Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2009

Beware, Big Business a coming Big War enters Venezuela's Orinoco Delta!

Do we smell the stench of the bloody Yankee boots coming from the military bases in Colombia? Elsewhere do we smell the capitalist decay and putrefaction, the cesspools and quagmires?

No, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we smell nothing....

Do we still feel anything?

Last year, President Chavez warned: "In 2009 they will be coming for me!" At this very moment the dark forces of destabilization day and night are mounting a ferocious attack against us, aided by the Obama administration.

This situation is not individual or personal, also not a caprice of the "Empire," it is the historic result of profound dialectical productive relations and contradictions. Let us look at some realities.

According to data presented by Vanessa Davies in her program, 'Contragolpe' on October 23, 2009:

* 25 % of the inhabitants of our planet find themselves in extreme poverty.
* more than 1400 millions live on only 1 dollar a day.
* 1200 millions have no access to any hygiene whatsoever and have to defecate in open air.
* 800 millions suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
* 25 % of children under 5 are undernourished and thus have their physical and mental development seriously compromised.
* 10 % of the world's population possess 90% of the world's wealth.

The latest figures of world depression, in all probability, must be even worse. This is corporate, imperialist capitalism which wants to convert Venezuela into another Gaza in the near future.

The "wretched of the earth," "les miserables," the "white man's burden," living under bridges, in tents, in caves, camps, cerros, favelas and ghettos, in Gaza and Falujah, do see exploitation when their beloved children die of hunger. They do hear the coming of the imperialist war planes, they smell the decomposition of the fragments of their bombed fathers and mothers, these 'camel-drivers' feel the burning of the white phosphorous bombs, the pain of the eating away of their meager flesh, of their innocent existence.

In the White House who cares? Who still feels anything human, humane, humanitarian? Who cares that world wide millions have protested against the Gaza massacre? On the West Bank did the Palestinian authorities and businessmen really care, did they protest categorically?

Venezuela, look into this mirror!

All over the Mideast, over the last decades, in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, over one million Arabs were mercilessly massacred by ruthless, reckless ruling class war criminals of all global categories. Affirming global capitalism, they never felt anything for the poor, for the wage slave 'under-dogs'; for them war is business and business is war, that is, 'world peace'; also, a global 'joint venture' very often crowned with a 'Nobel Peace Prize.' Once upon a time even Hitler and Stalin were considered fit to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, what do many of us in Venezuela neither see nor hear, neither smell nor feel?

In order to have a long view of history, of capital accumulation in few hands, to vivify our past, to nurture a healthy memory, to develop theoretical and class consciousness and knowledge, we always have to check out what we have said and what we were doing in the immediate past.

In order to confront the vicious onslaughts of future national and global class wars, we need self-defense tactics and emancipatory strategies in asymmetrical warfare. With all its arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, which could blow the planet into blazes by means of Tesla technology, the USA, NATO, cannot win the war against one of the poorest nations of the world, in Afghanistan. Also Big Brother cannot occupy Iraq totally, unless capitalists decide to blow themselves into universal conflagration and entropy. As we said elsewhere, there exists no capitalist without a worker, no master without a slave and vice versa.

Venezuela: the calm before the storm.

Of course, because we are sowing the winds of socialism, we will have to reap the capitalist storms.

More recently, between 1999 and 2009 tons and tons of waters were flowing down the Orinoco on their tendential way towards the huge Atlantic Ocean. We, the revolutionaries, the Bolivarians and the peoples of the Americas, we all have changed, the very Orinoco and the oceans have changed, ... joint ventures, bridges and news couriers are globalizing the very jungles, the 'indigenas' and the very natural laws of the jungle.

Big Business is entering the Orinoco Delta and with it a coming Big War!

In an exclusive interview "Venezuela and the USA," made by Jesus Maria Nery Barrios, we explained the economic essence of the permanent military Sword of Damocles hovering over our heads. Nearly two years ago Jesus Nery asked a pertinent question which is today more actual than ever before:

JMNB: Does this mean that according to 'full spectrum dominance' Venezuela is next on the list? In quintessence, what is the good news, and what is the bad news for Venezuela at this critical moment of world history?
FJTL: Which news first?
JMNB: The good news.
FJTL: Well, that is very easy. Contrary to many countries of the South, Venezuela practically swims in an eternal ocean of oil, gas and fresh water; it possesses an immense biodiversity, strategic metals and minerals, and a tropical vegetation that could produce oxygen for centuries to come.

Already on February 27, 2008, we explained the basics of a dialectical economic explanation of the latest Yankee bellicose encroachment, of the the 'fourth generation warfare' and the internal and external attacks against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:

JMNB: D'accord. And the bad news?
FJTL: Precisely the very same news. Contrary to many countries of the South, Venezuela practically swims in an eternal ocean of oil, gas and fresh water....

This is why Venezuela is practically a member of the sonorous 'axis of evil,' is target No.1 for a new 'discovery,' 'Christianization,' pacification and military conquest, is threatened by the Plan Colombia, and why this Sword of Damocles will forever hover over our heads. Uncle Sam will commit any crime that could give world capitalism a new lease of life. This is revolutionary dialectics, where 'good' and 'bad' news are two sides of the very same world market coin."

Very recently, (October 21, 2009) Prensa Latina confirmed the above dangers and reported that the Latin American Parliament was denouncing that the United States of America progressively was increasing its belligerent presence in South America and currently is tightening its military stronghold on Venezuela.

Concretely, how are the second colonial and imperialist conquest of Venezuela being orchestrated?

1. Internally and externally the spreading of a galaxy of scientifically well-prepared, pro-capitalist, anti-socialist ideological fabrications, myths, hoaxes, lies and diatribal 'clichés' about the Bolivarian government.
2. Fourth generation warfare: racism, arrogance, manipulation and indoctrination by the mass media, rainbow revolutions, zero favorable information in the mass media about Venezuela. Launching stereotypical campaigns, ad hominem character assassination of President Chavez: in fascist style, only he makes history in Venezuela. According to formal logics, only he is to be blamed for everything which goes wrong; he personally is an enemy of mankind, a tyrant, a dictator, an aggressor, killer, terrorist, a dealer of drugs, human organs and nuclear materials. In world fascist jargon, Chavez is the modern anti-Christ, and if he did not exist, real terrorism had to find, to invent him. Millions believe this diatribal hocus-pocus that goes as `news` around the globe, and they cannot see the global genocide which is already virulent, under the arm of mass destruction: swine flu.
3. In this mesmerized, doped, confused atmosphere the real problem of globalization can be identified: in capitalism what does not serve (profit and power) lands in the rubbish bin, hence, of some 7 billion human beings, more than half are just the capitalist's 'burden.' How to get rid of them and how to capture their natural resources that is the real "to be or not to be" question!

What is being prepared across the borders of Venezuela? A military enclosure, practically a declaration of war.

In its aggressive megalomania against Venezuela:

* the USA is being supported by NATO and some neighboring countries, like Colombia and Panama.
* The USA is increasing its current three military bases in Colombia to ten;
* its Fourth Fleet is making bellicose maneuvers in the Caribbean waters;
* the USA uses a communication satellite for its military operations launched from French Guayana,
* also under construction are two military naval installations in Panama,
* in Aruba and Curacao, Washington is increasing its bellicose presence.

We are being besieged and how many millions are protesting? Internally, the reactionary forces, paramilitary troops and 'guarimbas' continue.

Are we prepared to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela by all means necessary?

The big business war is already on our horizon, in the ALBA, in Honduras.