Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2010

After Haiti anything is possible: Is Vargas again on the list of mass destruction?

The recent article published by VHeadline "Are they that sick? Did US weather weapon destroy Haiti?," written by Junious Ricardo Stanton, confirms the global reality of all our warnings across the last decade. We explained the 'Project for a New American Century," who bombed the 'Twin Towers' to blazes and why! We related Katrina to all the earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, to the HAARP projects.

Like so many other scholars, scientists and emancipators, we interrelated the atrocities of murderous capital accumulation with ruling class atrocities, with global terrorism, with the production and application of mortal arms of mass destruction. We always highlighted global exploitation, political domination, racism, genocide and alienation. This implies that there is no Quo Vadis for humanity within capitalism, no real social change can come from within. A radical anti-capitalism is a conditio sine qua non for any emancipatory endeavor.

We warned about the Big Lies, about the Mental Holocaust, and told the truth about Chernobyl, Katrina, the Twin Towers, about geophysical warfare, about plans to eliminate world poverty, by means of 'military humanism," hair-raising military-industrial plans possibly to eliminate millions of useless, troublesome 'mad cows."

After Iraq and Afghanistan, after Gaza, logically Haiti had to follow, one day, very soon, more such natural 'surprises' will come.

More than ever, it is necessary to organize global resistance, hic et nunc, not a 'Fifth International," a New International, which incorporates all the failures and victories of previous ones, all the lessons of Permanent World Revolution, the praxical and theoretical contributions of every single individual or organization that ever negated capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, corporatism and globalization.

In other words, it is now and here, either emancipatory socialism with whatever means necessary or global, capitalist vandalism, the end of human existence.

After Haiti anything is possible: Is Vargas again on the list of mass destruction?