Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2009

Such questions and many more, urgently have to be asked now or never...

In Globalization the coming World State is already safeguarding for itself the Monopoly of Violence. In essence, what is it all about in Honduras? It is the struggle for the monopoly of future, global state violence.

Since millennia the whole world has been against violence, it wanted world peace. Master and slave, clergy and nobility, peasant and serve, Brahman and 'Coolie,' Christian and pagan, all wanted peace, world peace, wanted to rest in peace. In more recent times, worker and capitalist, fascist and imperialist, all are against violence in Honduras and elsewhere, all want harmony, democracy, law and order.

Of course, nobody wants to harm anybody, we are diplomatic, human, humanist!

What really is violence, social violence, state violence, capitalist violence? Is it really the opposite of peace or do both concepts just denote two dialectical sides of the very same thing. Do they perhaps identify a Siamese twin, a Janus-head of a specific specific historic process? What really negates, surpasses violence? What reveals the economic, political and cultural quintessence of peace?

Let us look at some strange utterances and unusual convictions with regard to the historic reality of violence, of war, of full spectrum dominance.

Already in fragment 32, the ancient Greek philosopher Heracleitus told us that the "logos is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, surfeit and hunger." Already then, two and a half millennia ago, at the time pf the primitive accumulation of capital, the ruling classes, the zoon politikon, were suggesting to their "speaking tools" that the opposite of violence, of war, is peace. The toiling slaves who were rowing the boats and were mining silver in the polis of Athens, for the Periclean golden era, did not want peace, did not desire to rest in peace forever; they simply wanted human liberty and real emancipation from exploitative bondage, from violence by state order.

All types of workers, of wage slaves, did not invent social violence, bloody wars, they were born into violence, they are vegetating in mental and corporeal violence, they perish in global capitalist violence. All these Karl Marx, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Georges Sorel, Frantz Fanon and George Orwell have explained to us long ago. In every epoch the dominant monopoly of violence is the sacred privilege of all the ruling classes, of the State. At the moment we see this monopoly of violence operating in Honduras. Who have the absolute, absolutist right to invade countries violently? Is democracy not the dictatorship of the few over the many (Lenin)? Cui bono?

Who benefits from peaceful democracy, democratic peace? Such questions and many more, urgently have to be asked now or never.

* Who can stockpile as much arms of mass destruction as they please? Who not?
* Who exploit nature and society across the ages?
* Who dominate the world; who discriminate the poor, Humania of the South?
* Who killed millions of workers in the name of 'real, existing socialism,' of 'national socialism,' of democracy, of Western Christian culture and civilization?
* Finally, whose beliefs, dogmas, manipulation, indoctrination, maleducation and dissocialization have thrown millions and millions into the epicenter of the fascist Moloch, causing a real Mental Holocaust?

Do all these not compose capitalist violence? Is the opposite of all these world peace? Who said 'I did not come to this world to bring peace but the sword'? Who brought fire to the earth and wished that it was burning already?

Nowhere a ruling class has stepped down peacefully from its golden throne. Pacification of the colonial world was brutal, was violent!

The transcendence of 'violence and peace' is creative emancipation, emancipatory creation and creativity.