Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2009

Rosa Luxemburg still saying: Peace means the worldwide revolution of the proletariat!

For those whom the bell is already tolling now in America, it is time to be tactfully and diplomatically crystal clear about the formal logical "contradiction": violence and peace. Since the military coup in Honduras and its seemingly diplomatic, 'peaceful' aftermath, we should be fore-warned of things to come under the Barak Obama 'Democratic' administration.

Beyond any doubt, whether we realize it or not, we are currently facing the fleeting moments of emancipatory truth, of fierce coming class struggles, that is, we are living and dying in one of the most virulent and violent epochs of world production, of exploited labor forces, of human history.

We are being confronted with the forerunners of the bloody grimace of a coming era of mass destruction of infrastructures, means of production, labor forces and capital; in other words, of nature, society and humanity, of a cruel mode of destruction and merciless self-destruction. The latest stations of the Via Crucis of humanity were the massacres of the Twin Towers, of Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Bolivia, Falujah, Gaza and Honduras. By throwing it to the savage hound dogs, Barak Obama and others destroyed more capital that ever impoverished Humania the South under world capitalism could ever dream to accumulate within a million years.

Here in Venezuela, the five snow-capped peaks of Merida are becoming gray, and soon Pico Bolivar will lose its age old glacier forever.

In the USA, as a result of electromagnetic smog, millions of bees cannot return to their hives anymore. Albert Einstein warned that if this would happen, then our days are counted. On the radio-active islands of the South Pacific, the turtle babies have lost their sense of direction, they are becoming easy prey for the seagulls. Epidemics are being elaborated in military laboratories, within the context of stockpiling arsenals of Arms of Mass Destruction ... Ebola, AIDS, MAD COW disease, bird and pig flu.

The detonation of powerful atomic bombs in the Van Allen Belt, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, "accidents" like Chernobyl ... all blaze the bellicose trail towards apocalyptic times for billions of poor workers who have become obsolete; these include the 'new poor,' the homeless and jobless metropolitan middle classes who are now rot under bridges or are now vegetating in tent cities.

Of the some six billion years of the existence of planet Earth, of Mother Nature, according to scientific estimates, over millions of years, at least three times natural disasters, ... collisions with other heavenly bodies or sudden drastic climatic changes ... had annihilated over 90% of then existent life, destroyed a myriad of invaluable cosmic experiments of living beings. So-called homo sapiens sapiens probably underwent a premature birth, compared to cockroaches and crocodiles, it, the 'crown of creation,' ... deliberately using a neutral pronoun ... barely could survive.

Only thanks to the natural genes that he was sharing with chimpanzees and pigs, especially with his creative brain (wo)mankind was able to survive. Brains in cooperation with his thumb, early human praxis and theory, saved man's life. Across the millennia the above formed his only formidable weapons of self-defense in a violent natural and social habitat.

With very few exceptions which prove the golden rule, also not to fall into the claws  of euphemistic ideology and its corresponding malpractices, we can safely say that no matter what the real historical reasons might have been, modern humanity was not precisely humane or humanist to itself and to nature. Currently it is becoming more aggressive, self-destructive, alienated. It is drifting further and further away from its own quo vadis, its own Eros drive; at the moment, we are on a Socratic drive, on the highway heading straight towards Thanatos, towards Golgotha.

For us in South America and elsewhere, it is important to note that the coming disaster, the Second Conquest, will not be natural, it will be social; it is man made. For this very reason exploited, dominated and discriminated Man himself at this eleventh hour could still stop the global catastrophe, could eliminate its root cause: world capitalism.

However, we in Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia, have to be very clear, internally and externally the counter-revolution, the counter-emancipation, is being organized at high speed, imperialism is preparing rainbow "revolutions", is training death squads, is infiltrating spies, ready for overt and covert action, is  converting the police into fascist "storm troops", refining the 'war of ideas' and carrying out continental 'full spectrum dominance'.

Precisely within the field of the 'war of ideas', by using our mighty weapon of self-defense, our brains, we need clarity about many strategic concepts, among them, revolution, praxis, theory, practice, ideology, violence, peace and emancipation. Concerning the last three, we are having extensive discussions among our organized comrades, in forums and councils  of the people and university classes.

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For ages the oppressed peoples were bamboozled, were confused by indoctrinated ideology. Surely nobody wants violence, is affirming violent acts; neither the master, for obvious reasons, nor the slave, who in any case suffers violence his whole life.

* Capital needs peaceful liberty to expand itself.

* All capitalists, bankers and speculators want to realize capital, to gain profits in a favorable, peaceful climate.

* All capitalists want peaceful elections, a peaceful state, peaceful private property of the means of communication, production and destruction, the monopoly of violence by state order, that is, a violent commonwealth, so that the loot and spoils, that trillions of taxpayers' money fraternally could be divided among themselves in democratic times of economic crisis and depression.

Rosa Luxemburg, who like so many other brave Marxist women, who was violently assassinated, was very clear about the concepts violence and peace in modern globalized corporate imperialism. She agreed with Jesus Christ:
"I did nor come to this world to bring peace but the sword?".

Comrades, against imperialist violence, Rosa Luxemburg, in "On the Spartacus Programme (December 1918)" is still saying today: 
"Peace means the world-wide revolution of the proletariat."