Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2009

In Gaza, Stop the Murder of Sophia and her Children, Now!

The current, apocalyptic, global relation between Nature and Society, of capitalist Labor, in fact, of Alienation per se, as expressed in Gaza now, is not the castigating result of „original sin," also not that of "-rats" -- slavocrats, autocrats, aristocrats, democrats and technocrats -- who accidentally find themselves on the "negative," on the "wrong" or "bad" side of social revolution and human emancipation. Also, it is absurd to try to convince them with ethical and humanitarian arguments that war is a bad, inhuman business.

Similarly, it is not a capital or cardinal crime, when some individual members of the petit-bourgeoisie or of the agonizing middle-class suddenly see the light, come to "reason" and decide to commit class-suicide and to throw in their lot with the revolutionary, emancipatory forces of history.

Many Jews across the world, practicing their religion or not, are against what is currently happening in Gaza, for example, Noam Chomsky. Many Arabs in Egypt. Saudi Arabia or Jordan support the invasion of Gaza. This is not a race issue, a "race war," an apartheid fata morgana, it is part and parcel of a global class struggle, in which inexorably rage capital versus labor, barbarism versus socialism. Outside this context, outside of the class struggle, of a still possible world socialism, this conflict can not be solved.

What is happening in Gaza at this moment, is not necessarily a war or an invasion, it is a test of worse to come, is simply the practice of typical capitalist, imperialist genocide; and, because of their global, corporate class interests, directly and indirectly, many American, European, Arab and other war lords are also participating in these abominable massacres of innocent women and children. The whole history of the accumulation of capital, which originated in that region, is filled with millions and millions of victims of exploitation, domination, discrimination, genocide and alienation. Holding hands these victims, ... and those who will still die in future as victims of low intensity nuclear warfare ... may reach the moon or encircle the earth at the equator many times.

Unless we stop it, in all probability, to recover, to adapt itself to Armageddon, this time the Moloch of capitalism will have to devour hundreds of millions of precious lives.

We could count the dead, try to help the Palestinians to dig their communal graves, we may differ on the motive forces for this human butchery, however, one thing is clear: as Number 4 in global production and sales of bellicose arms, for Israel, like Brazil, South Africa, Russia or the USA, war is big business and big business is war, one of the most profitable transactions in the era of globalization.

And what is the use-value of such belligerent merchandise, of arms of mass destruction, like depleted uranium ammunition or white phosphorous bombs? Of course, they are being produced for the international market, to be sold by "peace-loving" elites, to realize and maximize their capital and profits, to make extra profits, to produce more warplanes, more Scramjets flying at 7 Mach, more "mothers of all bombs" ... to be used in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libanon or Colombia, in wars, ...  and, in wars you kill people and cause "collateral damage", mercilessly you kill innocent women and children. This is structural violence, this is the true face of capitalist 'democracy', this is Orwellian global fascism.

Also, not all members of the lower social classes, not all sectors of the workers, of the modern proletariat or peasantry are "angels" or "holy cows". Many of them are victims of Body and Mind Control, of Alienation. Also the Palestine Liberation Organization, the PLO, or currently the Hamas, are not necessarily socialist revolutionary movements, in fact, in the Mideast there does not exist a coordinated liberatory resistance against apartheid wage slavery and corporate imperialism.

Yes, such times of crisis, of social revolution, of transition, bring forth the real, true nature of anything and everybody; they all change themselves to full recognizability. Furthermore, in the transitional epoch from capitalist production towards socialist creation, although the level of natural perception, the degree of social thought and the dimension of historic excellence are decisive for eventual human successes, yet, in the current global, globalized, equal, unequal, combined and neither-nor nexus of revolutionary and emancipatory relations we are not exempted from doing, thinking and surpassing all the current exploitative, dominating and discriminating relations, all of, by and for ourselves, not only Here and Now, but Anywhere, Anywhen, and Anyhow.

Finally, in honor of the Greek youths who are still protesting against the misery of European globalization, in solidarity with the 'wretched of the earth' in Israel and in Gaza, let us link up with age old wisdom. Concerning such sacred endeavors, like praxis, theory and sapience, ab ovo usque ad mala the Ancient Greek hylozoists had generated and nurtured Science, Philosophy and Wisdom. Revolutionary, human wisdom, the heart beat of emancipation, creativity and creation, has nothing to do with any bloodthirsty homo homini lupus -- it came and still comes from the Magna Mater, from Gaia, from Pythia, from Minerva and her Owl, from Pancha Mama, from Mother Nature, Mother Earth.
(See: Jutta Schmitt, Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope. )

Hence, In Gaza, Stop the Murder of Sophia and her Children Now!