Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2008

Barack Obama is NOT a socialist ... is NOT a revolutionary ... is NOT anti-capitalist!

Of course, currently in the mood of the North American workers and their counterparts elsewhere, especially in the metropolitan countries, serious questions, democratic impatience and apocalyptic fears are beginning to surface across the length and breath of the blue planet.

This Uncle Sam does not like at all. As never before, all over the toxic machinery of brain laundering, mind and thought control, and of the systematic destruction of real human thought and thinking related to true emancipatory actions, is working at top speed night and day.

The World News Empire, Hollywood, CNN, Fox News, the political carnivals and shows of the Leviathan, the huge international mass media and the tonnes of boulders of rocky music, the greedy physical and mental consumption, the quagmire of alienating 'love' songs and the massive entertainment industry, all are working over time to feed the Orwellian Murdoch and Moloch, the international 'transcapitalist' Mental Holocaust.

The current central political Behemoth in this global 'transimperialist', 'transhistoric' tragedy is the North American democratic-republican Siamese twin, the industrial-military Janus-head of global fascism, which has already devoured a million "terrorist" victims in the Middle East over the last two decades.

However, as the great Marxist philosopher of hope Ernst Bloch has taught us, even after the parasitic cloned capitalist rats have left the sinking Titanic ... if it would be possible still, with 'flying saucers,' as revealed by St. John, carrying 144,000 elitist members of the House of Israel ... even then, the human, humane, humanist flag, on which is written HOPE will flutter happily and play joyfully in the galactic, howling and whining winds. Even then, Trotsky will maintain: dum spiro spero! As long as I breathe, I hope.

The qualitative change in the USA concerns the above, the proletarian flip side of Obama: Malcolm X!

It concerns militant optimism, optimistic militancy, concrete-praxical and intellectual-theoretical solidarity of the exploited, dominated and discriminated workers of the world, who still at this eleventh hour daydream about a better world, about a world worth living in.

This human quintessence no slave driver can ever destroy!

This deep human feeling, this profound sentiment, this real, true human soul, the very global fascist republican-democratic Frankenstein, the industrial military Dracula could not suck out of the global working classes.

The poor mean Malcolm X, they brought to life Malcolm X as Barack Obama.

Many do not realize this, however, the top political brass ... that organized this international carnival with the help of the global media of mass communication ... they knew what was at stake. They know what the current world recession could bring forth.

They had to play this trump card, the black ace of hearts!

We should not forget that in Germany in the epicenter of the Great Depression the communists won the elections, but shortly thereafter, the very same working masses, blindfolded by the political carnival and propaganda machinery of Goebbels, Goering and Hitler, talking about "national socialism", about our "great nation," caused the Nazis to win the elections, and were casting Europe and the world into heinous fascism, that ended with nuclear warfare.

The North American masses, especially the waning homeless middle classes, are sensing, are feeling an imminent danger, a forthcoming precarious existence, an epoch of wars of mass destruction, a huge megalomaniac period to save capitalism, to adapt it again. In the past this was costing devastating world wars, destruction of infrastructures, of capital and labor forces, and this time the global sacrifice will be titanic.

This subconscious fear of imminent peril, of forthcoming butchery, as prepared in the various war projects, in the arsenals of arms of mass destruction and in the patriot acts, all these formed part of the "miracle" of Obama's political victory.

Soon many a North American democrat will be frustrated, will become disillusioned with American democracy, will lose faith in capitalism.

Obama is not a socialist
... is not a revolutionary
... is not anti-capitalist!

Those who voted him into power form the different pieces of the emancipatory dynamite. The North American ruling classes, the republicans and democrats, now led by Obama, are armed to the teeth, to avoid the conquest of proletarian power in the metropolitan countries.

It is as clear as daylight that Obama cannot change the course of North American contemporary history. If he should try to do it, then he would logically unite with Malcolm X, and if that would already possible, then we would have world socialism already.

Whether the North Americans knew it or not, they were voting for Malcolm X, for Fidel Castro, for Che Guevara, for Chavez, for Marx, not as individuals, but as social emancipatory vanguard of global proletarian class struggle.