Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2009

Coup in Honduras ... Global Terrorism showing its true face

Hegel once stated that within this capitalist world order all "great" historic events, so to say, happen twice. Marx added, the first time as a tragedy, the second as a farce. Meanwhile the farces, the coups against whoever questions the established international fascist order and whoever dares to suggest and walk a different way, are multiplying themselves. Eastern Europe, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, Bolivia, Honduras ... who next? Once again Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua? Will the countries who conform the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of America (ALBA), be next, en bloc?

The world is still rejoicing and even glorifying the advent of President Obama, especially after years of a traumatic, tragic reign of terror by Bush and the Republicans. Have we forgotten the crimes against humanity of the past administrations of the "Democrats" in Washington? What exactly does make the current Obama administration a more genuine, more humanistic one?

Honduras is the latest example of the cold-blooded massacre of the most rudimentary, popular, human rights claims. Honduras is the latest example of the farce of democracy in our times and of the panic-like fear by the de facto ruling classes of true government of, by and for the people, that is, of, by and for millions of impoverished, toiling, laboring workers of Honduras and the world. Honduras is the latest example (and lesson) of capitalist liberty, equality and fraternity, which closes lines every time the Wretched of the Earth claim these very ideas for themselves. What greater demonstration of fraternity of the ruling capitalist classes as the one demonstrated by the Obama administration and his European colleagues who shuffled trillions of taxpayer money into the black hole of criminal bankers and reckless speculators, do we need to see?

A shy intent of the people-oriented government of Honduras to find an exit of the dire, globalized recession and depression and join the Bolivarian Alternative of the American People, has ended, for now in the rebirth of military coups and fascist suppression of mass and class struggle. Its appearance forms are reminiscent of what happened in Venezuela in 2002: A military coup with the backing and under the camouflage of a mediatic coup, the kidnapping of the President, the closing down of the State`s TV channel, Channel 8, and a desperate population in the streets demanding the return of their president and the restitution of the constitutional order. The people, as always, are defenseless. Their only arms are their fists, their protests, their rage against a professional army that cowardly points their guns against their own population.

Information of the last minutes points out that Honduras`s Chancellor Patricia Rodas, together with the ambassadors of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, have just been kidnapped by military men.

No word by the USA?

No word by the Obama administration?

Will the USA as the accustomed "world cop" now, all of a sudden, NOT meddle in the internal affairs of Honduras and other countries?

As the world is awaiting a clear statement, anything can happen to the defenseless people in Honduras, who have been left literally in the dark and without communication.