No. 483

In spite of their decades-old "border conflict",
a result of British
divide et impera, Guyana has
more ethical, humanist substance than the rotten
"Coordinadora Democrática" of Venezuela.

Guyana Chronicle, January 05/03.

PPP/C condemns acts of intimidation in Venezuela
The People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has expressed deep concern about the political situation in neighbouring Venezuela and fears it can result in great harm to the Venezuelan people.

The PPP/C statement said: "The People's Progressive Party/Civic is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in Venezuela which, if unresolved, can develop into civil strife and great harm to the Venezuelan people, particularly the poor."

"The organisers of the strike campaign have been forthright about its purpose, namely, to topple the lawfully elected president of Venezuela or to force him to call early elections."

The PPP/C joins with all democratic forces in the region and the world in condemning the campaign of the strike organisers to remove the lawfully elected president by unacceptable methods. The issue goes far beyond President Chavez. The region including Guyana has been emerging out of an authoritarian past and has been struggling to establish democratic institutions. We have seen in Brazil and Ecuador the election of presidents who have great sympathy for the poor. The region cannot allow oligarchic, backward and reactionary forces to destroy the democratic institutions painstakingly built and thwart the democratic will of the electorate. We must resist their determination to remove or overthrow Governments which do not subscribe to their agenda."

"The PPP/C welcomes the position of CARICOM and Governments further afield and calls on them to further condemn the strike campaign and acts of intimidation by the organisers in Venezuela."

" We express our full and complete solidarity with the democratically elected government of President Hugo Chavez and the poor and oppressed in Venezuela."