Franz J.T. Lee, May, 2010

Gulf Oil Leak ... joining the dinosaurs soon...

What is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico? Another 'Pearl Harbor' or '9/11' 'Twin Tower' Big Hoax?

Something really dangerous is cooking very near to us.

When President Barack Obama entered the White House we warned that the other 'Democratic' Janus-face of the post-Orwellian Monster was already showing its cunning grin, its, world fascist grimace. It is not the appearance form, it is not Obama in flesh and blood, or the 'Empire', it is a Herrenvolk, capable of any crime against humanity, against Mother Earth, the global, elitist, military and industrial corporate class in destructive frenzy. This international mafia is capable of anything, in order that a Big War means Big Business and that Big Business can only be achieved with a Global War.

The truth about the real world economy, about the critical political situation and about the raging military global war, we will not read in the mass media.

We will just wake up one morning, still dreaming about the Soviet Union or the Twin Towers, only to discover that somewhere somebody has dropped a nice 'humanist' bomb on some innocent people: this could occur anywhere, who knows, in North Korea, in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Iran?

Beware, very strange things are happening; the next big military hoax is being designed at top speed, and we may swallow it again: with 'gusano', bait, hook, sinker and oiled shark all in one.

This time the victims may be uncountable.

Who sows the whirlwind, by playing his HAARP and painting his strontium CHEMTRAILS, will reap radio-active Gulf storms, will join the dinosaurs!