Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2009

Like Michael Moore, do we see all over dictatorial ghosts ... not the real ones right under our noses?

Seeing is believing, not thinking! One of the latest international scandals is the fairy tale of Michael Moore about President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela. In an excellent article Eva Golinger set the facts and records straight:

According to her: In an interview broadcast October 9 on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' the renowned and award-winning documentarian, Michael Moore lied vulgarly about his encounter with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during the Venice Film Festival this past September."

As part of the United States 'war of ideas,' of the big lies against Venezuela, she explains the fascist essence of this unfortunate interview: " ... in the end, this whole ridiculous tale told by Moore about his "meeting" with President Chavez is an attempt to avoid admitting before the US media that he met for three hours with the South American "dictator." And he probably liked it. Michael Moore is a most unfortunate coward."

Seeing is believing, not knowing!

Even Michael Moore has fallen victim of the ideological machinations, of placing blinkers on the mind and blindfolding the eyes with political propaganda and technological manipulation of the worst Goebbels genres.

Let us look at the fatal results of such imperialist corporate actions against Venezuela, of the destruction of global humanity, of its senses, mind and concrete utopian daydreams. Michael Moore is not an exception, he proves the golden rule of emancipatory betrayal.

Towards the middle of the 20th century, 'Freudomarxists,' like Eric Fromm, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse, seriously have asked: what went wrong with the class consciousness of the metropolitan proletariat, with the working classes as a whole?

Why did the German workers so happily vote their Nazi butchers into political power?
Why did so many global workers freely march into two world wars, into certain death, which within half a century resulted in abut 100,000,000 estimated casualties and deaths?

This was the price which humanity had to pay to rescue capitalist imperialism from a total collapse, from severe depression and recession.

Even the Marxist philosopher of hope Ernst Bloch was asking: why was it so difficult for the socialists to capture the revolutionary imagination of the European working masses?

Why could the Third and Fourth Internationals not direct the workers toward the global class struggle?
Why were the masses so easily abducted, convinced and destroyed by the Nazis and fascists?

Across the whole 20th century ... especially in the whole 'under-developed' world, including 'Soviet Russia,' 'Communist China, 'socialist Yugoslavia' and heroic Vietnam ... in spite of valiant class struggles, we could not annihilate capitalism and replace it with its direct opposite, with anti-capitalism, with scientific, philosophic socialism...

Yes, sometimes it is necessary first to learn how and what to question. Only then we could give concrete answers, socialist praxis.

 What is really left of all the valiant workers' struggles in Russia, China, Algeria, Southern Africa, Chile, Grenada, ... just to mention a few? Surely Cuba and Venezuela, and other class struggles, heavily attacked by world fascism, are hopes and results of what is really left.

Seeing with brains, 'theoretizing'!

During the Nazi regime in Germany, the survivors claimed to have seen nothing, no concentration camps, no extermination of blacks, gypsies, communists or Jews. Something similar was happening in the apartheid regime, also in the gulags and in global Zionism. Also here in Venezuela, millions do not have the foggiest idea about the historic truth in which we are involved.

Seeing is deceiving ... thinking is knowing!

What is worse: in the first place, because one sees with one's brain, millions, victims of a millennia old Mental Holocaust, many of us really could not, did not (still cannot) see anything beyond the capitalist status quo, the establishment. Because socialism is not en vogue, we had and still have no effective theoretical antidote against the ideological visions and vistas coming from capitalist topos ouranios. Across the centuries the infernal heat of this Moloch has scorched many of our human psi-factors, our erotic and exotic quintessence, our emancipatory powers. Blinded and blind-folded with tight consumer blinkers, we do not see our global Orwellian loony bin, the millions of surveillance cameras in London and elsewhere; we do not see the huge numbers of camps already constructed in the USA.

Yes, like Michael Moore, we see all over dictatorial ghosts, but we do not see the real ones right in front of our noses.

For whom do the church bells of St. Peter's Square toll?
Do the European workers, especially in Greece and France, still hear the crowing of the Gallic cock?
Do they remember the brave communards who tried to storm heaven in Paris is 1870-1, at the eve of the birth of world imperialism?
Can we still venture beyond our immediate consumerist here and now, away from myopic ideology, from obsolete resistance methods which only fall on deaf corporate ears?

Also, we hear with our brains, which censure that which we are not supposed to register, for example, the hell of a noise below Los Alamos, since decades already.

Up to what are our Nobel Peace Prize winners?
Will we soon see "Pentagon Aliens" (Bill Lyne)?
What is in the air?
Do we smell a rat here in Merida, Venezuela?
Do we smell the smog, the toxic gases coming from the gray avalanche of cars, forming endless traffic jams? Do we smell capitalism?
Are we constructing fragrant socialism?
More questions yearning for praxical answers!
Do we smell the stench of the bloody Yankee boots coming from the military bases in Colombia?
Elsewhere do we smell the capitalist decay and putrefaction, the cesspools and quagmires?
No, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we smell nothing ....
Do we still feel anything?

Michael Moore, instead of disseminating hoaxes, please produce true documentals about the mortal coming agony of mankind, of world fascism.