Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2009

The global debacle is a profound structural energetic crisis

It is well known that single sparks could set whole prairies on wild bush fires. Sensitive dependence on initial conditions in a currently highly volatile and chaotic, international environment, namely, the famous "butterfly effect" (chaos theory) at any moment very well could set free waves of global social explosions and class struggles, but also premeditated bloodbaths of the  "humanistic" and "pre-emptive" terrorist types. 

Our international stockpiles, our arsenals of sophisticated weapons of mass destruction, were not produced for video-games, for Sunday morning fox-hunting or window-dressing.

In the first place, in defense of world capitalism, they are being handled by soldiers and mercenaries, by wage-workers and paramilitary death squads. They are aimed at "unfriendly" workers, at cannon- and electoral-fodder, to keep the pauperized "wretched of the earth" at bay. Of course, as far as the limited resources reach, all kinds of out-dated arms are also being captured, bought and used in self-defense by liberators and freedom fighters in global workers' class struggles.

In the same way as imperialism had globalized itself, its negation is now also spreading across the globe as a single workers' protest movement. In Palestine the outcasts live in camps like cows for decades already, now in the USA the unemployed, homeless workers are vegetating in 'tent cities.'

Who still doubts that capitalism as a world system has failed mercilessly?

Who still wants to bail it out fraternally?

As long as Venezuela defends her natural resources, especially oil, gas and water, important natural energetic sources, there will never develop fraternal relations between Uncle Sam and Chavez. The capitalist exploitative energy is running out, this is the real economic trigger of this super depression. For the time being, for a while,  oil will still remain as a primordial source of industrial and economic energy. However, energy from the vacuum, free Tesla energy, is already being used by the 'Pentagon Aliens,' is already flashing in the night skies of Los Alamos. In the North, in Alaska already the angels are playing the free energetic HAARP!

However, again, as Charles Dickens said, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times...

What is happening on the outskirts of global class struggles?
In the ex- and neo-colonies of imperialist Europe, for example, in the Caribbean?
What is the link between workers' strikes in Paris and those in Fort-de-France?
Do they have a relation to the current 'energy crisis'?

The Gallic rooster was crowing twice within a very short period of time. It's clarion call was heard even in the tropical Caribbean. On the other hand, like elsewhere, a victorious 38-day general strike in Frantz Fanon's Martinique was inspiring the French workers on the European continent in their militant labor struggles against economic exploitation, lay-offs, wage cuts and the loss of vital social benefits. For those who still have minds to see, to see class struggle in action, in the capital, Fort-de-France, a fierce political battle was raging between  the 'békés', the wealthy white ruling descendants of French colonists, and the black oppressed offspring of the African victims of the transatlantic slave trade. In fact, as a result of the global recession, workers' unrest spreads to Guadeloupe and La Réunion. Because of the high cost of living, of hunger and misery, in Guadeloupe for a whole month, heavy riots also broke out. Like in Paris, the national strikes against austerity will increment, become bigger and bigger and spread across the globe.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the Federal Reserve Bank is throwing more and more worthless trillions of fresh paper dollars on the world market, into the paper Moloch. It hopes that this would stimulate economic activity. However, the paralyzed finance and economic chaos already is beginning to affect global political and social life. All over, overnight like mushrooms  "tent cities" are springing up. This is symptomatic of things to come, of the "spillover effect" of the collapse of the North American economy: generating shock waves of heavy inflationary turmoil, currency pandemonium, migration, but also declassed social groups and disrupted societies ... a fertile environment for possible world fascism.
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The current Super Depression is not only a finance debacle, not only an economic fiasco, it is fundamentally an energetic collapse of an obsolete mode of destruction.

When ever a radical change of an obsolete mode of production is on the order of the day, it is being accompanied by a radical energetic revolution. Since many decades already the so-called "energy crisis" could have been resolved by means of the technology of Tesla, however the "Detroit Big Four" and other giants of the oil and motor industries had no economic interest in altering the current energetic basis of corporate imperialism. Of course, secretly for modern warfare, space militarization, weapons of mass destruction  and HAARP projects free electromagnetic energy  ... "free energy from the vacuum" ... was abused. This free, creative energy contradicts capitalist profit interests. It is the clean, free energy for future creative orgone (Wilhelm Reich), for emancipatory relations.

Apart from his most recent writings, already a decade ago, Thomas Bearden warned that if the USA would not solve its "energy crisis", in other words, would not leave the highway towards  barbarism, then the  following could happen:

"The 2003 date appears to be the critical 'point of no return' for the survival of civilization as we have known it. Reaching that point, say, in 2005 will not solve the crisis in time, and the collapse of the world economy as well as the destruction of civilization and the biosphere will still almost certainly occur, even with the solutions in hand. ... Eerily, this very threat now looms in our not too distant future, due in large part to the increasing and unbearable stresses that escalating oil prices will elicit. So about seven years or so from now, we will enter the period of the threat of the Final Armageddon, unless we do something very, very quickly now, to totally and permanently solve the present 'electrical energy from oil crisis'."

Now, we have reached the year 2009, which for Bearden was the inexorable approximation towards doomsday.  According to him, what may still be required to solve the global problem of depression and recession?

Venezuela, listen very carefully to what he suggested a decade ago!

"To avoid the impending collapse of the world economy and/or the destruction of civilization and the biosphere, we must quickly replace much of the "electrical energy from oil" ... In the name of all humanity, let us begin! Else by the time this first decade of the new millennium ends, much of humanity may not remain to see the second decade."

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The above is the explanation why this is not simply a financial or economic crisis, it is the energetic collapse of the capitalist mode of destruction. Probably, only the total annihilation of global capitalism, by bringing forth its dialectical negation, that is, socialism, can we still save mankind as a species.