Franz J.T. Lee, February, 2009

VHeadline predicted the 'Big Crash' of the USA already three years ago

The bourgeoisie triumphed over the nobility and clergy precisely because it discarded superstition, black and white magic and obscurantist Dark Age theology, separated Church and State, launched the Reformation, replaced a divine dios with a human ratio and adopted mechanical materialism. With all these dramatic changes it swept the feudal and oligarchic classes out of social power by means of a double onslaught: in politics the French Revolution (1789); in economics the Industrial Revolution (1830).

Apart from dialectics and the revolution, both discoveries of the bourgeoisie, the main invincible arm of the homo faber was science, materialist science, natural science. For industrial production, for goods and profits, precise, mathematical calculation was necessary.

Thinking itself became production.

Therewith the Mental Moloch, Mind and Thought Control,  were perpetuated. Scientific knowledge became Power! All sciences were geared towards capitalist ideology, armament production, ecocide, genocide, pathological industrial consumption and, of course, the making of gigantic profits. For financial and economic speculation, for corporate kleptocracy and corruption,  the sky was the limit.

Big War became Big Business. Big Business unleashed Big War, for Big Profits, for Big Men.

In the eye of the global hurricane precisely this is what the great powers are organizing at this moment: Big World War; its economic birth pains we feel now already!

Feudal fortune-telling, the horoscope, the cards, the witch-doctor bones, voodoo, religious prophecy, black and white magic ... all could not predict maximization of profits, economic crashes or slumps. Capitalism needed a world that could be interpreted of, by and for itself, it needed scientific prediction, and therewith dialectically the corresponding philosophic theory. Precisely this Francis Bacon, Kepler, Newton, Kant, Adam Smith, Darwin, Hegel and others made possible. That all this degenerated into ideology and malpractices, into cultural decay and moral decomposition, is another terror story of the 21st century.

For modern revolutionaries, if scientific knowledge (praxis) dialectically is separated from its other side, from its negation (theory), it degenerates into repetitive practices and produces useless ideology, lies, hoaxes and ignorance. As such it loses its predicting, anticipatory and emancipatory qualities and faculties.

What negates this current cul de sac, what is the only weapon and hope of all working classes against corporate barbarism, against the coming global fascism, whose economic hurricane all of us already feel, is simply the 'No' of capitalism, its dialectical negation: scientific praxis and philosophic theory, that is, socialism, namely Marxism.

Why do we need precise scientific prediction and concise philosophic anticipation? To be always a second and a millimeter ahead of our class enemies! How do our masters kill us? In Motion, in space and time, in spacetime!

Now, for a sane and healthy body and mind, in rhythm with Mother Nature, the easiest thing to do is to predict, provided that we possess our natural, scientific and social philosophic faculties. If we would read the 'Manifesto of the Communist Party' and 'Capital' conscientiously, we would surely discover the excellent intellectual power of precise thinking and thought, of praxical prediction -- what is happening here, and what the bourgeois experts call a 'financial fiasco, in reality, Marx predicted more than a century ago: it is the final crisis of capitalism, which will last for a long time as a new mode of total destruction, that is, unless we stop it in time and space hic et nunc!

On a very small scale, now and then, like many of us, as a result of constant Marxist praxis and theory, I succeed to have a glimpse of the future, to place it into the service of proletarian emancipatory struggles.

On February 14, 2009, with reference to the elections in Venezuela  to be held on the following day, against the Goebbels type of international propaganda lies, scientifically I did foretell the election results 24 hours before they took place. I scientifically predicted that the 'Yes' vote for Chavez will easily be won with at least a million votes ahead to avoid any serious social conflicts. See:

    And, what were the results?

Three and a half hours after polls closed, we were informed that with 94.2% of voted counted, the CNE (Venezuela�s National Electoral Council) announced that the electorate had voted 54.4% to 45.6% in favor of 'Yes,' of affirming the constitutional amendment.

Precisely the 10 points difference, the 'million votes,' which I mentioned a day before, forced the opposition  unwillingly to accept the results.

However, our intellectual, scientific and philosophic dons can even predict historic events long before their realization.

As regular VHeadline commentarist and political science professor, I predicted the 'Big Crash' of the USA already three years ago!


On Wednesday, January 25, 2006, I published an article with the following title "After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 'Big Crash' of the United States?" in VHeadline.Com. Among other things I asked:

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, are we now facing the 'Big Crash' of the United States of America? Do theories of collapse of the world economic system exist?"

The relevance for the Bolivarian Revolution I underlined as follows:

"For Venezuela, to see the real historic context of the Bolivarian Revolution, and to understand why, more than ever, we have to annihilate capitalism here and everywhere, let us refresh our minds about 'crisis theory'."

Concerning the 'two-pronged collapse of the world capitalist system' I explained further:

The "theory of the collapse of capitalism" or "crisis theory" is already very old. Already the founders of scientific and philosophic socialism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, had predicted a two-pronged collapse of the world capitalist system, from capitalist accumulation and from the split between capitalist production and capitalist exchange, which totally block the full use of the existing global creative and productive forces. Precisely this is the current dilemma of corporate imperialism, of the very vulnerable economy of the United States. ... "

The historic truth is simply that the corporate wealth produced and accumulated in a few hands over the previous decades cannot valorize itself anymore, neither in production nor in circulation.

Let us terminate with my precise prediction:

"Until now capitalism could still recover from its inherent contradictions, and, with the help of Marx's Capital, could still learn how to overcome its chronic crisis, by globalizing itself. However, in the 21st century, American imperialism is crossing the Rubicon, and is confronted with huge, coming, global, popular rebellion and a total economic breakdown."

Scientific praxical prediction is necessary to neutralize the saboteurs, to abort conspiracy, to arrest paramilitary intruders and to eliminate military coups. In the past the President Chavez government achieved excellent results in this field of revolutionary defense and national security. However, political farsightedness in revolutionary praxis and emancipatory theory  will annihilate corruption and obscurantism, and give birth to true global anti-capitalism, that is Marxism, is scientific socialism.