Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2010

Venezuela: We cannot sail towards socialism on the capitalist Ship of State

There has been a great interest in our last philosophic reflections about the general character of class struggle and consciousness in Venezuela and elsewhere; also about our views with reference to the current aggressive threats against Venezuela; but also with regard to the Oil Leaks in the Gulf of Mexico. Our under and post graduate students, who are employed in all walks of political life, have asked us to continue with the simple clarification of some central current socialist issues, like peace, war and emancipation.

As a result of ideological indoctrination and manipulation, millions, if not billions, do not have the foggiest idea what is capitalism and in what an apocalyptic disaster it will end.

For class conscientization, it is very difficult to explain to the saturated victims of ruling class 'Newspeak' (Orwell) that they have become addicted to consumer drugs, 'religious opium' (Kingsley) and ideological prozac. Many of us cannot fathom what really is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Capitalism really blew its own top and therewith is showing what is reckless violence against humanity.

See the 'Methane Eruption' video:

Venezuela, our urgent warning has nothing to do with prophecy, atheism, conspiracy theory, science fiction or end times. It is simply the logical earthly consequence of the 'empire,' of the current mode of destruction, that is, of production, of capitalism.

Also, it is neither a question of collapse theory, of the objective breaking down of capitalism due to its internal contradictions, nor is it one of a cock-sure transcendental 'happy end,' of a final bon voyage towards heaven, nirvana, socialism and communism.

Experiments by nature can be successful or they can fail; in capitalist production, mostly they result in a disaster. The belligerent species homo homini lupus is a typical example of an aborted planetary experiment. That this ruling class horror experiment, this Frankenstein monster, outlived all the past methane gas explosions. shows its tenacious, aggressive, violent quintessence. The 'most beautiful flower' (Engels) of Mother Nature and the 'Crown of Creation' are now being fatally threatened by corporate barbarism.

Of course, the experiment 'life' on planet Earth, in the solar system, could fail, and we better should get used to this truth. In other words, it is not an 'or' issue, rather it is a ''neither nor'' question, of how to get out of heaven and its other side, out of hell. Heaven and hell dialectically are two sides of the same historic, productive process, the one cannot live without the other.

From my African elders I have learned that you cannot poison the black mamba snake with its own mortal venom.

Venezuela: We cannot sail towards socialism on the capitalist Ship of State.

If we expect the worst from corporate capitalism, anything less could just be bliss.

Currently, the worst is the inexorable, insatiable, megalomaniac, corporate hunger for natural resources, energy and oil. Hence, It is the problem of getting out of the dialectical contradictions: reform and revolution, peace and violence, capitalism and socialism.

It is a matter of the NEW, of which Che Guevara, Frantz Fanon and Ernst Bloch were daydreaming. To enter the NEW we have to exit, to organize an exodus, to philosophize the exvolution.

We have to annihilate work or labor, the umbilical cord of capitalist surplus value, profits and private property accumulation.

As workers and capitalists, as 'perverse,' absurd, unilateral relations between Nature and Society, we are the problem, hence why not start with the solution of the man-made problem before Big Brother annihilates billions of obsolete workers.

Our scientific, philosophic guide: 'Neither Peace Nor Violence' is Emancipation. To transcend Capitalism, and its Negation, Socialism, is 'Human Emancipation' (Marx).