Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2010

Class struggle and consciousness in Venezuela: Some socialist reflections

Nearly two centuries ago Ludwig Feuerbach and Karl Marx have explained how and to what degree the worker's mind is being bamboozled and alienated; as merchandise he is being reduced to mere boggling at wares in shop windows.

The more the worker projects his earthly human essence into great and greater kings, leaders, gods and messiahs, the more and more Lilliputian he becomes; the more inhuman and brutal becomes the exploitative domination of nature and society, of the workers, the more advanced the mental holocaust erodes the human brain, the more difficult it becomes to self-'conscientize' oneself.

The current relatively low levels of globally organized workers struggles and emancipation reflect dialectically the precise current Draconian repression, depression, suppression and oppression of seven billion toiling wage slaves.

We do not have centuries for conscientization schooling or ideology summer schools anymore, the time and space of globalization is running out. The desperate bellicose acts of the metropolitan blood suckers indicate the 'writing on the wall' of woe, the 'vale of tears' of collapsing surplus value.

If we would not recreate, rediscover and resurrect our invisible, invulnerable and invincible human powers pretty soon, would not bury our arms in divine sepulchers, then we could hope to avoid that world fascism would leave the Earth behind as a radio-active tombstone of a species that was everything else than sapient.

All seven billion workers are called to their own rescue, in the class struggle we acquire class consciousness.

Comrades, remember, a scientific, philosophic socialism without the emancipators Marx and Engels is like a revolutionary Latin America without the liberators Jose Marti and Simon Bolivar.