Friday 13, December 2002
naranjahit2002: Hallo Franz, ich wollte nur eben guten Morgen sagen. Ist soweit alles in Ordnung?
juttafranz: Ja, alles fein! Good Morning, how is .de?
juttafranz: In Merida, it´s a beautiful sunny tourist day, barely any cloud in sight.
juttafranz: The only thing that reflects tense reality is the smoky, grey layer in the valleys, indicating ¨Burn Venezuela".
juttafranz: Jutta and I just got up, drinking our coffee, discussing theoretically the transhistoric reality of Venezuela.
juttafranz: We came to the conclusion, that the Venezuelan Revolution, although politically Chavez came into power three years ago, just like the French Revolution, is not complete. As Chavez said yesterday, quoting Gramsci, something is not dead as yet, and something new is not completely born as yet. The economic, the most relevant aspect, is still completely in the hands of the putschist ancien regime.

juttafranz: In fact, PDVSA never ever was "nationalized", it always has belonged to the oligarchic, corrupt, national and international bourgeoisie.
juttafranz: In fact, as I always said, even here the truth is topsy-turvy. Nowadays, the only way to be recognized as a "democratic" State, is when the economic elite also controls political power. That is democracy, that's a State.

juttafranz: Thus, for metropolitan corporatism, Venezuela has neither a "democracy" nor a State at present. In a certain sense, it is true, otherwise, how could we support a State? Even a "dictatorship of the proletariat"??

juttafranz: In fact, on a higher level, Venezuela, that has launched a Bolivarian Revolution, since more than a decade, led by Chavez and other excellent leaders, cum grano salis still finds itself de facto in the state of the classical national liberation movements, struggling for social power. The ideological, virtual appearance here, disseminated by the mass media and international press agencies, like the fog and smog in the Andes Mountains out there, veils the systemic, true quintessence of Pico Bolivar, of the current Bolivarian Revolution.

naranjahit2002: Franz, I did not notice that you sent me messages, I'll just read back.

juttafranz: This is the reason why Chavez to a certain extent, has his hands bound; he cannot act as a State, as the previous oligarchic governments did, he cannot call emergency laws, call the army against the poor masses that support him. What is on the order of the day here, is not smoke-screen elections, dialogues or negotiations. For the "opposition", for the USA, it is simply to retain PDVSA, to keep it as it was all the time, privatized, to topple Chavez´s government, and to cancel all the social demands of the millions of pauperized masses -- the government did what it could to neutralize this agony of 80% living for decades under the "arepa" line.

naranjahit2002: Interesting analysis, Franz!

juttafranz: He cannot even touch the so-called "expression of liberty", "freedom of speech", the mass media, otherwise, he will have the whole pharisaic globofascist ¨democratic" world on his head.

naranjahit2002: So what do you think will be the next steps of both sides?
juttafranz: Both will continue precisely what they have been doing until now. Chavez has to call popular support en masse on the streets in defence of the revolution. The "opposition" has to continue with blatant lies, that even make Satan blush in envy, with sabotage and terrorist acts. Chavez, in the last analysis, can only depend on his poor supporters on the streets, on the military, of which he and his government are a part -- in other words, on true kratos of the demos, on all those that saved the revolution on April 12 - 13, 2002.  Meanwhile, the Cisneros, Mendozas, Capriles, Alfredo Peña, the "Carlos" terrorists, the CIA, the mercenaries are scot-free, free to do what they please.
juttafranz: This will be a protracted, prolonged struggle.
juttafranz: We are in for years of sabotage, social unrest, of heavy fighting.
juttafranz: At the moment, Iraq and Venezuela are central in the American global geopolitical strategy for energy resources -- other post-productive technologies, although already extremely advanced in space travel, exploration, colonization and militarization -- are still in their baby shoes.

naranjahit2002: When they are free to do what they please - why do they have such a problem that they want to get also the political power, isn't it enough with the economic power?
juttafranz: The same thing that happens here in microcosm, is happening in macrocosm with OPEC, that is why it has to declare solidarity with Venezuela immediately. In reality, it is the attack on OPEC itself.
juttafranz: Well, if you look carefully, they are "free", they do precisely what they feel like, see the USA!

(Booted out of cyber-space -- return after five minutes.)

juttafranz: Still there? Yahoo joined the escualido strike!!
juttafranz: Answering your question.
juttafranz: Of course, the "opposition" that is still economically in power, that controls PDVSA, the electoral body CEN, "justice", the Supreme Court, its own mass media, its voice, its banks, etc., is at the very moment doing what it feels like -- even at the cost of losing billions of Bs.; in the end to gain billions of $. The whole capitalist world, the capitals of the world, the world of capitals and of capitalism, of capital, cardinal war crimes fully back a "change of regime" in the capital, Caracas. Against this world Chavez and his comrades took up arms, with all their faults and mistakes, and they are suffering the logical consequences of this age-old world system. Togliatti said it: Es liegt am System! It has to do with the system! Flowing, ever-flowing, over-flowing Truth has always been the Achilles´ Heel of this Labour System. Already two millennia ago, the Holy Christmas Child had to scream into a numb, dumb, godforlorn Universe: "Knowest ye the Truth, and the Truth shall make thee free!". God could not negate the lies of the mass media, of this greedy world, how could a "satanized" Chavez achieve this divine miracle? How could he convince or conscientize a zombie "opposition" mob, a lascivious, perverse, racist world elite?

juttafranz: Concerning Liberté, that's what the bourgeois-democratic, capitalist French Revolution was all about -- in fact, any revolution in capitalism -- it is Freedom to express economic exploitation, to rape Nature and Society; Egalité to dominate the globe politically, to sow fascism; Fraternité to discriminate socially, to introduce freely racism and apartheid.

juttafranz: Global Reality, for those who still have eyes to see: we live in a World of Freedom, of Statues of Liberty, Statutes of Freedom, Bills of Freedom, Magna Cartas of Freedom, free flowing US $ bills, that "Trust In God" anything else is not "democratic", is "terrorism", "Castro Communism". That's why Chavez must go!!

Stella: Franz, give me some minutes, will be right back.

juttafranz: What is happening here, already happened and is still occurring in Colombia, also in Argentina, and will soon happen in Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia. It is happening to Liberia, to Zimbabwe, and to South Africa, with its land reform; yes, in my homeland, the heirs of Nazism and Apartheid are programming the next holocaust in Southern Africa, of that what is left after their AIDS military attack.

juttafranz: At the moment, if half of what the "opposition" claims is untrue, and if half of what the government claims is true, then, we are in a very precarious situation. This current stage is where political homicide, the assassination of political figures, where economic sabotage, blowing up great parts of the economic infrastructure, where economic bank manipulation will be launched -- already the banks are partly on strike, just allowing the public a minimum of withdrawals, soon nothing, and with taking out capital, they could suffocate Venezuela overnight. In this sense, the "opposition", instructed by the CIA, is still in full control, free to do lo que se da la gana.
If all the "democratic super powers" could not stop the assassination attempts on the lives of Jesus Christ, Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Verwoerd, Malcolm X, Lumumba, Gandhi and the Pope --  what a company, my country(wo)men! -- how will Chavez escape this? Perhaps, in the "Castro communistic" style?

juttafranz: The major defence of the government is precisely the impoverished 80% of the population, vegetating on the "arepa" line, the unemployed, sub-employed, buhoneros, is still a great part of the loyal  military, its Bolivar circles, but also some slippery  "turn-coat" figures of the old political escualido guard, some small businessmen and a small section of the middle class. Also, its one single TV Channel, and some radio stations.

juttafranz: Thus, its a matter, not of only conquering or defending Miraflores, rather it is the Battle of and/for PDVSA - the heart beat of the economy.

juttafranz: You could imagine what a dark Mafia stinking hole PDVSA has become across the decades,  a national and international super $-laundering factory, an El Dorado for international highway robbers, where lately only about 20% of PDVSA profits were flowing towards the State coffers, and where, by and large,  even this amount was robbed by the political elite too. In this hornet-hive Chavez has to enter, while the oil industry is tending towards a standstill, where por ahora, very little or no foreign income can be realized. So, as you asked, just imagine what would happen in the immediate, future, certainly, a prolonged struggle, and imagine the effects that this would have on all, also on us.

juttafranz: As I said in a message that I sent to all a while ago, Chavez´ government is neither socialist, nor Marxist, nor communist; this it cannot be. It is not its transhistoric task, this has nothing to do with obsolescence;  it is simply not the epoch anymore for such tragic well-meant luxuries.

Stella: Reading back.
Stella: Franz, before you went off-line, I posted this (I think you did not get it):

Stella: Franz, another question, one that I wanted to ask you since days. I do not correctly remember, in which e-mail it was, but once you stated that Chavez did his work fine, but that he made also some little mistakes, as he himself admitted, after his political tourism on the Orchilla. Concerning which mistakes did you refer, what should - and really could - he still do better?

Yahoo! Messenger: juttafranz has logged back in. (13.12.02 15:43)

juttafranz: Venezuela is clamped in the equal, unequal and combined transhistoric relations of "late" or post-capitalism. Social reality here reflects precisely these dialogical "contradictions". Venezuela is still a classical monoproductive "Third World", oil-producing country, "politically independent", yet economically strangled, and socially split into definite class structures, that currently reflect a violent, virulent "traditional" class struggle, of course, with modern contours and implications. Of course, these things I taught my Venezuelan students across the last 22 years at the University of The Andes; Among hundreds of other political figures, Governor Florencia Porras, Francisco Arias Cardenas, Pausides Reyes, Hector Albarran, also the current Alcalde of Tabay, all were in my university classes.

juttafranz: Yes, I did not get your posting.

Stella: Thanks for your extended answer above.

juttafranz: Mistakes, well, that we all, big and small, rich and poor, religious and atheist, do commit. In fact, the whole thing, the transhistoric labour process, the patrix is a mistake, is alienation -- that is what a mistake really and truly is all about.

juttafranz: Also, mistakes are not personal, occur because Chavez is "loco", or because he drives the "opposition" loco; as Shakespeare already indicated, there is a scientific method in mistakes and madness.

juttafranz: The current US war "megalomania" is not a mistake; Nazi Germany was not an accident, not a mistake of capitalism, all these are different, true grimaces of exploiting, dominating, discriminating labour, of capital.

juttafranz: Having said this as prologue, what were the basic mistakes of Chavez, of his advisors and followers?

Stella: Tell me.

juttafranz: All of them, although many are robust, hard-trained military men, are too religious, too Christian, too human, too humane, too humanist, too popular, too allzu menschlich -- in a world of mongers, of mongrels, this could be strength, but also a fatal error. You can only be the above to yourself, to your comrades, to those people that truly support you, but not to anybody else; certainly, not to bloodthirsty enemies like Peña´s trigger-happy mercenaries, not to your butchers, to unscrupulous traitors.

juttafranz: In short, our heroic transhistoric figures are too democratic in a "virtual reality" of global kleptocracy -- it is the "human rights" trap into which all of us have  to fall; hence committing obvious logical "mistakes", that is, guarding the so-called freedoms of our very hangmen on a global scale. Now, what does the "opposition" want again? That the millions of Venezuelans, the innocent lambs, should elect their butchers themselves again! How absurd, macabre!

juttafranz: It is perhaps mistaken to promise something that you cannot keep cannot control under current world co-relations, however, bravely they have "taken" what they "missed"; they storm heaven!

juttafranz: It seems that the most grievous "mistake" was not to "nip" the fascist, racist mass media "in the bud".

Stella: Too democratic in a global "democracy" - but did they really have the chance to behave in another manner, taking into consideration that they only have the political part of power, and not also the economic part, as you explained above?

juttafranz: Will comment on that just now. However, before you could close the mouth, the mouthpiece, of a diatribal Goebbels, of a putschist Cisnero, Mendoza or a Capriles, at first, you have to get concretely, economically, at their body, at their mouth flesh, to silence them. Well, as things stand on a world scale, this is impossible -- logically, as a democratic revolutionary, in the glorified tradition of the French Revolution, of Robespierre, Danton, and even of Miranda, who was part of all this, in the heroic spirit of storming the Bastille, having the guillotine as purification weapon, and within the legal framework of the "Reign of Terror", you would have to silence the speeches of Bush, Chirac and Blair first, before you could even dream about shutting  down the mass media here. In fact, you would have to blow the whole CNN, the Voice of America, the US-controlled UNO propaganda machine to blazes first. This Chavez never ever had this in mind; and surely, we neither.

Stella: Ok, you explained my last question with your comment ...

juttafranz: They did behave in "another manner", but this is only a cool drop of water falling into the raging epicentre of the oil burning crucible, onto a hot global fascist lava rock.

juttafranz: As I said, in another context, for the "world", even for "socialists" and "Marxists", Chavez is a single, outstanding "mistake"; in fact, reading Marx's Thesis No. 11 very well, he still is probably one of the few, real, not surreal, praxis-theoreticians of our epoch, that what socialists and communists and Christians were supposed to be; they have to storm heaven, even if all the odds are against them. Chavez, Chavez, what is in a name? Call him by any other name, he will smell just as sweet!

juttafranz: Heaven, in many ways: against repressive religion and oppressive ideology, that portray and non-exist in the heavens, against the "Happy End" myths, against the limits of labour global reality, to break loose, to break out, to emancipate ourselves from universal uniqueness -- as Bloch would say: Towards Emancipatory Exodus!! 

juttafranz: Yes, "mistakes" often come from ignorance, and cause suicidal bliss, but we cannot accuse the bolivarianos of not having learned pretty fast, moving within Paris (Not "See Paris, and die!") from Miranda to Bakunin, jumping across a century, within 3 years, to the "Miracle of Caracas" of April 11 - 13.  

juttafranz: Their major "mistake" is that they are too sweet for this gruesome, cruel world. In this way, they have too much in common with us. 

juttafranz: Stella, I´ll send this chat to all.
juttafranz: I have to attend to breakfast and to other matters urgently now.

Stella: Franz, your views on the situation are really most interesting! - ok ..... Bye!

juttafranz: It was a pleasure "palavering" with you. Bye!!




















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