understand is the "reaction chain" 
between the radio signals that hit the ionosphere, and the 
weather effect in the troposphere... 
loner11001: i don't think they know as much as they pretend to\ 
loner11001: by boiling the ionosphere they can create a mirror
panta98:... I know, that the ionosphere is crucial for radio 
transmission, especially short-wave, as the radio waves are 
reflected in the ionosphere and bent down to earth again... 
loner11001: is this that makes the whole thing possible 
loner11001: sorry my understanding of it is limited 
panta98:... but, in terms of weather manipulation, I don't quite 
manage to understand the link. 
panta98:Can anybody help me here? 
loner11001: well nick begitch has a page 
loner11001: he is the guy that originally warned the world
panta98:Carl, do you have any knowledge about how that works, 
or can you give a website where we could go into details? 
panta98:Jeff, do you happen to have the website address? 
ScnWrt: The Haarp radio signals could affect the omni matter in
ionosphere (re:Tesla) 
loner11001: john quinn also has been covering haarp
in the montauck new york area 
loner11001: montauck 
panta98:Carl, what is omni matter? 
loner11001: ether 
loner11001: the electromagentic energy 
ScnWrt: According to William Lyne, it exists everywhere. 
panta98:Sorry, guys, does the "ether" really exist? As far as I 
recall, it has not been "proven" as yet. 
loner11001: and by the way in 10 days we are supposed to get hit
160 major solar flares 
loner11001: yes maxwell the mathematician proved it in the
panta98:... What would be the effects of those solar flares? 
loner11001: the illuminati deliberately took out the ether factor in
loner11001: i imagine that the weather would be effected by so
at once 
loner11001: this is unprecedented 
panta98:... Yes, Maxwell's theory of light was one side of the 
story. The particle theory of light is the other side, that 
"rejected" the ether hypothesis, if I'm not mistaken here. 
loner11001: they wrote in the rejection 
ScnWrt: That was a different concept of ether 
loner11001: took out the original equation with the ether
principle in 
loner11001: retarding us severely 
panta98:Carl, can you explain further, please? 
ScnWrt: For example, the ether around your home electric meter 
feeds back electromagnetic energy into the system... 
ScnWrt: and you pay for it 
panta98:.. so the "ether" is supposed to be the "medium" in 
which electromagnetic energy is being "transmitted" ? 
ScnWrt: Ether is simply electromagnetic energy, it exists 
loner11001: i think they are one and the same 
loner11001: right 
panta98:Agreed. I agree to this definition. Thank you, Carl. 
ScnWrt: They are the same 
loner11001: at any rate tesla was able to manipulate the
back in the 1920's 
panta98:Once again: how would they avoid wrong targeting with 
their weather manipulation? 
panta98:Tell me more about Tesla's weather manipulation in the 
20's, Jeff. 
loner11001: i do'nt think their targetting is so precise 
ScnWrt: Effects, such as running your computer and weather
result from electromagnetic radiation restoring its own equilibrium

loner11001: well by 1922 i believe he had a type of haarp that
change the weather and even produce earthquakes 
loner11001: but the person that really was the mover and shaker
weather changing\ 
loner11001: was Willhelm Reich 
ScnWrt: Jeff, agreed. However, I don't think they need precision
achieve their political goals 
loner11001: with his rosande's and orgone energy he could even 
disspiate dangerous electrical storms 
panta98:According from what Carl just said, there are multiple 
effects of electromagnetic radiation, not only weather patterns. 
loner11001: no, precision is not necessary, carl 
ScnWrt:need precision 
loner11001: i think they want to try to generate a global storm 
loner11001: a huge monster storm 
panta98:.. I am aware of Reich's experiments, note however, that 
they made everyone believe, that Reich was totally nuts... 
loner11001: ongoing 
loner11001: same with tesla 
loner11001: and anyone else that isn't cult 
panta98:.. and today they still use devices developed by Reich 
regarding "storm control"... 
loner11001: the mind control also employed reichian technology 
panta98:How come I never heard about Tesla before? Only 
through you, Jeff and Carl, have I come to hear of him. 
loner11001: because he had the power to free us all 
loner11001: he tried to free the world 
panta98:.. Is Tesla only known in the United States? 
loner11001: not at all 
loner11001: he is a serbian after all 
panta98:... excuse my ignorance here, guys ... 
loner11001: he has meticulously been erased 
panta98:... like Reich... 
loner11001: out of the 80 trunks of his notes 
ScnWrt:He could have put the oil and electric 
power companies out of business 
loner11001: one has been given to us through the belgrade tesla 
loner11001: he invernted everything we use today 
loner11001: electricity 
panta98:... It's a sad story, how they firstly declare people nuts, 
and then use their ideas and technology for their dirty purposes... 
loner11001: electric engines, turbines.. on and on 
loner11001: yes criminal 
loner11001: specially as tesla was not cult and resisted them 
loner11001: he was so powerful they could not assassinate him 
loner11001: they had to wait till he died 
panta98: Carl and Jeff, I have to go for our nightly radio contact 
with my brother Martin, who sits out there in the mountain. So I 
will hand over to Franz, now. Give him some minutes to re-read 
our chat so far. Was a pleasure "talking" to you. Take care and 
"yours sincerely": Jutta! 
loner11001: then they used his and reich's inventions to enslave
loner11001: take care dear jutta 
loner11001: stay dry! 
ScnWrt:Be well, Jutta 
panta98:Hi! Here is Franz again! How are you Guys? Millennia 
loner11001: watching your "event" and keeping fingers crossed 
panta98:I am just reading a few lines back, to catch your train of 
thought. Just a minute, please! 
loner11001: no prob 
loner11001: by the way icq has a voice chat now 
panta98:Well, I got the bottom line. So, is it possible that 
weather manipulation had caused this disaster in Venezuela? 
loner11001: more than likely i'd say franz 
panta98:What do you guys think? or was it just one of those 
famous "miracles" which occur once in a blue moon? 
loner11001: right 
loner11001: and santa will bring me a new cadillac 
ScnWrt: The 3D's-Destruction, depopulation and doom 
loner11001: yep 
loner11001: global 2000 
panta98:If it was not directly, yet indirectly the whole global 
weather seems to be manipulated, not to say already totally 
messed up; in other words, climates are no more "natural", but 
artificial, controlled. 
loner11001: yes that is the case 
ScnWrt: The Russians are planning to bombard 5 international
with ICBM's showering toys on New Years Eve (seriously) 
loner11001: they have even admitted as much 
ScnWrt: How have they admitted? 
loner11001: why the official reason for haarp existing in the first 
place was weather control 
panta98:Do the Russians still possess that kind of High-Tech? I 
thought that their "Science" is already burned up, after the Fall 
of the Berlin Wall? Where did you get that "news", Carl? 
loner11001: but we all know it is really the mind control that they
interested in 
loner11001: the russians gave their technology to us. 
loner11001: you see bo gritz wasn't lying 
panta98:What is the Relation between Mind Control and 
Weather Control, Jeff? 
loner11001: the two big isms 
loner11001: us and the commies are all invented by the illuminati

loner11001: the one is a cover for the other 
panta98:What do you mean by the two "-isms"? 
loner11001: socialism and capitalism 
loner11001: we are rats in a maze 
panta98:And "terrorism" in the Islamic World? In Afghanistan? 
loner11001: study your hegel 
loner11001: this is how it works 
loner11001: tensions, counter-tensions 
loner11001: they manufacture these crisis 
loner11001: \and offer the solutions for them 
loner11001: their solutions 
panta98:Hegel is very complicated; the poor guy was dancing 
around the Christmas Tree, celebrating the French Revolution. 
The Victory of the Illuminati. For what will you dance this 
Christmas, Jeff? 
ScnWrt:I think next, they'll demonstrate mind control 
loner11001: they already are carl 
loner11001: for 50 some years now 
loner11001: like i say it is fully operational now 
panta98:Carl told me already that he will sing the Marseillaise, 
and storm the Tuilleries, to save some traditional, aristocratic 
culture for our New Renaissance. True, Carl? 
loner11001: everything seems to be coming to a head 
panta98:What exactly, Jeff? 
loner11001: y2k, weather manipulation, thought manipulation,
storms monster storms, etc etc 
ScnWrt: I got news on the russians on 
panta98:But, Carl? The whole Shakespeare is a demonstration 
of dramatic and tragic Mind Control! To Be, or Not To Be. That's 
the formal-logical Question! 
ScnWrt: However, we ask What is to be done? 
loner11001: and one that they are deciding for us 
panta98:For thousands of Venezuelans the "option" was "Not To

Be"; well, Jeff, what's our option for the New Millennium? 
loner11001: i think it's going to be a spiritual thing as much as 
loner11001: no surprise here 
panta98:Well, Carl. Now you speak real American, my language! 
What is TO BE done? 
loner11001: pray 
panta98:Jeff, please, I pray that you don't mention that 
sacrilegious word today! 
ScnWrt: Have a self-controlled mind (W. Lyne) 
loner11001: yes, evolve 
panta98:Self-Control versus Mind Control! Could you illustrate 
this a little bit more, Carl? 
loner11001: in other words 
panta98:Evolve? Jeff. What about "transvolve"? 
loner11001: we have to bring our spirit selves up to where we are 
ScnWrt: Always question. Take nothing on face value. 
loner11001: we do not even acknowledge spirits 
panta98:Transvolve this miserable system, forget about 
"changing it from within" ! 
loner11001: let alone that there is working sciences on magic and

other techniques used in the spirit world 
panta98:But, we have to learn to ask questions which are really 
loner11001: magic is what we need 
loner11001: white magic 
ScnWrt: And self control 
loner11001: that's where they have you carl 
ScnWrt: Why? 
loner11001: the answers are the ones only you can answer 
loner11001:each has to answer them himself 
loner11001: his own questions 
panta98:Jeff, what exactly is "Magic"; my teachers told me a 
lot of stories about magic; they told me that it is evil, satanic. 
What's it really, Jeff? 
ScnWrt: Agreed, but I gotta make sure my answers will be 
loner11001: both 
loner11001: with the cult it's evil 
ScnWrt: Agreed 
loner11001: and there has to be an organized brotherhood 
loner11001: or some group of white magicians to counter this 
loner11001: magicians 
loner11001: there cannot be an unbalance 
loner11001: the yen/yang 
panta98:Jeff, does Magic not have a Relation to Witchcraft, to 
Superstition? Is it perhaps not another form of Primitive Mind 
Control, originally exercised by powerful Chieftains? 
loner11001: yes of course 
loner11001: to satan at any rate 
panta98:Jeff, why not a sisterhood? 
loner11001: exactly what i have been saying franz 
loner11001: er peoplehoods 
ScnWrt: Jeff, give me an example of how white magic can be 
loner11001: this is our problem 
loner11001: as i see it carl 
loner11001: staring at your angel is perhaps a form of it 
panta98:I find the latter better, otherwise I had to affirm 
"Illuminatihood", Fatherhood! 
ScnWrt: The blue angel is symbol in my mind 
loner11001: how to take a crash course on ritual magic 
loner11001: cabalistic magic and become powerful enough to 
counter the cults moves?? 
loner11001: yes carl 
loner11001: they use the cabala 
panta98:Why "white" magic? Is white so emancipatory? And 
"black" so evil, so negrolike? 
loner11001: strictly a matter of semantics carl 
loner11001: a peter greenbaum it seems 
panta98:I prefer "blue magic", don't you, Carl? 
loner11001: mengele's protege 
loner11001: was the source of their magic 
loner11001: and i think he is still alive 
loner11001: dr green 
loner11001: dr green bomb 
panta98:Hence, Jeff, what's the source of "Magic"? Whether 
white, black, blue or angelic, or devilish? 
loner11001: dr greenbaum 
loner11001: the cabalistic tree 
loner11001: cabalistic 
loner11001: this is what is used 
panta98:Do you mean to say that the source of "magic" is green, 
like Mother Nature, as green as a  German "Baum" (tree)? 
loner11001: jewish ritual magic 
loner11001: given to the jews by the arab sufus 
loner11001: sufis 
ScnWrt: Basically, how does it work? 
loner11001: it is a focus 
loner11001: a way of activating and focusing the power 
loner11001: very useful in the mind control 
panta98:As I know, the Old Testament is full of Jewish, Hebrew 
Magic? What does this mean? 
loner11001: equally usefull in breaking it 
loner11001: the mind control is based on it 
loner11001: it is also based on the greek alphabet 
panta98:To activate and focus "Power"? But, Jeff, Power is an 
enemy of "Peace". And you love "Peace"! 
loner11001: you see in the trauma based mind control 
loner11001: the personality is split into thousands of "alters", or 
panta98:Do language, the alphabet, words have magical 
loner11001: each alter can then be programmed by a programmer,

this is where the cabala is used 
loner11001: in the mind control 
loner11001: no 
loner11001: only to the victims 
panta98:I'm listening! 
loner11001: well they like to use the greek paradigm 
loner11001: alpha. isd the green programming 
loner11001: the base program 
loner11001: then beta is the sex slave program 
loner11001: delta is the assassin, soldier persona 
loner11001: etc etc 
panta98:And, omega? 
loner11001: they can program in whatever the desire 
loner11001: creating the perfect mind controlled slave 
loner11001: omega is the self destruct program carl 
loner11001: suicide 
loner11001: like at colombine 
panta98:Yes, Jeff. I read all about this in the links which you 
gave us some time ago! 
ScnWrt: Is hypnotism used? 
loner11001: all the layers are generally protected by the omega 
loner11001: yes carl 
loner11001: exclusively almost 
loner11001: but drugs too are used 
loner11001: and pain of course 
loner11001: torture 
loner11001: unendurable pain 
loner11001: they are experts at it 
panta98:I'm still listening. 
loner11001: so that was the basis for the mind contropl
loner11001: then by combining the two technologies, reich and
loner11001: they have come up with the remote universal mind 
control that we have today 
You have just entered room "panta98 Chat73." 
loner11001: cell phones 
panta98:I was thrown offline! 
loner11001: typical franz 
loner11001: that's videodrome 
panta98:Of course, the Venezuelan lines are very busy! But,
continue! Outrageous Connectivity! 
ScnWrt: What's the videodrome? 
loner11001: the wave hooked to the tv that carries the
panta98:Jeff, what? Remote Universal Control? 
loner11001: scroll up, i just explaine dit 
loner11001: it is a combination 
panta98:I can't, because I was gone, lost in cyberspace, for a few
loner11001: ok 
panta98:Last I read that Reich and Tesla are "mixed", and with 
that technology the above is possible! 
loner11001: the remote mind control is a conglomeration of all the

technologies used 
loner11001: like elf, haarp, and rhic-edom 
panta98:Jeff, what's a videodrome? 
loner11001: ggwen is a system by which they are all coordinated 
loner11001: the system rather 
loner11001: videodrome is the wave carrying the subliminals 
panta98:How does this exactly function? 
loner11001: well i don't really know franz being just a non-techie 
loner11001: it is a type of subliminal hypnotism 
panta98:OK! I understand! 
loner11001: lol 
loner11001: we killed our tv 20 years ago 
loner11001: one of hitlers toys 
panta98: Carl, is there any other specific topic which you still 
want to discuss tonight? And you, Jeff? If not, then we can 
continue with the current theme. 
loner11001: carl have you heard of david e rosenbaum? 
ScnWrt: No, who is he? 
loner11001: a lawyer for two etraordianry people 
loner11001: aryans 
loner11001: he thinks they are hitlers kids 
loner11001: he's jewish lawyer 
loner11001: i think he won a labor dispute for them\ 
loner11001: and saved them from the mind control 
ScnWrt: What does he want Hitler's kids to do? 
panta98:And, what's the relevance to study two kids of Hitler? 
Did Mengele clone them? 
loner11001: he exposed a tremendous atrocitry there at atlantic 
panta98:Please, continue! 
loner11001: they indeed went through the mengele twinning 
loner11001: at any rate the lawyer took a journalist with him
panta98:They must be the two lost "Boys of Brazil"! 
loner11001: and they witnessed mass excutions taking place 
panta98:I'm listening! 
loner11001: a huge trench with a bulldozer 
loner11001: all day they heard the pistol shots 
panta98:Where exactly? 
loner11001: now where are all the milk carton kids going??? 
loner11001: atlantic richfield 
loner11001: isn't that your neck ofd the woods carl? 
ScnWrt: Where is altantic richfield located? 
loner11001: 200 to 300 thousand a year are disappearing 
loner11001: jersey i believe 
loner11001: in thew usa alone 
loner11001: take south and central america 
ScnWrt: How ddid the lawyer and two kids survive? 
loner11001: all three combined. jeez i bet it is a staggering
panta98:I can imagine how many Venezuelan kids, without 
parents, will land on the international experiment market, used 
and abused by modern Nazi scientists. 
loner11001: the two are cult 
loner11001: bloodline 
loner11001: the lawyer is very frightened 
loner11001: he made the journalist p[romise not to involve him 
panta98:What ages do the lawyer and the kids have? 
loner11001: but more and more is coming out 
loner11001: i really don't know franz 
loner11001: it's all part of the montauk experiments though 
panta98:It's relevant to test the veracity of this heinous crime. 
loner11001: the mind control 
loner11001: many have 
loner11001: the most noted is ted gunderson 
panta98:Are perhaps some JFK or Clinton kids also hidden
loner11001: no doubt 
loner11001: many have died exposing it too 
panta98:Probably, they will form the genealogical tree for the
future "Human Species", homo globalis clonis! 
loner11001: for the aryans franz 
loner11001: thats waht nazis are all about 
loner11001: the rest of us are expendable 
panta98:By the way, Jeff. Do you have any new information 
about the future massacre of the world population, reducing it to 
2 billion by 2050. 
loner11001: to one billion you mean 
loner11001: your current crisis is a good example 
panta98:One of my colleagues here is a British Consul. He 
attends international meetings where exactly this "massacre" is 
carefully planned. he told me that in the secret ... 
loner11001: franz 
loner11001: global 
loner11001: no place will be spared i dare say 
loner11001: and for brit politicians franz 
panta98:conferences, they are using maps, where Africa does 
not appear anymore; in the discussions, Africa functions as a 
"negligible quantity". 
loner11001: don't believe them 
loner11001: they are professional liars 
loner11001: i told you that sometime ago 
loner11001: they plan to reduce to population by 75% 
loner11001: they hate hisapanics too 
panta98:Do you really think that the Western Powers, especially 
Europe and the USA, will also be culled to a minimum? 
loner11001: yes 
loner11001: we have many untermenschen here by now 
loner11001: i am one 
panta98:Or, will they begin with the "wretched of the earth", 
with the "miserables" first, then the "Negroes" of the very same 
loner11001: one and the same here franz 
loner11001: if you are black 
loner11001: you are screwed 
loner11001: fodder for the penal industry 
panta98:Will not the intelligentsia, the intellectual labourers, be 
kept as mind-controlled slaves, and all the rest "eliminated"? 
loner11001: or one of the 30 or 40 thousand a year shot down on
streets by white cops 
loner11001: yes 
panta98:Carl, what do you think? 
loner11001: there will be them and us the proletariat 
loner11001: with a dtrong para-military police focre and military 
loner11001: strong 
loner11001: no middle class 
panta98:Because classical physical, menial labour is not so
needed nowadays, capitalism has to get rid of the billion "cattle", 
of the "eaters". 
loner11001: not "capitalism", but the illuminati 
loner11001: the authors of capitalism 
loner11001: \and socialism as well 
loner11001: and yes, we the cattle fell for it 
panta98:Of course, a special generation of "slaves" will be 
cloned for the future, genetically derived from the present 
loner11001: they have their chosen ones as they are called. they 
clone people like clinton i understand. they say they have been 
cloning people since 1976 
panta98:One thing is the "middle class", another thing are the 
intellectual labourers for the Information Age. The latter will 
survive for a while. The classical peasants, proletariat, the 
lumpen-proletariat, the priests,the sex kittens, they all will have to
believe in it. 
loner11001: the greys are clones i think 
panta98:There will be no service in the New World Order for them

loner11001: no 
loner11001: they are obsolete i'm afraid 
loner11001: running up to pee 
loner11001: brb 
panta98:That's the problem, Jeff! This is the reason for Mind 
Control, for ABC weapons, since yesteryear, and for the future. 
panta98:For this very reason, ABC weapons were developed, not 
to kill the commies or terrorists, or to fight against Martians! 
panta98:Carl, still around? What do you think? 
ScnWrt: Jeff, I think that these events are similar to the pulp
radio dramas, movies, cliffhanger movies and comic books of the 
1930's-50's. I think some of these were produced by anti-Illuminati

to warn the world against this 
ScnWrt: I think we have friends 
panta98:In the 1960s, when capitalism was restructured on a 
world scale, when the World Market did not depend so much on 
Third World natural resources and markets anymore, ... 
panta98:the transformation was towards the metropolitan 
countries, and their trade relations. ... 
loner11001: back 
panta98:The poor, the "wretched of the earth" again became 
the "white man's burden". The system does not need them 
anymore. And what does not serve any purpose, any profit, you 
drop into thge dustbin! Down the Drain! 
panta98:Read back, Jeff! 
ScnWrt: Franz, not dependent on 3rd wold natural resources? Are 
you sure? It still depends on oil 
loner11001: yes i think we have friends too carl 
loner11001: our higher selves 
loner11001: if you will are our friends 
ScnWrt:Lots of blacks and hispanics in USA 
armed forces and police 
panta98:Capitalism is our World Order; its generators, its 
beneficiaries are the Illuminati. They have the trillions, and these 
you only can get from capitalism, from Robbery, from Private 
loner11001: yes i think the chicken has come home to roost for us

loner11001: whatever ism you choose 
panta98:Not for long they will be dependent on oil; space travel, 
flying saucers, alpha, beta and theta creatures, and space
colonization do not need oil! 
loner11001: tesla technology could free us over night 
loner11001: they are the wizard of oz 
ScnWrt:Unless the Illuminati wants to continue 
this pofitable oil dependency 
panta98:They developed Nano-Technology, and exactly used 
Reich and Tesla, to develop new sources of Energy. If necessary, 
they will tap the very Soul, Soul-Energy! 
loner11001: when all the glamour and glitz is taken away 
loner11001: there they are, old impotent men that can't get it up 
panta98:How much of the energy in Europe, the USA or Japan 
comes from natural resources? 
loner11001: much of it 
loner11001: all of it if you include nuclear energy 
loner11001: einstein was a dolt 
panta98:Apart from that, countries like Venezuela, which have 
an enormous external debt, have sold out all their oil in the soil, 
already till 2050! 
loner11001: a patsy 
loner11001: true franz 
loner11001: and with wto it is just a beginnig\ 
panta98:In fact, nearly all the oil, which is not a renewable 
resource, already belongs to the Illuminati. Atomic and Solar
Energy too. 
ScnWrt:Einstein was the product of his 
generation, a mathemaatician with a good 
press agent 
loner11001: that is precisely why the tesla technology had to be 
panta98:On the world market, as far as commerce is concerned, 
continents like Africa and Latin America, do not even participate 
with 3%; the "negligible quantity", which I mentioned before! 
loner11001: yes indeed a product is a good way to put it 
ScnWrt:And a culture of mediocrity...He's a 
scientist because looks like a scientist 
panta98:Yes, Jeff! Einstein, a "product" of capitalist production, 
who sold his produce, and caused Hiroshima and Nagasaki! 
loner11001: yes 
loner11001: he didn't franz 
ScnWrt:Einstein didn't create the bomb 
loner11001: oppenheimer and others like teller did, not him 
loner11001: right carl 
loner11001: einstein was a smoke cover for tesla's work 
loner11001: a false lead 
panta98:He did not sell his merchandise directly, but it was 
produced in the Natural Science Factory, originally built by 
Newton, Kepler, etc., and this tradition was passed on to the 
ScnWrt:Einstein's math supposedly influenced 
them, but I've not seen proof 
loner11001: me either carl 
loner11001: by the way great stuff you talking to lyne 
loner11001: maybe we could get him in one of our conferences 
loner11001: extraordianry chap 
panta98:Without the advance, the revolution, which Einstein's 
theories brought about, the atomic bomb could not be developed. 
With the old Newtonian approach, at best, NASA would be 
producing peanuts for Ronald Reagan! 
ScnWrt:That would be great. I suggest that you 
guys e-mail W. Lyne too. Then I'll invite him 
to join us. 
loner11001: of course, Oppenheimer was an illuminati 
loner11001: generational cult 
loner11001: i will when i finish his books 
panta98:And where do you think the Oppenheimer Empire 
began, where does the Anglo-American Company come from? 
Today it is no more interested in digging diamonds and gold in 
Africa, but it is searching for Psi-Energy, in the very Soul. And, as
Voltaire and Montesquieu said, Blacks have no "souls"! They are
"lethargic and lazy"! 
loner11001: they say the money that elvita peron had 
loner11001: was givent ot her by martin bormann 
loner11001: he gave her all the nazi money for safe keeping\] 
panta98:I'm listening! 
loner11001: it well may have been a nazi that actually killed jfk 
loner11001: a memeber of the spider webb 
ScnWrt:I heard that the Peron's played 
everyone vs. the middle. 
loner11001: martin bormann's organization 
loner11001: they are facist scum 
loner11001: nazis 
ScnWrt:Why would the Nazi's kill JFK? His 
father, Joseph, was pro-Nazi 
loner11001: why else would they entrust them with their money? 
loner11001: a hit 
loner11001: it was also an occult thing 
panta98:Jeff, if I may ask the question, if I may transcend 
"black and white magic or painting", are the Illuminati and Nazis 
responsable for all the disasters on this Planet? What 
contribution have we made? 
loner11001: the killling of the king is a freemason ritual 
ScnWrt:The Oedipus complex 
loner11001: yes indeed franz 
loner11001: they are 
loner11001: for most of it at any rate 
panta98:Well, now let's talk about ourselves! 
loner11001: they consider themselves the controllers 
loner11001:they control 
panta98:Not, What Is To Be Done? What Have We Done? To 
Bring About This Disaster? 
loner11001: me i am looking at a looming move to greener
you might say 
loner11001: keeping my ass out odf the joint is priority one 
panta98:It's so easy to see the trunk in the eyes of the
but what about the splinters in our own eyes? 
loner11001: or shrapnel... 
loner11001: in our torn bodies 
panta98:If we don't remove them, how will we see to do
at all? 
loner11001: the shells, slugs chunks... etc? 
loner11001: the storm is coming people\ 
loner11001: hang on 
ScnWrt:Jeff, the World Trade Center will 
contain a bunker for victims of y2k bug 
panta98:Yes, did we not play along all our youth? 
Mind-controlled or not? Did we also not enjoy the World Order? 
Were we never "racist" in our lives? 
loner11001: the storm is there already for you franz 
loner11001: me too 
panta98:Do we also not love money? Want more? Want to make 
loner11001: in the joint everything is racist 
loner11001: if a white and black are seen even talking it could
death to both of them 
loner11001: the controllers franz 
panta98:The y2k-bug bit us ages ago already, why did we allow 
ourselves to be "bugged"? 
loner11001: raqcism is just another control method 
ScnWrt:Jeff, that's the policy of the Aryan 
Nation, USA 
loner11001: well guys i have to go help my son put in carpeting
his bedroom 
loner11001: yes carl 
loner11001: or franz 
loner11001: the governemnt 
panta98:What is really new, original, what we are saying? Did 
we test our thoughts, whether they are free, immune,  from the
Control AIDS? 
loner11001: one and the same 
ScnWrt:The y2k bug is mind control 
loner11001: aids is biological control 
panta98:Exactly, Carl. And the scare too! 
loner11001: very much so carl 
panta98:Are we out of control, or still controlled? 
loner11001: so i have the wife shouting at me folks 
loner11001: next week? 
ScnWrt:OK with me. 
loner11001: i have to go do the bedroom 
loner11001: sigh 
loner11001: franz? 
panta98:And, if so, how are we going to get out of control? Not, 
by first knowing ourselves, our weaknesses and our "power"? 
loner11001: know thyself yes 
loner11001: the key 
loner11001: ok th4en friends 
ScnWrt:Please test whether icq voice chat will 
fit your sound card. 
panta98:Mine is 1/2 duplexMine is also 1/2 duplex; we need
a full-duplex sound card. I'll get one soon. Anyhow, how much
power is left for us, when the noose is already around our necks.
Are we not in a similar situation, as those who fell under the
loner11001: ok carl 
ScnWrt:Also, maintain the power to love... 
loner11001: \did you check the rave2 thig out? 
ScnWrt:no love of power 
loner11001: true carl 
loner11001: goodnight 
loner11001: \i'm in trouble 
ScnWrt: I will check out rave2 after chat 
loner11001 has left the room. 
panta98:It's a bit late. Jeff. next time, I would love to enter in the 
"love" debate. I have a feeling that it is another Illuminati 
"discovery", like "unity". 
ScnWrt: Good night 
panta98:Good Night, Jeff & Carl! I'm exhausted! 
panta98:I'll send you the manuscript tomorrow! 
ScnWrt:Franz, I dn't think love is an Illuminati thing. They
understand it 
panta98:Carl, you're right, as we understand this value, but
the billions. I really have to stop now. The whole day I was
on the computer. I just see everything square, controlled. 
ScnWrt:Good night, Franz. Be well!! 
ScnWrt has left the room. 
panta98:Good Night! Carl & Jeff! 



             US plans widespread use of
               nuclear weapons in war

                Bush orders Pentagon to target seven
                 nations for attack

                 The Bush administration has told the US military
                 to greatly expand preparations for the use of
                 nuclear weapons in future wars, according to
                 press reports on the weekend which have been
                 confirmed by the Pentagon and White House.


Folks, months ago, occasionally, we warned about the coming age of atomic wars (see the extracts from previous "watches" 
below). We explained why 5 billion physical labourers are 
obsolete, and why urgently these "mad, marauding, pauperized cattle" have to be slaughtered within the context of the 
"population reduction programmes", planned decades ago already. 

Also, we warned about the precise region where the American 
"New War" will unfold itself, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Korea and China, there were these wretched billions of physically toiling masses are crowded together. The quickest and surest way to eliminate them is by means of inciting atomic wars amongst themselves, but also with the direct "anti-terrorist" help of "Big Brother" himself, who ever since Hiroshima and Nagasaki has first-hand experience in conducting such Atomic World Wars. Read the elucidating article below. 

Also, as recollection, just read the "chilling" contents of the following selected previous "watches": 





                        IS BORN! 


                  PARAGON  OF SAVAGE ANIMALS! 

                 DEVOURING  HIMSELF! 

For a billion "coolies" £1 each to slaughter 
            themselves systematically! 

   "The latest arms to India deal underscores that the Labour 
   government is quite happy to act as sales staff when it
   comes to securing a £1 billion contract for British “weapons 
   of mass destruction”.