Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2007

HAARP versus the Referendum for Constitutional Reform?

Since October 19, 2007, we have registered a very unusual seismic peculiarity in the region of Merida State, in San Onofre, where we live and fight. Here, daily, we experience low magnitude tremors, normally below 2.0 on the Richter scale ... but four quakes between 3.0 and 3.7 came as a surprise indeed.

In fact, already living in Merida for 26 years I have never experienced the like.

Firstly, here is the data of what happened around us in the State of Merida over the past week:

* A. 19/10/2007 22.34 a. m. Depth 5 km. Magnitude: 3.7 Epicenter: about 23 km from San Onofre.
* B. 25/10/2007 4.53 am Depth 5 km. Magnitude: 3.0 Epicenter: about 18 km from San Onofre.
* C. 26/10/2007 8.01 am Depth 5 km. Magnitude: 2.9 Epicenter: about 9 km from San Onofre.
* D. 26/10/2007, 1.22 pm Depth 6 km. Magnitude: 3.2 Epicenter: about 32 km from San Onofre.

That quakes repeat themselves, this happens very often, for example, yesterday, Saturday, a double earthquake shook Alaska (Magnitude: 4.3 at 6.45 a.m. UTC and 3.5 at 19.03 p.m., respectively).

However, over the last decades, ever since the uncontrolled production and arbitrary usage of an arsenal of geophysical arms of mass destruction by the super powers, previously natural forces such as floods, tsunamis, droughts, tornadoes and earthquakes are now running wild, are being controlled and directed by using new technologies like that of Nikolai Tesla or Wilhelm Reich.

Already on April 14, 2004, in a public lecture, this apocalyptic tendency in world politics was explained in detail by Jutta Schmitt, "El Medio Ambiente como Arma de Destruccion Masiva: Tecnologia de Modificacion Ambiental y Guerra Geofísica."

On October 8, 2004, in a VHeadline article, "DIANA versus HAARP," I explained the bellicose capacity, the use as a geophysical weapon of mass destruction, of the project 'High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program' (HAARP) as part of the (Star Wars) Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which till this day is being propagated as part of the 'Project for a New American Century.'

In the meantime, we know that HAARP, situated in Gokoma (Alaska) is "a jointly managed project of the "US Air Force and the US Navy ... other similar projects exist in Europe and Russia ... as a global war instrument is currently fully operational. It is experimenting on triggering earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, floods and hurricanes."

Of course, in the so-called United States 'war of the galaxies,' such geophysical weapons could be used against possible, evil 'extraterrestrial invaders,' but definitely it is already being used against 'international terrorist' countries of the 'axis of evil,' preferably against Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. In the first place, HAARP has been developed for such eventualities: however, in the last analysis, it will be decisive in the merciless gigantic power struggle for world hegemony of the 21st century, it could be used against giant competitors like China, and will thus surely generate a possible (Nuclear) World War III.

The United States of America, with its huge arsenal of atomic, biological, chemical, geophysical and electro-magnetic weapons of mass destruction never will step down peacefully from its global throne of imperialist hegemony.

'Cowboy Big Brother' will launch a world war anytime and will ask questions only much later.

The current state of world affairs, inter alia, the bankruptcy of the US$ and war economy, the high price per barrel of oil, the huge internal and external debt of the USA, the fading away of the petro-dollar, the rise of the Chinese economy, banking and the yuan, the progressive replacement of the US dollar by the European euro, the ideological, superstructural decadence of metropolitan society, the world economic crisis, the mortal organic composition of capital, which produces less profits by the day, the geometric explosion of global poverty, accompanied by perverse wealth of a few cliques and the megalomaniac destruction of nature, all these indicate that capitalism has reached its dead end. Capitalism never allowed its negation, socialism, to show scientifically and philosophically what it is worth.

All experiments were nipped in the bud ... everything possible was done so that the poor, that the lower classes never ever would come into global power. What has failed is colonialism, capitalism, neo-liberalism, imperialism and corporatism. They have not solved the real social and economic problems of 99% of humanity, of the employed workers, of the unemployed workers, of the toiling peasants, of the oppressed women and children of the globe. From the very onset of modern class struggle, ever since the Industrial Revolution, all ruling capitalist classes have declared total war against socialism and communism. Their global brutality had and still has no limit.

The Commune of Paris was suffocated in blood, dozens of imperialist countries attacked the young Soviet Union, Uncle Sam and his lackeys attacked Cuba in the Bay of Pigs, Allende's socialism was bombed to pieces  ... due to an arms race and Stalinist slaughter of the Bolshevik 'Old Guard' of Lenin and Trotsky, the Russian Revolution was converted into gulags and pacts with Hitler, into the Russian version of capitalist imperialism ... in Indonesia a million communists were slain within days, and we could give dozens and dozens of examples how imperialism across a whole century oppressed, suppressed and repressed socialism. After this global Moloch against socialism, now the enemies of the poor, of the workers, cf Marxism, claim that it is obsolete, that it has failed.

The only thing that never has failed, is capitalism.

What an ignorance of historic reality!
What havoc ruling class ideology has played with our weak, innocent, controlled brains!
What has all this got to do with the tremors of Merida?

Within the above historical context, over the last eight years, we could witness the fierce attack of global imperialism against the Bolivarian Revolution, especially against its current objective of realizing socialism.

Ironically, Venezuela is still a capitalist country, its very constitution still preserves capitalism, however, it leaves a possible serpentine trail towards socialism wide open, that is, it gives a possible future power to the workers, give them the possibility to shape their own destiny. It is a matter of take it or leave it. If this is still possible, and if a fast growing capitalist state will allow such a radical step for very long, this is another story.

Already this infinitesimal working class concession towards world revolution has driven the ¡opposition' and the White House crazy. Already this alone is the death sentence of the 'dictator and tyrant.' Chavez. With all their might the supporters of world capitalism attack any possible socialist idea or action, any theory or praxis, within and without the Bolivarian Revolution. As long as everybody still talks about ideology and practice, then the world is in order, however, who dares to mention praxis and theory is an 'international terrorist.' a Marxist, a communist, an atheist.

Hence, if the 'opposition' is so useless to fail eleven times in a row, and now again, then Bush and Co. have to use all Machiavellian arms at their disposal.

If the infiltrated CIA, paramilitary forces, death squads, adecos and copeyanos and their corrupt offspring cannot stop 'Chavez socialism' and 'Castro communism' in the hemisphere, and if a physical invasion is not advisable at this moment, then the World Positioning System, spy satellites, space arms, HAARP, all the arms of mass destruction have to come to the rescue.

* Many of them were tested in Iraq, and why should they not be used against the 'axis of evil.' against Iran, Cuba and Venezuela?
* Why were they produced in the first place?
*Not to combat 'international terrorism.' socialism?

The floods of Vargas, Venezuela, of December 1999, in which ten of thousands died, and which came at the decisive moment of the referendum that approved the new Bolivarian constitution, in all probability were neither natural nor were a punishment from God for having brought President Chavez into power.

* Also, what about the thousands who perished in the floods of Santa Cruz de Mora (Merida) in 2005?
* Are these disasters not caused by reckless manipulation of weather conditions?
*Are we not being attacked indirectly, as 'collateral damage'? Even in the USA, over the last three decades, the weather is not fine anymore.

Of course, these events may not be related to another ... or to any HAARP project across the planet ... but it is time that Venezuelans ask these questions very seriously.

Years ago already, we were smelling an Alaska rat, let us hope that the current tremor rehearsals of Merida do not form part of a chain of carefully planned geophysical disasters.

On October 22, 2007, in my latest article published in, 'Strange things are happening in Venezuela,' I warned: "During the next weeks, all the political weather signals are indicating towards possible coming earthquakes, landslides and social typhoons.!"

I had no idea that three tremors more were awaiting us here in San Onofre.