Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2011

Sayonara, Japan! Is the capitalist game now over?

For planetary life, for human beings, for the past, present and future, what does the Fukushima cataclysm foretell?

Firstly, what do millions in Venezuela, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania know about current global reality? True scientific and real philosophic knowledge are not genetically acquired, they are not a divine don or gift: they do not drop like divine nectar or like holy manna from the polluted skies. Billions of workers probably never ever would learn the philosophic truth, would never acquire scientific knowledge about their earthly being and existence.

If we would have studied consciously and conscientiously, for example, the history of Venezuela, of the Americas, then we could have discover very easily that not only the ruling ideas of each epoch are the ideas of the ruling classes ... which are being disseminated mainly by socialization processes, by education, culture, religion and ideology ... but also see that the ruling truth and knowledge of each epoch are the truth and knowledge of the ruling classes, which are being spread by the international mass media, which sow confusion, distortion and indoctrination and which reap lies, hoaxes, body, mind and thought control.

Currently the only globally accepted truth, sanctioned by the United Nations, is the truth that comes out of the barrel of a corporate gun as depleted uranium bullets, as 'terrorist' atomic radiation.

To know the truth of our epoch is very simple: just listen to the politicians, read the daily newspapers and just listen to the man on the street and to our educators.

According to the famous bourgeois, mechanical materialist Sigmund Freud 'no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. '

However, he insisted that a conditio sine qua non for freedom was to know the truth. In the current global mental holocaust, in the corporate Moloch of Murdoch and Co.,, of global and globalized authoritarian and totalitarian body, mind and thought control, it is well-nigh impossible for billions of workers, for the 'wretched of the earth', to reflect, think, theoretize and philosophize about planetary historic reality, existence and transcendence.

We know what is 'lol' or 'thanx', to make the sign of the cross, but most of us, especially the youth, do not have the foggiest idea what are atomic 'meltdowns', HAARP, 'Operation Paper-Clip, Dien Bien Phu, the 'Manchurian Candidate', zeitgeist, apartheid, Chernobyl, 'chemtrails', Marx, 'geo-engineering' or plutonium. Progressively, with all the 'news' and 'education', we are becoming extinct, are being disinformed into a species of homo ignoramus instead of homo novum.

Dialectically related to the murderous, historic, capitalist process of perpetual ruling class accumulation - of violence, terror, piracy, booty, privileges, power and vandalism - across millennia the lords, water lords and warlords have developed superstructural mechanics, machinations and fabrications to control and destroy human thinking and thought of their 'speaking tools', of their 'subjects', to disable them to understand the real and true ramifications of natural and human exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, racism, 'military humanism' and 'full spectrum dominance', that is, total human alienation.

Within this transhistoric spectrum we have to see the current global fascism, euphemistically called 'humanism', globalization. The current United States belligerent hoaxes, the bare-faced, blatant NATO lies and the arrogance of its terrorist military 'commands', are happening at the level of collapse of a planetary process which, like all earthly man made processes, merits to pass away.

All the criminal attacks on states like Libya, Ivory Coast or Venezuela, demonstrate the material and social decay of a destructive culture. As it nears its end, it becomes more violent, more terrorist.

There is nothing absolutely true about capitalism, it has no everlasting existence, currently it is in decay, it is 'melting down'; desperately, like Dorian Gray, it tries to rejuvenate its obsolescence, all in vain, like King Midas, everything that it touches turns into golden diarrhea. This mode of destruction has already reached barbarous levels, in chain reaction it is destroying itself, it has become suicidal.

At this level of corporate decay and apocalyptic terrorism, inter alia, what is still worthwhile to study, reflect and consider in this 'epoch of naked survival'?

We have to use our brains, our invincible weapon, as never before. Let us look at Fukushima. But, first let us remind ourselves of certain tasks.

We have:

* To understand once and for all that 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush', that one's earthly life is unique, that it 'is beautiful, hence, to enjoy it to the fullest' (Trotsky);
* to liberate ourselves from the religious and ideological cobwebs of obscurantism and begin to transilluminate the cosmic highway towards real anti-capitalist human emancipation;
* to create anticipatory contents for our emancipatory concepts and categories, for example, for revolution, class struggle, production. labor, capital, socialism, Marxism, proletariat, imperialism or fascism;
* to discover discover the real apocalyptic threat in which we encounter ourselves at this stage of the labor process, of capital accumulation and of ruling class history;
* to recall what United States Ex-President Bush Sr. told the American peoples: that if they ever would know what corporate imperialism was and is doing, that they would 'string up the whole gang on the next 'lamp-posts';
* to note that United States Ex-President George H. W. Bush at least for once in his life time told the whole of humanity the cataclysmic naked truth of global fascism, of the coming post-Orwellian 'one world government': "if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." (1)
* 'Stringing up' individual political leaders, like Hussein or Khadaffi, 'on lamp-posts' will not stop the inexorable nefarious free fall of capitalism into its own quagmire - great men or a few power elites may be important, alone, outside the master-slave relations, they cannot accumulate profits, make history and conduct ecocidal and genocidal wars in North Africa or the Middle East;

Now let us focus on the Fukushima disaster.

Without the knowledge and the concrete means of how to stop accidents like the one that occurred in Chernobyl a quarter of a century ago, recklessly, with a ravenous insatiable hunger for exploitation, powerful corporations were and are still constructing hundreds of atomic reactors across the globe. Measured by the current events in Fukushima, this is really 'Sayonara, Japan'! And therewith, Good-bye, 'Sapient Man'!

Currently there exist and are planned some 500 atomic reactors on planet Earth; each one of them could bring forth the same dangers which are being generated by Chernobyl and Fukushima. In a nut-shell, Japan will never be the same again. The Chernobyl atomic disaster claimed one million precious, innocent human lives. Over the next decades, millions of Japanese and other peoples will perish as a result of cancer, of related illnesses and mortal over-doses of radioactivity. The global ruling power elites do not care, on the contrary, they are planning to reduce the world population to only 2 billion - out of about 7 billion human beings. This would be a Holocaust to the nth power.

Over the danger - which Marx and Engels had warned about already in 1848 in their 'Manifesto' - the Japanese government, General Electric and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), aided by the disinformation campaigns of the global mass media, have covered a blanket of silence.

Desperately, from the very inception of this man made tragedy, the owners have lost complete control of the demon (perhaps called HAARP), which they have conjured up from the capitalist nether world to try to maximize the dwindling global corporate extra-profits. As a result of the global depression, as a corporate capitalist bulwark in the Far East, the Japanese economy is now in shambles.

In global fascism there are no true blood friends, it is a permanent war between contending belligerent corporate forces for world hegemony. Now it is Japan's turn to suffer the blows of the ax of inexorable competition, untiring centralization, ruthless concentration and relentless monopolization. Japan tried to enter the military big business of atomic powers, to possess atomic bombs, but it is being nipped in the bud. Also, it tried to neutralize class struggle at home, now it has become a struggle for pure survival.

Hence, what are the main elements of the Fukushima cataclysm?

* This ghastly disaster of Tokyo will last for months, before it could somehow be 'controlled'; the radio activity on the islands generated by the 'dirty bomb' plutonium will outlive humanity; it is known that the half-life of plutonium 239 is 24 000 years.

What is sure is that every single day the radiation levels are soaring towards maximum heights. More and more radioactivity will be falling out on 35 million people in the Tokyo region, which is only 160 miles away from Fukushima:

"The inevitable consequence of that will be a dramatic withering of the cultural, social, commercial and economic life of the huge Tokyo megalopolis. As more and more people abandon Tokyo it will become a radioactive shadow of its former self. Of course the economic implications of that for global finance and commerce are immense, Tokyo is one of the three major centers of high finance in the world, along with London and New York, so its abandonment therefore has ineluctable repercussions that will rock the modern, global civilization to its core." (2)

Do we know that already 25 foreign governments have shut down their embassies in Tokyo? That others have moved to Osaka to try and escape atomic radiation? Do we still remember that the U.S. Navy had offered on March 17th to evacuate 87,000 personnel?

Yes, the situation is very serious indeed.

A few days later, on "March 19th the U.S. Military has begun a voluntary evacuation of up to 200,000 military personnel and their dependents from Japan. " (3)

International bankers are fleeing, are leaving the radioactive country.

The truth is simply that "the evacuation of Fukushima, of Tokyo, of Japan has already begun. The next step would be to evacuate the whole planet.

Sayonara, Japan! As Marx stated: in to this world, 'capital comes dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt.' Now it is leaving Japan soaked in radiating blood and dirt!...'

Alea jacta est ... Is the game over? Will and could we wake up now and annihilate capitalism?