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No. 506

The USA and its CIA know no scruples, have no scruples.
In fact, if we know what the Bush, Schroeder or Chirac  administrations are, what the NATO and CIA stand for, what Corporate America strives for, and what the National Endowment for Democracy supports, then, what do we expect. They are fulfilling their patrian role to the very global fascist hilt.  

What we do not understand is what is "Democracy", its origin, its forefathers, its social role, its heinous, cardinal, capital crimes.
If, in parrot fashion,
some of us still believe in that godmother fairy tale of Lincoln, of the International Monetary Fund, that it is "government of, by and for the people", well, then we are already beyond any revolutionary redemption and emancipatory salvation. However, if we know who, really and truly, are the "people", then we are getting back on the global-galactic track again. However, to know that, we need a class analysis, political economy, a historical social consciousness, that very few of us had the luck to study, to enjoy, ever to possess. But, it is never too late, like in Charles Dickens´ "Tale of Two Cities", under the guillotine, we still have some time to knit, to mend Madame Defarge´s revolutionary embroidery.

Actually, if our neurones are still sane and healthy, we should congratulate the USA and the CIA, all capitalist, imperialist and corporate governments, among them Spain, the USA, Mexico, the "Amigos" of Venezuela, for their excellent globalized work, strictly in their own interests, for the sake of belligerent global Nazism, for "democratic endowment", for "International Labour Solidarity
".  This is a historic lesson to remember.  This is real brotherhood internationalism, is the global symphony of the Fifth International, the clarion call of the  Last International!! I don't know whether we, in their army boots, could ever have done it better. However, to stop them, we have to be far better, otherwise, let´s join the army, the  marines, the green berets, the grave-diggers of humanity.

Historically, we should remember, what all have been done and said in the names of "democracy", "religion", "charity" and "endowment". Their respective real "dons", "donations" and "denominations" all form their very true quintessence; there were no others, there are no others, there never ever will be different ones in the patria. A viper is a viper, and you cannot annihilate it with its own venom!  You cannot fight democracy with democracy, hate with hate, ignorance with ignorance, fascism with fascism. No matter what your formal-logical brain drain tells you, there are no "true democracy", "true Americans", "true religion",  "true lies"!.  Or are there also (false)  "human beings" and "true human beings"? And to which group do billions of manual wage slaves belong?  Do you belong?

Hence, we better check the real historic contents, the real opium and strychnine, the real body, thought and mind control mechanisms of our beloved watchwords, catchwords.

Franz J. T. Lee.

A continuación les envio un extracto de la pagina de la "National Endowment for Democracy" NED
Vemos que los aportes hechos solo en el año 2001,  a estas "Asociaciones en Venezuela
totalizan mas de 1600000 dolares, aproximadamente  2245600000 bolivares
A cuánto habrá alcanzado el aporte del año 2002 para cumplir con los objetivos expuestos:
- organizar reuniones  entre la sociedad civil y las fuerzas armadas.
- monitorear la Asamblea Nacional
- organizar la sociedad civil en uniones estrategicas en tiempos de cambios políticos?
Cuánto de este dinero va a la CTV y a los medios para costear las actividades Golpistas de la Coordinadora?
Esta "National Endowment for Democracy" promotora de la Oficina de Transición que luego solo cambió de nombre, tiene unos intereses muy interesantes.
Su lema es "supporting freedom arround the world". 
Eso tal vez explica porqué en un País donde existe toda la libertad del mundo, ocurre algo tan absurdo como que marche por la calle una persona pidiendo libertad libertad.
Y si este financiamiento del golpismo ocurre de una manera tan abierta y descarada, cuanto no debe estar ocurriendo tras los telones.   A cuanto asciende el financiamiento oculto?.  Cuantas otras instituciones como NED existen en los EEUU.?
Quién costea el Paro?  Quién lo costeó en Chile?  Con qué derecho?

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American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To protect labor rights. ACILS will support the Confederation of Venezuelan Workers' efforts to organize diverse unions and federations into a unified national industrial union, and hold internal elections to select new leadership.

Asociación Civil Comprensión de Venezuela
To promote a public discussion about the role of the military in a democracy. The Asociación will organize meetings between civil society representatives and active and retired members of the Venezuelan armed forces to monitor and discuss the changing role of the military in the country. The meetings will be held in both civilian and military institutions under the consultation of instructors at military colleges, university professors and representatives of civil society.

Asociación Civil Consorcio Justicia
To support civil society in Venezuela. Consorcio Justicia will host an international conference to explore examples of how civil society in other countries have organized in built coalitions in times of political change.

Education Assembly Civil Association
To organize grassroots groups to monitor education reform plans in Venezuela. The Education Assembly will create a network of parents, teachers and community leaders to pro-actively monitor the quality of education in the country and legislation in Congress effecting education reform.

International Republican Institute
To provide training in political party structure, management, organization, internal and external party communications, and coalition building.

Fundación Momento de la Gente
To organize Venezuelan civil society to monitor the National Assembly on key pieces of legislation pertinent to civil liberties. Momento will organize meetings for representatives of civil society groups to analyze key bills and develop proposals to be submitted to congress.

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