Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2007

What is happening in Venezuela? ... preparation for the next military coup!

A few days ago, we reported that strange things are occurring here in Venezuela!

Today, October 24, the Caracas daily, VEA, confirmed our scientific suspicions ... it reported that important functionaries of the United States of America are openly supporting acts of sabotage against constitutional reforms in Venezuela ... they even are in favor of "overt" and "covert" plots that eventually could lead to social violence and a military coup in Venezuela.

The newspaper informs us that between October 7 and 9, senior United States officials met in Prague to demand that the Venezuelan 'opposition' should ask the Supreme Court to consider the Constitutional reform (as proposed by Chavez) as a political coup, and that it should call for social upheaval, organize acts of economic sabotage against infrastructure, destroy the food transport and delivery chain ... and organize a military coup with all means possible, including bloodshed by means of paramilitary force."

Among those who gathered at this portentious meeting of planned genocide were Paul Wolfwitz, ex-director of US security; Madeleine Albright, ex-secretary of State; Aljaksandr Milinkeviv, Michaellle Jean and Humberto Celli Gerbasi (a notorious Accion Democratica-AD golpista.)

All these acts sabotage have been officially denounced by the Latin American parliament member Carolus Wimmer (who recently spoke on the VHeadline Venezuela Newshour).

Judged by the events of the last few days, this sabotage operation has already been launched, hence, we ask all our comrades to prepare themselves to defend our constitutional reforms, the foundation of our socialist party (PSUV) and our government being attacked from inside and outside Venezuela.

It is not a matter of crying wolf ... wolf!

In the Middle East we can witness the first sparks already of World War III ... the international situation is deteriorating at top speed ... capitalism is in severe crisis ... it needs its Third (Nuclear) World War to agonize over or to save in its radioactive ashes.

This is what Castro and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez are trying to combat and this is the true reason why they are the currently seen by Bush and his fellow criminals as "international terrorists par excellence."

More and more each day, the choice between Socialism or Barbarity is taking on the frightening shroud of its global reality.